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You and Austin Mahone story (longish r...

Includes how you guys met, How who become a couple (even though hes mine), and your fight and how you make up. Some words are incorrect sorry.

Austin Mahone's life with you (Kin...

Includes:Your first fight,house,kids,pregnancy,and more! and the title of your result is what the fight was about.

Me Or Her (JustinBieber) Part 6

I don't know what to do anymore! Choose one! BIEBER OR MAHONE?

In love-PART 5

This is the 5th part of your life with austin and justin bieber

Fame's little sister part 8

Your gonna spend a day with Austin

In love - PART6!

This is part 6 of your life with justin and austin Will you go with austin on tour.. And what is wrong with justin? Can you really be in love with tow people who hate ea...

Your fight with austin mahone

· Music
Longish results and its my first quiz so no hate please? (: have fun♥

Austin Mahone Fight!

It's all in the title ♥

Austin mahone fight

U and austin have a fight

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