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What if you magically turned into an a...

· TV
Have you ever wondered what you would look like in anime form? Well here you'll find out! Get ready to meet new friends! Your boyfriend ;) !~ And even new enemies? F...

Hetalia Boyfriend.

Same as the rest of my BF quizzes. Longish results.. (AXIS+ 2)

What would the Hetalia characters thin...

· TV
It's obvious, just read the title. This is meant for girls...but if you're a dude and feel like acting like a girl you're more than welcomed to take this.

What Anime Should You Be In?

What Anime should YOU be in? Take this quiz to find out! Includes: Naruto/Soul Eater/Hetalia/Fairy Tail

Who is your 2P! Hetalia boyfriend?

· TV
For those who don't know, 2P!Hetalia is basically the evil versions of the characters with different clothing/hair. This is only the Allies and Axis, plus Canada.

Hetalia minutes in Heaven

Destiny in a closet with your guy. Here's the guys in this one: Russia, America, England, Canada, Germany, Italy, France and Japan, Sweden, Greece, Prussia, Austria, ...

How would he kiss you?

There are many different ways one can be kissed. How would he manage to kiss you? Long results, short quiz. And you get a kiss at the end. If you ask me, that's a pre...

What would the fandom characters think...

· TV
We're all mad here~ So why not take this? INCLUDES: Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, TMI, Divergent, The Avengers, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. , FMA, Pokemon,...

What do the anime characters think of ...

· TV
Exactly what the title says! This contains characters from: Black Butler, Soul Eater, Hetalia, Death Note, Ouran HSHC and High School Of The Dead.

Hetalia Day (Part 1)

This is my first quiz so no hater comments, please! A day with the Hetalia guys, kinda RP i guess~ I OWN NOTHING! But me self~

What Country are you Most Like?

Blah blah blah blah blah! Title says it all! :DD

Hetalia's Thoughts On You

Just their thoughts on you.
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· TV
This shouldn't be here!

Hetalia Roleplay! *Part One*

Me, you and the axis team throw a party! How will it turn out?

Which hetalia likes you (also 2ps ! )

Which hetalia character loves you this also includes 2ps

Can I Make You Cry? (Hetalia Version)

I found all these pictures on Pinterest and if you wanna follow me you can ask and I may give you my name.

7 minutes in heaven hetalia

So one such as my awesome self gets bored. So i decide to make a quiz. Also as france was in it i decided id put the btt in their! Along with canada cos who can forget th...

Hetalia Day (Part 2)

Thanks everyone, since the last one was so popular i decided to make part 2 since i have some spare time~! I own NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL!

Hetalia: who do i ship you with?

· TV
This is one of those where you get an answer its a story to. So i hope you enjoy! Please leave a heart and comment if you enjoy!

Life with The Female Allies Pt 1!

· TV
Only for dudes unless you like Yuri i guess?This is part one of many :l and i post when i have free time

What Us Nations Think of you! PART 2!

Has some Yuri :l sorry Russia:You Like Picture Da?

What Us Nations Think of you!

Who is Cuter From hetalia

A day with Hetalia *part 7*

A new day with the Hetalia guys, a great videogame marathon or mass murder?
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