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What Keyblade would you use?

· TV
See what Keyblade you would wield in the face of all in your way. Over 44 results and more soon!

Truth or Dare with the Big Four (plus ...

Make sure you did the first part before :3 Anyway, today's quiz is gonna be a Truth or Dare game with the Big Four and our special guest ;)

Do you know your Animes? NO CHEATING (...

· TV
Lets see if you know the common animes almost eveyone knows about! If you dont your insane! :D

What Kind of Princess are you ? ♥

Are You a Island Princess, Princess of Nature, Legendary Princess, Warrior Princess, or Something different! Take this quiz to Find out which of These Many Princesses you...

Which Kingdom Hearts Boy is your lover...

· TV
This quiz is about which kingdom hearts boy would love you. it comes with a complete story so be sure to come here for some KH ROMANCE!sorry only roxas, riku, axel,zexion...

Kingdom hearts life

· TV
What is your kingdom hearts life. includes personality, friends, picture, boyfriend, others thoughts. Boyfriend results include, Axel, Roxas, Demyx, Vexen, Zexion, Sora a...

Which Organization XIII member are you...

· TV
Ever wondered which member from this infamous organization you are most like? Take this quiz to find out!

Your Anime Life

· TV
What would your life be in anime? This is based on my OC's. The anime's used are Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, Black Butler, and Kingdom Hearts, and now with attack on ...

Which guy is yours

· TV
This is a quiz to find out which guy would be yours! this quiz has Hiccup from "How To Train Your Dragon", Jack Frost from "Rise Of The Guardians", Flynn Rider from "Tang...

Your Life In Kingdom Hearts

· TV
Organization XIII Fans only. Find out who you are in the Kingdom Hearts world. Who you love interest is, who your best friends are, and what everyone thinks of you~

Kingdom Hearts Life! :3

This quiz will tell you what your name would be and what you would you look like if you from Kingdom Hearts. Includes Roxas, Sora, Riku, Axel, and Xemnas as eligible boyf...

What Kingdom Hearts boyfriend do you h...

· TV
This is a long quiz... Sorry guys! its for girls only!
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Organization XIII Guy!

Look up dearies!

A Super Y/N World (Part 1)

You were always the quiet type. Sitting inside your room, playing video games or texting your online friends. You dreamed for a better life, but things just kept getting ...

Kingdom Hearts

How well do you know kingdom hearts?,this quiz spans the kingdom hearts universe, every eight questions per game in this order---> kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts-chain...

What Road Would You Take In Kingdom He...

Would you take the road to light, road to dawn, road to twilight, or the road to darkness?

What video game hero do you resemble?

This is just like the title says. Mostly, if not all, guy results.

Your life in Kingdom Hearts!

It's in the title! LONG RESULTS for 3 at the moment, I'll finish it up later... mostly meant for girls, but guys can take it anyway.

Kingdom hearts

· TV
Sorry if this sucks its my first real Yeah.

Which Kingdom Hearts Guy Would Be Your...

Possible results are Sora, Riku, Roxas, or Axel. Just to let you know, there will be NO color questions, or "who do YOU like best" freebies, "pick a smiley...

Are you one of us?

This is my first quiz so please no hate. i tried. this quiz will tell you if you belong in organization 13 or not. have fun ♥

Which Boy's in kingdom hearts you ...

First question! i hope you all like my question and please comment or like...and this boy's is in kingdom hearts.. i doing my best.. i know..this is a died

Kingdom Hearts Boyfriend

Do you saldy get the typical answers from every other quiz like these. They ask the stupid things which ovious tell you what answer your going to get. Like your favorite ...

Kingdom Hearts-Which Guy Is Yours?

Just a quiz to see who you'll get. Have fun!
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