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Status Quo (WWYFF): 01

A just-for-fun "who would you fall for" story based in a high school. It's a bit more laid-back than the plot for my Dragon Scale series. Nevertheless, I hope...

Attack on Titan Boyfriend

My sister wanted me to make this... and since she's scary, I made it. Longish results..

Hetalia Boyfriend.

Has long results. Germany, Japan, Italy, Romano, Prussia possible.

Tmnt wwffy 3

· TV
What happens this time?

Which Creepypasta's Heart Have You...

A basic who would fall for you quiz. Slenderman, BEN, Jeff the Killer, Ticci Toby, Dark Link and Masky&Hoddie are the current possible results. More will be added bas...

Status Quo (WWYFF): 02

Thanks very much to those who commented on and faved the first part! Enjoy part 2!


Again I will say...BECAUSE I CAN! Try my Batman one, that only has villains if your looking for hero's, YOU'RE WELCOME! Also, I love Loki, so he's here too. m...

House Guests: Avengers WWFFY Chapter 2...

· Movies
... I can't believe I have to split this up in 3 parts, especially because... UGH! Okay, I am sorry about the splitting I know it'll be bothersome. :(

Your supernatural love story ღ pt. 1

Basically it's like a long love story but put in the form of a quizz haha :) It's kind of a create a boyfriend but with more than just 1 part. Sorry if there's some (a lo...

The Journey Continues ( The Hobbit- WW...

Months have passed since the forming of Thorin Oakenshield's Company. Strong friendships have formed, and maybe some romance is in the air with a certain someone. How...
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Ahoj! Hodně štěstí

Desendents of the past (wwyff) part 6

Aurhors note: sorry for the wait i had to overcome a small case of writers block.

Desendents of the past (wwyff) part 5

Recap: you finally meet the guys and decide to stay with them seeing as any mortal in Erith will be killed.

Desendents of the past (wwyff) part 7

Recap:you have finished your first day of training.

Regrets (Maximum Ride wwffy) 7

So here's seven ♥ :3 Because exams are done, for the year

Elf-Queen of Gildeon: A WWYFF Part 10

Wooo! Double digits, friends! As for recap, you are now the queen, so the title is FINALLY accurate.

House Guests: Avengers WWFFY Chapter 2...

· Movies
Okay this is... wierd! I created longer quizzes in the past but every time I add anything above Question 15 this Chapter turns into a story. It is good to have found out...

The Mysten Legend (Wwyff) Chapter 4

Recap: Last time you went to school with the guys and had a pretty difficult time, but still got to learn about Earth. After school was over you got a backpack of supplie...

Dragon Scale (Fantasy WWYFF): 06

Thanks very much for all of your patience in regards to the wait for this next part! I also urge you all, if you wish for more information regarding the characters, to re...

Different DNA part 3 (Sonic shadow sil...

Part three! Thanks to everyone who has played this and my other quizzes ^.^

Human!Sonic WWYFF: A Lack of Continuit...

You had been all too eager to move out into the world and start a new chapter of your life, yet you weren't prepared for what awaited you along the way. When four str...
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