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ROTG 7 Minutes In Heaven

· Movies
This is actually only for Jack Frost but your choices affect the ending.There are 4 endings. 1)nothing 2)friendzone 3)rejection 4)love also,this is my first quiz sorry if...

The Aptitude Test

· Movies
What faction do you belong in? Erudite, the intelligent; Abnegation, the selfless; Dauntless, the brave; Amity, the peaceful; or Candor, the honest? Or are you DIVERGENT?

Which animated character is your boyfr...

· Movies
Every girl knows they like at least one animation character! Well... in this test, you can find out your perfect match! Enjoy! :) (You can have either Jack Frost, Nod, Kr...
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Beauty & Vanity

What Is Your Style?

Can I help you find your style? Results are girly, grunge, casual, indie/hipster, and sporty. All of these pictures are from Tumblr.

Dream Girl ♥

Find which girl suits you. Do you like outgoing, nice, pretty, etc, this is the quiz for you!

Which swimsuit suits you the best?

The perfect swimsuit for a perfect summer. ♥
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Video Games

In-Game Reality (Slender) - Part 2

With Tobuscus and PewDiePie :P

Touhou Character Quiz

One of those "which Touhou character are you?" quizzes. I tried to make the paths a little less obvious than other quizzes I've tried, so it should be harder ...

Who's Your Matesprit?

Lowblood beta trolls, since I can't really fit them all on a quiz. so, who would it be?
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What is your spirit animal?

· Animals
Everyone has an animal inside of them that guides and shapes thier spirit. What is you're spirit animal? And dont expect the quiz to be serious, I cant be calm and my...

Your Teen Titan Life.

· Animals
What one of my characters are you? I drew the pictures :]

What type of horse suits you ?

· Animals
What the title says ^
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Career & Goals

Future family #10:

Another one becuz i'm lame. includes: description, job, house, pets, husband, children, grandchildren, etc..

Your Future Life

Take this incredible quiz to find out about your future!Husband,house,kids,pets,job,poorness and richness,happiness or sadness.

Your way to kill

Which type of killing would suit you best? ^-^
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Naruto Kitten life! Part 7

· Humor
A NEW ONE ALREADY! Hey! I told you I was going to have shorter between these now!

Can I make you say AWW, SO CUTE, HAHAH...

· Humor
This is the second one to my first one. It's funny and adorable! I hope you will like it! :)

Your CreepyPasta Adventure Pt.2

· Humor
You broke your wrist and you are in a mystery house with even more mysterious people! What's going on?
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Your Own Hogwarts Character!

· Books
LLLOOONNNGGG results! Who are you? who are your friends? who is your boyfriend? what do the existing characters think about you? What is your personality?

What book are you from?

· Books
Mostly for girls, since all of the results (except for one) have a female main character. Otherwise... ENJOY:) Comment your results and feedback!

Your Harry Potter Life!

· Books
Your Harry Potter Life. Your own character!
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Which The Walking Dead guy would be yo...

· TV
Hey guys! A word of advise: answer truthfully, not what you think your favorite guy would answer, and see who you would really get! :D. Let me know who you got, what I di...

Hetalia Seven Minutes In Heaven

· TV
Your invited to a party at England's house, and all the other countries are there. America just announced 7 Minutes In Heaven. Oh Dear...

What Do The Hetalia Characters Think o...

· TV
My first quiz! So what do the countries think of you? Do they think you are too quiet, crazy, or peaceful? You can find out in this quiz! This will tell you what city or ...
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Your Life As A Celeb!

If you were a celebrity...what will you be famous for? Who will you get married to? How many children? Your house, pets, job and YOU! <LONG QUIZ&RESULTS> 1D,JB ...

Your Other Self

There is another girl. She is inside you. Whenever it hurts in your heart, it is her fighting and bearing the pain so you won't feel too much. Who is she?

Whats your weakness?

^^Title my little panda bears~^^
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Creepypasta Night!

^^ up there, peoples ^^

Your Divergent Life *EXTREMELY DETAILE...

Your Divergent Life really detailed and fun. Sorry guys, girls only!
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Fantasy & Mythology

What's your element?

You'll get you're element, boyfriend, looks and what people think of you.


If you are obsessed with Percy Jackson you'll love this quiz! This is an actually ACCURATE quiz on who your godly parent would be if you were a demigod! I tried to make t...

What Mythological creature are you?(Mo...

Ever wonder what mythological creature you would be if you were one? I'm not just talking about fairies, trolls, and dragons, I'm also talking about less common creatures...
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Love & Friendship

You're Anime Life!

(Please ignore all the spelling mistake's and stuff, and the way you enter an Anime will most likely be the same each time :3 ) HOW YOU ENTER THE ANIME, YOUR BF, YOU...

Create your best bf ;) + story

Girls only. unless bi or somethin like that. WARNING! no emo pics ;)just cute ones.

Who is your EXO soulmate(plus story li...

So who is it ? plus a story line XD exo-m-k ! exotics !
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Spin the Bottle 1D and MB

· Music
We have Justin Beiber,Mindless Behavior,One Direction

Which KPop band was made for you?

· Music
From G-Dragon to Super Junior, this quiz will let you know which band you should listen to :)

Do you know the 5SOS lyrics?

· Music
Test your fan knowledge on the great and wonderful music that is made by the best Aussies in the world.
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Creepypasta- 7 Minutes in Heaven

· Scary
7 minutes in heaven, with a twist.

Which Creepypasta Will Kill You?

· Scary
A little morbid, yes, but I figured it would be a fun thing to try. Anyways, I needed to post a quiz. I tried to make this interactive, alongside something that really sh...
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Just For Fun

Your OC in SnK, Attack on Titan Your C...

Want to find out who your own character would be in Attack on Titan, come find out!

What planet and human can I think of f...

I have a set of planets and teens, and I also have questions for you to answer. Lets get started!

7 Minutes in ANIME HEAVEN

3 Anime boys from 4 different animes! Sorry that Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, or any other popular anime are in there...I might add Death Note later. ;)
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Cars & Vehicles

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School & Academics

Personality Quiz(:

In this quiz you will learn your true, emotional personality & weather others like you. (:

Witch element lives in you?

Find out witch element lives an thrives in your exsitance an then learn to use it
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Food & Drinks

What kind of ice cream would you be?

Ice cream is a pretty awesome food if I do say do myself, so why not be ice cream! I'm just trying to think of stuff to wright here and this is the best I have okay! ...

What Type Of Pie are you?

This quiz tells you what type of pie you are based on your personality!Are you apple, blueberry, strawberry, lemon meringue, pumpkin, chocolate cream, peach or banana cre...

What Drink are you?

The title says it all, Find out what drink you are!
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Celebrities & Fame

Your 1D Breakup/Makeup

Title says it all, love! *Short results*

One Direction BIG Fight

Basically you have a fight with your 1D guy!What causes the fight and how do you make up?LONG RESULTS

5SOS fight c:

Wey hey i was bored and i love 5sos c:
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Your song

· Music
Find out which song describes you best!

The "Compare" Quiz.

Just decide who's better.

What creepypasta are you most like

· Scary
This is not a regular main stream question quiz

What Cute Anime Movie Should You Watch?

· Movies
From: Ponyo, Wolf children, Arrietty, Whisper of the heart or The girl who leapt through time.

Minecraft: dead men walkin' part 2...

Part twooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Minecraft: dead men walkin' (with ...

This series has adam,ty,mitch,jason,jerome,and pewdiepie.enjoy!

Witch one of my Warrior Cat OCs are you?

· Books
Results are: Cinderstream (Me) Silversong, Blackpelt or Ravenclaw?

Would we get along?

Title says it all.

What Band Member Likes You The Most?

Kinda says it in thy title...

Friendship is magic

Which friendship is magic protagonist are you? applejack? rarity? twilight sparkle? rainbow dash? fluttershy? pinkiepie? spike? chances are you'll get a girl so chill...

Are you Truly A Uke Or Seme?

Lets see if you really are a uke or a seme.

Into The Woods (P.2)

(Supernatural 5 Seconds of Summer X Reader) *Part 2! Go back and read part one in my profile first!* And, now, we have one question: Will you make it?

Dreamer WWYFF #1

Here's a 'Who Would You Fall For' quiz! Read the quiz and pick your responses, lets see who you get! Basically you are a 16 year old girl who seems to get Dre...

What would Ciel Phantomhive think of y...

Would Ciel Phantomhive like you? Love you? Or hate you? We shall see!

Which of my favorite gum flavors are y...

I really like gum, so here's a quiz about gum!

Creepy pasta boyfriend

· Scary
Sorry if it sucks.. I tried this is gonna have ticci toby, jeff the killer, ben drowned, and eyeless jack as results there will be more next time >.<

Which character from Naruto are you mo...

· TV
This is just a personality quiz based on my favorite anime show "Naruto Shippuden" I hope you guys like this quiz, it's my first one, and I always wanted to m...

How much do you know about TOMB RAIDER?

Based on entire series, good luck. Hard questions.

Which Mean Girls character are you?

· Movies
Take the quiz to see how fetch you are! BTW, girls only!

What's your faction from Divergent?

Take this survey and find out your faction! Basically a simplified aptitude test.

Your Mermaid Life

Your Mermaid life This quiz comes complete with powers, what your tail would look like, a little about your personality, and some of your mermaid life. This quiz is of c...

Meeting the Big Four

Girls only please

Name That Anime Chararcter!

· TV
^ Read the title, man!

Would I think you were cool?

The tittle says it all peoples.

What Type of Person are you?

Have you ever wondered what type of person you REALLY are? Find out!

Which Pretty Little Liar are you most ...

This is my first quiz so please go easy on me! This quiz is too see who you are most like in Pretty Little Liars. You can get Aria, Spencer, Hannah, Emily, and Allison. h...

Shadows Destiny Part 1

· Scary
Your destiny awaits

Would You Last A Whole Date With Weepi...

Please don't judge this is my first quiz.i'm still trying to figure things out here.

What type of music are you addicted to?

· Music
Have you ever wondered what music is your drug? Maybe you do know and are just trying to prove to your friends that your truly are. Genres are: Pop, Country, Rap, and ...

Chat with Dan and Phil

It says everything in the title.

Which Warriors character are you?

If you have read the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, this is the quiz for you! Take this quiz to see whether you are: Leafpool, Brambleclaw, Yellowfang, or Graystripe

What kind of guy would you be?

This is a quiz to see what kind of boy you would be! Please be honest with this! You need to answer honestly to know if you want an honest answer! Any way ENJOY!

Which ghost protects you?

GIRLS ONLY! SORRY BOYS! sorry if the results are completely wrong...

Your perfect boyfriend :)

For girls and boys! Warning: Longgg

WHAT! the turtles might be crushing. P...

Where's your friend? We you get her out safely? Will YOU come out safely? And what about the guys? Click here to find out!

Horror story with 5SOS part 3

· Scary
This is tye part 3 of the quiz. Hope you like it!

What non-popular Creepypasta would go ...

· Scary
This is about A few creepypastas that dont get much attention

What Level of Fangirl are you?

Ever wonder what fangirl level you're at? Well, come take my quiz! It doesn't matter what fandom you are!

What's your personality/what type ...

It's all in the title (short results)

What does Gray Fullbuster lthink of you?

What the Title says. Girls only

Who would you be in my guild?

· Books
Who are you most like in my guild? This is a Fairy Tail RP/ FF guild.

Are you OK?

Are you depressed? i hope this quiz will help you.. (has long answers)

What Kind of Story are you?

Hope you enjoy, this is my first quiz.

Your OHSHC Life & Love

This is my first quiz. GIRLS ONLY, sorry Guys. This quiz will tell you what your life would be like in Ouran High School, all the things you would normally find (name, ag...

A chat with Mayu Suzumoto

Hi! I just wanted to make you know Mayu...

What kind of legendary fox pokemon are...

Always had a connection to fox Pokemon? Let's find out witch one you are! (I am only using the evolutions of the fox's, with the exception of Eevee, because Eeve...

Which Fandom do you belong in?

· Books
How you be? I'm darkowl. This is my first quiz so.. wish me luck. You want to know which Fandom you belong in? Take this quiz. There are four answers you can get.

Who's Your Fashion Sister?

Find out which celebrity you dress like.

How Well do you Know the Divergent Tri...

· Books
To do this quiz, you need to have read all three of the Divergent books (not Four). So, you think you're an initiate? Let's find out.

Do you know Pewdiepie?

NO GOOGLING >:C this is my first quiz tho xD it's pretty hard xD

Which car was made for you ?

Lets see what sexy car you get from my hot/WANT list. ( its true I have a list of cars I want but will never have :'( WHYyy ) boys and girls

Who are you In A Story?

Are you the hero, the villain, the best bud, or some other random guy!

How much do you know about Magolor?

HAI HAI HAI! First quiz! :D Hope you enjoy! (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS FOR KIRBY'S RETURN TO DREAMLAND AHEAD!) How much do you truly know about Magolor? Well-- Magol...

What would I think of you?

As the title says, what would I think of you? Click and take to find out! *THESE RESULTS ARE JUST FOR FUN. PLEASE DON'T TAKE OFFENCE*

Which Once Upon a Time Character are y...

· TV
We all love the characters from once upon a time, know you can see who you would be!

What type of person are you?

Well the title say it all. this is to figure out who YOU really are. Girls only this time sorry fellas!

My New Life 1

· Scary
This is an rp so if you don't like it don't you know take it. Please no hate please! Long results as well and I'm sorry but this is only for girls or you know...

What does Sasuke think of you?

Follow me babys i am aiming for 100 followers!

Aren't I Normal? Creepypastas: Par...

· Humor
Hey! This is part 5! Sorry I couldnt update quick, its just that Quotev was being a fudge nugget to me and wouldnt let me save so...tough luck, huh? Thats why the results...

Guess the Song!

· Music
See if you can name all these low rider oldies!

What is your Common Characteristic?

Find out what one of your characteristics.

What Espada Would Want to Marry You? [...

I made an Espada Husband quiz but now I want to make a wife/bride quiz. It includes the girls somehow related to the Espada. So yeah, here it is. Have fun.
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