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What preferences will you get

Take my quiz and see which one direction preferences you will get. THESE PREFERENCES ARE MINE FROM MY TUMBLR JIF-DIRECTIONERS

One Direction fight

It's in THE title^^ :)

What band is right for you?

· Music
Tells you what band is right for you based on your personality and preferences

Who's Your 1D hawwwtiieeeee

· Music
^ says in title ... Just a little quiz (made with my bestie) on the boys ... ... Different from the others :-p

Your One Direction Songfic 2

Since it was requested so much, here you go! Another 1D songfic quiz! It's basically a LONG imagine with you and your 1D boy based on a song. Enjoy! and if you like your ...

What would One Direction think of you ?

· Music
^ says it above ... First quiz , don't be harsh :* :-p ... Oh and if you don't like your result try again :*

One Direction Mash

One Direction Mash! comment your answers! if you don't get the guy you want be sure to take the quiz again :) (im only making 1 child each but if you want to see the res...

The perfect One Direction boy for you

Take the quiz to find out whic one out of the lads best suits you ! a preference and some info are included !

One Direction Preference part 2!

Please take Part One first!

What One Direction Song are you?

· Music
Find out what One Direction song you are! My name is Alyssa and I am DoncastersBabe, please follow me:)

Your One Direction Preference!

· Music
Your lover will stand out for you in these unique preferences, find out what is going on in your love life ^.^
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One Direction Personal Imagines

Based on your results, find out which boy you receive and what story is behind it... These are imagines that I have written before but I wanted to use them to try ou...

Your One Direction Sonfic 2 EXCLUSIVE

If you took Your One Direction Songfic 2 and wanted to know what happened after the events you had to go through, then take this quiz and find out.

One Direction Preference Quiz -

There are many different preferences here that you may get. If you don't get the boy you want, try again! If at first you don't succeed, try try again.

What boy do you get?

· Music
Find out what boy you get and what he loves about you!

Whats your One Direction one shot.

I wrote all of the preferences on my tumblr. If you use them in any way please credit me and ask me first.