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What's your type of guy

Confused about what your type is? Or you just think you don't have one? Let's see...

Who secretly loves you?

Hmmm. Who does secretly love you? Why not find out? Please do. :) Thanks. - Girls only and no colour question -

Your Future Boyfriend-

Take this quiz to find out your future boyfriend! Now, now, there aren't long results..

A Good Nickname For You

So its basically nicknames that match your personality, what you uasaly wear, and how you act. Girls olny.

Which AOT boy would crush on you?

This is my first quiz, so NO judging. This quiz will tell you which Attack on Titian boy would have a crush on you. Well that is if they were real.

Who's your soulmate? (Magcon)

Girls only (unless you're gay, that's cool too♥)

Your MagCon Date

Take the quiz to find which of the boys matches you best! ♥ (semi-long answers.)

What kind of girl do you attract?

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ look at the title

Seven Minutes of Heaven Emo Style For ...

If you want a story about any of the results, message/comment! c: Due to the lack of seven minutes of heaven/spin the bottle emo quizzes, i determined that i would make o...

Is he worth it?

Well? Is he? Girls ONLY! :P Ex, crush, boyfriend... yeah you know...♥

Does He Think You're Worth It?

Sure, he talks to you in the halls. Maybe you make him smile, too. But when it comes down to term of relationship, will he stay? Find out here.
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Meeting One Direction!

Will One Direction love you? Just as friends? Or will they don't like you?

Create Your Boyfriend Part 2

Includes Break up, Make up, ect. If you haven't, go take the 1st part of this first! Mwah! Love yous!

What does Soul Evans think of you?

In this quiz Soul and his friends will ask you a few questions. Good luck on the results! :)

Does he like you?;p

Wondering whether that one boy likes you? Take the quiz and find out c;

Who are you As a Boy? *WITH PICTURES*

See what the boy version of you would be! (Appearance and personality should turn out a lot like your real one) (:

Your Perfect Boyfriend

Includes pictures and long results.

Can you keep a secret?

^^^^^ Find out if you can keep a secret! ♥ Can you?

Under the surface Part 2

RP story. Your life is turned up side down and instead of a normal school life your life is suddenly filled with action, and a lots of interesting boys. You no longer k...

What sort of friend are you to me?

Just to see if anyone has what is takes to be a good friend of mine. Just something that I came up with for no reason.

Living with Creepypastas ....Interested?

Okay! This is a continuation from Creepypasta Sleepover. You asked for it and here it is ^.^

The Boyfriend for You (UNFINISHED)

A quiz about the boyfriend I think that would fit you. Pretty much that.

Your perfect boy

One of these boys is right for you! Find out who!
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