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Creepypasta: Seven Minutes in Heaven

· Scary
Yeah, this one sucks. I kind of rushed it. Oh well. I don't really mind. I hope you guys enjoy it. Possible results are Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned, Slenderman, Mask...

Which Five Nights at Freddys Character...

· Scary
Which character are you? Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy, or Chica? And of course, GOLDEN FREDDY

Living With The Creepypastas (Part 24)

· Scary
So it took me forever to upload this, and I am very sorry about that
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Beauty & Vanity

Create The Perfect Boyfriend : MASH : ...

If you took my last quiz, this is practically the same thing but with different outcomes :-) Theres no story really, there is just picture outcomes. So really its almost ...

What Outfit Is best For You!

Just read the title.

What should you be for Halloween?

That time of year has come again! It's pretty much impossible to figure out what to be, so this will -hopefully- help you.
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Cars & Vehicles

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School & Academics

What language is best for you?

Having trouble finding a foreign language easy enough to take? Take this quiz to find what language may be best and easy for you.

Which guy from my school likes you? GI...

Take this quiz to find out which guy from my school would like you ^_^

Teacher Tamer

(full story) which teacher from my school do you suit, trust me you wish you go to my school.
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Love & Friendship

Which Naruto Boy Will Fall For You?

Which Naruto boy do you think will fall for you? Take this test and find out!

Hyrule warriors boyfriend

Based on your personality and the chemistry, who is your hyrule warriors boyfriend?

Create A Boyfriend (Long Results)

This is my first quiz... I hope you like it
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Celebrities & Fame

Luke Gets Jealous

How would you like to see Luke get jealous? All bc of you ;) This does include the 1D boys as well but even if you don't like 1D you should still take this quiz becau...

1D Fight! ~Long Results!~

Will you get Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis or Liam? Includes: What happened to cause the fight, how you two ended things, and then the make up, or forever break-up. And if yo...

Your 1D Boyfriend's Death ~Sad Res...

I took some of these, and wanted to make one of my own. These results are sad, so I suggest to get some tissues from nearby! Hope you like it (:
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Are you a natural witch?

If you think you may be a natural witch, take this quiz to find out. Works 100%

95 Things To Describe You!

*Omg...Took me ages to make this.It wount take you as long taking the quiz :)!

Your future kid(s)

A description of your future kid plus a picture
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Teen Wolf bf?

· TV
My 1st quiz! Results are: Aiden, Scott, Isaac, Derek, and Jackson. Yes, I realize the time lapse of having the Alpha pack and Jackson, but there's more where that cam...

YOUR Teen Titan Life (Girls only)

· TV
I've seen a lot of these on here, but some of them are absolute rubbish. (no offense) So I'm gonna try my own hand at this ^^ Enjoy! (pictures for results drawn by me! ^^...
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Which Disney Villain are you?

· Movies
In this quiz, you will either relate the most to The Evil Queen, Maleficent, Captain Hook, Cruella De Vil, Jafar, and Ursula.

What Do The Avengers Think Of You?

· Movies
With Loki. There's going to be a story, love interest, and of course what they think of you. That's all you need to know.

Which Disney Villian are you?

· Movies
You`ve seen them in the movies, you`ve admired them from a far, you`ve longed to be just like them, but which Disney villain are you most like? Take this quiz and find ou...
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Video Games

Which Fallout Faction are you?

Take this quiz to decide which fallout faction you belong in (factions derived from Fallout 3 - New Vegas)

What pokemon are you?

What Pokemon are you? Ninetales, Haunter, Torchic or Zoroark?

Trapped in Minecraft? (Part 1)

With Deadlox, SkyDoesMinecraft, MinecraftUniverse, and Tobuscus.
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Food & Drinks

Which Cookie are you? (With Recipes!)

This is a fun personality quiz that I hope you will enjoy! I have been inspired to pick out the cookie results/answers by food blogs and also get the recipes from those b...

What Soda/Pop are you?

What soda/pop best describes your personality? Find out here! You might not be familiar with some of these soda due to your location but if you get the chance you should ...

What kinda candy are you?:)

READ THE TITLE! no description needed:))
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Which My Little Pony are you?

The best quiz in all of equestria

What Cute Halloween Creature are you? :)

♥ Who doesn't love adorable Halloween Creatures? :D But The Question is, which one are You? ♥ xx

What's your animal spirit?

Nothing unique just decided to do my own version of it, would like to see your animal spirit? Just try the quiz and if not happy with the results, comment what animal you...
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Just For Fun

Are you Hero or Villain?

Take this quiz to find out rather your a hero or a villain. Also, taking this quiz doesn't affect your life, its a quiz, you can either tell the truth, lie or have fu...

How well do you know CreepyPasta?

Time to see if you know CreepyPasta. I hope you enjoy :3 Btw, you MUST answer honestly, on every question.

Meeting One Direction!

One Direction spots you in the crowd at their show and asks you to come up onstage! How would you react? ;)
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Which warriors cat are you?

· Animals
This is a quiz that tells you which cat you are most like out of a select few cats from the Warriors books by Erin Hunter.

What Wolf are you?

· Animals
This Includes color of your fur, color of your eyes, rank in your pack, and what your wolf name would be!

What Warrior Cat Are You, And What Is ...

· Animals
If you were a warrior, what would your name be? Your personality? Your family? Your pelt and eye color? Find out in this quiz!
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Which One Direction member would date ...

· Music
What One Direction member is dying to date you? Story and the boys thoughts on you included!

Your 1D boy and Thoughts !LONG ANSWERS!

· Music
This quiz will tell you how you two met, how he proposed, which boy is your bestie, falling for you and enemy . and all their thoughts on you . LONG ANSWERES AND PICTURES...

One Direction Fight *LONG RESULTS*

· Music
Tons of these but I there aren't enough! Haha! JK. I love these ♥ This quiz has LONG results and it is written in first person :) But this might contain swearing and ot...
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Your Harry Potter Life [Long results!]

· Books
7 possible results. Discover your house, friends, enemies, boyfriend, blood status, patronus, personality, quidditch position, best/worst subjects,what the characters thi...

What Percy Jackson Character are you m...

· Books
Tells you what chacter you're most like from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books.

Your Extremely Super Detailed Life At ...

· Books
Want to know what your life at Hogwarts is like? Well you have come to the right place! It's basically a whole story of your life from how you and your boy met, to how yo...
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Fantasy & Mythology

What Guardian Ghost are you?

(From my story: My Guardians My Bully) you have just been given a second chance, to make it into heaven. You will be assigned your human, and supernatural abilities to co...

What Broomstick would you have?

WEEEELL.. Lets fiiind out! (BTW! This is quiz is based off of the Brooms in Harry Potter! XD just F.Y.I!)

Your Life in Percy Jackson

If you think you're a demigod, READ ON! We'll find out who you are :P Includes... practically everything :P
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What Sport Should You Try?

· Sports
This is my first quiz, and so enjoy!

Which dance moms girl are you?

· Sports
Find out what girl u are from the lifetime show dance moms

Whhich olympic athlete are you?

· Sports
Find out which star athlete from the London 2012 games you are.
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Career & Goals

Future life #4

Fun , cool , amazing just for fun tells you where you live who you will marry your children and more

If you were famous, what would you be ...

Are you a famous singer, dancer, writer, actor or sports star? Take this quiz and find out!

What Career Field is Best for you?

Never sure about what to do for a living? Hard to make a decision? Let me help you out. (Just a reminder these are not actual specific jobs, but a group of careers in the...
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Which Most Popular girls in School cha...

· Humor
Which character from MPGiS are you? If you don't know who they are go check out their channel,believe me you will not regret it.


· Humor

Which Wife are you Most Like?

· Humor
Is it Cheerful Yandere Yuuko or Shy Cell Phone loving Moeka. Test which one of my 4 favorite wives you fall into of are most like
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Ow well do you know the creepypastas

· Scary
Its my first quiz and im a little confused on what to do right now.... So yea.... Lets begin shall we? Ps. Pastas: Jeff the killer, slenderman (maybe), masky, hoodie, tob...

Your Soul Anime V.1.2

The arrival of version 1.2 is out, new answers, questions and results are available! Prepared to be emerged in a series of life-changing questions to find out your inner ...

Which Five Nights At Freddy's Anim...

· Scary
Gather up your knowledge and be sure to have fun! because with this quiz, you can see which one of the delightful (yet fearless) animatronics are you. (Because, it's ...

Creepypasta Horrors (Halloween)#1

· Scary
Happy Halloween my fellow quotevians . Yes halloween is today and its almost over but this is for the celebration sooo NO JUDGING . Now , This is to remind that Creepypas...

Truth or Dare with 5SOS!

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ALL IN THE TITLE! P.S. Results are sort-of long.


Find out what subjects relates to you. Find out which subject has made it inside your head.

How much of Fairy Tail do you know

How many questions can you answer are you the ultimate Fairy Tail fan find out!

Are you my sibling?

Let's find out...~

Will You Get Kidnapped?

· Scary
This Quiz Tells You Whether Or Not You Are Going To Be Kidnapped. Are You? Are You Not? Take Quiz To Find Out :P

Minecraft Quiz (Easy)

My second Minecraft quiz. Hope it is fun and that I will make more soon. :D

Which Divergent Faction are you?

Are you Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, Erudite, Factionless, or Divergent?

What Type of Person Would You be at Ho...

Have You ever wanted to know what You Life would be like at Hogwarts if so Take this Fun Quiz!

What type of girl are you?

What are you? Girly, tom boy, emo, or hipster

Who is your dad in "The Walking De...

Includes pictures of you, bios and stuff :3 I may do a story for some, and those will be marked with a * (Most of my characters will be asian or adoptees from an asian ...

7 minutes in heaven *creepypasta*

Read the titles dummys Also girls only sorry

The Fawn [16] Let the Games Begin - A ...

Chapter 16: "Let the Games Begin” Just as a note, at this point in the story, Matt is 19, Mello is 18, Near is still 17, Light is 18, and L is still 24. I hope tha...

What Kind Of Neko are you?

Are you a cat, wolf, fox, bunny, or bear? >7<

Can You Survive My Haunted School?

· Scary
It's Halloween and I haven't made any quizzes in a LONG time. So,Happy Halloween and this quiz will be my comeback. :)

What O2L Song You Should Keep On Replay?

This Is My First Quiz So I Hope Its Not Too Bad! There Will Be More In The Future. This Quiz Will Tell You What O2L Song You Should Keep On Replay. As Im A Huge Fan Of Ou...

Random Role-play part 3

You have just gone through a terrifying transformation from your normal, every day self to a human-lizard creature. And if that isn't bad enough your little sister ju...

Your Style...

Find out what your style is!

My Psychos Part 5

· Scary
If you don't take this you'll die. Nah, but yeah do take this quiz. Your my all if you do, well all of you are my all. I'm hungry apples

If You Went to Hogwarts School of Witc...

I'm kind of obsessed with Harry Potter sooo.... Sorry?

The Forgotten Truth Part 7

· Scary
What will happen now? Will the Creepypasta free you? Or will Zalgo's plan succeed?

Who are you In HighSchool?

An Accurate Test on all social statuses in high school

What Mythical Creature are you?

Are you a magical unicorn? A mischievous fairy? Take this quiz to find out!

Behind the walls

I don't own the pictures. They're off google:p.

Your destined colour personality.

Jump into the realities of colours linked with personalities. Find out about how people look at you and what they feel when they're around you. Is it excitement? Fear...

The 2p Game

· Scary
No you are not playing a game show but a game they set for you. Hope you survive and don't get caught, NOW RUN!

Which Wasteland Character are you

These are my creepypasta first quiz ._.

What soda pop are you?

Sort of a follow up to "What Lipstick are you?"

The Pasta's Thoughts on your Perso...

· Humor
Dis is not a love quiz! It is simply to see if they would want to kill you or not!

Who is Your Autobot Guardian?

Title says all ^^^ :D (Btw, I do not own any of these pictures)

What's Your Personality

Are you The Nerdy One The Sporty One The Shy One or The Rebel

What would these band think of you?

Includes: -Black Veil Brides -Pierce The Veil -Falling In Reverse

What do the creepypasta think of you?

· Scary
Ever wonder what the creepypasta would think of you, well lets see.

Soul Eater Life.

· TV
It exactly what the title says it about so take it if you want.

Your Life at kuroshitsuji (Or black bu...

It what the title says this quiz is about. (This is my first what you life quiz for black butler or kuroshitsuji so yeah)

Your Monster Band Member!

· Music
Which Monster!Band Member would date you? Take this quiz to find out! (I had a really dumb idea and tis the season of Halloween, so enjoy.) [CURRENTLY INCOMPLETE]

Are you adventurous?

This is a quiz i made for a school project! (i know; very weird but it is a project idea) so here i am! you guys dont actually have to do it but in the meantime here it i...

Which one of my OCs are you?

Includes: Vatican City (Italy & Romano's granddaughter), Arctic (oldest person in Hetalia), Antarctica (Arctic's brother), Luxembourg (Netherlands & Belgi...

What anime should you live in? ;3

Well? i know that anime is toooo awesome ~ so why not knowing what anime YOU should live in? maybe i'll write a fan fiction about the most popular result too~ :3 ...

Who Is Your Kpop/Jrock Lover 2?

So, since so many people were taking my first quiz that I just uploaded two days ago I decided to make another one. And, thank you guys so much for taking the first quiz!...

How well do you know SHINee?

This is my first quiz so I apologize if it isn't that good. This quiz is about SHINee :3 I hope you enjoy.

Survival of the Fittest wwyff8

Recap: previously you had entered Survival of the Fittest and started playing a game of fugitive!

What is your shadow self like

We all have a shadow self... lets find out what yours is! yeah :3 (aim probably going to mke a story about this thing so yea)

7 Mins In Heaven.

Have fun with me, Mike, Evan, Jinx, Morgan and Kate >.<

Doctor Who : What companion are you?

· TV
Test out which companion you are like?

Which disney princess are you most like!

I've seen a lot of these but I tried my hardest doing this especially for my little sister. so check this quiz out and find out which Disney princess are you most li...

Infection ALERT

How will you do in when the infection starts spreading. This is a series that will follow your life from the begining, while you battle trying to stay alive and maby fall...

Your soul anime V 1.0

Prepared to be emerged in a series of life-changing questions to find out your inner anime soul self. Prepare to be indulged in the facts of your inner self you may have ...

Welcome to Slender Mansion! #2 *the sl...

· Scary
This quiz is when you guys have a sleep over at your apartment! (pictures do not belong to me)

How Well Do You Know The Joker?

· Movies
Find out how much you really know about our beloved Mista J!

Your anime boyfriend.

You are otaku?You want to see who are ideal anime boyfriend?Let start a quiz!

Zombie apocalypse

· Scary
Find out long long you would survive in a zombie apocalypse

What mythical creature are you?

Read the title, also my first quiz!

Your Life In Fairy Tail :3

Who are you in Fairy Tail?

What kind of cliche anime girl are you?

· TV
Take this quiz to find out if you are the tomboy,the shy one, the outgoing one ,the flirty one , the smart one ,the younger one, the leader or just always hungry! :P

Are you a SUPERHERO?

I will show you if you are a super hero or not and if you will pass my craaaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyyyyyy insutoot and yesh i do know i spelled that wrong ~`^`~ = Jazz hands

Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle are ...

· Movies
Michaelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, or Donatello? This quiz will help determine which turtle you are!

What Kind of Ghost are you?

· Scary
Ghosts... The souls that can't move on, or don't want to move on in the after life. Whether it's something bad they had done while they were alive or protect ...

Boyfriend Quiz (Supernatural Beings)

Anubis and Wilson have two very different personalities... and views. Anubis is a half angel, half demon. His father disowned him and his best friend is a witch who he sa...

What is your life rated

Are you pg, pg 13 etc. ? idk but we'll find out.

Slender Woods (Part 3)

You've got 2 pages! Can you find another one?
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