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Who is your celebrity boyfriend?

· Music
Alright I made this forever ago! So..It might not be that good cause I'm not changing it!(:

Who from BVB are you more like?

· Music
-Official Quiz- Are you more like Ashley,CC,Jinx,Jake, or the beloved Andy?

Which band member will fall in love wi...

· Music
It's all in the title honey

Which member of Black Veil Brides are ...

· Music
I am their biggest fan, I know more about them than a lot of people. So, this is the TRUE test! And don't be sad just because you didn't get Andy. Jesus. Every single one...

Talk with Andy Biersack :D

· Music
Have a conversation with Andy Biersack :D

Conversation With Black Veil Brides.

Have a conversation with one and only, Black Veil Brides! See what they think of you. :)

Your life with Black Veil Brides

· Music
Includes boyfriend, secret crush, what they think of you, and who you are

What Andy Sixx quote are you?

· Music
Which of Andy Sixx's quotes are you (duh)

How will you meet your Black Veil Brid...

Who is your BVB Boyfriend? Longish results, and how you will meet them!

Who Would You Marry?

· Music
Who would you marry of these people? Dahvie Vanity. Jayy Von Monroe,Ryan Seaman,Jacky Vincent, Andy Sixx, Ashley Purdy, Christian Coma, Jake Pitts,or Ronnie Radke

Who is your scemo or shemale boyfriend...

· Music
*this is for gay guys and girls* :)Who is it? Destery moore? Nathan owens? Blake bliss? Andy sixx? Dahvie vanity? Jayy von? Onision? Mattg? chris crocker ? :) Who! WHo? W...

Zombie apocalypse with Andy Biersack!

So basically you,re going to try to survive together with Andy. xD
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Which BVB member are you most like?

Take this quiz to see if you have more in common with Andy, Ashley, Jinxx, Jake, or CC!

Which Black Veil Brides Song mostly de...

It's basically like a theme-song thingy okay.

What's Andy Biersack's Opinoin...

Ever wondered what the lead singer of Black Veil Brides has to say about you? Find out. :) This is mainly for girls. But, guys can take it to. :) ♥

One Direction or Black Veil Brides?

· Music
This is which music would probably suit you best. no rude comments it's just for fun so please enjoy :D

Which Black Veil Bride member are you?

· Music
Yuppers! Title says it all~ BVB ARMY FOR EVER! I'll make it longer when I ...

Andy sixx Fan Fic

Take this quiz to find the perf fan fic for u and andy sixx ♥

Your life with bvb

· Music
It says it in the description my sexy unibatpizzaton darlings :)


A day with the amazing vocalist from BVB, a heart to heart, a story result! An Andy Biersack romance story! Yes guys, its finally here :) Sorry it took so long! :/ EN...

Random quiz !

Can't you read ?

Who are you in school?

All in the title, baby. ;) Notice: I put some of my favorite guy pics on here x3 (eg.) Andy sixx and Adam Lambert!

What band frontman would love you?

What band frontman would love you? Would it be Vic Fuentes, Oli Sykes, Andy Biersack or more?

Conversation with Black Veil Brides, P...

Andy's battered and broken heart is willing to be healed... if you'll accept it.
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