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Your Frozen Character and Song

· Movies
A character and song from Disney's hit movie Frozen to match your unique personality.

Which Disney Princess are you?

· Movies
Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida and Ariel. Who are you?

What Twisted Disney Princess are you?

Each result has a creepy story! c:

Your Disney Princess and More

· Movies
Includes your disney princess, villain, gif, outfit and more :)

Who is your genderbender disney lover?

What if all the disney female princesses/villians were actually guys? Whose fairytale would you end up in? Maybe a male cinderella? Or a hot muscly snow white?

Which disney character are you most al...

Find out which Disney character you are now

What twisted Disney princess are you?

· Scary
What twisted princess is yours? Results some short and some long!

Which "Frozen" Sister are you?

Okay, let's just face it: "Frozen" is awesome. I think the title says it all. :)

What should you be for Halloween?

That time of year has come again! It's pretty much impossible to figure out what to be, so this will -hopefully- help you.

Which Shake it Up Character are you?

From the Disney Channel Series Shake it Up! Which Character do you relate to? Take this Quiz NOW to find out!

Your Disney Villain

· Movies
Reveal your dark side and find out which one of Disney's iconic villains you are!
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What Quiz or Story should You make

Making Sure Because We want to make something amazing but we don't know what... you know what i mean please Like comment follow or try my other Quizzes

What Disney Heroine are you?

· Movies
My first quiz! Hope you like!

Do you know Frozen? *SUPER HARD*

· Movies
This quiz will be sure to test your knowledge on Disney's Frozen all the way down to the last snowflake.

What Disney princess are you most alike?

· Movies
Hope you like your results! ♥

Which Original Disney Princess are you...

Discover which of the original Disney princesses- Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle and Jasmine- is the inner you. And no, the world does NOT need to know you...

Your Star Wars Life

Note: There are no such things as Disney in my book. HOW DARE THEY BUY STAR WARS! other words that I should not say. First quiz ever soooooooo..........

Which Disney character are you

· Movies
If you are in love with magic and happily ever after's this quiz is for you♥

Which Woman from Pirates of the Caribb...

There may be, like, one other quiz like this on the whole worldwide web. So I thought I'd be the second to make one! :D DISCLAIMER: Obs I do not own POTC, Disney doe...

Which Disney Princess are you?

It's pretty self-explanatory, but which one of the 11 official Disney Princesses are you?

Your Disney Life

· Movies
Basically if you were a Disney character. All pictures are from @snarkies on instagram. It's not a very long quiz, but the results are pretty long.

Which Frozen Character are you?

Which Frozen character are you most like - Accurate results! (I hope!) ... :')
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