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Fantasy & Mythology

Mystical Boyfriends

Creatures who think and talk as us, but who's abilities and instincts are different. They often stay detatched, but that may change, if you want it to. BTW, I own ...

Percy Jackson Life! Long Results

Includes your family, what the characters think of you, what the GODS think of you, your weapon, outfit, crush and more!
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Career & Goals

What is your future career?

Take this quiz to find out what i think you'll do as a profession in the future. Hope you like it. P.S This is my first quiz!

What Career Field is Best for you?

Never sure about what to do for a living? Hard to make a decision? Let me help you out. (Just a reminder these are not actual specific jobs, but a group of careers in the...

Create Your own LIFE !

Same as all the other make your own life quizzes!
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Love & Friendship

Hogwarts 7 Minutes In Heaven

Heyyyyy! I am Draco Malfoy's one true love. DEAL WITH IT! Anyway, I hope you like this quiz, and if you don't, DEAL WITH IT BECAUSE I DON'T CARE BOUT YOU HATE...

7 Minutes in Heaven with the HOGWARTS ...

Ever wonder what it would be like to have seven minutes in heaven with one of the Hogwart's boys? Now you will know, who you are perfect for and if your HP crush like...

Your future boyfriend

WARNING! The result may make you mad or sad .You must not forget that this is just a quiz . Thank you .
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What's your nickname?

· Humor
Find out what your friends should call you.

Can You Relate? :) ~Part 4 ~

· Humor
Take The Quiz to see if You can Relate to These Relatable Moments! ♥ ~ Part 4 ~

Your 1D Life

· Humor
How would your life with one direction end or start?
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What kind of insect are you?

· Animals
You probably didn't expect this, huh? Insects are amazing! I, myself, study beetles, and I know quite a lot about invertebrates, and there's one thought, that oft...

What is Your Perfect Pet?

· Animals
Ever wonder what your perfect pet would be? Come find out. Includes: Fox, Polar bear, Sea turtle, Squirrel, Owl, Crow, Wolf, Alligator.

What Endangered Animal are you?

· Animals
Find out which animal close to extinction you relate to the most!
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School & Academics

Where Do You Belong?

(based on my own experience and observations IN HIGH SCHOOL) If you wanna take it, then take it.. just DON'T COMPLAIN about your result.

What's Your Back-To-School Fashion Sta...

The new school year is coming just around the corner! New teachers, new classmates, and new clothes. But what should you get that really shows who you are and your person...

What would your life be as a WWE diva?

Do you want to know what your life as a WWE diva would be like? Take this quiz and find out.
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Create A New You!

Find the new fictional you! sorry if you don't like the results, my mind is messed up (: I will change spellings at a later date, i'm sorry just really busy with gcse's w...

What Kind Of Girl are you?

Are you Edgy, girly girl, tomboy, emo? Let's find out!
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Your viner boy!

Includes the following boys: Brent Rivera, Shawn Mendes, Cameron Dallas, Hayes Grier, Nash Grier, Matt Espinosa, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, and Carter Reynolds.

Your Future Daughter

Hi This Is My First Quiz Pls Follow and Enjoy :)

Find your element, weapon and trademark

Find out what your element, weapon and trademark will be!
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Who is Your Fictional Boyfriend?

· Books
Peeta Mellark? Tobias Eaton? Harry Potter? Jared Howe? (Stories come with).

7 minutes in PJO *longish results*

· Books
How would you like to play seven minutes in heaven PJO style?

Seven Minutes with Hogwarts Hotties

· Books
Go into the closet and do what ever you want
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The Proxy Trials #1

· Scary
In a world where the Creepypasta are real, every 5 years a select few humans are chosen to take part in the Proxy Trials. How will you do when you are selected?

Live, die, or kill

· Scary
You will get to meet the creepy pastas and you will either like, die, or kill good luck! NO FRAEKING FANGIRLS ALOWD!

Wich CreepyPasta Protects You (Girls)

· Scary
Hey! This is my first quiz so if it isn't that good I'm sorry :( In this quiz you can get BEN Drowned; Jeff The Killer; Eyeless Jack and Laughing Jack. I hope y...
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Just For Fun

A day with Hetalia *part 2*

You're going to the pool! part 2

Which YouTuber Likes You?

Found out what YouTuber you're perfect for.
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Beauty & Vanity

What Casual Outfit title are you?

^^^Look at the title ;* ♥

How should you style your hair today?

Not sure how to wear your hair today? Take this quiz!

Create Your Own Boyfriend - PICTURE RE...

Another quiz of MASH! So if you have never taken my MASH's, i do Picture Results meaning instead of a story, i use pictures to tell the story if that makes sense? hah! TA...
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Cars & Vehicles

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Food & Drinks

Can i make you hungry/drool/thirsty/ o...

Okay, i'm gonna show you some delicious food and drink! ( ˘▽˘)っ♨ very simple, NOW CLICK ON THIS QUIZ! if chu dare.... owo i made this quiz when i was 11, upda...

What Kind of Wedding do you want to have

There are a large variety of "types" of weddings. The question is.. "What Kind of Wedding Do You Want to Have" Wedding can can range from a Family...

What Your Starbucks Order Says About Y...

With so many yummy options on the Starbucks menu, choosing the perfect drink has practically become a sport—and you can tell a lot about people from their order. Take t...
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Celebrities & Fame

Are you a newborn to Magcon? (A person...

In this here quiz we test you on how knowledgeable you are on Magcon~ Enjoy and sorry if these questions seemed either too easy for you or hard. Good luck to all!
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What is your band life?

· Music
Who you are in a band, and your band members:)

1D Fight *Long*(He Cheats)

· Music
^Title^ *NOT MINE*
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Attack on Life-RP (pt.2)

· TV
How is your life in Shinganshina so far? Well say goodbye to home because now it is time to join the Cadet Corps! (Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin belongs to Hajme Is...

What do the Naruto characters think of...

· TV
VERY LONG RESULTS! I love these and I wanted to make one for BOYS and GIRLS. Its your life and what they think of you. This includes the sand siblings, Leaf village, A...

Your Pretty Little Liars Life

· TV
Girls only!^Long Results⭐ Life with the name of the character! 💙 -Fictional !
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What Guardian are you?

· Movies
Your own Rise of the Guardians story. I took a quiz like it today and I loved it! Girls only sorry!

Which Lion King 2 character are you

· Movies
Do you like Lion King 2? If your awnser is yes, do this amazing quiz! You can be Simba, Nala, Kovu, Kiara or Zira!

Which Awesome Fictional Character are ...

· Movies
Options include: Spock (star trek,) Neytiri (Avatar,) Loki (Thor,) and more! Sorry if your gender doesn't match up.
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Video Games

Which Elsword Character are you most l...

Are you the passionate swordsman Elsword? Or are you the Moody Magician Aisha? Or are you the Mature Elf Rena? Take this quiz to see.( This is my first quiz btw, so pleas...
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Which Burnley Player Are You

· Sports
Which Burnley player from our 2008-09 promotion season are you?

What kind of Melbourne Victory fan are...

· Sports
This will determine what type of MVFC fan you are

What colebridge table tennis player ar...

· Sports
See who you compare to out of a few very distinct players in coleridge
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New »

Witch of my favorite famous guys do i ...

This quiz is just for FUN! hope you enjoy and pleas comment anything you´re not happy with :D -M

Which Album Describes You?

· Music
This quiz uses eight of my favourite albums. It's basically all in the title but it's about finding the album that relates to you the most out of the options give...

Which is your Hogwarts House?

· Books
Gryffindor,Hufflepuff,Ravenclaw or Slytherin?

What is your vampire diaries story?

· TV
Take this quiz to find out who your vampire diaries best friend, love, style, appearance, family, and life story is. *girls only (I apologize if your result is not what y...

Your Camp Half-Blood Life

Girls only sorry guys. I'll add more results and make the results longer if people want me to :3

The Sorting Hat (Slight Twist) :3

This Sorting Hat quiz is a tad different from others because instead of the original houses in Hogwarts, (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw) you MIGHT be pl...

Your Horror Movie Character :P

· Scary
So would you be the helpless victim? The masked killer? The hero or heroine? Take this quiz to find out (:

What Ice-cream flavour are you?

Since most of my quizzes have been about music and entertainment, I have decided to try something a little different for the end of the summer holidays and make a short 7...

Cease Fire (wwyff/wwffy) (Part eight)

· Scary
You spot a boat on the horizon and make an amazing discovery

Which Five Nights at Freddy's Char...

· Scary
My first non-creepypasta quiz, yet I still manage to keep it within the horror genre. Don't expect much from me, as there is a lot about the game that is in speculati...

What Creature are you?

· Scary
What are you a angel vampire zombie ghost reeper? find out here ! Sorry if it is not accurate or not what you wanted !

Can you survive Gōrī no ōkami? (My 2p)

Hello, there. I have a dark side. Can you survive her? Let's see~!

Break Up and Make Up *1D*

Hey guys! son this is sorta like the Sequel to 7 Minutes in Heaven with 1D.

What's your personality? :o

I would prefer if ladies did this only, men are welcome to, just please no hate if you no get what you want. This is my first, real, quiz. :)

What do the Hetalia characters think o...

What are the countries thoughts on you! take to find out :3 First quiz btw~

How Awesome are you

Yeah, I know. We all go around saying we are awesome, but are you really? You can test your friends and prove them wrong and show them how awesome you truly are!

What Would Your Experience At Slender ...

Take this quiz to find out what your experience at slenderman's mansion would be like.

What would you be like in an anime

**im going to be fixing this**Read title please :3 thanksies x3

What is your animal type?

This is something i have been wanting to do for awhile a quiz like this! i hope u enjoy it :D I did put a lot of random Pictures in! to add some sort of flare in the ques...

Which creepypasta are you?

· Scary
Which one of the creeps is most like you? Or are you just their next victom? Find out here on my quiz ;3 (I hope you like, im really only 13 so sorry if some of my spel...

Which Teen Titan are you?

Not much to say. Title.

Your BVB wedding

· Music
There are lots of quizzes like this about know RP and all? And lots dont have happy endings so i was like why not make one that does! So here enjoy your wedding ...

Seven Minutes in Heaven with the Creep...

"I don't like this, Rosa!" You said, the red-haired girl only giggled.

How we have fun hetalia

Random things happen when you live in the world of hetalia this is manly for girls but guys can take it as well

How Well do You Know Teen Titans?

· TV
Hey this is my first quiz so please no hate. Any and all hateful comments will be EXTERMINATED. But really, though. This is a pretty easy quiz, as long as you know your s...

Which Character are you From My Black ...

Well, you are most like? Raven, Ciel, Sebastian, Alois, Claude or Grell? This is third quiz.

MY Pschyos

· Scary
Well the title kind says it all, but anyway your a little girl in a research facility in an asylum.

Whats your spirit animal

Exactly what the tittle says :3 meow ;3 there are mythical animals too ;3

Will you survive being kidnapped?

· Scary
Yeah, I had to do it eventually. It might be scary for some people. All of the results have completely different endings, depending on your answers. Yes, the results are ...

Who s your ideal Inbetweener?

· TV
They are all handsome, sexy, intelligent young men that would be perfect to take home to meet the folks.....but which Inbetweener would suit you best?

The Ultimate Riddle Quiz

A quiz made by a bored person, made for bored people. Easy riddles, hard riddles, and all riddles inbetween. *Work-in-Progress*

Why you're awesome!

A quiz to make you HAPPY. LIKE PIKACHU! :3

How You Met Your Perfect Boyfriend *Wi...

^^ All in the title (If you are a guy and want to take it go ahead. And some swearing.)

Which Link are you?

A quick personality quiz to find out which version of Link you are.

Would me and you be best friends?

I got bored so I decided to do one of these

Whoes your attack on titan boyfriend?

Alright, pretty basic! Contains: Eren, Armin, Jean, and Levi.!

Creepypasta lovelife (Part Five)

Okay,so you've just been changes into a creepypasta.Take the quiz to find out your powers and weapons :D

What would MY Creepypasta OC think of ...

Title says it all, lovelies. It is for guys and girls, since Shade is bi.

Black Bullet Personality Quiz!

I love Black Bullet and I was bored so i decide to make a personality quiz ^^' I hope you guys like it! ♥

What house do you belong in?

Find out what house your in ;) disclaimer, i do not own any of the pictures, nor do i own harry potter, just being safe so yeah Also this is my first quiz so sorry if it...

Conversation with Oli Sykes PRT:1

· Music
SOOOO....Pretty much, I'm in love with these kinds of stuff...Don't kill me pleasee

Which of Team 9 are you (Hetalia OC...

My characters from the Hetalia fandom~ See which of Team 9's girls you are!~ (Yes, i have more characters than these nine XD)

What is your perfect wedding dress?

Find your perfect wedding dress style based on appearance and personality.

What type of Anime Girl are you

This is a quiz to find what type of anime girl you are

Amazayn-A Zayn Malik Love Story Part 2...

It's here! Sorry for the wait. A lot of stuff is happening. School is keeping me busy, outside activities are taking up a lot of time, and I lost a dear family member...

What are you really

Have you ever wondered what you are? Do you think you know?

What Song is for You?

· Music
Figure out what song and type of music is for you c:

What Weapon are you?

· TV
If you could turn into any weapon, what kind would you be?

What do the Pasta's think of you?

· Scary
Jeff The Killer, Hoodie&Masky, BEN drowned, and Slenderman

Would You Rather With The Big Four + W...

Jack Frost, Rapunzel, Merida, Hiccup, and Wren (see profile for details.) First quiz, please follow, heart, comment

Where will you go?

· Books
You have lived a warrior cat life but where did you end up for the rest of your existence? btw ALL answers effect result

Hetalia Seven Minutes In Heaven (Axis)

Hey guys! I'm back with another quiz!~ I really hope you enjoy! Warning of lemon or hints of lemon.

A Night with the Big Four Part2

The Big four are asking you back they enjoyed having you there so much that they want you back

Talking time with The Big Four!

Yay! you met the big four and now your gonna have a conversation! PLEASE don't hate! it's my first quiz thingy!

What supernatural are you? (Girls only)

My first quiz so srry if I make a mistake. Also the results are really short so srry. I don't own any pictures the rights go to their owners.

Which Dragon Age: Origins character ar...

Are you awkward yet humorous Alistair, caring and sensible Wynne, independent Morrigan, or someone else? Take this quiz to find out :)

The Big Bang Theory Quiz

· TV
How Much Do You Know About The Big Bang Theory?

The Journey Continues PREQUEL ( The Ho...

The future is on the Horizon. ( I do not own Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, nor any of it's characters.)

A day with Hetalia *part 3*

A day with Hetalia at the restaurant totally random... please let me know in your next day

What do the Gaurdians think of you? (R...

· Movies
^^^Title should explain. This is my first quiz so... tell me what you think. Mainly for girls but if you're a boy just change the she's to he's DFTBA (don&...


· Music
While you don't have to actually sing along, this quiz will test your knowledge on song titles, lyrics, and character performances from the Disney movie "Frozen&...

Which Female Character in Game of Thro...

Which of the main female characters in Game of Thrones are you?
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