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Your Future Daughter

Shows what your daughter will look like as a kid and a teenager. Tells what she will like and act like as a teenager, where you will live, and more.

Your Future Son

This is a quiz that could tell you what your future son will be like. Will he be a cutie, sporty, nerdy, weirdo? Find out here on this quiz

Your future life

I love these ones, so I decided to make one myself!

Your Hogwarts Life! Girlies only! IMPR...

· Books
Improved from my last one! Includes boyfriend, patronus, talent, wand, anamagis, personality, house, blood, family, teachers opionions, student opionins, friends, enimies...

Your Future Family!(:

Updated June 2013! ^^^ Includes wedding, proposal, wedding dress, wedding ring, husband, how you met, house, job, kids as babies and older, kids' jobs, location, and pet...

Your Hogwarts Life! LOOONNGG RESULTS!

· Books
Includes Boyfriend, House, Wand, Personality, Friends, Enemies, Favorite teachers and subjects, Past, Life though Hogwarts, Future, Family, Opinions of you, E.T.C, E.T.C....

Your Future Life;( House, Family, Life...

Find out how your life to come will be like!

Your future family

Your future children, and what they will look like. All of your children from baby, toddler, to kid. and Teenagers+ house, job, wedding, etc. hey guys since this is n...

Future Daughters :)

It is only what your daughters will turn out like

Your Hogwarts Years

Includes friends, house, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, grades, past life, future life, looks, what people think of you, and the highlights of your years at Hogwarts! ...

Your Future Family

Read the title ^^ kind of self explanatory ;P

Your Future/Unexpected? Life (Children...

Figure out what kind of husband you will have, what gendre, type, names, birthdays of the kids in your fuuture you will have house and more...
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Your life in the Vampire Diaries

Includes name, family, boyfriend/crush, besties, current life, future, past and your look.

Your Future Life *Long Results*

Who will you end up with, where will you live, what will you be? how many kids will you have?

Your Future Daughter..

Im back! so this is my not so good quiz ... ~.~ (FOR GIRLS ONLY :3)

Your Future Daughter!

The title ;-; (with short story and pics)

Your Life at Hogwarts with long result...

· Books
Answers include background, personality, patronus, house, blood, family, friends, enemies, student and teacher opinions, your future and more!

Your Future Family

Includes, children as babies, toddlers and teens, your house, your wedding dress, your cake, your honey moon etc If there is any problems with the pictures please put ...

Your Future Family :)

This is quiz is basically the title "Your Future Family!" The results are long so enjoy!

Your Future Children

Just a wild guess at your future family.... I apologize for the excessive emo boy answers, I just can't help myself :3

Create your life=Job,marriage,kids,hou...

Really Really LONG results girls!

Your Future Kids

What will your future kids look like, be like and what are things they will do? Find out! *Pictures/Gifs*

Your perfect boyfriend and family

Find out your perfect guy& future life!:)
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