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So...who's your perfect guy? :3

I DON'T OWN THESE PICS! (obviously) description and story included. :3 MAINLY for girls, gays, and or bi's, if you're a guy and just wanna see...go for it .-.

Who's your soulmate? (Magcon)

Girls only (unless you're gay, that's cool too♥)

Attack on Titan Love Match

Which of the gorgeous, talented Shingeki no Kyojin men would be your ideal match? 9 possible results. For straight girls, gay men, bisexuals of either gender, and curious...

What Type of guys like you *Girls only*

What types of guys like you for girls/gay. (not being offensive to gay people. they are cool) ;D

Create Your Mythical Boyfriend

Create a mythical boyfriend with story included! i do not own any photos! for girls,gays, and bi's

What band member is in love with you?

· Music
^^^^^^Read the title my friends ^^^^^ For girls and gay/bisexual guys

CreepyPasta High

For gays, bi, pan, and chicks

Create-A-Boyfriend 3

The two previous boyfriend quizzes became really popular and sooo many people wanted a third so here you go. Gays, Bi's and Girls can take this! ♥

Which SNK Character Would Date You? (G...

This is my first quiz, so please no hate. Also, make sure to answer truthfully.

What do harry and his friends think of...

· Books
All in the title ( i added photo's there not anmie or real random people i made them my self on doll divine!)

Create A BoyFriend *With Long Story!*

Includes: How you met, First Date, How he proposed, Your future, and how many kids you have! Only for Girls and/or Gays! :) xxx NOTE: SOME ARE LONG BUT SOME ARE MEDIUM...

Which "youtuber" should be y...

There's a lot of funny and cute guys on youtube. Which one should be your boyfriend? girls only, unless your gay :3
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Which Character from my story 'GP&...

Uhm, do you really wanna know what GP stands for? ...OKAY, YOU ASKED FOR IT. -Gay Patrol. Yup, now which of the ten boys are you? -Girl's are welcome to tak...

Who is your Vocaloid or Vampire Boyfri...

I know too many of these quizes tuff titty basically you can be a vocaloid or character from vampire knight yea.... weird mix but i havn't seen one this is only with ...

Who s your boyriend

ALL ANSWERS ARE YOUTUBERS AND VINERS mainly for girls but if your gay or bi or something you can take it too #no judgement

Would I like you as a girlfriend?

This will be my very first quiz, yay! These will be based upon people in my life so it will probably suck. For Bisexuals and Lesbians ♥

Sakamaki bro's Loves you?

This is just a fun quiz :) girls only cause why would a guy enter this unless your gay wich is okay :))))))

Talk with masky and hoodie

Lets sit down and have a little chat with the cheesecake lovers. (I edit this for everyone) no gays please

Who's Your Hogwarts Sweetheart?

Have you ever wondered who your Hogwarts sweetheart is? What House you would be in? Who your best friends would be? Who your enemies were? Well then this is the quiz for ...

Who do I ship you with? (one direction)

This is basically a quiz which determines you I ship you with among the one direction members. This is only for girl...unless your gay So just sit back and enjoy this qui...

Which Idiot are you 2

Sense people liked my other quiz and some of my friends felt a little left out here is another one

What idiot are you?

Im just sitting here alone so i thought hey im gonna make a quiz about which one of my closest friends are you like?(im in it too)•3• i know its lame but its my first...

Create a boyfriend

Girls/gays/bis. Sorry there's 2 guys only and the stories aren't long I couldn't think well at this time, you can message me and give me some ideas of adding ...
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