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Which "youtuber" should be y...

There's a lot of funny and cute guys on youtube. Which one should be your boyfriend? girls only, unless your gay :3

Which Youtuber are you most like?

Which youtuber are you most similar to? Pewdiepie? Danisnotonfire? Johnnie Guilbert? Amazing Phil? Jordan Sweeto? MattG? Veeoneeye? Smosh(Ian&Anthony)?

What Youtuber are you most like?

I'm sorry if you don't know them, but they're my favorite 'tubers. **UPDATE 2.15.13 - MORE ANSWERS!** OVER 12OOO takers!

What website is perfect for you?

We all know and love quotev as a website, but there is also a website as good as quotev perfect for us. Did you ever wanted to find that website? Well now you can by taki...

7 Minuets in Heaven with Youtubers

Sorry giving Creepypastas a break Jeff: She mean TT^TT GET OVER IT

Who's your perfect Youtuber Boyfriend?

Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Damon Fizzy, Ryan Higa, Dominic Sandoval, Pewdiepie, Austin Leekely, or Tanner Leekley? :D

What your youtuber life is?

Well... It's all in the damn title. XD This will include me. Of what I think of you :3 Your results may include a story.

Which youtuber likes you? ( Girls Only )

Hope you get what you want! Enjoy this Quiz!

YouTube Hide and Seek!

Play hide and seek with your favorite YouTubers! (Sorry boys, girls only) *long results*

Your Youtube Crush!

Inlcudes Pewdiepie (obviously), TheFineBros, BartBaKer, Smosh, AmazingPhil and even Shane Dawson! Enjoy everybody! >:D TAKE THE QUIZ!

What YouTuber do I ship you with? (PAR...

Dan Howell, Phil Lester, Shane Dawson or SMOSH (Ian and Anthony)!
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Smosh Quiz!

Hello there! Tigger here. Time to have a talk with the famous duo!

Deep Secrets Part 1

You were just minding your own business, walking down the street when something, or rather someone caught your attention. They were talking about something...unsettling.....

What Youtuber Should You Subscribe To?

Should you subscribe to Smosh, Grav3yardgirl, Smosh Games, Skydoesminecraft, Vevo, Pewdiepie, or DazzleDIY.

What does Oliver think of you

· TV
Again i dont need to explain i dont own anything not hetalia oliver you or smosh pictures from google

What do they see you as?

A girlfriend, enemy, best friend, bro? Who can tell? Find out with my special quiz! For girls but if you really want guys you can do it too!

Slender In-game-reality(Cry, PewDiePie...

After leaving the boys, it starts to dawn on you that maybe this wasn't the best choice.

Are you A True Smosher?

Let's See If Your A True Smosher! :) *No Cheating!* *This Quiz Is Gonna Be Kinda Hard* -I DO NOT OWN SMOSH!-

In Game Reality - Minecraft Ps3 Editio...

We Have Only Some Guests. :3 Smosh : Anthony, Ian, UberHaxorNova, ImmortalHD, SSoHPKC, SlyFoxHound, DareMattG, and Me! :P Now Finished!

You're smosh yyy life

See who would you date and how you're life turned out

Your hogwarts house

· Books
Ever wanted to know what house you would be put in? because you can now see, with my seamy true quiz.

Does Ian Hecox Love You?~GIRLS ONLY~

Find out if Ian Hecox From Smosh Loves You!
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