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Your Future Daughter!

INCLUDES: BABY PICS, TODDLER PICS, KID PICS, AND TEENAGE PICS WITH A SHORT STORY. Sorry if she doesn't look like you, just imagine she got her looks from your hot hubby/...

Do others like your personality?

In this quiz, you will answer a series of questions, then at the end you find out if others really like your personality or they are just faking it.

Which Shapeshifter are you most like?

"Their souls are torn constantly between fulfilling their animal instincts and fulfilling their human hearts' desires. They have all formed a pack and their balance in th...

Can You Relate To Me?

Can you relate to me? To relate, or not to relate is the question… this is my VERY FIRST QUIZ! Thanks, & enjoy…

Who should be your Exo Boyfriend?

Are you and your bias compared for eachother? well, let's find out!

Can You Detect A Lie?

Has anyone ever lied to you, and you caught them in the act? Do you wanna know some simple things in learning how to detect a lie?Let me start off by saying that im not a...

Would You Rather...

Different sutuations, different choices... Which will you choose?

Where will I Meet My Soul Mate? (Eithe...

Ever wonder where that special someone is awaiting? Find out now(:

Do You Understand My Feeling?

Am I the only one out there with this emotion?

Spin the bottle creepypasta style

Hello there so you have been invited to a small party that the creepypastas are hosting, have fun. includes Jeff, Ben, slender man, laughing jack, masky and hoodie, and e...

What Greek Goddess are you?

Read dat title xd ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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Do you know this anime?

This is a quiz to see how much anime you know

Are you Crazy

Are you crazy? More importantly, what kind of crazy are you and why? Results are -87.65% accurate. :P

Would I like you as a crush? (not crus...

I'm bored and I want to see if there are guys out there that are acually decent. It doesn't mean I actually will it's just for fun. No comments please that ar...

Kidnapped By Black Veil Brides: Part 2

So, you end up getting kidnapped by BVB and they won't tell you why they did it. What do you do?

How will you Die?

I was bored.. and feeling a little depressed. Anyway, sorry if your answer isn't what you wanted.. It's probably very inaccurate

Mistletoe- Kuroshitsuji BF Quiz

Pretty self-explanatory, a standard "Black Butler Boyfriend" quiz, just with Christmas :P. Long-ish results.

What Weather are you?

Here you will find out what weather are you like! This is my first quiz so don't judge me plz. :) (julix1534 helped me do this)

What.... Happened? (2)

I recommend you to take the first quiz first.

Would You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

I suck at making quizzes, so sorry if it seems dumb

Who loves you out of 5SOS? Long story

Find out who loves you.. Ash? Cal? Mike? Luke?
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