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Which R5 Boy and Ryland is Your Match?...

Find out if Ross, Riker, Rocky, Ratliff, or Ryland is your perfect match! A story of how the two of you meet and your future included!

Who is your R5 Man?

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Who are you most likely to Marry?

Which R5 Member are you Most Like?(:

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Are you most like: Riker, Ratliff, Rocky, Ross, Rydel, or Ryland?

Who is your future R5 husband?

Find out which r5 member you will marry

R5 boyfriend quiz

Out of Ellington, Riker, Ross, Rocky, or Ryland!

Who's Your Lynch boy?

Which Lynch boy would be good for you, Riker, Rocky, Ross or Ryland? ;)

Your R5 Fight

Who will you be getting in a fight with? Ross Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Riker Lynch, Ryland Lynch or Ellington Ratliff?

What will your glee life be like?

· TV
Who are you friends? Who are your enemies and who is your Boyfriend?

Which R5 Boy Is For You? *LONG RESULTS*

Riker, Ratliff, Rocky or Ross? Who will you get?

Who is your R5 boyfriend ?

Are you : a Ross-girl, a Riker-girl, a Rocky-girl, or a Ratliff-girl ? :)

Which R5 Boy is perfect for you?

Find out which R5 member is your perfect match!
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High School Survivor 18

Perrie Edwards, George (as James Franco), One Direction, R5, Sophia Smith, Eleanor Calder, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Maia Mitchell, Miley Cyrus, Laura Marano, Cameron Ra...

How Well Do You Know R5?

Do you think your an R5er? Do you want to test you knowledge? Well you came to the right place! (And go easy on me it's my first quiz...)

High School Survivor 17

(Zoe as Bridgit Mendler) R5, One Direction, Sophia Smith, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Eleanor Calder, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Austin Mahone, Cameron Ra...

Which R5 boy are you most like?

Which R5 boy are you most like? Riker, Ell, Rocky, or Ross?

Is Ross Your Match?

This is my first quiz, sorry if its bad xD

High School Survivor 16

One Direction, R5, Sophia Smith, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Frank Grande, Miley Cyrus, Laura Marano, Justin Bieber, Maia Mitchell, etc.

Which R5 Guy Is For You?

Just for fun :) First quiz, GO EASY ON ME PLEASE X)

Guess the R5 song 2.0

· Music
I did another one like this for like 6 month ago or something and want to do another one, So hope you like it! :)
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