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Which CreepyPasta loves you?

· Humor
It's in the title cx

Which pasta boy is into you?

Let's see which of these pastas admire you! and which one you'll have a happy ending with!

Your life as a creepypasta!

In the Slender mansion, All the pastas live together. When you get accepted, you is your best friend, your enemy and who's your boyfriend? First quiz!

Creepy Pasta: Pool Party? Part 3

· Humor
You wake up right? ...bikini's and killer' thank you...

CreepyPasta Spin the Bottle ~LONG resu...

A creepy pasta spin the bottle quiz, with long results telling you about.. ~ The kiss ~His thoughts during the kiss ~How he asks you out ~ When he tries to be romanti...

1hr in heaven with creepy pastas 3_ 3

This is my first quiz hope you enjoy it contains Jeff The Killer, Laughing Jack, BEN Drowned, and Slendermen ;). OH and the title explains everything heehee also non of t...

Would You Rather...? Creepypasta Versi...

· Scary
Yeah...Another Would You Rather...Just a CP version... :) Ft. Pasta Peeps. Everyone can take it... xD Just beware...Boys..**My intention was for girls...but eh...** **Al...

Your Creepypasta Boyfriend!

Yes, i know this is not unique, but i really like these so i figured, why not make one. Guys can take this too , im not just limiting girls.

A night with some of the Creepy Pastas...

This quiz is for girls :) But I don't mind if boys takes it :D The quiz includes Jeff the Killer, EJ, Masky & Hoodie and Ben + you and me ;D I'm sorry that ...

Creepy Pasta: Meeting? Part 1

· Humor
[Finally remade it.] Y/N gets invited to her best friend's house, the thing is, what if its filled with killers?

TRUTH OR DARE with the pastas

You walked into the woods. You sat by a tree, that turned out to be Slenderman. He was nice so he took you to the Slender Mantion. Females only, sorry. Side note, firs...

You're Creepy Pasta Life + Story

Who is your boyfriend? Your best friend? Your enemy? Find out! Includes: Ticci Toby Jeff The Killer BEN Drowned Eyeless Jack Hoodie & Masky Laughing Jack
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Creepy pasta boyfriend

· Scary
Sorry if it sucks.. I tried this is gonna have ticci toby, jeff the killer, ben drowned, and eyeless jack as results there will be more next time >.<

A creepypasta WWFFY 9

· Scary
Part 9! almost done~ uhhgg im so lazy but ill do it anyway.. DX aaanyway, you just became a pasta and returned home to find ..!

Creepypasta Life

~READ DESCRIPTION~ Due to one person, I have decided to make another quiz. I'm going to try and make this one longer and more detailed than my other two, and please k...

What do the Pasta's think of you?

· Scary
Jeff The Killer, Hoodie&Masky, BEN drowned, and Slenderman

Creepypasta Love Time ( Long Results)

Come on the title explains everything. Okay I know there are more but it's late and this took me a really long time to even think about so don't comment " The...

Your creepy pasta 2 (boy friend)

This is the squel from the first question, kinda realtion thought. included: slenderman, BEN, Laughing jack, jeff the killer, eyeless jack, hoodie and masky. in here i do...

Just a Bunch of Creeps |Part Six-The R...

So you noticed Koi was gone, but why where Feather and Wick staring up the stairs?

Which Creepy Pasta Will You Encounter?

· Scary
Another scary quiz I created, but about creepy pasta. Find out which one you will run into. Results include the Rake, Jeff the Killer, Slender Man, and No End House. A...

What creepy pasta loves you ?

· Scary
This is for girls this quiz haves BEN ' Jeff The Killer '' ' OffenderMan ' hope you like it

Creepy pasta boyfriend?

· Scary
All in the tittle lovelies. includes: BEN drowned, Eyeless Jack, jeff the killer, Laughing jack, slendy, hoodie masky and smiley.lost silver isnt in here cuz he's min...

You as a creepy pasta

· Scary
This will you as a creepypasta.

Your Fictional Boyfriend

Create a fan fiction boyfriend! Results can be; Jeff the Killer (Creepy Pasta), Marshall Lee (Adventure Time), L (Death Note), and Kyo (Fruit Basket). ~For anyone that li...
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