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Your Frozen Character and Song

· Movies
A character and song from Disney's hit movie Frozen to match your unique personality.

Which Disney Princess are you?

· Movies
Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida and Ariel. Who are you?

Your Disney Princess and More

· Movies
Includes your disney princess, villain, gif, outfit and more :)

Who is your genderbender disney lover?

What if all the disney female princesses/villians were actually guys? Whose fairytale would you end up in? Maybe a male cinderella? Or a hot muscly snow white?

Which animated character is your boyfr...

· Movies
Every girl knows they like at least one animation character! Well... in this test, you can find out your perfect match! Enjoy! :) (You can have either Jack Frost, Nod, Kr...

What twisted Disney princess are you?

· Scary
What twisted princess is yours? Results some short and some long!

Your Disney Villain

· Movies
Reveal your dark side and find out which one of Disney's iconic villains you are!

Which "Frozen" Sister are you?

Okay, let's just face it: "Frozen" is awesome. I think the title says it all. :)

Which Girl Meets World Character are y...

· TV
Which of the characters from the new Disney channel show Girl Meets World are you? I LOVE IT, ESPECIALLY ITS PREDECESSOR BMW.

Which Shake it Up Character are you?

From the Disney Channel Series Shake it Up! Which Character do you relate to? Take this Quiz NOW to find out!

Your Awesome Disney Quote

A quiz that'll tell you your awesome disney quote.... This is my first quiz so bear with me!
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Which Octonaut are you?

· TV
Take this quiz to discover which of the Octonauts you are most like.

The Big Four And Me! :D

· Movies
Hanging out with the big four! Includes myself! Enjoy, lovelies! ♥ ~ MistressOfDestruction c:

Big Four Part 1

Part 1 of a series of quizzes! You get to chat with them, YAY! Okay well I'm awkward so that's a warning but ah well. This one we are just getting to know you but...

What Musical Do I Recommend For You

· Music
What musical should you watch? Disney not included cuts that's not REAL musicals!

What "The Little Mermaid" Char...

· Movies
What the little mermaid character are you most like?

What disney princess are you?

· Movies
What disney princess are you? *First quiz*

Which Disney Movie Character are you

· Movies
This excludes characters like Mickey Mouse, and Goofy. These are the ones that are known for being main characters, side characters or villains in movies. Also there ar...

What Disney Female are you?

· Movies
TONS of results! :)

Which Disney Prince is Right for You?

Which Disney Prince is Right for You? Find out! (Also check out my other quiz, Which Disney Princess Are You?)

The Weirdest School Ever! (#4 Let'...

(Kh x (Non)Disney crossover ♥) The party was amazing! But now, things changed between the Big Four and the KH characters.

Which Disney Animal are you?

Hey! ^*^ I LOVE Disney, so why not make a quiz? What animal are you, huh?

Which Disney Movie do you belong in?

Figure out which Disney movie you would fit in most! c:
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