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Which Kpop Girl Group Can You Fit In?

· Music
Which one these popular Kpop idol group that best suits you? Is it SNSD, KARA, f(x), or T-Ara ? C'mon and find out the results here!

오빠 Whose your kpop sweetheart?

BTS, Teen Top, Block B, BAP, Exo-K, or Boyfriend. 11 results, Whose your sweetheart among these cute koreans? Includes small story. Sorry if some may be long. Dont own pi...

What KPOP song suits you the most, lat...

· Music
KARA, Ft Island, our GD, tiara, Brown eyed girls, 2NE1,SNSD, Big Bang, Wonder girls ,SS501, DBSK, 2PM, SHINee..

Who Is Your VIXX Boyfriend? :D

Love VIXX? Wanna know which member would date you? Take this quiz & find out!

Which SNSD Member Are You? (GIRLS)

Find out which of the nine talented girls is you! (updated 4/14/10)

Which KPOP boy should you date?

Which guy is right for you?

How Asian are you?

How Asian or white are you? Do you have an Asian soul, or are you a full on white chick? This is just for fun. Butthurtism is not welcome here.

Who's your MBLAQ lover?

Who is your MBLAQ lover, is it Joon,Mir,SeungHo,Thunder or G.O.?

How well do you know KPOP

· Music
Just a quiz to see if your COMPLETELY obsessed with Korean music or if your just a fan or if you have no idea what the f is going on

What style of VIXX suits you? (KPOP)

· Music
One thing that I absolutely love about the KPOP group VIXX is their creativity and the different concepts they've pulled off perfectly in every promotion so far. So l...

Find Your Best Absolute Perfect (BAP) ...

· Music
The Korean boy group B.A.P. has 6 absolutely epic members. Which one of them could potentially become your best friend?
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What Korean Drama Character are you(Fe...

· TV
Find out what K Drama character you would be out of some of my favorite characters from Mary Stayed Out All Night, Playful Kiss, Master's Sun, Boys Over Flowers, and ...

Who's Your Korean Boyfriend?

The title says it all! Come on, click me. You know you wanna! ♥

Who is your SISTAR unnie?

· Music
Only for STAR1 fans! Kim Hyorin? Yoon Bora Kang Soyou Kim Dasom ~~~~~~~~ Starship entertainment girl group debuted in 2010 (SISTERS+Stars) ~~~~~KPoppers~~~~~

Which Coven are you a member of?

Nope this isn't a Twilight Coven thing its for my ocs that I RP as People I RP as lul~u w u ^^^right there So which Coven would you most likely join based on your ...

Which K-Pop Bands/Songs Should You Lis...

· Music
No, it's not JUST going to be popular ones.

Adventure with SHINee 5 (Polish) (Pols...

Kolejna część~ Teraz sprawdź w kim ty się zakochałaś ~

Which Old School Korean Actor is for y...

From Lee Byung Hun to Kwon Sang Woo, which male actor is your perfect match?

What kdrama character are you?

Find out what k drama character are you. It's my first quiz ^^

How much korean do you know as a kpopp...

Don't take this quiz seriously ^^ it's just for fun

Your Korean Theme Song

· Music
Includes people because people are people. Just take the quiz to find out. ~FFCP Imagine you are a character in a KDrama, what would your theme song be? ~Haeun
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