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Which Supernatural Character are you?

· TV
Find out which character from the show "Supernatural" is just like you. Includes most of the main characters. Minimal/no spoilers, 17 results.

Hetalia Party Dating Sim

· TV
Just as the title says. My first quiz ever! Comment please! Edit 1: Finished England, America spain ending. started canada's Edit 2: edited America and finish...

What would your Boggart turn out like?

· Books
*Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban. What do you fear most?

Which God are you?

Greek, Roman, Norse, Celtic, Egyptian, Aztec, Japanese, and Rabbits...which god of which mythology are you?

You as a celebrity

♥Don't You Want To Know which one you are?♥ -not completed but there are 12 answers already-

ღDiabolik Lovers BF!ღ

Time to find out who your Diabolik Lovers Boyfriend is,between the 6 sadistic Sakamaki Brothers and the 4 Mukami Brothers...So,shall we begin? ;)

What supernatural monster are you?

· TV
Wendigo, demon, fallen angel, vampire, ghost, leviathan, reaper, or one of azazels special children.

What type of 'Chronicles of Narnia...

Step into the wardrobe and discover your Narnian alter ego. *Long Quiz With 6 Results*

Which Avatar (the Last Airbender) Char...

· TV
Ever wondered which kid from Avatar you are? Well, here's your chance to find out! (a lot of possible results)

What Is Your Theme Song Out Of These?

· Music
With 5 Seconds Of Summer, All Time Low, Iggy Azalea, Lady Gaga, Black Veil Brides...

Your Harry Potter Life!

· Books
Girls Only! Includes boyfriend,patronus, house, main subject, and blood type More might come if I get lots of hearts!
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Which K-on! character are you?

It's all in the title~

Találd ki melyik tervező vagy a Heinri...

Töltsd ki a kvízt és találd ki, melyik tervező lennél a Heinrich Alkotói Szintről! Ne feledd, október 11-én 19 órától találkozhatsz velük az Üllői út ...

Talking With Harry Potter.

Have a conversation with the boy who lived! Are you worthy of joining the famous trio or will you be sent to Azkaban with the Death Eaters? Find out now! Also check out ...

X-Men First Class Boyfriend

This has all of the main male Characters in it. Good, and bad. Longish results. I hope you enjoy it.

What Songs Describes You Perfectly?

What the title says dear ^^

Which Element would you be? (Coat of A...

Are you quick-to-anger fire or go-with-the-flow water? Bright and happy Storm or shy and quiet Death? Using photos from Azaleasdolls and the Coat of Arms story, found at...

What Azumanga Daiho character are you?

In simple words it's a quiz to see who do you share the most similarities with. The results are all girls but its technology for everyone.

What species of nerd are you?

There is more to being a nerd than meets the you live and breathe Starwars or conquers the mighty lands of Azeroth? Are you a Potterhead or a born actress..i do...

Which realm do you belong in?

Are you destined to protect Hyrule (legend of Zelda) or conquer the merciless lands of Azeroth (World of Warcraft) and more totally awesome realms!

Can I stay forever? Part 6

Part six! You had just been through a fight and yet woke up in a mental institution under the care of a Dr. Azbury. Are you crazy? Was it all a dream? What about the guys...

Frozen inspired stories

NOT FROZEN. REPEAT, NOT FROZEN. Stories based of frozen INSPIRED dolls from azalea's dress up dolls. They may not relate to you but just something to do i suppose
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