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What if you magically turned into an a...

· TV
Have you ever wondered what you would look like in anime form? Well here you'll find out! Get ready to meet new friends! Your boyfriend ;) !~ And even new enemies? F...

Which Anime is for You?

· TV
What anime is a good choice for you to watch out of the 11 results there are?

What would the Hetalia characters thin...

· TV
It's obvious, just read the title. This is meant for girls...but if you're a dude and feel like acting like a girl you're more than welcomed to take this.

Would You Rather (Hetalia)

Read the title ^^^^^^^^^^ Girls only!

Who is your 2P! Hetalia boyfriend?

· TV
For those who don't know, 2P!Hetalia is basically the evil versions of the characters with different clothing/hair. This is only the Allies and Axis, plus Canada.

Can I make you blush? Hetalia style!

This is a Hetalia quiz! 2P's included! I hope you guys like it?

How would he kiss you?

There are many different ways one can be kissed. How would he manage to kiss you? Long results, short quiz. And you get a kiss at the end. If you ask me, that's a pre...

Who's Your Anime Boy Friend?

L, Light, Italy, America, Ciel, Sebastian, Honey, Tamaki, Kirito, Klein, Kaname, Zero, Soul, and Death The Kid! (Death Note, Hetalia, Black Butler, Ouran Highschool H...

What Country are you Most Like?

Blah blah blah blah blah! Title says it all! :DD

Would you rather Hetalia/Creepypasta

Why not? I have insomnia and I wanted to kill some time. I think I did decently.

Can I make you laugh?

Just random pictures that make me smile. Hetalia, Harry potter, Hunger games, Funny quotes

Which Blood Type are you?

· TV
Find Out Which Blood Type Do You Really Belong In! **Sorry for the bad grammar! *Is a fun quiz don't get so serious... :3
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What Hetalia Character are you

This is my first quiz so please no hate

Anime Acadamy Part 8

· TV
It has been some first day, lost of things to happen yet you can only believe there are more to come...and you wouldn't be wrong part 1: Anime Academy part 1

Who is your Hetalian Sibling

· TV
Have you ever wandered what your Sibling in Hetalia would be? Sorry only 1ps because i dont know the 2ps

What do the Countries think of you?(1p...

Basically what the title says and I know your seeing this and now you must click.(uses magical powers to make you click this quiz)

What China thinks of you

Who're you to China? A friend, Best friend or the crush? Take the quiz and find out! (You'll be refered to as a girl)

Hetalia : Would you rather~!

Would you rather have fun or waste your life?

The Hetalia Nations and You! Summer Ti...

____ it's getting closer to the end hour and you still need more members to get you home safely. Can you do it? Who will accompany by will and who against their wil...

Bad Touch Boyfriend!

Which member of the Bad Touch has the hots for you?

HETALIA: Would You Rather

· TV
Includes Allies & Axis ♥ My First quiz~ This was a lot harder than I thought it would be xD

HETALIA: Kidnapped by France

· TV
What Would Happen To You? O_O Girls Only, Unless you're gay. That's cool too. Guest Stars: Britain & Russia ;D

What your favourite hetalia the harmony

You can choose that you like that girls like Magic,Generosity,Loyalty,Honesty and Kindness.
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