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Big Four In High School Part One

· Movies
It's your first year of high school and guess what? It is also all of the members of the big four's first year too! You guys are going to the same school! Find ou...

What movie do you belong in?

· Movies
Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and so on. Complete randomness.

Your Marvel Life- Avengers!

· Movies
Which avenger will fall in love with you? Which would you be related to? What would your life be? How would it all happen? Includes Loki.
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Video Games

What Pokemon are you?

Well...? Want to find out? Take the quiz to find out! ;3

Youtuber sleepover! (OMG OMG fangirl t...

You have been invited to a sleepover by the youtubers we all love, pewdiepie, cryaotic, danisnotonfire and amazingphil!

Which Sonic Boy Is Right For You

I will make a quiz like this for boy and girls. I've been given so many ideas from other users. THANKS GUYS! And i'm sorry if you have other opinions about the co...
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Career & Goals

What Should Your Job Be?

See what you could do for a career. Just suggestions for what you wanna do with your life. Nothing's forever, you know.

Your Future! (Long-ish Results Sorry!)

Find out how many kids you have, what house you live in, who you marry ♥

Your Future Life

What your life will turn out to be. Don't base your whole life on these results; they're just for fun...
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Celebrities & Fame

Who's your MagCon boy?

Nash, Carter, Cameron, Jack, Jack, Aaron, Matthew, Taylor, or Shawn..? The ORIGINAL MagCon Boys!

What is your future like with your vin...

Take this quiz to find out if Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Jack Gilinksky, Jack Johnson, Matthew Espinosa, Hayes Grier, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Caniff, Jack Johnson, Carter R...
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Which one direction member will fall i...

· Music
Which one direction member will fall in love with you at first sight.

Guess the Band

· Music
Find out if you can identify some bands and band members by photo or logo. Mostly rock bands.

Which Member Of Black Veil Brides woul...

· Music
I'm aware that there are 1000's of these, but I wanted to try it
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Fantasy & Mythology

Your emo boyfriend :3 [with story]

My first quiz =^_^= hope it doesn't suck.. It's about your emo boyfriend ♥ girls only, I'm sowweh :'(

What Type Of Vampire are you?

There are three different types of vampires, or so I believe; Strigoi: Known as the strongest, fastest and scariest breed of vampires, sent to be the first. Their both my...

Which of the four sacred eyes do you h...

Title says it all.. This quiz is JUST FOR FUN. =] The results might not be accurate, but they are interesting.... Idk. Just try it.
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Love & Friendship

Truth Or Dare with Magcon Boys 3

Another one was requested by several people so it is my pleasure to present this quiz including: Shawn Mendes, Taylor Caniff, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson

Michael Clifford Sees You As A ....?

This quiz is to see what Michael Clifford would view you as. Would he view you as a sister, a girlfriend, a competitor, or a best friend. Find out here :D So answer the 1...

Ashton Irwin Sees You As ..... ?

What does Ashton Irwin see you as? Are you his girlfriend? His Sister? His Bestfriend? Or maybe his competitor? Do this quiz and find out
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Are you a Maladaptive Daydreamer?

*expand for more details* For anyone who thinks they suffer from Maladaptive Daydreaming (MD). I made this because I could only find one quiz on the whole of the interne...

WHICH OF MY ELEMENTALS are you? (First...

Like the title describes, I make elementals and write stories about them. (who knows? Maybe an elemental story will be in your future from me!) anyways, edition one here ...
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What Outsider Do You Belong With?

· Books
Answer is how you cuddle, his favorite tattoo of yours, how you kiss, his favorite outfit of yours, your wedding dress, your wedding venue, and your kids ...

Your Hogwarts Story (female only)

· Books
My first quiz. sorry if it's confusing. long results. includes name, house, relationships, past, future, etc..

Seven Minutes with Hogwarts Hotties

· Books
Go into the closet and do what ever you want
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What Does Bonnie The Bunny Think Of You?

· Scary
The title says it all! Find out now!

Sleepover creepypasta style (part 1)

· Scary
Collab quiz part 1 of 3 with Shadow ^_^
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Just For Fun

Which Creepypasta/FNaF OCs are you?

Which one are you? Puppette? Archer? Bunnee? Max? WiFi? or Wolfy?

What Does Your Eyes Mean

Hi! This is a quiz to determine the meaning behind your eye color. If you don't get your real eye color, the color you got at least should be your eye color :) Hope y...

Truth or Dare w/ us! Christmas Style!

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL TIME! THANK YOU ALL 4 40 FOLLOWERS! I LOVE YOU ALL DANK CHUS! idea just popped into my head and i wanted something with comedy so i was just like why no...
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Beauty & Vanity

What boy is perfect for you?

Your boy, first date outfit, Venue where he asks you to marry him, wedding dress, wedding ring, venue, and kids. Boys: Jack Griffo, Dylan O'Brien, Harry Styles, Dyla...

Your perfect prom dress (makeup,date,s...

Probably one of my favorite quizzes.. which one of these prom dresses would be perfect for you? (based on your personality)

Which Pretty Little Liar Are You Most ...

Are you most like Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, or...dare I say it...Alison DiLaurentis?
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Food & Drinks

What kind of drinker are you?

We all like to THINK we are, but how do you really know?...

Are you Addicted 2 Food?

Are you addicted to food or you have a healthy perspective of it?

What's your food

Says in title...PLEASE comment! :)
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Who's Your Akatsuki Daddy! \(O.o)/

· Humor
Yes, who is yo da da, is..Pien, Tobi, Kakazu, Hidan,Zetsu, Itachi, Kisame, Diedara, OR SASORI!

Which Megaman X Character are you Most...

· Humor
As the title says this quiz determines which character your most like in the Megaman X Universe But with a few OC characters of my own Kinda.... ^_^*
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What Does The Hetalia Cast Think Of You?

· TV
Dear people of the internet, this is my first quiz sooo...I hope it doesn't suck! Yay! ATTENTION! I absolutely do not own any of the hetalia characters or deviantart pic...

Who Is Your Hetalia Valentine?

· TV
Valentines are: Axis: Italy, Germany, Romano Mediterranean: Greece, Egypt Allies: America, Canada, England Nordics: Norway, Iceland, Denmark Asian Countrie...

Who Likes You? (Yu-Gi-Oh Love Quiz)

· TV
Take this quiz to find out who from Yu-Gi-Oh likes you! Results include: Marik, Bakura, Yami, Yugi, Duke, Ryou, Seto, Yami Marik and joey. Hope you like it! VERY LONG RES...
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Cars & Vehicles

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What species of Tiger are you?

· Animals
Find out what species of Tiger you would be...

Are you creative?

· Animals
Are you a copy cat or do you get your inspiration raw from your heart?

Your life as a warrior cat.

· Animals
So I thought I'd try to make a better one. Same results as last time, just with more results. You didn't have to do my first one to understand this!
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School & Academics

High School With The Creepypastas ..:2...

This is the second part to my mini quiz series! If you haven't checked it out, click this and you'll find the link in the first question! *Sally's a teenager*...

Who are you at school?

Who are you at school? a Tomboy? a nerd? a drama queen? find out here (;

High School With The Creepypastas ..:3...

Yup...I am sorry about my slow updates. ^-^'' *Sally is a teenager in this* *Smile's name is Sam in this*
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Janoskians sleepover part 4

Thanx for all the support on my other quizzes. What happens when skip tells you how he really feels.

How Evil are you? (My Way)

The newest and most daring questions from a teenager.

Your life in ninjago

What your life would be a ninja? a innocent girl? a uh just a villager? or one of the ninjas girlfiriends (cole if you dont like cole dont read)
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Which My Little Pony villian are you?

Hai :3 Find out which MLP villian you are! Well if u want...i guess XD

The big four and you.

One place,one time.BE THERE!Please?

Talking to The Big Six

All in the title baby ♥ For females only I apologize for any typographical errors, my keyboard's broken for the time being. Update: I have fixed almost every t...

Party at the Slendy's house :) Gir...

Hello ^-^ It's me Victoria - Again ^-^ Today I gonna make another CreepyPasta quiz ^-^ Hope you'll like it ^-^ Girls only... Sorry for spelling mistakes ^-^ *Rand...

How Would You Die?

· Scary
This could be within thought, whether rebirth or supernatural afterlife. The resilt show a long story of how you die, the purpose and what happens after. I apologize that...

What is Your Theme Song (for girls)

· Music
This is my first quiz dont judge. I hope you like it.

Your Life With the creepypastas part 3

So who tormented the garden? and will they catch you? (Thanks for the huge support on the quiz guys!)

The random music quiz.

· Music
This quiz includes different songs of different genres.You will have to guess the song,guess the artist,guess who may be featured in the song,guess who sings what song,or...

What is Your Stereotype?

What is your "darker" stereotype? Emo, Scene, Punk, Basic, Etc. For girls Only~ sorry guys XP I'm making one for you l8r!

Proxy Training Day 11! (Holiday specia...

· Scary
This is the 11th quiz in a series I'm doing! You're training to become a proxy! Try to survive. ^u^ Also this is the holiday special! (Yeah I know it says it in t...

Who Would You Fall For (Supernatural) ...

Here's part 22 :) Are you guys ready to find out what the guys decided? Please don't hate me for what I'm gonna do... you guys can already guess what happens ...

Who Would You Fall For (Supernatural) ...

Sorry for the long wait guys... I really really am. I didn't expect to be gone from this for too log :/ But I'm back :) I hope you guys like this part c: And don&...

D. Gray Man Boyfriend: Main Exorcists

· TV
Results include Allen Walker, Yu Kanda, Lavi and Arystar Krory.

Do You Know Your Rock Song Lyrics?

· Music
Fill in the missing song lyrics of classic rock songs (easy).

Random Would you rather (Black Butler ...

Hello~! and Merry Christmas! :) Welcome to the part 6 of "Would you rather" Black Butler Version. Enjoy! [the pics. and Black butler don't belong to me]

Your Mythical Boyfriend!

This one is different from the other one! In this one there will be a monster, a werewolf, a warlock and a phoenix! I had a better idea for the werewolves, so it might be...

Which Element would you be?

Ever wondered if you're a thundering river, pastel sky, blazing fire, or the quaking ground? Find out now! The answers were researched

What Kind of Cat are you?

· Animals
What cat are you?

What Kind of cCat are you?

· Animals
What cat are you?

A big blast for the Big Four and YOU!

Ohhh get ready GURLS cause today we will be talking to The Big Four! Its going to be a BLAST!

Do you really love him?

Are your butterflies disappearing? Do you still go breathless when he whispers your name?

Proxy training Day 10!

· Scary
This is the 10th quiz in a series I'm doing! You're training to become a proxy! Try to survive. ^u^

Would you survive LLL (Lamuarian Lady ...

Lamauria is an island i made up full of magic, mythical creatures, and shape shifters. The Lamuarian Lady League is one of the 2 groups of shape shifters that were exiled...

Which clan leader are you most like?

· Books
Look up and warning about spoilers for those who have not ead all the books.

Harry Potter Life GIRLS ONLY!

· Books
Ever wonder what life would be like at Hogwarts for you

What is your God Tier class?

What is your God Tier class? Comment your answers! (I like comparing answers)

Akatsuki's Kitten part 8- Christma...

· TV
Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho H rated

Which of these AJ YouTubers are you?

There are many more famous ones, but I just chose these. This is just for fun! :)

My next quiz : 3

What kind of quiz would you like I made..? ♥

What Warrior Cat would Fit you 2?

· Animals
WARNING- BOYS ONLY (Sorry girls)

Jaką Eeveelucja jesteś?

To mój pierwszy quiz mam nadzieje że się spodoba... Możesz być Panem/Panią Ognia - Flareon, Szybkim, zwinnym piorunująco - Jolteon ,Wodnym stworzeniem z gracją ...

Dreamworks or Disney? Pt. 2

· Movies
Ha-ha! Bet you didn't think that I would do this again so soon, eh? Well, here it is.

Who are you At My School?

What group do you fit in to at my school.

How much do you know about Black Veil ...

· Music
Uh.... well, title lol this isn't going to be very hard (I hope) I'll only ask questions that I know the answer to if that helps lol so, yeah...

What kind of friend are you?

Hope you have lots of fun finding out what kind of friends you have love you

Who is your best friend ?

Who of the phantomhive servants is your best friends ?

What element are you most like

This quiz will determine what element you will become.

Got Pride?

Think Your A Proud Furry? Heh, We'll See. We'll See Just How Much You Know.

Does he like you

Here you can find out if he likes you just as friends or more.

Which female Character are you from my...

See which member you would be in the Villains, Queenie, Kitty, Ivy, or Jokes.

What does Loki think of you?

This one's for girls (dudes are still welcome to take) I will probably make one for guys eventually. (If anyone's actually interested.)

What Is Your Vocaloid Song

· Music
Have you ever wondered what song truly reltes to you? Well I have created a quiz that will sole that question! Come on don't be shy! Lets do this together!

Who is your Sonic BFF?

You are best friends with one of the Sonic guys. Who would it be? Take this quiz to find out!

Do You KNOW Fullmetal Alchemist Brothe...

So, you like Brotherhood, but do you really KNOW Brotherhood? Take this quiz to find out. I do not on Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood or its characters, but I DO own the...

Which 5 Seconds of Summer song are you?

· Music
♥ Which song are you from the newly-rising (and cute) band 5SOS? ♥

Your type of guy

Know who your type of guy is he might be a nerd a, badd ass, a jock or an average guy take this quiz and know who your match is heart and follow

What is your favourite yaoi couple?

Hey! ^^ I'm Ash and this is my very first quiz so…go easy on me X3 It's about yaoi,if you don't like it,that don't thane the quiz have fun! :)

Which Hogwarts house do you belong in?

· Books
My goal in this test was to be as accurate as possible. I understand that I am not the choosing hat but I feel that if you answer these questions in all honesty your resu...

What Fantasy Creature are you? (Only F...

Hi! That's my first Quiz, I hope you like it! What Fantasy Creature are you? There are some of my OC! Have fun! c:

Would You Rather...

Different sutuations, different choices... Which will you choose?

How Open-Minded are you?

I found this quiz on google and I wanted to share it with you guys:D(I didn't use all of it but most and I made some of the questions up myself too) -->www.blogthi...

How much do you know Pokemon? Part II

I've actually gotten around to make a Part II... but anyway, this part of the quiz will test you on evolution! I hope you're ready for this one, anyways, best of ...

Creepypasta Boyfriend

HEY! Did I get your attention? Yes? Okay, cool. This is my first quiz, so I probably forgit a bunch, so let me know! The Pastas in this are: Jeff, E.J, L.J, Slender, Mask...

Can I Trick you?

Ello My peoples! Baby girl here and this is a quiz about to see if I can trick you! Let's see if you get these riddles right. Make sure to read these questions very c...

Are you Uke or Seme?

ALRIGHT! If Yaoi disturbs you DO. NOT. TAKE. And do not comment any kind of hate, this is aimed to boys BTW IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE DON'T *cough* b...

Spy dog quiz

· Books
To test which Spy Dog character you are Spy Dog books are by: Andrew Cope

What's your weapon?... (Males Only!)

What's your weapon? How will you use it in battle? Here you will know that!

Guess The Pierce The Veil Song!

· Music
Pls read the title i don't have the time for a witty/clever description kthnx

Which pop punk/ scene/ grunge boy is f...

Take this quiz to find out which is your boy :) (pictures at the end)

Will you survive in the collapse or zo...

This quiz let's you know if you can survive a collapse or end of the world.

Whos your creepypasta boyfriend!

I did this cause i was bored ! Results are BEN DROWNED jeff the killer Hoodie And Masky

Which hunger games character are you?

· Movies
Are you Gale ? Finnick ? Peeta ? or President Snow? Take this quiz to find out.

The Babysitter (Part 8)

Your new neighbor asked you to babysit her young son. They're a little strange... try to find out why. (Girls only)

Creepy Pasta Boyfriend

Haaiiii! Im back with another quiz!Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy! Theres no BEN in this cause hes mine Sowry!But it does include Jeff,E.J,Slenderman,Hoodie, and Masky!
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