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Fantasy & Mythology

Who's Your Mythical Soul Mate?

A relationship with a mythical creature can be exiting, romantic and a little bit dangerous. Comment and favorite please ♥

Wings and Powers

Angelic or destined for devine evil? Find out! Results may not be to everyone's liking.

Your Hogwarts Life-LONG RESULTS (I pro...

What would your life at Hogwarts be like? Includes everything you can think of! Sorry if many people have done these...
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Career & Goals

Your Future Life

Take this incredible quiz to find out about your future!Husband,house,kids,pets,job,poorness and richness,happiness or sadness.

Your baby, name, what type of birth, a...

All about what baby you will have, how it is born, what it looks like, and tons more!

Which Victoria's Secret Angel are ...

Which glamorous, breath-taking, superior, and oh-so-chic Victoria's Secret Angel are you? Can you strut your stuff on the run-way like the beloved Candice Swanepoel, ...
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Stormcloak or Imperial; what side shou...

This was a hard choice for me so I have made a quiz to help others by giving them my opinion based on their answers.

What Do People See You As?

How do you think people see you?

Are you Psychic?

Find out if you are psychic, and if so, what ability you have.
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Madness kills our wonderland

· Scary
WARNING: BLOOD,GORE AND VIOLENCE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. So if you haven't already guess, yes this quiz will be based around the game 'Alice Madness Returns...

Creepy pasta boyfriend?

· Scary
All in the tittle lovelies. includes: BEN drowned, Eyeless Jack, jeff the killer, Laughing jack, slendy, hoodie masky and smiley.lost silver isnt in here cuz he's min...

Would you survive the Creepypastas?

· Scary
I had to take a break from the Sequel so, this is what I got :3 Also, spoiler alert there is a story at the end of how you survived or die >;)
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Cars & Vehicles

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School & Academics

What Language Should You Learn?

Want to learn a foreign language? Yes? Awesome! Try this quiz to see what you might be good at doing! And foreign languages look GREAT on college applications, just sayin...

What would your life be as a WWE diva?

Do you want to know what your life as a WWE diva would be like? Take this quiz and find out.

What school of magic are you most skil...

See what school of magic fits your personality! Do you like to conjure up creatures and demons? Maybe alter the material universe? Or perhaps you are destructive. No?...
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Love & Friendship

Create a Boyfriend (Long Results)

A fun quiz to find out what man candy you get.

Who is your secret lover?

Find out what kind of guy loves u secretly
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What How to Train Your Dragon Characte...

· Movies
Are you as big of a How to Train Your Dragon fan as I am? Do you love all the Characters. From Hiccup to Toothless, along with Astrid and your other Berk Favorites. Tak...

Who is Your Transformers Ally?

· Movies
Find out who your Transformers ally would be in this quiz. Don't be shy, they won't least some of them won't if you're careful enough. Discl...
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What Horse Job is Right For You?

· Animals
Simple, what job with horses is best for you? Take this quiz to find out!

Are you more dog or cat?

· Animals
Read the title man.

What wolf would you be in my pack?

· Animals
For girls and boys. what werewolf would you be in the book i'm writing... lets find out!
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Food & Drinks

Are you having fun in your life

Hey this quiz will help you with your problems and if you have a hard one talk to me it some like too much drink and other stuff

What Ice Cream flavor are you?

It's in the title honey if you love ice cream then come and take this quiz. You are either chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or caramel. mmm yummy. Just talking about t...

Are you healthy? :D

Title:DD It's the secret...;P
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Which one of my OC are you?

Four girls and four stories. Every of this girls has her own legend. So, and here is typical personality quiz about who are you mostly like! Take it, girl, if you dare! ...

Your 5sos prom....*super long results*

Who of the 5sos boys will you spend the most magical night of your life with?.........

Creepypasta bf quiz!

Heyo I'm skully (oc) most people just call me Jess. And welcome to my first quiz! I tried making another one but it went all weird so I need to start again ; 3 ; hope...
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Which one direction member will fall i...

· Music
Which one direction member will fall in love with you at first sight.

1D Truth or Dare

· Music
(LONG RESULTS!) Okay playing Truth and Dare with 1D, what's going to happen? :D

Your One Direction Lover *Long Results*

· Music
Who's your perfect 1D guy? Oh, and I promise not to beg you to like this/follow me (;
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Harry Potter Life

· Books
This is your Harry Potter life! Includes name, age, appearance, house, boyfriend, best friend, personality, family, friends, enemies, back story, all years at Hogwarts, w...

What supernatural being are you?

· Books
Find out what supernatural creature you would be form choices of angels, shape shifters, mermaids, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, wizards, and fairies. NEW RESULTS COMING ...

What's your life? (Harry Potter Quiz!)...

· Books
Which character fits you best and what is YOUR life in Harry Potter? (FYI, this quiz has VERY long results, so just a heads up :) )
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Who Likes You? (Yu-Gi-Oh Love Quiz)

· TV
Take this quiz to find out who from Yu-Gi-Oh likes you! Results include: Marik, Bakura, Yami, Yugi, Duke, Ryou, Seto, Yami Marik and joey. Hope you like it! VERY LONG RES...

Your Young Justice Life

· TV
A very detailed description of your backstory, how you came to be on the team, who your friends are, and who your boyfriend is. Yes, it's one of those. It includes se...

Which Austin & Ally Character are ...

· TV
Which Awesome Austin & Ally Character are you most like? ♥
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Just For Fun

A night with The Big Four Part 3 w/ El...

Your spending another night with the Big Four and this time they've invited Elsa and Anna

Origami I

A Black Butler RP- "Alright, just bend-! Ouch! Hey- No! The other way-! Ow~!" "Ah! Move it! The way we're-... Ow... folding... makes me think of, heh-"...

Which GOT7 member is your boyfriend

Curious about who is your future boyfriend in GOT7? Then this quiz is just for you.
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Beauty & Vanity

What Unique Hairstyle best suits you?

What unusual hair colour and style is best for you? Includes: colour, style and length. PLEASE DON'T STEAL ANY OF THE PICTURES OR IDEAS

Whats Is Your Polyvore Outfit

What kind of style do you have? All Polyvore outfits!

How thick/healthy is your hair?

Find out the healthiness and thickness of your hair!
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Video Games

Which Pokémon BW Character are you?

Which main character from the Pokémon game Black/White are you? (This is not about the anime.)

What Gen. 5 Event Pokemon are you?

Generation 5 was one of my favorite Pokemon generations and I love the event Pokemon that were given out during this time. I have decided to make a little personality qui...
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Football Positions

· Sports
In the sport of association football, each of the eleven players on a team is assigned to a particular position on the field of play. A team is made up of one goalkeeper ...

What sport should you play?

· Sports
Ever wanted to know which sport you could play?
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Celebrities & Fame

What does 5SOS think of you?

Do they like you? Or really don't like you?

Fight With Your One Direction BF!(Long...

This is my first quiz so yea:) Link to Part 2 included:)

Talking with Tom Hiddleston

What kind of impression would you give Tom Hiddleston? Are you the over excited fan girl? The cool one? How about the hater? Come on you know you want to find out ;). (Sh...
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Slender In-game-reality(Cry, PewDiePie...

· Humor
Part six in this epic journey! I would like to thank Kei-Chan for helping me with this part. It's out....finally....*falls on face*

The Impossible Quiz 2

· Humor
This is just like the first quiz, but you get the pleasure of listening to the troll song while taking it if you wish. I added an optical illusion into this one. Enjoy! ^...

What barbie character are you?

· Humor
This may or may not be legit. Find out your self by taking this quiz. GIRL CHARACTERS ONLY
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New »

Which Mythical Creature are you?

Contrary to popular belief, mythical beasts are real. Don't listen to grown-ups and mean ol' siblings. They are 100% real. The real question is: Which one are YOU...

WHAT! the turtles might be crushing. P...

Who came in your room? Was it a friend or foe? Find out in part 3!

Do you still have an imaginary friend ...

This is my first quiz. Some people talk to themselves, is it because in their mind they are talking to someone or are they talking to a ghost? What do you think you will ...

Which Harry Potter character are you?

· Movies
Female results only. Shortish results.

What Superpower would you have quiz

What superpower would you have, some of these are way over powered so be as truthful as possible!

Your Dream-Girl

(Guys only; unless you're a girl and you're into this sort of thing)

What color are you

Title says it all also first quiz!

What black veil brides song are you?

· Music
These songs can be your answer, Fallen Angels, Youth and Whiskey, Devils Choir, Ressurect the sun, or In The End. ^_^

What fandom do you belong in?

What fandom do you belong in according to your personality? Includes: The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who and Percy Jackson.

What Would Allen Walker Think of You I...

Don't take this personally, It's just for fun haha :3

What Lord of the Flies Character are y...

This is a personality quiz I wrote for school but I hope you enjoy it anyway. It will include Ralph, Jack, Simon, Piggy, Sammeric, and The Beast.

Which Youtuber do you act most likely

Let see which you tuber are you more like ( Sienna, mike, bartender & michelle)

What should you be when you grow up?

I was thinking to myself lately, what did I want to be when I grow up? And I would say to myself there is to much for me to count on what I want to do, I want to be and e...

Which SHINee Song are you Like?

All in the title~ So far there are four possible results. If you like this Quiz, leave a "♥" and a comment~

Fears regular day

Lets annoy Fear. (lets hope he doesn't kill us)

True Bro Quiz

Find out if you're a true bro or if you're not. Pewdiepie's Bros... Yes. Pewdiepie's Bros, not your sibling brother, Pewdiepie's fanbase.

How well do you know Marvel? (Movie wi...

· Movies
This quiz is only for those who know anything and everything about the Marvel movies. WARNING: There may be some spoilers for those of you who have not seen all of the mo...

Future Life! *longish results*

The title says it all! But, this is my first quiz so please be nice(:

Who is secretly crushing on you?

Ever wondered who is your secret admirer? Find out! girls only! 6 results :)

My Psychos part 2

· Scary
Well as you know it's part 2. This will be mainly about Sulphur, B3/you, the notorious Director, and sorta Andrew and James. That's all got, so yeah. Live, love,...

In Love- part 13

Sorry i have not been posting new chapters... But i hope you like it..! ♥ i missed you guys

Which girl of The Vampire Diaries are ...

· TV
Click above to find out ^ |

Which Greek God or Goddess are you?

Which Greek God or Goddess will your personality betray?


· TV
This shouldn't be here!

Who is your dream guy?

I know so mainstream but I couldn't help it!

What LPS Popular character are you

Remember if you get Brooke stop being mean even if you go to the doctor to make you nicer they can't cut into your soul your the only one who can change you.

Create your perfect boyfriend~VERY lon...

I know there are a billion of these but you should take this one, you won't regret it (: ♥

Which Team Satisfaction Member of Yugi...

· TV
Who's right for you? The Handsome Yusei Fudo, the fiery Jack Atlas, the down to earth Crow Hogan, or the mysterious Kalin Kessler? Take this quiz to find out! (A/...

What does Freddy Krueger think of you?

· Scary
Freddy can make you pass the best dream or the worst nightmare...

Who are you?

Who are you in a story?

Sleepover with The Big Four part5

Yay it's late at night but I don't care!Anyways...Here's part 5!

What faction are you?

· Books
This is the actual quiz from the book. CREDITS TO VERONICA ROTH AND PUBLISHER!

What Espada wants to marry you?

This marital quiz is mainly about YOU, not really the guys in the results but whatever. Have you noticed boy/girlfriend quizzes are about what we want, but what if our ch...

Are you Beautiful (Honest Results)

This is just a quiz for me to tell you the honest about if i think your beautiful or not. I'm sorry if this offends anyone.

Trapped in Amnesia!

Well, I'm doing one of these, so... Yep. But hey, I think they're fun, so here you go! All I can see is blackness. Perfect darkness surrounds my vision. I can&...

What warrior rank are you?

Based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Stories at the end!

Your 5SOS Relationship.

I would say read the title but you already have. Please note none of the results have been edited yet and I will eventually edit them at my own pace. Thank you c:

What magical animal watches over you?

Take the quiz and find out! first one of these quizzes sorry is it sucks.

Which of my werewolves are you?

Based off the Packs and Renegades in my story The Renegade Wolves.

How Strong are you as an Arrancar?

Quizilla’s shuttin’ down; I’m going to post and repost my what-not here :D These are my calculations and estimations, how proficient you are in lethality as an Arra...

Create your own Demi-Goddess for Camp ...

As the title says ^^^^ i do not own the pics.

Witch one of my creepypasta ocs are you?

With Cuz,Me,Nerfquke and Blackish There is one boy he's called Nerfquake....

What do you hide behind your eyes?

What do you hide behind your eyes?

What Faction are you?

Take the aptitude test. Don't worry, I don't have to inject you with a serum.

On Which House Would The Sorting Hat S...

· Books
Will it be Hufflepuff, where the patient and loyal go? Or Ravenclaw, where the ones with wit and wisdom are? Perhaps Slytherin, if you are cunning enough? Or maybe Griffi...

Are you ok?

Find out what might you have been wanting people to know, but have too scared to tell them.

Tricky Trivia... :P

· Music
Are you sure you know everything about ONE DIRECTION.. Well here is a trivia that can prove it.. Good Luck..xx

Vampire Or Werewolf?

I prefer Werewolves, but I'd like to see who you get at the end and who is your true lover/soul mate........

What do the CreepyPastas Think of You:...

· Scary
Finally, last but not least is number 3! Hope you enjoyed these.

Who are you from Black butler?

Does it really need a description? A short quiz, which includes results only from season 1.

Truth or Dare with the Big Four (plus ...

Make sure you did the first part before :3 Anyway, today's quiz is gonna be a Truth or Dare game with the Big Four and our special guest ;)

Your Anime Character

What type of person would you be if you were in an anime? ^.^

How well do you know Pewdiepie?*

The ultimate pewdiepie quiz! You a true bro? PROVE IT! The best and most original....Pewduckpie test! Oh wait....Pewduckpie? PEWDIEPIE! I found out that the world Isn...

What Anime Should You Be In?

What Anime should YOU be in? Take this quiz to find out! Includes: Naruto/Soul Eater/Hetalia/Fairy Tail

In A Past Life... (Fiction Edition)

Who were you? Do you dare to know?

Which 5 Seconds of Summer lad is best ...

· Music
Are you a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer, but can't decide which boy is your favourite (or which one you're going to get married to and live happily ever after with.)...

Which goddess are you?

So, there are a bunch of goddesses from different countries and cultures, and there's a piece of goddess in everyone! Which goddess are YOU?

Which WWE Shield Member Should you Date?

Just want to see which Shield member you would get. But you can't have Dean he's mine! ;)

What anime world do you live in?

Says it right in the title! do you live in the world of Attack on titan? death note? black butler? chobits? soul eater? only one way to find out!

What warrior cat are you?

· Books
What type of cat would you be if you were a warrior? What clan? Results also include a short background. This only has she-cats in it, but I'll be making another quiz...

What picture he will put as his phone&...

· Music
Take this quiz and find out what picture he will set as his lock screen? do give me suggestions on what my next poll should be and hope you like this!

Your Perfect Boyfriend

Find out which guy is best for you! Long story results with pictures:)
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