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So...who's your perfect guy? :3

I DON'T OWN THESE PICS! (obviously) description and story included. :3 MAINLY for girls, gays, and or bi's, if you're a guy and just wanna see...go for it .-.

Create a bae cx

Your perfect boyfried (straight/ bi girls, gay/bi guys only)

Who's your soulmate? (Magcon)

Girls only (unless you're gay, that's cool too♥)

What type of guys are you attracted to?

Only girls, Or if you are gay... Title says it all. It includes picture too ;)

What Type of guys like you *Girls only*

What types of guys like you for girls/gay. (not being offensive to gay people. they are cool) ;D

Create Your Mythical Boyfriend

Create a mythical boyfriend with story included! i do not own any photos! for girls,gays, and bi's

Black butler boyfriend

This is my first , so I am sorry if its not that that good, I really hope you like and if you don't like I really could care less.(girls only ,but if your gay you ca...

What band member is in love with you?

· Music
^^^^^^Read the title my friends ^^^^^ For girls and gay/bisexual guys

Attack on Titan Love Match

Which of the gorgeous, talented Shingeki no Kyojin men would be your ideal match? 9 possible results. For straight girls, gay men, bisexuals of either gender, and curious...

Create-A-Boyfriend 3

The two previous boyfriend quizzes became really popular and sooo many people wanted a third so here you go. Gays, Bi's and Girls can take this! ♥

Emo mythical boyfriend *LONG RESULTS*

Don't do if you don't like reading. For girls, bis, or gays. what kind of hottie will you get?

What do harry and his friends think of...

· Books
All in the title ( i added photo's there not anmie or real random people i made them my self on doll divine!)
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Out of all the people here, why you? (...

I already have a quiz like this with a few Naruto characters and this is the Akatsuki version. Make sure to check out my other quiz if you haven't done it yet. This...

7 minutes in heaven hetalia

So one such as my awesome self gets bored. So i decide to make a quiz. Also as france was in it i decided id put the btt in their! Along with canada cos who can forget th...

What do the Yugioh characters think of...

Look at the title*Mumbles under breath*Don't be stupid please*Looks up*Huh oh nothing just take the quiz ^^ For girls, gays, Bi

Will Eridan be your matesprit?

Ssssss0rry thissssss isssss only f0r sssssstraight girlssssss :| 0r gay b0ys but whatever y0u can sssssstill d0 it if y0u want.

Are you a Uke or Seme?

Are you top or bottom? Find out~

Creepypasta love quiz

Find out which creepypasta is in love with you

Who is Your Perfect Yu-Gi-Oh Boyfriend...

10 results. I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh or it's characters. This is my first Yu-Gi-Oh boyfriend quiz so please comment. Follow me or you can check out my other quizzes a...

Would We Make A Cute Couple ;)

How compatible are we? Find out if we'd be adorbs together~ (I'm pansexual and genderfluid, but I prefer girls and girls with boyish styles or genderfluid pee...

What Type of Lesbian are you?

We all know there are several different types of lesbians, from butch to femme to young to old- find out which one you are! Feminine-identifying people only, please.

What Does The Eddsworld Crew Think Of ...

This quiz is for girls only. Unless you're gay or bi, which is totally cool too! :3

Who is your akatsuki boyfriend (girls ...

We got hidan,deidara,sasori,and itachi long results!

Are Ya Awesome Or Nahh ?

Test YOUR FUDGING AWESOMENESS BABE ;") I follow back. This is me first effing Quiz YAYYYY!
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