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Who is your celebrity boyfriend?

· Music
Justin bieber, taylor lautner, cody simpson,robert pattinson, greyson chance, one direction and others.

Who's your MagCon boy?

Nash, Carter, Cameron, Jack, Jack, Aaron, Matthew, Taylor, or Shawn..? The ORIGINAL MagCon Boys!

How Long Will You Last In Freddy Fazbe...

· Scary
Find out if you can survive night watch at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in real life. How long can you last? I do not own FNAF, the content belongs to its rightful owne...

What Myth are you?

What it says above

6 Trick Questions

Just like the title says. It'll reveal all the right answers in the results. They're not really hard at all, just felt like doing this. :3 xx

Who from one direction would fancy you...

· Music
Which member of 1D would ask you out if you met them? :D and why? ;)and where would you meet? :D xxxx

What's your cute nickname? :3

What should YOUR nickname be? :)) Follow me(:

Are you a Hipster, Emo, or Scene? c:

Hiya! So I got bored, and decided to make a quiz for you ♥ I, can tell you that I am kind of all of these in one XD Have fun! ~ Sammy ♥

What animal Walks by your side?

· Music
I love animals! Enjoy!
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A summer to remember- O2l fan fiction

29 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Madison Moran is 18 years old and is the sister of the world famous trevor Moran, but what no body knew is that trevor had 'forgotten' to mention his 5 other frie...

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, I met my prince. This is my fairytale.

The New World ( A Creepypasta Fanfic )

7 pages · Fan Fiction · Action
What if Zalgo made an alliance with Jeff the Killer? This story shall answer the question. The Smile Army Verses The Slenderman. Oringal Characters are in this Fanfic, if...

Conveniently Married

35 pages · Romance · Fantasy
Training to be a warrior, she’s heading for success. Kyrie’s fierce, independent and has a slight short-temper. But, like any other woman, she never thought she’ll ...

Queen Of Scots (Liam Payne)

18 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
''You asked for me father?'', Emilia walked into the king's work chambers. ''Yes. I have news for you.'', he said coldly, ''Si...

The Legend of The Lozano Family

182 pages · Mystery · Fan Fiction
*Draco Malfoy love story* Carly Lozano. The girl dumped in an Orphanage when she was born. The girl who grew up without any parents. The girl who didn't know who sh...

Protecting My Brother From Pasta

10 pages · Fan Fiction · Horror
Elizabeth is a normal eighteen year old girl, or at least as normal she could be with an adopted brother, crazy friends, an over protective mother, a non-existent father ...


11 pages · Romance · Short Stories
I see nothing. Only the darkness that is surrounding me. There is no light or angels so I don’t think that I am dead…yet. Did I fall asleep? I am not sure what happen...

Gone (Trequal to 'Make your Mark&#...

18 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Matilda Jane Malfoy. The beautiful daughter of Scorpius and Olivia Malfoy. Though not everything's as perfect as it seems. At the age seven, she loses her mother to c...

Depressed (BxB)

10 pages · Short Stories · Realistic
Simon's parents and siblings tragically die in a car crash. No one would ever know, how badly it would affect him, his boyfriend Martin and his grandparents.
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