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Your Fight With Your 1D Bf

· Music
I really wantde to make one ^.^ enjoy!

Which Vocaloid Character Are You?

· Music
Find out which character from the Vocaloid music creating software series you are.

Can I make you fangirl?

· Music
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Which Sword art online character are y...

· TV
Take this quiz and find out which SAO character you're most like! :b

A Black Butler Night

· TV
During a visit to the Phantomhive manor the power goes out and the guests cannot return home until morning, how will you spend the night? (This contains the gender bends ...

7 Minutes In Black Butler Heaven

· TV
Me and my friend Alois decided to throw a party at the Trancy Estate. But what happens when some idiot (*cough* *cough* UNDERTAKER* *cough*) suggests playing 7 Minutes In...
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Your Disney Life

· Movies
Basically if you were a Disney character. All pictures are from @snarkies on instagram. It's not a very long quiz, but the results are pretty long.

Are you ready for Age of Ultron?

· Movies
Are you ready to see Age of Ultron? Review your Marvel knowledge of the Avengers!

7 Minutes in Heaven w/ Hogwarts Lovelies

· Movies
Go into the closet, Do ANYTHING *Short Results but you can IMAGINE from the end*
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Food & Drinks

I Don't Even Know, Just, Just Don't As...

What Kind Of Food Are You? I don't know, you have to take the thingy-majigger to ind out. Friggin' 5 question quiz thingy!

What kind of candy are you?

Find out your inner sweet!

What food are you?

My second quiz :D I needed something to do, and this is what my imagination came upon lol. Answers you can get are in the tags~
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Career & Goals

What is your future career?

Are you meant to be a Musician, Doctor, Teacher, or an Author? Let's find out!

Your future

Answer these questions to find out your future. Enjoy :3
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Celebrities & Fame

Kidnapped By One Direction P3

You stay, for now. You want to get back to your family, but something about these boys seems...different. You can't help but want to find out what's going on.

Which 1D boy wants you? *New improved ...

;;) Another 1D quiz! Find out which one of the boys is harboring a secret crush on you! And yes it's possible.
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What do the casts of Free! Iwatobi Swi...

· Humor
Just for fun. I seem to be running a little too late to be on this fandom but oh well! *-* Disclaimer: I do not own Free! Iwatobi Swim club or any of its characters.

Which Hetalia character would be your ...

· Humor
Title... Contains: America, Japan, China, England, France, Italy, Romano, Spain, Prussia, Canada, Russia Read Hetalia: The Open Doors! ^.^ if you want~
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Love & Friendship

What Is Your Perfect Type Of Kiss? (Bo...

Find out your perfect type of kiss with this quiz... :)

Seven Minutes In Heaven With Magcon Boys

Wanna play an innocent game of Seven Minutes in Heaven with a few viner hotties!

Your Future Daughter

Shows what your daughter will look like as a kid and a teenager. Tells what she will like and act like as a teenager, where you will live, and more.
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Are you Depressed?

Are you secretly depressed inside? Find out with this quiz. i will try and help you with advice. i know how u feel

Who are you most like in Bratayley?

I know Bratayley sometimes more than they know themselves,so take this quiz to see who you're mostly like.

What do the hunger games characters th...

Includes everyone from the first book who is named (that means tributes, a few from district 12 and the others)
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Which Ghost Protects You?

· Scary
(WARNING: SAD) Ever feel like nobody is there for you? That nobody ever cares about you? Maybe someone does... they're just not living...

The Proxy Trials #3

· Scary
It's your first full day at the mansion, and you have questions to ask...but who can you go to to ask them? With just two days until the Trials, you have no time to l...

Who watches you?

· Scary
A ghost, a loved pet, an angel, maybe a vampire...? Find out who secretly needs you...
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Video Games

Which Saint row man loves you.

Take quiz to find out.

Kingdom Hearts Boyfriend

Do you saldy get the typical answers from every other quiz like these. They ask the stupid things which ovious tell you what answer your going to get. Like your favorite ...

What Legend of Zelda race are you?

Which race from the "Legend of Zelda" games are you? Contains 6 races: Goron, Zora, Kokiri, Ooccaa, Fairy and Twili Long-ish results.
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Cars & Vehicles

What is your future life ?

I love making these so I'm making a third one . GIRLS ONLY !

Your Future Life (:

What will your family be like? How many kids? House? Car?

Your whole future

This quiz called your whole future describes in full detail what job you and your guy will have kids,pets,house,car,husband,where you met,.so yah plz take
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Your Marauders Life! Long Results.

· Books
Long results! Boyfriends, friends, opinions, family, description, love story, and future! Mostly for females, but any male is welcome if he can get over the boyfriend and...

Your life at Hogwarts!

· Books
This is your life at hogwarts with made up characters, long DETAILED results, has your love life in it and anime pics. Girls only!PLEASE COMMENT!

What would your life be in the Hobbit?

· Books
What would your life be and your adventures be in the time the hobbit was set? Who in the company (or out of the company) falls in love with you and how. Who your frien...
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Just For Fun

Hogwarts Sorting Hat Quiz *Pottermore ...

All 27 Pottermore Questions ++The acceptance letters at the results Enjoy :)

Sick Days For The Hetalia Lover's ...

You're sick...which Hetalia character will come take care of you? Take this quiz and find out 😉 leaving a comment ups your immune system, you know ♥

Create A Baby!

In case you didn't read the title.. create a baby! Includes: name, picture, teenage picture. GIRLS ONLY. (:
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Beauty & Vanity

Your perfect hairstyle!

There are many hairstyles... which one would suit you? follow my instagram at emoandscenepeeps thanks!

What type of boys do you attract?

Okay, I know that there are a hundred others of this quiz but come on, every quiz is different! Try it!

What piercing best suits you?(mostly f...

Find out what clues add up to what piercing suits you and why! great and descriptive!
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Fantasy & Mythology

Your fairy tail life LONG RESULTS (GIR...

My frist ever quiz! I made up those characters! Their not in the anime

What's your inner demon?

Every human being fights off demons in their minds. Most fight off many. Find out which demon is your worst problem.

What Angel Or Demon Walks Amongst You

Just a quiz that you can take if bored, so take this awesome quiz!
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Build-a boy

· Animals
No!not build a bear silly gooses:)...take me!=)

What is your spirit animal?

· Animals
Have you ever wondered what your spirit animal is? Do you wonder how your personality reflects on soul? If so, then find out here ;-)
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School & Academics

Impossible riddles

More hard riddles released by the riddler. p.s join riddle masters group for hard riddles without choice answers
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What do people see you as?

How do people see you?

What Weapon Suits You?

Based on your personality and fighting stratigys, I will try to perfect the greatest fighting weapon for you to have. Hope you enjoy and please comment, heart, and follow...

Which of the Space Marine First Foundi...

Which Space Marine First Founding chapter from Warhammer 40k adheres most to your personality? Find out and take the quiz!
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Ow well do you know the creepypastas

· Scary
Its my first quiz and im a little confused on what to do right now.... So yea.... Lets begin shall we? Ps. Pastas: Jeff the killer, slenderman (maybe), masky, hoodie, tob...

Which Five Nights At Freddy's Anim...

· Scary
Gather up your knowledge and be sure to have fun! because with this quiz, you can see which one of the delightful (yet fearless) animatronics are you. (Because, it's ...

Creepypasta Horrors (Halloween)#1

· Scary
Happy Halloween my fellow quotevians . Yes halloween is today and its almost over but this is for the celebration sooo NO JUDGING . Now , This is to remind that Creepypas...

Truth or Dare with 5SOS!

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ALL IN THE TITLE! P.S. Results are sort-of long.


Find out what subjects relates to you. Find out which subject has made it inside your head.

How much of Fairy Tail do you know

How many questions can you answer are you the ultimate Fairy Tail fan find out!

Will You Get Kidnapped?

· Scary
This Quiz Tells You Whether Or Not You Are Going To Be Kidnapped. Are You? Are You Not? Take Quiz To Find Out :P

Which Divergent Faction are you?

Are you Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, Erudite, Factionless, or Divergent?

What type of girl are you?

What are you? Girly, tom boy, emo, or hipster

7 minutes in heaven *creepypasta*

Read the titles dummys Also girls only sorry

What Kind Of Neko are you?

Are you a cat, wolf, fox, bunny, or bear? >7<

Can You Survive My Haunted School?

· Scary
It's Halloween and I haven't made any quizzes in a LONG time. So,Happy Halloween and this quiz will be my comeback. :)

What O2L Song You Should Keep On Replay?

This Is My First Quiz So I Hope Its Not Too Bad! There Will Be More In The Future. This Quiz Will Tell You What O2L Song You Should Keep On Replay. As Im A Huge Fan Of Ou...

Random Role-play part 3

You have just gone through a terrifying transformation from your normal, every day self to a human-lizard creature. And if that isn't bad enough your little sister ju...

Your Style...

Find out what your style is!

My Psychos Part 5

· Scary
If you don't take this you'll die. Nah, but yeah do take this quiz. Your my all if you do, well all of you are my all. I'm hungry apples

If You Went to Hogwarts School of Witc...

I'm kind of obsessed with Harry Potter sooo.... Sorry?

The Forgotten Truth Part 7

· Scary
What will happen now? Will the Creepypasta free you? Or will Zalgo's plan succeed?

Who are you In HighSchool?

An Accurate Test on all social statuses in high school

What Mythical Creature are you?

Are you a magical unicorn? A mischievous fairy? Take this quiz to find out!

Your destined colour personality.

Jump into the realities of colours linked with personalities. Find out about how people look at you and what they feel when they're around you. Is it excitement? Fear...

The 2p Game

· Scary
No you are not playing a game show but a game they set for you. Hope you survive and don't get caught, NOW RUN!

Which Wasteland Character are you

These are my creepypasta first quiz ._.

What soda pop are you?

Sort of a follow up to "What Lipstick are you?"

The Pasta's Thoughts on your Perso...

· Humor
Dis is not a love quiz! It is simply to see if they would want to kill you or not!

Who is Your Autobot Guardian?

Title says all ^^^ :D (Btw, I do not own any of these pictures)

What's Your Personality

Are you The Nerdy One The Sporty One The Shy One or The Rebel

What would these band think of you?

Includes: -Black Veil Brides -Pierce The Veil -Falling In Reverse

What do the creepypasta think of you?

· Scary
Ever wonder what the creepypasta would think of you, well lets see.

Soul Eater Life.

· TV
It exactly what the title says it about so take it if you want.

Your Life at kuroshitsuji (Or black bu...

It what the title says this quiz is about. (This is my first what you life quiz for black butler or kuroshitsuji so yeah)

Are you adventurous?

This is a quiz i made for a school project! (i know; very weird but it is a project idea) so here i am! you guys dont actually have to do it but in the meantime here it i...

Which one of my OCs are you?

Includes: Vatican City (Italy & Romano's granddaughter), Arctic (oldest person in Hetalia), Antarctica (Arctic's brother), Luxembourg (Netherlands & Belgi...

What anime should you live in? ;3

Well? i know that anime is toooo awesome ~ so why not knowing what anime YOU should live in? maybe i'll write a fan fiction about the most popular result too~ :3 ...

Who Is Your Kpop/Jrock Lover 2?

So, since so many people were taking my first quiz that I just uploaded two days ago I decided to make another one. And, thank you guys so much for taking the first quiz!...

Survival of the Fittest wwyff8

Recap: previously you had entered Survival of the Fittest and started playing a game of fugitive!

7 Mins In Heaven.

Have fun with me, Mike, Evan, Jinx, Morgan and Kate >.<

Doctor Who : What companion are you?

· TV
Test out which companion you are like?

Which disney princess are you most like!

I've seen a lot of these but I tried my hardest doing this especially for my little sister. so check this quiz out and find out which Disney princess are you most li...

Infection ALERT

How will you do in when the infection starts spreading. This is a series that will follow your life from the begining, while you battle trying to stay alive and maby fall...

Welcome to Slender Mansion! #2 *the sl...

· Scary
This quiz is when you guys have a sleep over at your apartment! (pictures do not belong to me)

How Well Do You Know The Joker?

· Movies
Find out how much you really know about our beloved Mista J!

Your anime boyfriend.

You are otaku?You want to see who are ideal anime boyfriend?Let start a quiz!

Zombie apocalypse

· Scary
Find out long long you would survive in a zombie apocalypse

What mythical creature are you?

Read the title, also my first quiz!

Your Life In Fairy Tail :3

Who are you in Fairy Tail?

What kind of cliche anime girl are you?

· TV
Take this quiz to find out if you are the tomboy,the shy one, the outgoing one ,the flirty one , the smart one ,the younger one, the leader or just always hungry! :P

Are you a SUPERHERO?

I will show you if you are a super hero or not and if you will pass my craaaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyyyyyy insutoot and yesh i do know i spelled that wrong ~`^`~ = Jazz hands

Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle are ...

· Movies
Michaelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, or Donatello? This quiz will help determine which turtle you are!

What Kind of Ghost are you?

· Scary
Ghosts... The souls that can't move on, or don't want to move on in the after life. Whether it's something bad they had done while they were alive or protect ...

Boyfriend Quiz (Supernatural Beings)

Anubis and Wilson have two very different personalities... and views. Anubis is a half angel, half demon. His father disowned him and his best friend is a witch who he sa...

What is your life rated

Are you pg, pg 13 etc. ? idk but we'll find out.

Slender Woods (Part 3)

You've got 2 pages! Can you find another one?

Who would your Angel Beats best friend...

All in the title, guys! Love oo! Thanks for taking, leave a like, love and comment if you can!

Are you beautiful ?

DO people find you attractive ? GIRLS ONLY SORRY ☺

Find out the Story of the real you.

Take this quiz to find what your story is. (Short Quiz with Long Results) Please like, comment, and share. Thanx :)

Trapped in minecraft: Herobrines curse...

I can't believe it's only episode 12...

Name the pokemon 2!

Hello everybody this is my second name the pokemon! Unlike the first one, this one will have an averagy difficulty.

Does she like you ?

♥ so i did one of these before but it was does HE like you ♥ ♥ i feel like there isn't enough 'does she like you' quizzes ♥ so here it is ... hope y...

The Hobbit Adventures (6) Peace or Mis...

What will happen now? What will happen during the stay of the unexpected guests? What's gonna happen during their stay Find out The Hobbit and characters:...

Adventure Time Quiz! Unitato

· TV
Hey guys, this is my first quiz so don't hate or anything! I'm completely new to this stuff! So... Yeah! And it's pretty easy so lot's of you will probab...

Which Warrior Cat are you(The New Prop...

· Animals
Out of a selected few warrior cats in The New Prophecy, which one are you? *SPOILER ALERT*

Which Evil Warrior Cat are you?

· Books
Which of the evil warrior cats are you? *SPOILERS*

Halloween night with 5SOS (Part2)

This is Halloween night with 5SOS part2 if you're in halloween mood take it.But first you have to take part1 Halloween night with 5SOS (Part1)

Will you survive in the world of Soul ...

Prepare yourself as you enter the crazy mixed - up world of Death City!
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