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Your fight/breakup with your One Direc...

· Music
All in the title ^^ ♥ LONG RESULTS ♥ (Warning: Use of profanity. If cursing offends you do NOT take quiz.) All of the results were written by me, for the purpose of...

YOUR One Direction Proposal!

· Music
Take this quiz to find out who you will marry AND how will Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn, or Niall will propose?

Hogwarts Life! :D ~Long Results~

· Music
I basically made this because: -I was bored -I love making these life quizzes -Whenever I take these quizzes, you always have to have a BF or crush, so I wanted at lea...
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Your Demigod/HoO Life

· Books
This shows your cabin, bffs, crush.(Girls only) and a quick backstory. Warning: Longish results.

Your Very Detailed Harry Poter Life St...

· Books
If your one of thos rare people who read theese, i have desided to spend all day working on an altamate quiz for all type of girls who like harry potter. Girlz ONly plz

Who is your hunger games romance?

· Books
Out of Gale Hawthorne, Peeta Mellark, finnick odair. INCLUDED STORIES. Changes of catching fire are not included in this quiz for example, the pillage of district 12 is n...
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The Walking Dead- Your Apocalypses Life

· Movies
See what your apocalypses life is. Who you are, where you live, your weapon, and even who you fall in love with ♥

What Does The Teen Titans Think Of You...

· Movies
Who are you? What powers do you have? What does the teen titans think of you? Are you good or bad? Find out after taking this quiz!
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How will you die?

· Scary
Do you ever wonder how you will die, well this could be the answer to your question. This quiz, will tell you how you will die, and who killed you.

Creepypasta lovers!~

· Scary
You have the choices out of Jeff, Liu, BEN, Ticci Toby, The twins, EJ, LJ, and last but not least Jane the killer +Sally (for bi or les also if you don't like that th...
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Fantasy & Mythology

Your dark fantasy love story...

A chance at a dark fantasy brimming with love... (LOng results)

My babysitter is a what? (Vampire Knig...

First, results include guys from the night class and Zero Kiryuu! Second, forgive any of grammatical errors or random mistakes cos I'm too lazy to double check. Third...

Your life at hogwarts.

I know how many of these are done, but it looked fun so I gave it a shot :) Hope you enjoy, please comment/rate so I know how to improve as it is my first quiz! Please ...
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Love & Friendship

Create a boyfriend (long results)

Create a boyfriend really long results epic! Break up and make up included

Your Celebrity Girlfriend

Is there a lack of girlfriend quizzes? Yes! Do you want one? I hope so! This is a fun, quick quiz to see which celebrity girl is your best match. For girls, boys, and an...
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Celebrities & Fame

What member of 5sos are you compatible...

Test to see who you would be most compatible with within 5sos. Results based off of actual compatibility.

Which Little Mix Member are you?

Take this quiz to find out which Little Mix band member you are most similar to! Are you just like Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Perrie or Jade? Well if you're as bored as I am, ...

Fight With Your One Direction Love- Re...

I have made one of these before and really enjoyed doing it, so here is round number two! Hope everyone likes it! Comment and like please it would mean a lot :)
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Beauty & Vanity

What's Your Style?

Comes with outfit inspiration at the end ;) xx

What your personality says about you!

I'm not good with descriptions so just know by the tittle. Sorry by the way this is my first quiz so bare with me.

Your perfect hairstyle!

There are many hairstyles... which one would suit you? follow my instagram at emoandscenepeeps thanks!
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Video Games

Which League of Legends Champion are y...

Welcome to the Fields of Justice! Ever wonder which League of Legends Champion you'd be? Take this quiz to find out!~ I hope you enjoy taking this quiz and your result! ...

Which Minecraft YouTuber would you end...

This was I a quiz I made when I was bored. Enjoy and love you my Angels ♥

In Game Reality~Mad Father~Part One

In Game Reality~ Mad Father~ Part One. Tobuscus, Pewdiepie, Cry and you~! Hope you enjoy!
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What animal ghost stands by you

· Animals
I made a ghost quiz a while ago and I thought it was time to make another one :)

What wolf Pack are you?

· Animals
I am going to write a book, called RiverPack, and in this quiz you find out what Pack you would be in!

What is your Spirit Animal?

· Animals
You know who had a strange connection between you and animals, but know you realize that you have a spirit animal! Take the quiz to find out! Sorry for the cover imag...
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Naruto Kitten life! Part 3

· Humor

Are you depressed?

· Humor
If you feel that something is wrong with you but you're not quite sure what's that... TRY THIS QUIZ!
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What Does Your Eye Color Say About You...

In the title, my young demigods! (This info does not belong to me. It belongs to the website I got this off of.)

What Kind Of Seme Or Uke are you?

Are you a seme, or an uke..? And what KIND of seme or uke are you?
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Conversation with the big 4- Part 3 (f...

Prequel to Conversation with the big 4 and Conversation with the big 4- Part 2 (Truth or dare)

Future Family 3

Look at the title (only girls)

A day out with 5SOS (Part 2)

So, part 2 has been requested by many, and it's always been my intention to carry it one, I know what my bro's want.
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Your Soul eater life xD

· TV
What is your life in Soul eater ! xD

7 Minutes in Heaven with TMNT!

· TV
If you are a TMNT fan, you are going to love this! You are friends with the gang and since her father was gone and its not a school night, you all decided to have a party...

Your Doctor Who Life!

· TV
Your life in the TV show, Doctor Who! ((This quiz was FINISHED as of August 17, 6:55 AM EASTERN time!))
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Just For Fun

How Mature are you?

This isn't your age! You might be 10 but act like a total adult, who knows? (Or the other way around!) That's why you should take this quiz to find out! Results a...

Seven Minutes in Heaven

Read the above, herp-dy-derp! (If in the answers I ever switch from 'you' to 'I', don't worry. It's just 'cause I'm used to writing like ...

Meet 5sos

The title says everything :)
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Cars & Vehicles

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School & Academics

Who is your dream boy?

What kind of guy is your dream boy? Is he the popular guy, the school's team captain, is he the guy next door, your best friend or the cute nerd in your science class? gu...

Are you popular, average, or a loner?

I think the title explains love haha. {sorry if results don't match what you are} ♥

What is your inner power and when is i...

Learn how you will gain your inner power
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Food & Drinks

The Seasoning Quiz~Quiz Request

Requested by my friend Kookie Kat ♥ love you! thanks for taking ♥ basically salt, pepper, that kind of random stuff you sprinkle all over that turkey. haha lol

The PIE quiz~Quiz Request

I feel like ive made a quiz like this before but...oh well. lol thanks for taking quiz request from my good friend αввy
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Career & Goals




Well, its called 'make-a-baby-girl!' Whats the tripping block there!

Would you and I get along?

Please tell me that I need not explain this to you.
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What is your anime life like? =LONG RE...

· TV
Name says it all ^-^

What is your true loves first letter? ...

Find out your true loves first letter ♥

What ghost watches you

My girls are, Blossom, Skylar,Cynthia, and Sicilia

Witch akatsuki guys, you be whit

· TV
Well it's a quiz, that who you would date

A chat with jack frost ;-)

A chat with jack fost?, well here you go ;-)

What's your element?

You'll get you're element, boyfriend, looks and what people think of you.

Which My Little Pony Princess are you?

· TV
Who are you most like? Celestia, Luna, Cadance or Twilight Sparkle? Take the quiz to find out!

Witch akatsuki guys, you be whit

· TV
Well it's a quiz, that who you would date

Which Hogwarts House would you be in?

This quiz will tell you which of the four great houses you belong in. Will it be in brave Gryffindor, loyal Hufflepuff, intelligent Ravenclaw, or cunning Slytherin?

Do You Have A Hidden Insane Side?

We all have insanity hidden inside all of us. We have our dark minded moments, and sometimes giggle at the strangest moments. Let's see if you actually have an insan...

What would Jeff the killer think of yo...

Find out what I would think of you. if you dare

Whos Your Youtuber Boyfriend?

Just like the title says, this quiz will tell you who you would date if you could date any youtuber ♥ :D

Supernatural One Direction - 1D are De...

You just had your first encounter with Typhon (yikes!), and he has left you with some pretty serious warnings. Now, Hermes has just arrived and has informed you that you ...

Your live at Hogwarts :)

· Books
I always loved these quizzes so i made one of my own.You get your guy and your friends and house and your of course YOUR LIFE AT yeah...

What Type of Lesbian are you?

We all know there are several different types of lesbians, from butch to femme to young to old- find out which one you are! Feminine-identifying people only, please.

Is Jeff the killer your father?

Well, is he? Or will he kill you cause you are just an ordinary human(not his kid) Let's find out shall we? I drew the picture :D!

Tmnt time

What happends when your saved by tmnt

Which member of 1D are you?

Take this quiz to see which 1D member you are most like.

Are you random?

I just wanna be random! yes this is weird.

7 mins. in heaven (creepypasta style)

7 mins in Heaven with Jeff,Eyeless Jack,Ben,or Masky

What does 5sos think of you?

· Music
This quiz is exactly what the title says. ^

Would you survive a kidnapper?

· Scary
This is my first quiz so it wont be very good, so dont judge to harsh :)

Creepypasta: We aren't who you thi...

· Scary
They don't want to admit it. they fear judgement. they love you. a mortal. this will have self harm/bullying topics so if you are easily triggered this is your trigg...

What dere type are you?

Find out to see which type of dere you are! Dere is a Japanese meaning that revolves around you mentality and you emotions, try it out to see what you get, but to get you...

What is your element

What element would you use in another universe.This is our first quiz though DreamDay(My sister)is on a date so it's just me.

Your best friend tmnt

IM NEW! :D Plz dont jude me ;^; Boy, girl, tomboy long results.

How well do you know the Underworld Se...

This is just a random quiz that I wanted to make just because I personally love the Underworld Series.

Date with Leo Valdez

I have been really obsessed with him lately so I had to take it and the title kind of explains all of it.


Read title! :3 female only!

Are your friends, true friends?

Do you have true friends? Or are they all fake?

What wizard101 school would you be in?

Find out what school you belong to in wizard101

Your Prom Dress

What should you get for a prom dress? (I don't own the pics.)

Big Four In High School Part Three ... A

· Movies
Welcome to the third part of this series! Sorry that it took so long to post! I get easily distracted... Anyways, it's the first day of actual classes at Guardian Hig...

What Animal are you?

· Animals
Have you ever wondered what animal are you? if not then take this quiz!

VWW (part 9)

Vampire Witch. Oh, and a Werewolf (part 9)

Which song by skillet are you?

· Music
Bad with descriptions. your gonna have to take it to find out. Btw, that pic is my baby bro! ^_^

Which one are you?

I made up some people and..... Other things. Now the only question is.... Which one are you? Third quiz, so no hate. This is five characters from my book im writing.

What would Estonia think of you?

Eesti needs more love! Basically just a quiz to give you a basic idea on Estonia's opinion of you! :) No art used is mine, nor is Hetalia, so credit to owners!

5 Seconds of Summer Match

Who are you most compatible with from 5 Seconds of Summer?

Meeting the Creepypasta gang Part 1

· Scary
Look up ^ Oh and sorry, but girls only

Meeting 5sos mums. What they think of ...

Guess who's back, back again. Shady's back. Tell a friend. Hello friends, well we are back with the mummy quiz :D

This is Your Life in Young Justice

· TV
The majority of people on here are girls and when I was talking to Zap, she suggested I make one of these. Long results that include your Name, Powers, Superhero Identity...

Biggest Fear

· Scary
What are you most afraid of?

Creepypasta Life

~READ DESCRIPTION~ Due to one person, I have decided to make another quiz. I'm going to try and make this one longer and more detailed than my other two, and please k...

Who are you From My OCs!

Answers Include... ICAN'T TELL YOU! Will have history, personality, anime and friends, ect.

Ouran Host Quiz!~

Find out which host from Ouran High school Host Club you're most compatible with! (Mostly for girls but boys can do it too!~)

What's Your Fandom?

Find out what your true fandom is. Travel with the greatest minds of all times, and new friends, and foes.

Who are you Most Like In Corpse Party?

Take this personality quiz to see what character in Corpse Party you are most like~ Please answer honestly so your results will be more accurate~

Your Summer with creepypasta's -1-

Your summer didn't go well as planned, your friend goes on a trip to a different country and strange things are happening.

What avenger would be perfect for you?...

· Movies
If course all you need to know is in the title. The results are, ~Tony ~Steve ~Clint ~Bruce

You're Hogwarts House!

· Books
Title says it all :)

What is your warrior cat fate?

· Books
Find out who you are in Erin Hunter's Warrior Cats.

Which Character are you From Frozen?

· Movies
Ever wondered which character you were most like from Frozen? Well here's your chance! Take this quiz and find out!~

Create Your Perfect Boyfriend

Create Your Perfect Boyfriend quiz. ♥ Is your perfect boyfriend athletic. emo, preppy, musical? Take this quiz to find out! ♥

Will you survive or die-jeff the killer

You are alone sleeping an a handsome men comes out of the window lets see what happens will you try to convince him not let you live or DIE

What nightcore song suits you?

· Music
^ ^ ^ title people, learn to read them!

What Do My OC's Think of You?

In the title you crazy puppy!

Which A (ACE) member would fall head o...

· Music
I made this quiz for my dear friend Ashley! But which one of the guys will it be?

Hetalia RP!

· TV
I decided to make this because there aren't enough of these! So you are stuck with the otaku once again!

Who's your hot little anime?

This is to see who your dream guy is in the animated world. And, see your story. In other words. (Heart your anime)! PS, long results. :)

What do people in school see you as?

Just a quiz to see what people in your school see you as. Thanks for taking.

Creepypasta- 7 Minutes in Heaven

· Scary
7 minutes in heaven, with a twist.
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