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Why boys like you

This quiz determines why boys like you, good luck!

What Type of Girl are you?

Are you emo, scene, girly-girl, tom-boy? Will lets find out! ♥ Includes Outfits c: I apologise in advance if i got you totally wrong.

What ghost is in love with you?

· Scary
Wanna know what ghost loves you?

What Is Secretly Killing You Inside?

Title says all. The unanswered questions in your life... Long results! Sorry if you don't like your result. Copyright © 2011

Create Your Own Boyfriend - PICTURE RE...

Another quiz of MASH! So if you have never taken my MASH's, i do Picture Results meaning instead of a story, i use pictures to tell the story if that makes sense? hah! TA...

Create a boyfriend with a story! -Long...

Yes i am awere theres like 6 billion trilion of these quizes but I just wanted to make one >.< girls only! SOrry if your answers are crap. couldnt think of anything...

Who Would Date You?

Who would date you? A grunge boy? A emo boy? A shy hipster or the basketball palyer? See who would date you!

10 Minutes In Heaven ~Emo Style

You read the title! for anyone who likes guys :p

Create-A-Boyfriend. (Very Long Answers)

So yeah there's tons of these - idc. They're cute and i love writing little romances :) Hope you guys like these! :D I'm hoping to have the most diverse answers i can do!...

Let's play: WHO are you MOST LIKE?

ARE YOU ANY OF THESE RANDOM ASS CHICKS I CREATED WITH MY BRAIN (from stories I have written, please comment if you want me to post the story ) ♥

What kind of girl are you?

This will tell you your girl type :) like comment and follow lol. love you! Sorry guys, girls only.
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Emo WWYFF - Part 9

Take this if you like emo/alternative/scene/punk guys c:

You are the magic

Ya, it's an element quiz. But of different sorts. This quiz has 12 elements as the results. They are the elements of air, dark, earth, emotion, fire, ice, light, love...

Your emo boyfriend

The title explanes it.

Emo WWYFF - Part 7

Take this if you like emo/alternative/scene/punk guys c:

Emo WWYFF - Part 6

Take this if you like emo/alternative/scene/punk guys c:

Armageddon: A Skyward Sword WWYFF/WWFF...

Recap: You just beat Koloktos and your weapons have been purified! But there is still that barrier that Ghirahim set between you two. Emotions... And you are going to str...

Do you Have a broken heart?

Hey, thanks for taking my quiz, this is my first, and i plan to do more (possibly a story or two also and mostly tied into creepypastas as best as i can) please comment o...

Create Your Dream Emo Boyfriend

Find your dream emo bf ♥ For girls or gay/bisexual guys :) Pics and short description

Emo WWYFF - Part 5

Take this if you like emo/alternative/scene/punk guys c:

What is your ghost's motive?

· Scary
Everyone has a ghost near them, what these spirits want is another story. Sorry long answers. First quiz, please comment :D

The ultimate emo boyfriend for you! *s...

Title says it all really. I hope you enjoy it, because I love doing these type of quizzes, so I hope it's ok. :) Sorry if the answers add up to a weird result. I was ...
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