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What Keyblade would you use?

· TV
See what Keyblade you would wield in the face of all in your way. Over 44 results and more soon!

Truth or Dare with the Big Four (plus ...

Make sure you did the first part before :3 Anyway, today's quiz is gonna be a Truth or Dare game with the Big Four and our special guest ;)

Which Kingdom Hearts Boy is your lover...

· TV
This quiz is about which kingdom hearts boy would love you. it comes with a complete story so be sure to come here for some KH ROMANCE!sorry only roxas, riku, axel,zexion...

The Weirdest School Ever! (#4 Let'...

(Kh x (Non)Disney crossover ♥) The party was amazing! But now, things changed between the Big Four and the KH characters.

Do you know your Animes? NO CHEATING (...

· TV
Lets see if you know the common animes almost eveyone knows about! If you dont your insane! :D

Which Organization XIII member are you...

· TV
Ever wondered which member from this infamous organization you are most like? Take this quiz to find out!

The weirdest school ever! (#1 Roomates)

(KH x (Non)Disney crossover ♥) You've just been accepted in one of the wonderfulest school ever, NAME, where you'll meet such wonderful characters like The Big ...

What Kind of Princess are you ? ♥

Are You a Island Princess, Princess of Nature, Legendary Princess, Warrior Princess, or Something different! Take this quiz to Find out which of These Many Princesses you...

Which guy is yours

· TV
This is a quiz to find out which guy would be yours! this quiz has Hiccup from "How To Train Your Dragon", Jack Frost from "Rise Of The Guardians", Flynn Rider from "Tang...

The Weirdest School Ever (#2 First cla...

(KH x (Non)Disney crossover ♥) Looks like you've made some friends! But now, it's time to discover our teachers!

Your Life In Kingdom Hearts

· TV
Organization XIII Fans only. Find out who you are in the Kingdom Hearts world. Who you love interest is, who your best friends are, and what everyone thinks of you~

The Weirdest School Ever! (#3 The party)

(KH x (Non)Disney crossover ♥) Welcome back! I can't believe it's part three already! Anyway, what will happen today? Let's find out!
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Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Quiz

This is to test your knowledge of the Original and Final Mix versions of Kingdom Hearts. My first quiz, so I hope you enjoy!

Which is you're Kingdom Hearts boy...

This is a thirt quiz! Well.. Not like a OTHER quiz but is diffrient. And I’m really thank you who make this picture I take. Cause is difficult make this pic. BTW I’m ...

What Do the Kingdom Hearts Characters ...

Includes Riku, Kairi, Roxas, Sora, Namine, Demyx, Xion, & Axel. For girls only. Rated G. DISCLAIMER: I don't own Kingdom Hearts, the rights go to Disney and Squ...

Which kingdom hearts character are you?

See! Told you I'd make a male one! But girls can do it as well obviously because you can see which male kh character you are!:) so here it is:) enjoy! Random pics:)

Meet KH Boys!

For once, I wanted to do KH instead of The Big Four! Enjoy! ♥

Which kingdom hearts character are you?

This is my first quiz enjoy ^-^ also this is girls only because there are only girl results but I promise I will make a male version soon:)

Kingdom hearts life

· TV
What is your kingdom hearts life. includes personality, friends, picture, boyfriend, others thoughts. Boyfriend results include, Axel, Roxas, Demyx, Vexen, Zexion, Sora a...

Organization XIII Guy!

Look up dearies!

Kingdom Hearts

How well do you know kingdom hearts?,this quiz spans the kingdom hearts universe, every eight questions per game in this order---> kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts-chain...

What Road Would You Take In Kingdom He...

Would you take the road to light, road to dawn, road to twilight, or the road to darkness?

What video game hero do you resemble?

This is just like the title says. Mostly, if not all, guy results.

7 Minutes in Heaven with Kingdom Hearts!

My sister Kairi and me are having a party,and your invited! it's time for 7 minutes in heaven! see which KH boy will be yours!
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