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Which "youtuber" should be y...

There's a lot of funny and cute guys on youtube. Which one should be your boyfriend? girls only, unless your gay :3

Stuck in minecraft with youtubers :)

So this is my stuck in minecraft with youtubers series it's not going to be teamcrafted sry about that but some ppl from teamcrafted like sky Jason Mitch Jerome and I...

Which Youtubers Do You Act The Most?

Which youtubers do you act the most? Includes: Pewdiepie, Cryaotic, Smosh (Ian & Anthony separated results though) Onision, Danisnotonfire and ||Superwoman||. There&...

What Youtuber are you most like?

I'm sorry if you don't know them, but they're my favorite 'tubers. **UPDATE 2.15.13 - MORE ANSWERS!** OVER 12OOO takers!

What youtubers should YOU watch?

Ya know.... you tell me stuff and tell you what to watch? Cool? Cool.

What website is perfect for you?

We all know and love quotev as a website, but there is also a website as good as quotev perfect for us. Did you ever wanted to find that website? Well now you can by taki...

Which Youtuber are you most like?

Which youtuber are you most similar to? Pewdiepie? Danisnotonfire? Johnnie Guilbert? Amazing Phil? Jordan Sweeto? MattG? Veeoneeye? Smosh(Ian&Anthony)?

Who's your perfect Youtuber Boyfriend?

Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Damon Fizzy, Ryan Higa, Dominic Sandoval, Pewdiepie, Austin Leekely, or Tanner Leekley? :D

What YouTuber do I ship you with? (PAR...

Dan Howell, Phil Lester, Shane Dawson or SMOSH (Ian and Anthony)!

What your youtuber life is?

Well... It's all in the damn title. XD This will include me. Of what I think of you :3 Your results may include a story.

What Youtuber are you Shipped With?

Title ^-^ Girls only, sorry, unless you guys want to. Contains lots of results.
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Slender In-Game Reality *Part 2*

Part 2! What will happen?

What Smosh Games Member are you?

· Humor
This is a quiz to determine who you are from Smosh Games!

Which Smosh channel should you watch?

Which Smosh channel should you watch? For Old Smoshers and New Smoshers. NOT LEGALLY BINDING, DONT WORRY.

Which YouTube Duo are you And Your Bes...

Idk I felt like I should do this. xD the results are: PewDiePie and Cry, Ian and Anthony, Dan and Phil... and Tobuscus and Gabuscus! Have fun! :)

Survival: (Part 2) Never Really Was

Part 2 to the first Survival: Ice Cold. Thank you so much for all the good support and everything! You all rock and here's part 2! Please don't mind my grammatica...

Survival: Ice Cold (Part 1)

My first quiz :D. Will you survive? Reader/Smosh Crew

Smosh Quiz!

Hello there! Tigger here. Time to have a talk with the famous duo!

Deep Secrets Part 1

You were just minding your own business, walking down the street when something, or rather someone caught your attention. They were talking about something...unsettling.....

What Youtuber Should You Subscribe To?

Should you subscribe to Smosh, Grav3yardgirl, Smosh Games, Skydoesminecraft, Vevo, Pewdiepie, or DazzleDIY.

What does Oliver think of you

· TV
Again i dont need to explain i dont own anything not hetalia oliver you or smosh pictures from google

7 Minuets in Heaven with Youtubers

Sorry giving Creepypastas a break Jeff: She mean TT^TT GET OVER IT
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