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What would the Hetalia characters thin...

· TV
It's obvious, just read the title. This is meant for girls...but if you're a dude and feel like acting like a girl you're more than welcomed to take this.

What if you magically turned into an a...

· TV
Have you ever wondered what you would look like in anime form? Well here you'll find out! Get ready to meet new friends! Your boyfriend ;) !~ And even new enemies? F...

Who is your 2P! Hetalia boyfriend?

· TV
For those who don't know, 2P!Hetalia is basically the evil versions of the characters with different clothing/hair. This is only the Allies and Axis, plus Canada.

Who Is Your Allies Boyfriend?

· TV
-Some swearing- Since it's allies, it includes Russia, England, America, China, and France. OHONHONHON~

Who is YOUR Hetalia boyfriend? (Axis a...

· TV
Just as the title says. Be honest, to me AND to yourself, and don't try to cheat and get someone. Now, let the fun begin!

Who has a secret crush on you? Hetalia...

· TV
Title says it all ♥ Hetalia boyfriend quiz ;'D

What do the Hetalia characters think o...

· TV
Includes Allies, Axis, Nordics, Baltics, Ukraine, Belarus, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Romano, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Prussia, Romania, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietn...

Who is YOUR hetalia lover? >w<

· TV
Because there weren't enough already ^-^

2P Boyfriend

What their like, a story, and what they think.

Your anime boyfriend!

With characters from Black Butler, Ouran, Fruits Basket, Soul Eater, Gravitation, Death Note, FMAB, Bleach, Descendants of Darkness, Psycho Busters, Alice in the Country ...

Anime boyfriend!

Take this quiz to discover your anime boyfriend! Results include England (aph), Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail), Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler), Hikaru or Kaoru Hitachii...

What Do The Hetalia Characters Think o...

· TV
My first quiz! So what do the countries think of you? Do they think you are too quiet, crazy, or peaceful? You can find out in this quiz! This will tell you what city or ...
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What would Estonia think of you?

Eesti needs more love! Basically just a quiz to give you a basic idea on Estonia's opinion of you! :) No art used is mine, nor is Hetalia, so credit to owners!

Who's your Hetalia boyfriend?

Hello guys, ChibiCake here! This is my first quiz (done on my ipad), and I figured I'd do it for HETALIA! So far, I included Italy, Germany, America, Britain, and Rus...

Hetalia Boyfriend Quiz! :D

· TV

Your Hetalia Boyfriend

Basically what it says above. This quiz can be for both genders but it is aiming more towards girls. I don't own Hetalia or the pictures. Includes the Axis, Allies, a...

Which Hetalia Character Is Your Soul M...

You were invited to go to an all around country pool party at americas house!who is yours by the end of the party? Russia? England? Italy? Germany? France? America? Depen...

Hetalia: Hong Kong, South Korea, or Ic...

Iceland, Korea and Hong Kong are my favorite characters. I mostly doing the teenagers or minor characters. No England's or America's and such....yeah!

What Hetalia country is your match? *l...

What hetalia country is your match? Find out! I do not own Hetalia, or any of the pictures that are used they belong to their respective owners. ment for girls but i do...

Who Is Your Axis Powers Boyfriend?

· TV
This is Germany, Italy, and Japan. No one else got in. Why? I HAVE AN AK-47!

Who is your Soviet Boyfriend?

A little quiz for Hetalia fans xD

Who's your Hetalia boyrfriend? 2

Which Hetalia cutie is your boyfriend? Side Note: This quiz includes Romano, Germany, Japan and Spain

Who's your Hetalia Boyfriend? 1

Which Hetalia cutie is your Boyfriend? Side note: this quiz includes Russia, Canada, America and France

What do the Hetalia characters think o...

· TV
Read the title. I'm trying to make this as realistic as possible!
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