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How Old is Your Soul?

How long has your soul been lurking around the air between heaven and earth?

Create Your Ghost Boyfriend II

· Scary
© 2012 So the first version became quite a success and now I present you with this! What's new? It has demons too ;) (no story this time though!)(EMO HEAVEN) Straight g...

Seven Minutes Of Heaven Emo Style For ...

Due to everyone being all surprised about the results, I'm making separate quizzes for guys and girls. THIS ONE IS FOR GIRLS. So, Everyone calm down o.o lol so hereee...

10 Minutes In Heaven ~Emo Style

You read the title! for anyone who likes guys :p

What song should you listen to?

· Music
What song should you be hearing right now?

20 Minutes In Heaven Emo Style ( Updat...

Long Results ♥ Enjoy Its my first Quiz ( Girls Only )

7 Minuets in heaven Emo boys~Long resu...

Your friend ( me) forces you to go to a party. Little did you know that there was three SUPER hot guys? ( i know their isn't a lot of guys but...the stories are l...

When and how will your next kiss happen?

The title says it all. I hope you like it. P.s all the pictures are emo becuase I think there hot.

Seven Minutes of Heaven Emo Style For ...

If you want a story about any of the results, message/comment! c: Due to the lack of seven minutes of heaven/spin the bottle emo quizzes, i determined that i would make o...

How much are you loved?

1-10 results.this is for everyone but mostly girls.
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7 minutes in heaven

Who will you get? if you see a part that says (Ash-___) itis me guys lol

7 minutes in heaven with yo emo boy

In the title long-ish results :) FINISHED

What 'Whisper Of Death' Boy Loves you?

Boys from "My Pain Is Your Funny Game" story! ♥ the sequel is 'Whisper Of Death"

How old is your spirit

You go up to heaven blahdy blahdy blah but a bit of your soul is luife which goes in to someone elses body unless your soul is reluctant tol let it which is pretty hard ...

How fat will you may be when your older?

· TV
The photo was random. But take the quiz! This is just a quiz so please don't feel offended. Answer truthfully.

Are you SOCIAL or SHY?

Take the quiz to find out!

Are you Emo?

Are you emo?

What type of sunglasses are you?

Have you ever wondered what type of glasses you are based on your personaility? Well take this quiz then! (BTW, sorry if I get anything wrong) :)

Ouran high school host club 7 minuts i...

Seven Minutes In Heaven: Intro 'Why did she even drag me here?' you asked yourself as Renge practically dragged you to 'Music Room #3' where the Host C...

1 day in heaven ( emo boys)

My first quiz so dont judge. long results and pictures. hope you enjoy :0
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