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SPLIT ~part 3 ~one direction

· Music
I hope you like the last quizzes :) and thank you for the courage you gave me ^_^ love ya all! this part nearly doesn't include any romantic scene! It's just abo...

Which 5SOS would be your brother

· Music
See which member of 5 seconds of summer would be your brother

Which One Direction member would date ...

· Music
What One Direction member is dying to date you? Story and the boys thoughts on you included!
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Cars & Vehicles

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What's your inner wolf?

· Animals
Find out what your inner wolf is. are you a protective pack wolf? Or a vicious loner...

What would your life be like in Okami?

· Animals
Name, talents, what the character's think about you, etc.

What Endangered Animal are you?

· Animals
Find out which animal close to extinction you relate to the most!
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School & Academics

Angels school for the gifted in power

I will make a boy version in the future i promise ♥

What Type of Writing Item are you?

I know this quiz sounds bizarre-ish, but don't worry. I hopefully got a few things down that make sense, so have fun!

What Language Should You Learn?

Want to learn a foreign language? Yes? Awesome! Try this quiz to see what you might be good at doing! And foreign languages look GREAT on college applications, just sayin...
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Black Butler: Seven Minutes in Heaven ...

Ever wondered what would happen if you worked in the Phantomhive household? What would you do? Who would be your match? Ciel or Sebastian? Love or Lust? Quiz for girls ...

What Celebrity are you?

Which personality of a celebrity is most like you? Take this quiz to find out :)

Mash #1

This is basically a mashup of your future.
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Which DemWhiteBoyz Member Is For You?

You may have a favorite, but which member of DemWhiteBoyz is meant for you? John Stephen, Cole, or Baylor?

Which creepypasta are you like?

Which creepypasta are you like? Anybody can take it! Hope you like it!

95 Things To Describe You!

*Omg...Took me ages to make this.It wount take you as long taking the quiz :)!
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Who is following you?

· Scary
I don't mean stalking, i mean watching or be with you. Maybe an animal. Ghost? Angel? Vampire? Mermaid? Let's find out! And yes, it's for guys because i alrea...

Your New Life (part four)

· Scary
So you learned a little about my history, now what is in store?

Your New Life (part five)

· Scary
Last time you got knocked out and the last thing you saw was........your guy smiling?
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Just For Fun

Your Future Daughter!

INCLUDES: BABY PICS, TODDLER PICS, KID PICS, AND TEENAGE PICS WITH A SHORT STORY. Sorry if she doesn't look like you, just imagine she got her looks from your hot hubby/...

Will Ticci-Toby like you?

Okay, for those of you that don't know, Ticci-Toby is a really awesome Creepypasta OC created by fatal-impurity on deviantArt. If you haven't checked him out already, you...

Which KPOP idol suits you? Let's find ...

Hey. This is my FIRST of the FIRST game. Consists of 7 questions, you need to answer every single question. No SKIP, ofcourse. Ready to go? GOODLUCK! :)
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Love & Friendship

Who is your genderbender disney lover?

What if all the disney female princesses/villians were actually guys? Whose fairytale would you end up in? Maybe a male cinderella? Or a hot muscly snow white?

Create Your Own Boyfriend - PICTURE RE...

Take my quiz to find out your future: Husband Wedding Dress Proposal Ring Wedding Place Your Kids + Names! Pets Your House AND MORE! If you have taken my oth...

Hetalia Seven Minutes in heaven(Allies)

Okie dokie, here's the Allies~ enjoy. !¡WARNING¡! may contain lemon...or hints.
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Celebrities & Fame

Kidnapped By One Direction! P1

What happens when you are kidnapped by the five boys of One Direction? Will you escape? Fall in love? Take the quiz to find out!

Cameron, Nash, Hayes, or Shawn?

This is a quiz that shows you who i think you be compatible with out of Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, and Shawn Mendes!

Talk With Robbie Kay!

This is my first quiz! Sorry, If it sucks! Please follow, comment or heart if you like it!
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Naruto Rp ~Part 5~

· Humor
Naruto Rp ~Part 5~ out and ready :D I hope you all like the last one Naruto Rp ~Part 4~ if you haven't read that one or the other's please do I don't do recap...

Percy Jackson Life

· Humor
Ever wondered what it would be like to live in the world of Percy Jackson? I have! And I guarantee that you won't be let down with your long, accurate results. (WARNING: ...
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What Fictional Character Would You Dat...

· Books
What character would you date? Peeta, Tobias (Four), Percy, Fang, John (Number Four)? Take this quiz to find out what fictional character you would date!

YOU in the 76th Hunger Games!

· Books
Well, Katniss revolution failed and everything went back to normal, leaving District 12 destroyed. So what is your story and will you survive or not? . -STILL UNDER C...

Harry potter boyfriend fight!

· Books
I saw there wasn't any of these and thought it would be cool to write one. So find out who your harry potter boyfriend is and what you fight about. Will you get Har...
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7 Minutes in Heaven w/ Hogwarts Lovelies

· Movies
Go into the closet, Do ANYTHING *Short Results but you can IMAGINE from the end*

Which "If I Stay" Character ar...

· Movies
This was an Amazing Movie! Which Character are you from it? :)

Your Fandom Life

· Movies
Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Avengers, X-Men!
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Beauty & Vanity

Whats Your Perfect Outfit?

Your perfect outfit based on your personality :)

Are you Pretty or Ugly?

I give HONEST and ACCURATE results. Enjoy, and remember the results! ♥
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Career & Goals

Your Future Life~

Loooong results~ Includes house, job, husband, kids etc ^-^ Just take it!(:

What is your Fate?

Who better to ask than the girl herself? Fate would be happy to share your destiny.

What would you do in a gang

Want to find out what you could do for a gang? Take it and find out.
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Random Anime Stuff

· TV
I'm bored, so let's see what happens when I invite Italy, Maka, Rukia, Luffy, Ciel, and Miku to do a quiz with me! What could go wrong? FOR GIRLS UNLESS GUYS WAN...

Who is your Soul Eater Boyfriend?

· TV
Ok, doing not-so-obvious questions and answers, so... yeah. AND if you wanna read a SE boys x reader story, read the one i wrote called Caught in the Middle (Soul x reade...

What Goddess are you?

· TV
This was originally my first quiz ever but then i became lazy and made others~ blah~ i used some real /sorta mixed in with everything/ Greek myths sorta in away
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Fantasy & Mythology

Mythical boyfriend (long results)

Vampire, Werewolf, Niko or Ghost?

What God Tier class are you? (Boys)

This goes with: What God Tier aspect are you? Put the two together to get your God Tier title. This is the half for boys If you want to know what your title means, go ...

Your mythical boyfriend! PT 3

YEY! PART 3! So just go and take the quiz already, I'm too lazy to write the description... -_-' Who would read it anyway? ENJOY PALS! ♥
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Video Games

In-Game Reality (The Walking Dead) Epi...

With Tobuscus, PewDiePie, ChaoticMonki, & Lee Everett~! :3

Which Sonic the Hedgehog character are...

Find out which male Sonic the Hedgehog character you are more compatible with!
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What is your boxing style? Read descri...

· Sports
The styles are swarmer (also known as infighter), out-boxer (also known as out-fighter), slugger (also known as brawler) and boxer-puncher. All styles has an advantage o...

A sleepover with Randy Orton

· Sports
Title says it all

Are you sporty?

· Sports
This is a quiz to find out if you are really sporty, or just a bit of a couch potato!
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Food & Drinks

What Kind of Candy are you?

Candy, candy, candy....candy. Need I say more?

Which Greaser from the outsiders are y...

Are you Pony, Dallas, Soda, Johnny, Two-bit, Darry, or steve
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Which Mythical Creature are you?

Contrary to popular belief, mythical beasts are real. Don't listen to grown-ups and mean ol' siblings. They are 100% real. The real question is: Which one are YOU...

WHAT! the turtles might be crushing. P...

Who came in your room? Was it a friend or foe? Find out in part 3!

Do you still have an imaginary friend ...

This is my first quiz. Some people talk to themselves, is it because in their mind they are talking to someone or are they talking to a ghost? What do you think you will ...

Which Harry Potter character are you?

· Movies
Female results only. Shortish results.

What Superpower would you have quiz

What superpower would you have, some of these are way over powered so be as truthful as possible!

Your Dream-Girl

(Guys only; unless you're a girl and you're into this sort of thing)

What color are you

Title says it all also first quiz!

What black veil brides song are you?

· Music
These songs can be your answer, Fallen Angels, Youth and Whiskey, Devils Choir, Ressurect the sun, or In The End. ^_^

What fandom do you belong in?

What fandom do you belong in according to your personality? Includes: The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who and Percy Jackson.

What Would Allen Walker Think of You I...

Don't take this personally, It's just for fun haha :3

What Lord of the Flies Character are y...

This is a personality quiz I wrote for school but I hope you enjoy it anyway. It will include Ralph, Jack, Simon, Piggy, Sammeric, and The Beast.

Which Youtuber do you act most likely

Let see which you tuber are you more like ( Sienna, mike, bartender & michelle)

What should you be when you grow up?

I was thinking to myself lately, what did I want to be when I grow up? And I would say to myself there is to much for me to count on what I want to do, I want to be and e...

Which SHINee Song are you Like?

All in the title~ So far there are four possible results. If you like this Quiz, leave a "♥" and a comment~

Fears regular day

Lets annoy Fear. (lets hope he doesn't kill us)

True Bro Quiz

Find out if you're a true bro or if you're not. Pewdiepie's Bros... Yes. Pewdiepie's Bros, not your sibling brother, Pewdiepie's fanbase.

How well do you know Marvel? (Movie wi...

· Movies
This quiz is only for those who know anything and everything about the Marvel movies. WARNING: There may be some spoilers for those of you who have not seen all of the mo...

Future Life! *longish results*

The title says it all! But, this is my first quiz so please be nice(:

Who is secretly crushing on you?

Ever wondered who is your secret admirer? Find out! girls only! 6 results :)

My Psychos part 2

· Scary
Well as you know it's part 2. This will be mainly about Sulphur, B3/you, the notorious Director, and sorta Andrew and James. That's all got, so yeah. Live, love,...

In Love- part 13

Sorry i have not been posting new chapters... But i hope you like it..! ♥ i missed you guys

Which girl of The Vampire Diaries are ...

· TV
Click above to find out ^ |

Which Greek God or Goddess are you?

Which Greek God or Goddess will your personality betray?


· TV
This shouldn't be here!

Who is your dream guy?

I know so mainstream but I couldn't help it!

What LPS Popular character are you

Remember if you get Brooke stop being mean even if you go to the doctor to make you nicer they can't cut into your soul your the only one who can change you.

Create your perfect boyfriend~VERY lon...

I know there are a billion of these but you should take this one, you won't regret it (: ♥

What does Freddy Krueger think of you?

· Scary
Freddy can make you pass the best dream or the worst nightmare...

Who are you?

Who are you in a story?

Sleepover with The Big Four part5

Yay it's late at night but I don't care!Anyways...Here's part 5!

What faction are you?

· Books
This is the actual quiz from the book. CREDITS TO VERONICA ROTH AND PUBLISHER!

What Espada wants to marry you?

This marital quiz is mainly about YOU, not really the guys in the results but whatever. Have you noticed boy/girlfriend quizzes are about what we want, but what if our ch...

Are you Beautiful (Honest Results)

This is just a quiz for me to tell you the honest about if i think your beautiful or not. I'm sorry if this offends anyone.

Trapped in Amnesia!

Well, I'm doing one of these, so... Yep. But hey, I think they're fun, so here you go! All I can see is blackness. Perfect darkness surrounds my vision. I can&...

What warrior rank are you?

Based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Stories at the end!

Your 5SOS Relationship.

I would say read the title but you already have. Please note none of the results have been edited yet and I will eventually edit them at my own pace. Thank you c:

What magical animal watches over you?

Take the quiz and find out! first one of these quizzes sorry is it sucks.

Which of my werewolves are you?

Based off the Packs and Renegades in my story The Renegade Wolves.

How Strong are you as an Arrancar?

Quizilla’s shuttin’ down; I’m going to post and repost my what-not here :D These are my calculations and estimations, how proficient you are in lethality as an Arra...

Create your own Demi-Goddess for Camp ...

As the title says ^^^^ i do not own the pics.

Witch one of my creepypasta ocs are you?

With Cuz,Me,Nerfquke and Blackish There is one boy he's called Nerfquake....

What do you hide behind your eyes?

What do you hide behind your eyes?

What Faction are you?

Take the aptitude test. Don't worry, I don't have to inject you with a serum.

Tricky Trivia... :P

· Music
Are you sure you know everything about ONE DIRECTION.. Well here is a trivia that can prove it.. Good Luck..xx

Vampire Or Werewolf?

I prefer Werewolves, but I'd like to see who you get at the end and who is your true lover/soul mate........

What do the CreepyPastas Think of You:...

· Scary
Finally, last but not least is number 3! Hope you enjoyed these.

Who are you from Black butler?

Does it really need a description? A short quiz, which includes results only from season 1.

Truth or Dare with the Big Four (plus ...

Make sure you did the first part before :3 Anyway, today's quiz is gonna be a Truth or Dare game with the Big Four and our special guest ;)

Your Anime Character

What type of person would you be if you were in an anime? ^.^

How well do you know Pewdiepie?*

The ultimate pewdiepie quiz! You a true bro? PROVE IT! The best and most original....Pewduckpie test! Oh wait....Pewduckpie? PEWDIEPIE! I found out that the world Isn...

What Anime Should You Be In?

What Anime should YOU be in? Take this quiz to find out! Includes: Naruto/Soul Eater/Hetalia/Fairy Tail

In A Past Life... (Fiction Edition)

Who were you? Do you dare to know?

Which 5 Seconds of Summer lad is best ...

· Music
Are you a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer, but can't decide which boy is your favourite (or which one you're going to get married to and live happily ever after with.)...

Which goddess are you?

So, there are a bunch of goddesses from different countries and cultures, and there's a piece of goddess in everyone! Which goddess are YOU?

Which WWE Shield Member Should you Date?

Just want to see which Shield member you would get. But you can't have Dean he's mine! ;)

What anime world do you live in?

Says it right in the title! do you live in the world of Attack on titan? death note? black butler? chobits? soul eater? only one way to find out!

What warrior cat are you?

· Books
What type of cat would you be if you were a warrior? What clan? Results also include a short background. This only has she-cats in it, but I'll be making another quiz...

What picture he will put as his phone&...

· Music
Take this quiz and find out what picture he will set as his lock screen? do give me suggestions on what my next poll should be and hope you like this!

Your Perfect Boyfriend

Find out which guy is best for you! Long story results with pictures:)

Your UtaPri boyfriend!

Who is your Uta no prince sama boyfriend? Time to find out! ^.^

Which Of My Characters from "Home&...

Which of the characters from my story Home are you?
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