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Your Percy Jackson Love Life

What is your life like in the world of Percy Jackson? Includes your boyfriend, bestfriends, future, past, and a lot more ;) Long-ish results!

What is your Percy Jackson Life? 2

· Books
This is my second one! Basically like my first one, the guys you can end up with are ones that aren't taken in the books. (Connor, Travis, Nico, Will, Leo)

What Does Nico Di Angelo Think Of You?

Does Nico love you? Hate you? Not care? Find out in this quiz! This is my third quiz, thanks for all your love on 1st and 2nd ♥! I also made a Nico x Reader fanf...

What Demi-God will fall for you

· Books
A Quiz on which Male Demi-God would fall in love with you and you fall for them and the candidates are Percy Jackson, Nico Di Angelo, Leo Valedz, Jason Grace, Frank Zhang...

Your Demigod Life~

Who's your godly parent and what will happen in your life? *heroes of olympus characters*

Your Demigod Life Quiz

· Books
Find out what your life would be like if you were a DEMIGOD! Extremely long results, includes a short excerpt from your demigod life!

What is your Percy Jackson life?

· Books
What is your Percy Jackson life? Your boyfriend, best friend, godly parent...

Heroes of Olympus 7 minutes in heaven

If you love Percy, Leo, Jason, or Nico this is the quiz for you. WARNING: Girls only and Longish results

Your baby with a Demigod

· Books
Read the titles babes ;) ^ Who are you going to have a baby with out of the 5 boys I have chosen ^-^ Enjoy :D :3 xxx

Who loves you? (Guys from books)

· Books
Is it: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Cole St. Clair, Sam Roth, Ron Weasley, Luke Castellan, Draco Malfoy, or Nico di Angelo?

Heroes Of Olympus Boyfriend

· Books
Which one of the boys from HoO is right for you?

Life at camp half blood...

· Books
Read the title... long results, kinda?
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Percy Jackson Boyfriend

The possible results are Leo Valdez, Percy Jackson, Nico Di Angelo, Luke Castellen. DONT TAKE UNLESS YOU HAVE READ BLOOD OF OLYMPUS.

What is you Percy Jackson life.

· Books
JUST FOR GIRLS! Who is your: Bf Bff Godly parent And your story

Which character are you most like? Her...

Heroes of olympus quiz, name says it all...

Who is your Heroes of Olympus boyfriend?

Boy include Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez, Nico Di Angelo and Jason Grace. Hope you like my first quiz xx

Are you A Demigod?

So let's just say that demigods were real...would you be one? Be as honest as you can, or else it won't work. (oh and BTW, if you see the result "Lala" th...

Which Character From the Hero's of...

· Books
Comment? Like? Follow? Enjoy. x3

Percy Jackson Life

· Books
Includes name, age, boyfriend/crush, picture of what you look like, godly parent, hobbies, and more! Hope ya like my first PERCY JACKSON quiz! (Just so ya know, I ♥ Nic...

Your Percy Jackson life.

· Books
LONG results. Feel free to comment and heart. ;) I wouldn't mind. This one is focusing on some of the minor gods and goddess's as parents.

Percy Jackson Life

Find out your Demi-God life! Includes Name, BF, Backstory, Weapons and much more. Long results

Your baby with a demigod (Heroes of Ol...

'Ello goilies! Welcome to your future with some MAJOR hotties!

Percy Jackson

Find out who your godly parent is. Information like that. Who youre in live with. Who your best friends are. What your weapon is and your powers if you have any.
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