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What Shadowhunter Family do you belong...

· Books
Which of the old Shadowhunter families do you belong to? This quiz includes things like the families history, backgrounds, description, their skills and weapons they use....

What hogwarts person are you.

· Books
This is who you are in my world.

Your Harry Potter Life

· Books
Wanna Find Out Your Life at Hogwarts? Includes What the Characters Thinks About You♥ House♥ Boyfriend[s]♥ Reputation♥ Yule Ball Date♥ Etc♥
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Fantasy & Mythology

Create A Boyfriend

For girls and guys. I don't own any of these pictures (if they even still work).

Which mythological creature represents...

I firstly posted this quiz on Quizilla,but since I'm not using it that much,I thought it'd be a good idea to post it here,with a few changes ;) I hope you'll...

Are you a creepypasta pony?

Are you a regular pony or a creepypasta? and if so, which one? Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory, Bad apples...
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What is your wolf persona?

· Animals
Are you dark and mysterious, light, or maybe misunderstood? find out here

What is your warrior cat clan?

· Animals
Find out what clan you belong in, or are you even fit for clan life or prefer to be a rogue or kittypet?

Which Warrior Cats OC are you?

· Animals
Which of my OCs are you? Take the quiz to find out! Most of my OCs are she-cats though, so this would be more towards girls. There are only five tom results out of all 15...
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School & Academics

What High School Clique do You Belong ...

New school? Don't worry, find your clique easily with this quiz!
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Love & Friendship

Which anime character is best suited f...

You would finally be able to find your perfect anime match that was meant to be destined to find eachother. Characters from the animes Uta no prince sama, Ouran Highschoo...

What type of boys do you attract?

There are 6 types of boys and 15 easy questions to answer. Enjoy :)

Secret crush (1D's pov)

Most of us directioners have a "secret" crush on one of the guys, or at least secret for them, and they'll probably never know. *Sigh* Well how would it be, if it was the...
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Who's Your One Direction boyfriend? *S...

· Music
All the questions are about YOU and YOUR personality, be honest while answering. :) The questions are not obvious so sorry if you don't get the boy that you wanted! *shor...

7 minutes in heavan ~band edition~

· Music
Play 7 mintues in heaven with sleeping sirens, pierce the veil, black veil brides, bring me the horizon, and all time low.

Who is your R5 Man?

· Music
Who are you most likely to Marry?
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Just For Fun

Do You Have a Dark Side?

To see if you have a dark side c: Do you show it? c:

7 Minutes In Creepypasta Heaven! (OH Y...

YOOOOOOO ME LOVELIES. It's time. >:3 I have finally decided to create my very own 7 minutes in heaven, CREEPYPASTA STYLEEE! You could be stuck in a closet with ...

Which of my Creepy Pasta Characters ar...

An updated one. Again, Find out who you are, and which of my creations who you fit. *WARNING* If you are sensitive or take things to heart, please avoid this Quiz.
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Which Professional Bowler are you?

· Sports
Answer a few basic questions to figure out who you would be if you were a professional bowler.

Your FIBA Americas Team

· Sports
In which team of FIBA Americas, you fit best.

Which Kansas City Chief are you?

· Sports
Which Current Kansas City Chiefs Player Are you
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Food & Drinks

What Alcoholic Drink Are You?

Lets see what alcoholic drink you are? We all have our tastes, and all alcohol has different taste. But in the end it does what we all want to fuc*** us up. :) Long Live ...

What kind of chocolate are you? :)

Have you ever wanted to find out what kind of chocolate you are? Well here you can see it for yourself! Enjoy~ ^.^

Which frozen treat?

Ice cream, fro-yo, you know the drill :) let's see which one you are! :D thanks for taking :DD ♥ and if you have any quiz ideas or requests just let me know :) i bet y...
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Career & Goals

How many children will you have/names/...

How many children you will have, their names, and a small description of their personalities.

Where will you be in 10 years and afte...

Well.. kids? married? pets? job? house? hobo?

Future Job

Don't know what you should be when you grow up? Me neither! Take this quiz to find out your Future Job!
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Celebrities & Fame

Your one direction love story and life...

How you met, your first date, your first fight, how he asked you to be his girl friend, your proposal, your wedding, your honeymoon, how you tell him your pregnant, your ...

Kidnapped by One Direction P5

Just when you think you've found a moment of peace, a simple shopping trip takes a turn for the worst.

Who's Your 5SOS Boyfriend? pt 3 LO...

Go take my last 2 quizzes before you take this one!
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Who should you cosplay as?

· TV
Ever wonder who you should cosplay as? Naruto, Eureka, Sasuke, Loki? Many answers.

Who's Your Black Butler Boyfriend?

· TV
Have you ever wondered who you would steal the heart of In The wonderful anime called black butler created by Yana Toboso? Well now you'll find out! Possible results...

Which Brother in The Original family s...

· TV
Introvert Finn, Noble Elijah, Impulsive Niklaus or Reckless Kol. Which Mikaelson brother is the one for you?
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Your ROTG Life! ~Longish Results~

· Movies
Includes: Name, back story, outfits, the guardians opinions and more! Just take it, no hate please

What movie do you belong in?

· Movies
Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and so on. Complete randomness.

Which NEW Disney Princess are you?

· Movies
Frozen, Tangled, Brave, ahhh the magic of Disney is in the air! Find out which princess from these movies you are. None of the images belong to me. * EDITED VERSION - the...
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Video Games

"Advent Children" Boyfriend.

This only has the remnants. If you want a quiz with FFVII, or Crisis Core, there is a link for both in the footer. (Results are pretty long)

What Pokemon Type are you?

From Dark to Fairy, there are many types in the Pokemon universe. But out of all of them, which one contrasts your personality the most?

Which Elsword Job are you?

A quiz on Elsword! This one is just based on which job are you. This one will be up to Ara's jobs. Elesis' 2nd job path isn't out in Korea yet. Hope ya'll enjoy this one!...
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Cars & Vehicles

What tank or plane are you?

Based on personality! take this quiz.

What is your sports car?

What is your sports car,looks,color and picture

Which F1 car fits you best?(v1.1)

Figure out which F1 car you would enjoy the most.
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Naruto Kitten life! Part 4

· Humor
OMG I LOVE MUFFINS! Muffins: Best. Description. Ever!

Naruto Kitten life! Part 5

· Humor
Let's continue on our adventure with our friends Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and Kakashi to the Diamond Village! Enjoy mah little Puppies!

Can I make you say AWW, SO CUTE, HAHAH...

· Humor
This is the second one to my first one. It's funny and adorable! I hope you will like it! :)
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Are you a tomboy or a girly girl?

Are you a tomboy or a girly girl? Take this quiz to find out! (kinda long... :p)

What do your eyes mean?

D00d read the answers thoroughly

What do you hide behind your eyes?

This is a quiz i made. I was kind of depressed. Guys can take this quiz too, i guess, but it is more meant for girls. Sorry.
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What Monster are you on the Inside?

· Scary
What do you think you are on the inside? Are you a powerful witch, a blood-sucking vampire, a violent werewolf, a lonely ghost, a lethargic zombie, or a cruel demon? A...

What ghost follows you? *Long results*

· Scary
So, have you ever wondered what ghost stalks you at night? How he/she died? Why did he/she chose to guard you? Find out taking this quiz. WARNING: Results might be sad ...
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Beauty & Vanity

Your perfect prom dress (makeup,date,s...

Probably one of my favorite quizzes.. which one of these prom dresses would be perfect for you? (based on your personality)

How fake are you?

Girls onlyyy^^ read the title hun xx

Your perfect hairstyle!

There are many hairstyles... which one would suit you? follow my instagram at emoandscenepeeps thanks!
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What How to Train Your Dragon Dragon a...

Which dragon are you? Night fury, deadly nadder, hideous zippleback, gronkle, or monstrous nightmare?

Are you a Maladaptive Daydreamer?

*expand for more details* For anyone who thinks they suffer from Maladaptive Daydreaming (MD). I made this because I could only find one quiz on the whole of the interne...

What Hurts You?

I know there are absolutely too many of these out there, but I honestly don't care. This is more for me to get out my freaking emotions and hopefully help others in t...
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What Type Of Cookie are you?

Find out which cookie you'd be in this personality quiz~!

What Hogwarts House are you in?

· Books
Are you a brave Gryffindor or a sly Slytherin. A loyal Hufflepuff or a wise Ravenclaw? Anyway you are about to find out :D

Do we act alike deep inside?

I just wanna know if there are people out there that relate to me deep within ourselves or if I just need help .__.

Do you have a mind of a Male or a Fema...

Well, if you want to know, Take this quiz! FYI: I don't own any of the photos, unfortunately. They belong to their respective owner. One was from Devineart or some...

Creepypasta Party ~Truth or dare #2

Now you know the creepy pastas I wonder how you will be when paying truth or dare with them, and a new face pops up who Jeff knows very well. Yeah still a crap descripti...

WHAT! The turtles might be crushing. P...

When Mikey and Donnie come to visit you at night what will happen? Should you forgive them? Or are you going to be mad at them forever?

What type for vampire are you?

Hai everyone, My quiz is about vampires. I ❤ vampires. In this quiz you'll find out what type of vampire you are.Pleazzz comment and give me some tips. This is m...

Can I Guess Your Bloodtype?

Can I? I'm sorry if I'm wrong :'D

Can We Get Along?

Read da title bruh ^^^^^

What type of girl are you?

All in the title

Test Your Talent, (Drawing)

Hey, this is my very first quiz here on Quotev. Just wanna test something ya'll. :)

Which Cahill Branch are you in?

· Books
Are you Tomas, Janus, Lucian, Ekaterina.....or Madrigal? (Remember, for this quiz to work, you have to stay true to yourself)

Which one of my CreepyPasta OC's a...

· Scary
Well? Which one of my OC's are you? Includes weapon and rival. Sorry girls only. My OC's are girls.... Sorry.

Dan or Phil

Title, breh, anywho, Do you end up with Dan or Phil?

Would Levi from Attack on Titan like y...

Would Levi Ackerman like you? Find out! :)

Would we get ALONG

Im new here and i have nothing else to do so.... My first quiz so plz dont judge!

What Anime Character are you?

· TV
Find out what anime character you are, by trying out this quiz! [All the results are male characters, sorry!]

How well do you know My Chemical Roman...

· Music
(Posted 12/20/2014) How well do you know MCR? Find out in this quiz! Might make a part 2, if you want me to, comment, and if you have any suggestions, comment with those,...

What is your Aura Color?

What color are your thoughts, soul and personality?

What the walking dead person are you

· Scary
This computer needs arrow keys that point up!

Your TVD Life

· TV
If you were in The Vampire Diaries, who would you be? Who would be related to you and who're your best friends?

Creepypasta sleepover part 12

Romance and fun stuff! Nothing better than those 2 combinations!

Which Creepypasta is your BFF?

· Scary
Wow my first quiz! i hope you bro's like this! sorry if it sucks :) thanks. like, comment and follow if you want :)

Who is your 2p boyfriend

This quiz will show you if you who is your 2ptalia boyfriend. hehehehe this is my first quiz so don't hate me if it's terrible.

Fascinating Dreams (wwyff)

I've seen a lot of this types of quizzes so I thought why not give it a chance

What type of my oc's are you?

What oc are you? Caroline, Mariam, Courtney, or Ally?

Everyones Nightmare, Your Dream 8 (Wwy...

· Scary
After a chance encounter, Rosalie, called Rose by her friends, makes a deal with a character she had read about but never believed in. So, to stay alive, she must serve...

What fictional character are you

· Books
All i know is that if your a reader like me, this is what you wonder throughout your day

What love song of mine suits you?

· Music
These are all original songs by me, Lily so please do not copy this work or look for it anywhere because it won't be anywhere.

Would we work out?


What animal Furrie are you

· Animals
Anime Furries (Animal-humanoids.) Let's see what animal you get to be. Take if you dare.

Hetalia Waters

So these are some OCs I made for hetalia their the more well know seas... 5 answers. They also have a card suit to go with them (clubs, spades, heart, diamond). There is...

What elemental loves you?

What element wielder will love you? That is all an elemental is, a element wielder. Take this quiz to see! Everyone is welcomed to take this, not just girls!

What christmas song are you most like?

· Music
Just the classics here. I have always loved Christmas, and since its only a few days away, here is a quiz. Hope you enjoy! :3

Which Attack on Titan Character are you?

Click it click it click it click it CLIIIIIIIIKKKKK XD

Which tim burton movie are you from

· Movies
One of the creepiest and coolest directors of all time has made many classic movies with many classic characters and deep inside we all belong in one of those movies. The...

What spirit animal walks with you?

· Animals
A series of questions to see what your spirit animal is. Sorry guys, but it won't let me put a picture for lion.

Wooden Horses to Steel Robots. Near...

Hi there. I'm just a little boy in white hair right? Hmm. Go figure. Near's the name-don't end up like the last guy who didn't remember it. I'm in the...

What Death Note character are you?

L, Matsuda, Light, Near, Misa, Matt, and Mello... Which one is most like you?

What Youtubers would you be friends wi...

This is a quiz about which youtuber/s you would be friends with! This quiz includes Dan and Phil, Jennxpenn, Cutiepie and Pewdiepie, Zoella and Pointlessblog, and Tyler O...

What type of Vocaloid are you? (Girl V...

What type of Vocaloid are you? To find out, take this quiz then! This is my first quiz, so please enjoy! It will include the most popular female Vocaloids, so please don...

Awesomenauts - which character are you...

Just a fun quiz i made for awesomenauts, there are not any other ones, so i thought id make this one!

Do you have a sense of humor?

· Humor
EDIT: Spin offs MIGHT be made. NO PROMISES. (All in the title XD)

What type anime girl are you

Title says it all

Which of my favorite fandom characters...

Includes Merlin, Arthur Pendragon, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sebastian Morgenstern, Jace Herondale, Harry Potter, the Doctor, Sherlock Holmes, and Spock. Story at...

What type of girl are you at school?

Ever wondered what type of girl you are in school. Take this quiz to find out. Please comment and follow me. Sorry if this is bad it is my first quiz (: ♥ i love you ...

Are you My Best friend Or Crush?

Here I will test you & well, you know :p By the way, this is all a test nothing "real".

What Do Others See In You?

Have you ever gone on a date, or been to a party or even stayed the night with someone and wondered what that person or people thought of you? Wonder no more. With this q...

Who are you in 5sos? GIRL VERSION!

Take this quiz to find out who you are in 5sos (: girls only woop woop! (:

My creepypastas would you survive? 3

· Scary
Third part in my sequal.

What type of gamer are you?

Maybe you're the type of RPG gamer, or perhaps the Action Gamer? Don't know yet? Find out, my friend adventure awaits you! hehe.

Guess the Fall out boy song!

· Music
Guess the fall out boy song. Includes songs off the albums, Infinity on high, save rock and roll, from under the cork tree, and folie adeux.

Maze Runner Roleplay Newt

This is the story that I have written for you. That's right, you. You will answer a series of questions, don't worry there aren't many. Then I will tell you y...

Which anime girl are you

It will tell you who you are in anime :)

The Last Queen #32

A cold November night, after one year of living in the streets, you come across five strange guys. They are so perfect, it is almost unreal. This fatal encounter will mar...

7 mins in haven

7 mins in haven with my guy friends. see who you get ;) Mic, Adam, Danny or Julian

Which Greek Goddess are you?

Are you Iris,Eos,Hera,Athena, Artemis or Aphrodite?

Which Gravity Falls Character are you ...

· TV
Are you smart like Dipper, or funny like Mabel? Find out now!

Youtube Knowledges

TITLE, gawd, weirdo....wait youre a weirdo too? FABULOUS!

What is your daughters personality

Will you have a popular,nerdy,quiet,Gothic,healthy sick... find out now...

Can I Trick You?

Read the title
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