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One Direction fight! ~Long Results~

This is my second One Direction fight quiz. This one has a lot more direct speech and is longer. Also includes your future and what you're wearing. *MAY INCLUDE SWEARING*...

Will you survive being kidnapped?

You and your friend are kidnapped after school! Will you survive? (;

What's your Hidden Ability?

Want to know what your Hidden Ability is? Do this quiz and find out! Mainly for girls, but guys can play too if they want to.

Which Holiday are you?

A lot of people's favorite holiday is Christmas, but not a lot of people wonder, which holiday describes you best?

Are you a weirdo?

Dare to take the most random, craziest and weirdest quiz on the internet? Your result could be anything in the entire world! Enjoy ;)

What is the Colour of Your Blood? (Hom...

(ie Where Are You on the Hemospectrum?) The trolls of Alternia and Beforus have various castes based on the colour of a troll's blood -- if you were a troll, where wo...

Seven Minutes in Heaven With Creepypas...

Has Ben Drowned, Slenderman, Masky, Hoodie, Eyeless Jack, Jeff the Killer, Lost Silver and now has Laughing Jack :D

Party With 5SOS

Spend your Friday night with the lovely 5 Seconds Of Summer! This is a roleplay and its my first quiz :)
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Can I Make You Laugh?

What's up! The title say it everything, let's start ;) Alert: The images on the quiz are not my own.

Meet 5 Sauce

Walk with me as we meet 5 Seconds Of Australian hot guys.

Perfect Date

Find out if you fit into the title of One Direction's 'perfect date'.

Your Future Boyfriend

What will your future boyfriend be like?

What clique do you belong in?

It's stereotypical, I know, but bare with me here. It's only my first quiz ever made.

A day with Hetalia *part 4*

A new day with Hetalia, this time with the Axis, because i had a lot of comments like: Where are the Axis and Italy! where are you.... and stuff....

Iwatobi lover!~

(I do a loot of these XD) Find out which Free! member you are most compatible with! (Mostly for girls but boys can do it too!~)

How Brave are you?

This is my first quiz so enjoy!Sorry if it isn't accurate

1D truth or dare popular

1D truth or dare this is realy popular like to death please do tnis quiz if not then youl see what in your deathmmkkķkkkkkkk

What type of dragon are you?

It's all in the title ^^ wanna know that kind of dragon are you? Results include, fairy, darkness, earth, water, ice, fire and lightning.

Are they love you (3)?

The rp continue *smiles* enjoy my quiz!

Know me well?

Oh you know lololololol.
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