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What if you magically turned into an a...

· TV
Have you ever wondered what you would look like in anime form? Well here you'll find out! Get ready to meet new friends! Your boyfriend ;) !~ And even new enemies? F...

Which Anime is for You?

· TV
What anime is a good choice for you to watch out of the 11 results there are?

What would the Hetalia characters thin...

· TV
It's obvious, just read the title. This is meant for girls...but if you're a dude and feel like acting like a girl you're more than welcomed to take this.

Who's Your Anime Boy Friend?

L, Light, Italy, America, Ciel, Sebastian, Honey, Tamaki, Kirito, Klein, Kaname, Zero, Soul, and Death The Kid! (Death Note, Hetalia, Black Butler, Ouran Highschool H...

Who is your 2P! Hetalia boyfriend?

· TV
For those who don't know, 2P!Hetalia is basically the evil versions of the characters with different clothing/hair. This is only the Allies and Axis, plus Canada.

What Does America think of you?

Has "love" interests.. but dudes are still welcome to take it. ^^

How would he kiss you?

There are many different ways one can be kissed. How would he manage to kiss you? Long results, short quiz. And you get a kiss at the end. If you ask me, that's a pre...

What do the anime characters think of ...

· TV
Exactly what the title says! This contains characters from: Black Butler, Soul Eater, Hetalia, Death Note, Ouran HSHC and High School Of The Dead.

Which Hetalia character are you? New v...

Similar to my old test, but this one includes many other characters which I didn't include in my last test (44 to be specific, in contrast to my original 8). as well ...

What Country are you Most Like?

Blah blah blah blah blah! Title says it all! :DD

1p/2p Hetalia: What they think of you

· TV
I'm sorry if this isn't good. First quiz. Hope you like it. Just like the title says. We own nothing, but the idea! Also there might be some cussing. You have bee...
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Which Hetalia Character are you Most L...

Don't you wanna find out? =D

Which hetalia axis are you most like?

Lets find out which hetalian axis power you are mostlike?

Hetalia Love

This is my first quiz. This containing Alfred, Arthur, Allen, & Oliver. My next quiz will have other characters.

Can you survive Russia's Wilderness?

· Scary
More survival than scary really. This entire quiz is RP, so you have been warned. To set the mood, take the quiz with music!

New Year's Party Hetalia Style

It's New Year's Eve and America has invited you over to his house to ring in the new year. As the time counts down to the new year, will you have the chance to sp...

Christmas Memories (Allies) RP

A Special Christmas RP with the Allies! Who will be your lover on this hearty, snowy night? (Chrismas special edition!) Really, really, really, really, really long RP ...

Will you get along Future France? *Het...

· TV
This is a quiz where you'll be knowing how great we can get along. I am Future France nice to meet you.

Who would be your Hetalia enemy?

It's one hell of a strange quiz!

Christmas Special RP~Hetalia: Nordics ...

Soo....... Hi! I looove Hetalia, especially the Nordics. Wherever you are, Christmas is coming! Hope you're happy~! I hope you enjoy this quiz. I look forward to your...

Hetalia World Academy Part 5

[y/n] meets a group of people who calls themselves the Nordic Five...

Axis or Allies?

Which are you a part of?
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