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What is the Colour of Your Blood? (Hom...

(ie Where Are You on the Hemospectrum?) The trolls of Alternia and Beforus have various castes based on the colour of a troll's blood -- if you were a troll, where wo...

Dating A 5SOS Boy Part 4

So who do you like? The Beautiful Luke Hemmings or the Cute Michael Clifford?

Seven Minutes In Heaven Hogwarts Way

Ever wanted to snog a guy, in HOGWARTS? Includes Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Fred and George Weasley. Girls only unless your gay.

Hiccup or Jack?

Find out what boy is more for you. :)

How Old are you Mentally

What age do you act like? This is my second one i made :D

Which hetalia likes you (also 2ps ! )

Which hetalia character loves you this also includes 2ps

Create Your Perfect Boyfriend .

| Please read the title ♥|

Do You Know These 5SOS Songs?

So you think you know 5SOS? Okay.... Take this quiz to find out if you truly know 5 Seconds of Summer or if you're just not in the fam. ~By Midnight~

Your One Direction fight #2

Most people didn't seem to like my other 1D fight quiz so I made this one.They didn't seem to like the story that went with niall cuz his wasn't a "real fight."I made his...

Black Butler Boyfriend Long Results

So it is nine at night and I'm bored so what do I do? Make a quiz of course. These will be long results and some questions will be asked by the characters.

Which Creepypasta is Secretly Watching...

See which Creepypasta is stalking you and then find them and high five them! :D NO PICTURES BELONG TO ME!

What fandom do you belong in?

What fandom do you belong in according to your personality? Includes: The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who and Percy Jackson.
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Black Butler Rp Life (part 6)

Please don't be angry with your results! Pictures are not mine. Its been awhile since I watched Black Butler. It may not be legit.

What does Shorty think of you?

This is a quiz of what mr. Cleaning fairy thinks of you! I hope he likes you and you like this quiz!

Survive my mind!

Should you even try i mean its pretty jacked up in there

Creepypasta RP. #3

For thoes who submitted

Which of my Ocs are you?

Look at the title. Oh look it what the test is about! Its like freaking magic!

Safe spells for Duels.

This quiz is for learning safe spells to use whilst in a dule, Please check out our Facebook page for more details on Duels!

What Kind Of Person are you?

Unique, Random, Otaku, Geeky(Good Kind) Or.. DUN DUN DUN! Normal... 0-0

Does your crush like you?

Take this quiz to find out if the person your crushing on likes you back!

Can we be BFF?

Just a quiz to see if you have what it takes to be my BFF ♥

Are you STUPID?

Do you think you're smart? Try this quiz and find out!
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