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Is he worth it?

Well? Is he? Girls ONLY! :P Ex, crush, boyfriend... yeah you know...♥

Who will be your anime boyfriend?

Which anime guy will be your boyfriend? Results come from various anime, so if you don't know your person then either try a different quiz or start watching that anim...

Your ideal boyfriend

Make your very own boyfriend. the results will include a picture, info on the guy, and a detailed description of how you met! hope you like it ♥

7 things he likes about you:)

^^^^^^^^^^^only for girls unless your gay..

Who would be your creepypasta BF?

Yes, it's just another creepypasta-quiz but I hope you'll like it! :) Found out witch creepypasta that fits you best. Mostly for girls, but I wont stop any guy ...

What will happen tomorrow?

What will happen tomorrow? Want to find out?

You monster boyfriend~!

Kitsune, vampire, reaper, ghost, fallen angel, demon? This are all my OC's, don't steal!

Your Perfect Boyfriend

Sorry if you dont like your result! Sorry that the results are a bit short! ♥

Your 5SOS Romance. [Long Results]

{long, detailed results} Each boy has result is in the form of a one shot and I hope to God you enjoy it. All about love, which we all adore.These are all detailed and or...

What Are 10 Things People Love About Y...

What are 10 things people love about you? Girls Only
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Who's Your Korean Boyfriend?

The title says it all! Come on, click me. You know you wanna! ♥

Are you My BFFL _

Basically The Title ^_^

Behind the Walls Part 2

Still don't own the pictures.. How will the new team complete their new mission? A new problem rises in the corporation and it will take all they have to make it thr...

Who is your best friend in the Maze ?

Who is your best friend in the Maze, with a small story after (it's my second quiz so it's not the best one but thanks for taking it). Hope you enjoy !

Love is a Funny Thing PART 8 (SONIC WW...

Like i promised you guys! i am so sorry that i haven't made it! super sorry! but here it is!

What color is your soul?

So i am like tots the physic so yea

The CREEPY (i mean Creepy) PASTA QUIZ :D

Awesome quiz. Find out which one of these fine young (or old..... Idk -_-) men are perfect for you! :D ( GIRLS ONLY.... unless you are gay.... then thats okay :D )

5 second of summer life part 1 :D

^^^^5 es oh es life time :d^^^^

Tmnt world part 3

You are know in the trutles world will you fall in love of hate there gutes? Lets us find out in tmnt world part 3!

The Fawn [16] Let the Games Begin - A ...

Chapter 16: "Let the Games Begin” Just as a note, at this point in the story, Matt is 19, Mello is 18, Near is still 17, Light is 18, and L is still 24. I hope tha...
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