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Who is your R5 Man?

· Music
Who are you most likely to Marry?

Who's your SHINee Husband!

· Music
Take this quiz to find out who you should marry in SHINee!

7 minutes IN Heaven! (One Direction)

· Music
Which 1D guy are you going to spend 7 minutes in a closet with? Enjoy lovelies(:
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Which One Of My Harry Potter OC's ...

· Books
There's one Gryffendor, one Ravenclaw, and one Slytherin. There's a little sister, a Marauder wannabe, and a fallen angel. There's a twin's lover, a dea...

What Hetalia Thinks of you~!

· Books
Well I always do these so why not should I make one? Maybe a death note, FMA, starkid, Harry Potter and Youtubers next~! Also plese comment with the characters I should a...

What's your Boggart?

· Books
Mine is seeing everyone I love lying dead around me >_< Or clowns. I HATE those things! Click here to find out yours! CLICKETY CLICK CLICK!
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Are you A Maze Runner?

· TV
What are you in the maze runner world

What anime should you watch?

· TV
I believe the title is self-explanatory. Enjoy! ^.^

How big of a Doctor Who fan are you pe...

· TV
....READ THE TITLE PEEPS! If that's not enough info for you than take the quiz.
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Beauty & Vanity

How Fake are you?

You are beautiful-every girl is beautiful whether its inside or out. :D dont be offended by the questions-the results are the good part (lots of questions btw) Be*you*t...

Your Vampire Story

How it happened, what you look like... The basics!
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Fantasy & Mythology

Your Sixth Sense?

I made this quiz about 2 years ago, and it's still quite popular today. Apparently it's very accurate, though you'll have to take it and see for yourself c;

What Fairy Tail Character are you Most...

Basically i am bored in class and thought making this quiz would be fun This is my first quiz so its probably gonna suck All Characters belong to Hiro Mashima

Monster Boyfriend

I think you get the idea FINISHED
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What Is Your True Zodiac Sign

There's a bunch of these quizzes, but I want to try making one. This is the zodiac sign that you act most like. It may or may not be the one you really are. :) *Some inf...

What type of anime girl you?

This is for people who wants to know what their personality would be like if they were an anime chick.

Which side of your brain is more domin...

So this is 95% accurate.I have also done a Part-1 to this. If you want, you can check it out on my profile.Don't be offended by this and no stealing! This tells you...
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What would your life be like in Maximu...

Find out what your life would be like in the world of Maximum Ride! (Characters are made-up) Long results!

Diabolik Lovers (With Mukami)

A quiz to see who you would be with in Diabolik Lovers. Includes the Mukami brothers too!

Stuck Inside Five Nights At Freddy's

What are you gonna do? Your friends got you into this, and there's no going back!
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Which Disney Character is Your Alter E...

· Movies
From The Classic Walt Disney Characters, Which One Is Your Alter Ego? ©All Rights Reserved.

What the avengers think of you(who wou...

· Movies
You have been a S.H.I.E.L.D agent for 1 month now. Nick Fury has asked all of the Avengers what they thought of you to help him decide who will be your mentor. See what t...
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How you will die

· Scary
Ever wondered how you will die? This is the best way to find out!

Are you one of Slender Man's Proxies?

· Scary
The Slender Man, a being known for abducting and killing children, has enforcers called Proxies. Could you be one of them?

The Proxy Trials #14

· Scary
It's the fifth Trial, and whilst you might be less nervous than you used to be, you can't afford to fall behind...not when the penalty is death. You'll requir...
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What kind of Melbourne Victory fan are...

· Sports
This will determine what type of MVFC fan you are

What sort of cricketing speech would y...

· Sports
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend us your words

Test - Vælg Sportsgren

· Sports
Hvilken sportsgren passer bedst til dig? Tag denne test og find ud af hvilken sportgren der tiltaler dig mest. Find samtidig ud af hvilken atmosfærer og omgivelser du...
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Food & Drinks

What food are you?

Well....this might be pretty random....but it'll tell you what food you were meant to be!

What Type Of Pie are you?

I am hungry, and I want pie. Wait no.. DIE PIE! DIE AND STOP KILLING MY STOMACHE! Oh uhh.. all in the title sweetheart!
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Video Games

Which Skyrim guild/faction would you b...

I've been playing tons of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim lately and I just finished the Thieves Guild questline. And I randomly just had the idea to make this quiz. The ...

What RPG Maker game should you play ? ...

Another sequel to my previous quizzes. Contains 16 new games, both horror and horror-free, from well-known to almost unknown ! (Wadanohara, Cloé's Requiem, LiEat, Po...

Legend of Zelda Life

Complete!(more or less. new questions might be added later)
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Cars & Vehicles

What fighter plane are you?

What can you be a bomber a fighter or what
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· Animals
For people who like lemons :D , this is a personealitey quiz :}D, to tell you witch kinda animal you are like :}

Your DewClan name and origin.

· Animals
Suppose you were a stray? Or half clan? If you decided to join DewClan, what's your story? Find put here!

Which Breed of Cat are you? - Shorthai...

· Animals
Results include Asian Smoke, British Shorthair, Exotic and Tonkinese. Please suggest more results and questions in the comments section! P.S. The cover image is a pictu...
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Just For Fun

I'm out of anime. Which one should...

"Aww crap I ran out of anime to watch". Is probably what you are saying to yourself right now if you are taking this short stupid quiz if you aren't saying th...

Will Ticci-Toby like you?

Okay, for those of you that don't know, Ticci-Toby is a really awesome Creepypasta OC created by fatal-impurity on deviantArt. If you haven't checked him out already, you...
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School & Academics

Poke-cademy [P1]

YOU!are going to a high school called Poke-cademy shall you fall in love or will you be hated?

What kinda student are you?

Heys lol so im getting into making quizzes comment,message me some ideas or requests! Thanks for trying my quizzes out!

What school subject are you?

What school subject are you most like? Comment with your results and whether or not you like that subject!
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Career & Goals

What age will you get married and how ...

It's not real, it's just supposed to be funny. Don't take it so seriously people...

Who is your TWD babies dad ?

By dawn grimes , jessie and holly

M.A.S.H...The Quiz

To tell in a game where you will live, how many kids you will have, who is your husband or wife...Have Fun!
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Love & Friendship

Your 5sos boyfriend:)

Seen a lot of these decided to try one but mine has a twist ;)

Guess The YouTuber!

Title basically says it all! This is like my sixth or seventh quiz... so yolo. These are all YouTubers I watch, so I may as well warn you there's one gamer (Who does norm...
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Celebrities & Fame

Could you be a famous singer?

Many kids think they're really good at singing, even though they suck, and their parents are just like: "Err... What a great singer you are!" 'cause, you know, ...

Who/How will you spend summer with the...

I know summer is like a long time ago but I just wanna bring back the summer fling on my quiz here so enjoy! Check out my other quiz as well! Futhermore,comment if ...

Magcon Trip (Part 2)

Hey guys its em! im finally back with the part 2 youve been waiting for! so basically you and your magcon roomate take things to the next level (; semi long answers i hop...
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Creepy Pasta Sleepover!

· Humor
Includes as many characters as i wanna include! especially Jeff, Slendy, Ben, and Sally, and for a dramatic pause... JANE! -BY HANNAH

Can 1D make you laugh? part 5

· Humor
I still don't own the pictures. Enjoy the quiz :D

What kind of Poop are you? 2

· Humor
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Ow well do you know the creepypastas

· Scary
Its my first quiz and im a little confused on what to do right now.... So yea.... Lets begin shall we? Ps. Pastas: Jeff the killer, slenderman (maybe), masky, hoodie, tob...

Your Soul Anime V.1.2

The arrival of version 1.2 is out, new answers, questions and results are available! Prepared to be emerged in a series of life-changing questions to find out your inner ...

Which Five Nights At Freddy's Anim...

· Scary
Gather up your knowledge and be sure to have fun! because with this quiz, you can see which one of the delightful (yet fearless) animatronics are you. (Because, it's ...

Creepypasta Horrors (Halloween)#1

· Scary
Happy Halloween my fellow quotevians . Yes halloween is today and its almost over but this is for the celebration sooo NO JUDGING . Now , This is to remind that Creepypas...

Truth or Dare with 5SOS!

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ALL IN THE TITLE! P.S. Results are sort-of long.


Find out what subjects relates to you. Find out which subject has made it inside your head.

How much of Fairy Tail do you know

How many questions can you answer are you the ultimate Fairy Tail fan find out!

Are you my sibling?

Let's find out...~

Will You Get Kidnapped?

· Scary
This Quiz Tells You Whether Or Not You Are Going To Be Kidnapped. Are You? Are You Not? Take Quiz To Find Out :P

Minecraft Quiz (Easy)

My second Minecraft quiz. Hope it is fun and that I will make more soon. :D

Which Divergent Faction are you?

Are you Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, Erudite, Factionless, or Divergent?

What Type of Person Would You be at Ho...

Have You ever wanted to know what You Life would be like at Hogwarts if so Take this Fun Quiz!

What type of girl are you?

What are you? Girly, tom boy, emo, or hipster

Who is your dad in "The Walking De...

Includes pictures of you, bios and stuff :3 I may do a story for some, and those will be marked with a * (Most of my characters will be asian or adoptees from an asian ...

7 minutes in heaven *creepypasta*

Read the titles dummys Also girls only sorry

The Fawn [16] Let the Games Begin - A ...

Chapter 16: "Let the Games Begin” Just as a note, at this point in the story, Matt is 19, Mello is 18, Near is still 17, Light is 18, and L is still 24. I hope tha...

What Kind Of Neko are you?

Are you a cat, wolf, fox, bunny, or bear? >7<

Can You Survive My Haunted School?

· Scary
It's Halloween and I haven't made any quizzes in a LONG time. So,Happy Halloween and this quiz will be my comeback. :)

What O2L Song You Should Keep On Replay?

This Is My First Quiz So I Hope Its Not Too Bad! There Will Be More In The Future. This Quiz Will Tell You What O2L Song You Should Keep On Replay. As Im A Huge Fan Of Ou...

Random Role-play part 3

You have just gone through a terrifying transformation from your normal, every day self to a human-lizard creature. And if that isn't bad enough your little sister ju...

Your Style...

Find out what your style is!

My Psychos Part 5

· Scary
If you don't take this you'll die. Nah, but yeah do take this quiz. Your my all if you do, well all of you are my all. I'm hungry apples

If You Went to Hogwarts School of Witc...

I'm kind of obsessed with Harry Potter sooo.... Sorry?

The Forgotten Truth Part 7

· Scary
What will happen now? Will the Creepypasta free you? Or will Zalgo's plan succeed?

Who are you In HighSchool?

An Accurate Test on all social statuses in high school

What Mythical Creature are you?

Are you a magical unicorn? A mischievous fairy? Take this quiz to find out!

Behind the walls

I don't own the pictures. They're off google:p.

Your destined colour personality.

Jump into the realities of colours linked with personalities. Find out about how people look at you and what they feel when they're around you. Is it excitement? Fear...

The 2p Game

· Scary
No you are not playing a game show but a game they set for you. Hope you survive and don't get caught, NOW RUN!

Which Wasteland Character are you

These are my creepypasta first quiz ._.

What soda pop are you?

Sort of a follow up to "What Lipstick are you?"

The Pasta's Thoughts on your Perso...

· Humor
Dis is not a love quiz! It is simply to see if they would want to kill you or not!

Who is Your Autobot Guardian?

Title says all ^^^ :D (Btw, I do not own any of these pictures)

What's Your Personality

Are you The Nerdy One The Sporty One The Shy One or The Rebel

What would these band think of you?

Includes: -Black Veil Brides -Pierce The Veil -Falling In Reverse

What do the creepypasta think of you?

· Scary
Ever wonder what the creepypasta would think of you, well lets see.

Soul Eater Life.

· TV
It exactly what the title says it about so take it if you want.

Your Life at kuroshitsuji (Or black bu...

It what the title says this quiz is about. (This is my first what you life quiz for black butler or kuroshitsuji so yeah)

Your Monster Band Member!

· Music
Which Monster!Band Member would date you? Take this quiz to find out! (I had a really dumb idea and tis the season of Halloween, so enjoy.) [CURRENTLY INCOMPLETE]

Are you adventurous?

This is a quiz i made for a school project! (i know; very weird but it is a project idea) so here i am! you guys dont actually have to do it but in the meantime here it i...

Which one of my OCs are you?

Includes: Vatican City (Italy & Romano's granddaughter), Arctic (oldest person in Hetalia), Antarctica (Arctic's brother), Luxembourg (Netherlands & Belgi...

What anime should you live in? ;3

Well? i know that anime is toooo awesome ~ so why not knowing what anime YOU should live in? maybe i'll write a fan fiction about the most popular result too~ :3 ...

Who Is Your Kpop/Jrock Lover 2?

So, since so many people were taking my first quiz that I just uploaded two days ago I decided to make another one. And, thank you guys so much for taking the first quiz!...

How well do you know SHINee?

This is my first quiz so I apologize if it isn't that good. This quiz is about SHINee :3 I hope you enjoy.

Survival of the Fittest wwyff8

Recap: previously you had entered Survival of the Fittest and started playing a game of fugitive!

7 Mins In Heaven.

Have fun with me, Mike, Evan, Jinx, Morgan and Kate >.<

Doctor Who : What companion are you?

· TV
Test out which companion you are like?

Which disney princess are you most like!

I've seen a lot of these but I tried my hardest doing this especially for my little sister. so check this quiz out and find out which Disney princess are you most li...

Infection ALERT

How will you do in when the infection starts spreading. This is a series that will follow your life from the begining, while you battle trying to stay alive and maby fall...

Your soul anime V 1.0

Prepared to be emerged in a series of life-changing questions to find out your inner anime soul self. Prepare to be indulged in the facts of your inner self you may have ...

Welcome to Slender Mansion! #2 *the sl...

· Scary
This quiz is when you guys have a sleep over at your apartment! (pictures do not belong to me)

How Well Do You Know The Joker?

· Movies
Find out how much you really know about our beloved Mista J!

Your anime boyfriend.

You are otaku?You want to see who are ideal anime boyfriend?Let start a quiz!

Zombie apocalypse

· Scary
Find out long long you would survive in a zombie apocalypse

What mythical creature are you?

Read the title, also my first quiz!

Your Life In Fairy Tail :3

Who are you in Fairy Tail?

What kind of cliche anime girl are you?

· TV
Take this quiz to find out if you are the tomboy,the shy one, the outgoing one ,the flirty one , the smart one ,the younger one, the leader or just always hungry! :P

Are you a SUPERHERO?

I will show you if you are a super hero or not and if you will pass my craaaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyyyyyy insutoot and yesh i do know i spelled that wrong ~`^`~ = Jazz hands

Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle are ...

· Movies
Michaelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, or Donatello? This quiz will help determine which turtle you are!

What Kind of Ghost are you?

· Scary
Ghosts... The souls that can't move on, or don't want to move on in the after life. Whether it's something bad they had done while they were alive or protect ...

Boyfriend Quiz (Supernatural Beings)

Anubis and Wilson have two very different personalities... and views. Anubis is a half angel, half demon. His father disowned him and his best friend is a witch who he sa...

What is your life rated

Are you pg, pg 13 etc. ? idk but we'll find out.

Slender Woods (Part 3)

You've got 2 pages! Can you find another one?

Your 5sos baby

Hey its me again :) 😊😊😊 plz favourite and enjoy This is just a little quiz about 5sos ( 5 seconds of summer ) and your future life with them . Includes how you ...

Who would your Angel Beats best friend...

All in the title, guys! Love oo! Thanks for taking, leave a like, love and comment if you can!

Are you beautiful ?

DO people find you attractive ? GIRLS ONLY SORRY ☺

Find out the Story of the real you.

Take this quiz to find what your story is. (Short Quiz with Long Results) Please like, comment, and share. Thanx :)
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