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What if you magically turned into an a...

· TV
Have you ever wondered what you would look like in anime form? Well here you'll find out! Get ready to meet new friends! Your boyfriend ;) !~ And even new enemies? F...

Who is Your Other Self?

Find out who you other self is! My next one is for guys but this one is for girls!

What would the Hetalia characters thin...

· TV
It's obvious, just read the title. This is meant for girls...but if you're a dude and feel like acting like a girl you're more than welcomed to take this.

Hetalia - Who Would Fall For You

READ; Results are not obvious, and as you tend to like someone who isn't exactly like you, it will probably be someone opposite, unlikely, or such. Okay, some results...

Who is your 2P! Hetalia boyfriend?

· TV
For those who don't know, 2P!Hetalia is basically the evil versions of the characters with different clothing/hair. This is only the Allies and Axis, plus Canada.

Your Hetalia Life

If you were a Hetalia character, who would you be? And more importantly, what would the other characters think of you? Includes: Personality, friends and a boyfriend can...

How would he kiss you?

There are many different ways one can be kissed. How would he manage to kiss you? Long results, short quiz. And you get a kiss at the end. If you ask me, that's a pre...

You're a country. Who should you b...

It's not what you need, what you lack or what you are like. It's what you WANT.

What do the anime characters think of ...

· TV
Exactly what the title says! This contains characters from: Black Butler, Soul Eater, Hetalia, Death Note, Ouran HSHC and High School Of The Dead.

What If You Were Trapped In An Anime? ...

I've done some genre versions, but now I want to do an actual title! Have fun!

What Country are you Most Like?

Blah blah blah blah blah! Title says it all! :DD

What do the hetalia characters think o...

· TV
This is my third quiz and I hope you enjoy it!
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Prince Maker I: England

"Who... am I?" A mysterious girl gives you a little boy who you name Arthur. You have to now raise him and chose his path. Did you chose the right one? "I... ...

Hetalia (7 minutes in heaven)

Hope you liked this quiz I made for hours.. TT^TT gimme a break I tried....GIrls only tho...But to boys who are curious..go ahead :3

What Does Prussia think of you?

Do you and Prussia get along, or are you enemies? Find out what he thinks.

Who are you like amoung the Nordics?

All Image rights go to the Owner~! The Title Dearies~

Your Nordic Man?

· TV
I made an Axis version as well. -Contains swearing as always- - APPARENTLY I CAN'T CONTROL MY MOUTH SORRY -

Hetalia would you rather?

· TV
First quiz so hope you like it

Who's Your Anime Boy Friend?

L, Light, Italy, America, Ciel, Sebastian, Honey, Tamaki, Kirito, Klein, Kaname, Zero, Soul, and Death The Kid! (Death Note, Hetalia, Black Butler, Ouran Highschool H...

Hetalia Life part 1

Hello i am the personification of Earth ... i will be your guide. So let me guide you. These including.. your personality... and what do hetalia think about you

Your Axis Boyfriend?

· TV

Would you get along with 2p England?

Read the title please ^J^ (girls only sorry!)

Who's Your Bad Touch Trio Boyfriend?

· TV
Hi guys~ This is just a quiz to show you who your more suited for. Choose wisely and have fun >3<
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