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Can you handle these shoes?

The strangest shoes are found over here! Can you handle these shoes or not? Find out what crazy shoe is meant for you!

Your high school life!

Ever wanted to see the future? your boyfriend? your style?

Prospit or Derse?

When you sleep, where does your dreamself then wake? Is it to the golden halls shared by prospitarians, or is it the darkened violet towers of derse that you see? Why not...

What position are you in an anime?

Would you be the main character/protagonist? Their best friend? The protagonists' enemy? Or even their boyfriend/girlfriend? I'll be using the anime Ookami Sho...

Your Anime Life

This quiz includes a picture of you and your anime boyfriend. Also yours and his personality and daily routine.^-^ Enjoy

Are you on Facebook too much?

Take this short quiz to find out whether you're on this website too much :)

Can we relate?

It's not a can we be friends thing. (I already made one if those..) It's just can we relate with how we feel?

How ninja are you?

Find out too see if your ninja!

Which Homestuck Troll are you?

Which of the twelve, crazy trolls are you? Be honest answering or else it won't be right.

Find the Real You

Find the real you and what you're really like.

What is your nickname

Get your nickname now.
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Are you Emo?

This test is to see if your emo or not,

Would We Get Along?

I'm bored, so I decided to make this quiz (:

Your fatal flaw!

Find out the one thing holding you back in your life!

Which Yu Gi Oh protagonist are you?

Have you ever wondered which main character you would be or are most similar with? Take this quiz and find out!

Can We Get Along?

Can we get along?

Who are you

This is my first quiz sorry if it sucks

What Kind of Bender are you?

Anyone who has watched Avatar: The Last Airbender or its successor The Legend of Korra has wondered: If I were a bender, what element would I command? Well, this personal...

Are you a stoner

Are you a real stoner or just want to look "cool"

What Animal are you Supposed to Be?

Ever wondered what animal you'd be? Well it's time to find out.

What fairy are you?

Are you a good fairy that helps people, or that fairy alwase getting into trouble?

What should your hair color be?

What shuld your hair color be? i was very lazy when i made this so sorry
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