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Do You Have A Mental Disorder?

Mental Disorders are a lot more common and normal then you might think, and having one doesn't make you a social outcast or a freak. People you walk by on the streets...

Your 1D Baby ~Long Results!~

With which guy will you have a baby? Includes: how you told your guy and his reaction, the 1st doctors appointment (ultrasound), birth, and some info about your newborn b...

What fandom are you?

· Books
This quiz tells you which fandom you should be in. There are 9 possible fandoms.

What would the fandom characters think...

· TV
We're all mad here~ So why not take this? INCLUDES: Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, TMI, Divergent, The Avengers, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. , FMA, Pokemon,...

Depression Quiz

This is just a quiz to see if you have the symptoms. I am not a doctor so I would not know if you really do have depression. If you are concerned and think that you may b...

Are You Mentally Ill?

Do you have emotiona/mental/personal problems? Take this quiz and find out if you have a mental illness. Please Note: This quiz was NOT created by a professional Psychol...

Do you have anorexia?

Eating disorders of all types are very dangerous, and need professional help. i have lived through anorexia and treatment, and i know how an eating disordered mind works....

Nerd Seven Minutes in Heaven

· TV
Da Vinci's Demons, Three Musketeers, Doctor Who, and Psych.

Do you have Obsessive Compulsive Disor...

I'll ask some questions, and you'll answer them... Obviously. Depending on your answers, I'll tell you if you might have OCD, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. ** I am n...

Survival of the Fandoms

What is YOUR fandom that you are destined for?

Your Doctor Who Life

· TV
*Girls Only* Your Doctor Who Life! All results are my own creation, I hope you like it. Leave a comment or like or whatever! If you want you can check out my other quizze...
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How big of a Doctor Who fan are you pe...

· TV
....READ THE TITLE PEEPS! If that's not enough info for you than take the quiz.

How Well Do You Actually Know Dr Who?

Basic knowledge... Ok not really but it gets really tricky. Can you keep up? I'd like to see you try. [Under a bit of construction. Not entirely finished]

Which Doctor are you?

· TV
Read the title

How Well Do You Know Doctor Who?

· TV
Says it in the title ^^^ Test your knowledge of the whovian universe

What fandom would you be in?

This quiz includes harry potter doctor who the phantom of the opera hunger games my little pony

Which Doctor Who Companion are you?

Who are you in Doctor Who? Rose, Martha, Donna, River, Amy, or Clara? (May contain spoilers if you've just started watching the show.)

A superwholock quiz

· TV
Who are you like from the main superwholock protagonists? first attempt at a quiz, hope you enjoy :) also, I don't own any pictures, they were found on the internet...

Do you have Depression?

Find out if your chances of depression are high or not. *Know that I am not a doctor by any means, however, and if you suspect that you indeed have depression, it woul...

Unorthodox; Part 1

You live alone, in the woods, with your overconfident brother and your parents. As an awful and difficult winter crosses by, your mom passes away, leaving you alone as th...

What does Derpy and Dr think of you?

Derpy and Doctor whooves have landed and want to know lots about You.

Can you save Doctor who?

· Scary
Play as Doctor who's dingo/dalmatian dog Hania, and try to save yourself, Donna, Martha, and Doctor who from Smile dog, will you live or die?, play the quiz to find o...
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