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Who will be your boyfriend from those ...

· TV
Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Joseph Morgan, Ezra Fitz, Toby Cavanaugh or Caleb Rivers? who will be your boyfriend? shows: teen wol...

What Black Butler character are you?

· TV
What Black Butler character are you! Including Sebastian, Grell, Undertaker, Ciel, Alois, Claude, William, or Madam Red!
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How Many Days at Freddy Fazbear's ...

· Scary
This is my first quiz here, so enjoy! So do you feel confident that you'd last long? Well, prove it. Take this quiz to find out. This my first quiz, so it might suck....

Creepy Pasta: Offender...? Part 6

· Scary
Slenderman's brothers come to visit...but Let's just say Offender isn't a bright one...

Your Creepypasta Life!

· Scary
Kinda self explanatory, This is the 2nd one of these I am making, soooo yeah^.^
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How do you tell people how your feeling?

· Sports
Just a quiz i made out of boredom and dont yell at me for results ok this is a dumb quiz its not accurate and doesnt describe everyone!

What Street Style Suits You Best

· Sports
Questions in the title...❤❤ by the way these are not all the street styles there is but these are just a select few :)

Your Life in WWE

· Sports
Title Says All! And sorry if some((Most)) of the links don't work, this is my first quiz, so sorry! Also, enjoy at free will!
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Love & Friendship

Your EXO boyfriend

Title says it all! :D

Your Next BoyFriends Name And What He ...

You Really wanna know who your NEXT boyfriend will BE? And what he will look like? Well take this quiz and youll find out:) Then comment and tell me who you got and what ...

Michael Clifford Sees You As A ....?

This quiz is to see what Michael Clifford would view you as. Would he view you as a sister, a girlfriend, a competitor, or a best friend. Find out here :D So answer the 1...
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Who's Your Naruto Boyfriend?

· Music
Stories coming soon with results (Gaara, Kankuro, and Naruto DONE) *WARNING* if you haven't watched Shippuden, there will be some spoilers

What does Roc royal think of you?

· Music
Chicks only!If you ever meet...
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Beauty & Vanity

What Type of Prom Dress Suits your Sty...

Find your prom dress! Not perfect, sorry I'm lame.

What Is Your Perfect Tattoo?

Take this quiz to find the best tattoo for you...

уσυя ρσℓуνσяє συтƒιт 3

Yep all mine. Pretty recent. No hates please. Girls only sorry guys. Thanks for taking xx
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Cars & Vehicles

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Your Demigod/HoO Life

· Books
This shows your cabin, bffs, crush.(Girls only) and a quick backstory. Warning: Longish results.

What is you Percy Jackson life.

· Books
JUST FOR GIRLS! Who is your: Bf Bff Godly parent And your story
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Conversation with the big four (part 3)

· Movies
Sorry, no Elsa and Anna! Welcome back! I have the aweshum big four with me! And... Wait what? And... Nothing else but me and the big four! Yay..?(Sorry, no guys :()

Who would you be in Big hero 6?

· Movies
Your story on how you met the gang and what they think of you

Who is your Twilight boyfriend?

· Movies
Find out if you meant to be with a werewolf or a vampire. *WARNING LONG RESULTS* 'When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, its not reasonabl...
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Are you a fox or wolf?

· Animals
Just to see which one you are fox,or wolf. ^ ^ for fun don't get mad if it's not what you thought.

What Is Your Elemental Wolf Form?

· Animals
The title SHOULD explain it. :) I found sum kewl pictures too, so I hope the results are as kewl as the pix are!
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School & Academics

Creepypasta High School: Part 20

Holy cheese sauce, what happened last time? ...Oh yeah! The most epic of epic snowball wars ever!

Hetalia World Academy Part 2

Is [y/n] going to like the W Academy?

How your life would be as a Kingdom Ke...

Find out what your life would be like as a KK! Including your school grades, and what people think of you! (Girls only)
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Food & Drinks

5sos are Demigods? (Part 7)

You and the boys are in an abandoned warehouse, hiding from Tom and Carter. Serene comes to you in a vision, telling you to choose a weapon: a staff, a bow and arrow, a k...

What kind of drinker are you?

We all like to THINK we are, but how do you really know?...

What Kind Of Cookie are you

Tells you what kind of cookie you are and an explanation to go with it. Are you a chocolate chip, shortbread, gingerbread, macaroon, oatmeal raisin, oreo, sugar, or a whi...
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Career & Goals

What is your Fate?

Who better to ask than the girl herself? Fate would be happy to share your destiny.


Like the board game but better, because it's electronic

Your Dance Moms Life!

I Wonder? Hope You Enjoy Loves:)
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Celebrities & Fame

5sos love triangle

Two boys one girl... Doesn't really need anything else to describe it really.

Celebrity Life

Your life as a celebrity. Simple as that.
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The Impossible Quiz 2

· Humor
This is just like the first quiz, but you get the pleasure of listening to the troll song while taking it if you wish. I added an optical illusion into this one. Enjoy! ^...

Funny one direction sleepover

· Humor
Note:you fall in love at the end (girls only)

Black Butler Rping(role playing)

· Humor
Can you read?/we're rping with black butler!
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Your Anime Life

This quiz includes a picture of you and your anime boyfriend. Also yours and his personality and daily routine.^-^ Enjoy

You're a country. Who should you b...

It's not what you need, what you lack or what you are like. It's what you WANT.
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Just For Fun

What Does Nico Di Angelo Think Of You?

Does Nico love you? Hate you? Not care? Find out in this quiz! This is my third quiz, thanks for all your love on 1st and 2nd ♥! I also made a Nico x Reader fanf...

Magcon truth or dare

Shawn mendes, nash grier, cameron dallas,and carter reynolds

The adorable test

How long do you think you can stand the adorableness.......of yourself! only for girls.
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Fantasy & Mythology

What are you? (Please read description)

Okay, so the results are related to two of my stories. Actually my whole own anime world, if that makes sense. So if you don't understand something, feel free to ask?

What is your hidden superpower?

Find out your hidden superpower, plus a story! Answers include: telepathy, spirit walker, healer, and seeing the past.
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Video Games

Twilight Academy Part 2

Second part of the Twilight Academy series. Where you are a new student in the boarding school Twilight Academy. Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. Comments and favorites ...

Mad Father Life

Take this if you want to know what your place is in Mad Father! Are you a ghost, a survivor, or just a curious girl? Click here to find out!

Who's Your Matesprit?

Lowblood beta trolls, since I can't really fit them all on a quiz. so, who would it be?
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Divergent- Faction Quiz

What faction you'd be in Divergent by Veronica Roth

How old will you be when you get marri...

Ever wanted to say your vows happily ever after? ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ ♡♥♡♥♡♥ Take this quiz and find out when that dream day comes true...
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What kind of 'Dere' should you...

What sort of anime boy should you date? A sweet Deredere or Dandere? An over-protective Yandere? A Tsundere or Kundere that covers their emotions? A Himedere you need to ...

What kind of Heart do you have?

I know the results will NOT be accurate, this is just for funzies. Please be honest, don't pretend to be nice when you really aren't. Okay?

Are you guys meant to be

Are you and your boyfiend truly meant to be, ir is it an illusion that your self-conscious has created

What supernatural creature are you ?

Are you a werewolf, vampire, witch, human.

The Dead RP Part 1

· Scary
Its a zombie apocalypse and y/n is left with their worst enemy to fight the zombies. Will they survive, or will they die with their friends?

High School With The Creepypastas ..:3...

Yup...I am sorry about my slow updates. ^-^'' *Sally is a teenager in this* *Smile's name is Sam in this*

My Protector: Part 6

· Scary
Slenderman is looking for a new proxy, you caught his attention with one simple act of kindness, one Creepypasta, however, doesn't want you to turn into a cold-bloode...

What is the Theme Song of your Love Li...

· Music
Which Coldplay song best fits your love life?

Which if my friends would you be?

Just a quiz I made for fun. This is my first quiz I've made, so please don't be too harsh.

Do you have what it takes to be a cree...

· Scary
3rd quiz! hope you enjoy it! title says it all :)

What is your warrior cat name? girls

· Animals
This is my first quiz i really hope you like it! the stories are all my ideas i didnt take them!

Fallout 3 faction test.

RP type Questions All photos and fallout go to respectable owners.

Are you InSaNe(for students)

Do not try if you are only 5 yrs. old or younger (swearing included)(a lot of swearing)

Your new life in Japan (Kuroko no basu...

You just moved to Japan, so what next? Including your school, whoever had a crush on you, etc. And p.s, the answers and results will be hard to expect because I don't...

What do the Ponds think of you?

· TV
Title says all ^ my first quiz, yay!

IQ Test

10 Questions to test your mental sharpness.

What is YOUR Talent?

Hey, so this is for those who don't know what their talent is. But, you could still take the quiz if you already know, this is just for fun though. :)

Continue the song

· Music
Includes Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, One direction, AC/DC, Taylor swift.

Keep Calm and take this Anime Quiz

Test your knowledge of anime! Are you up to the test? (Warning:It's very long so sit back and relax!) This is my First Quiz so please heart, comment, and follow!

What hetalia character are you?

Aw yes my first quizzz also follow my instagram @hellokat.10 ! I could only do axis and allies XD -gets katana- please dont kill me ;-; i didnt have time to put pictures ...

What horse will you ride

· Animals
What horse will you ride if you get a horse

What website would you be?

This is basically a quiz telling you what website you would be on the internet, or what website you would usually be on, this is also most likely not accurate.

What anime do you belong in?

Includes: Devil is a part timer, Madoka Magica, Tokyo Ghoul.

Your Demi-god Life!

This is my second quiz! This quiz is about your life at Camp Half-Blood! Enjoy!

What side character from FNAF 2 are you?

No fate questions and no super obvious answers. note!: follows certain theories and headcanons!

Can i help you?

Feeling sad, to unloved, maybe even slipping in to madness, can i help you?

Can I Make You Laugh? Christmas Theme!...

Can I make you laugh? Find out!

The twin timelords

Me and my friend made a book so this is basically it just in quiz form.

How would Sweeney Todd see you?

· Movies
Have you ever wondered if you met Mr. Todd, If he would see you as a friend, or foe?

What does Kagamine Len think of you?

Are you his Lover, Friend, Best Friend, or Enemy? (Mainly 4 Females)

If You Were A Fruit...

"ThIs QUiZ iS pRETTy dANG cOOl" -Cool person who had already taken this cool quiz. Take this quiz to find out what kind of frui...

Sorting Hat

· Books
Well? Don't be scared, try the hat on!

Which USA Voice Judge are you?

· TV
Figure out which The Voice USA judge you are most like! (Seasons 6 and 7)

Victim or Bully?

Or you the person who bullies others or are you a suicidal victim who cant stand life anymore

Which Selection girl are you?

If you've read The Selection, The Elite, or The One, than you can find out who you are most like by taking this quiz! :)

Which one of our OCs would you be?

My very first quiz! Enjoy 8D Me and a friend made the images using this site:

Warriors Life :)

· Books
This is my first quiz so I hope you guys like it ♥

Which Album Describes You? (Version Th...

· Music
This quiz uses eight of my favourite albums. It's basically all in the title but it's about finding the album that relates to you the most out of the options give...

What 5sos boy is for you?

Thought I try a 5 seconds of summer quiz?

Which 2nd Generation Titan are you mos...

· Animals
Which of the 2nd generation Titans are you like?

Tomboy or Girly Girl?

Really? Do you even need a description after that title?

Who are you most like, me or my best f...

Well, you have me and my best friend.

CreepyPasta [Misfortunate Events] - Pa...

Results include: Hoodie, Masky, Slenderman, Eyeless Jack, 'Ace,' Ticci Toby, Jeff The Killer, BEN Drowned, and possible others.

Your Christmas With One Direction

Who will you spend your Christmas with?;D

The Proxy Trials #23

· Scary
You are officially the last selected alive. Unofficially, you're already considered a part of the family. All that's left to do now is discuss the next and final ...

Are you psychic?

Are you psychic? And if so, what's your story?

Who is your TMNT boyfriend?

I found out that I haven't really made one straight up like this... I hope you enjoy! The answers aren't obvious

Kidnapped by punk 5sos part 3

Haha find out what happens on your birthday with punk 5sos

Naruto rp part: 0 (personality)

Basically your gunna see your personality and what the others think of you

What Type of Girl are you?

All In The Title, Ladies! ♥ :D

Hunting Down The Creepypasta Part 3

· Scary
Y/n's family was murdered by the Creepypasta. Y/n has sworn revenge. Y/n plans to kill the Creepypasta, all that she/he can. After defeating BEN, Y/n has her/his eyes...

Which Guy in My Novel Could be Yours?

Which Warrior is yours to love? I wonder...

Which Creepypasta Character is most li...

· Scary
2nd quiz! this quiz will determine which creepypasta is most like you! good luck and i hope you get who you want!

Whats your worst fear?

· Scary
Fear is an emotion induced by a threat perceived by non living or living entities. Whats your worst fear? Lets find out...

Name That Food! (Asia Edition)

Features food and drinks from Korea, Vietnam, China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, India....

Which sin is yours?

Which of the 7 deadly sins are you *warning may contain triggering content if you are at sensitive to the subject of drugs and/or death please choose a different quiz*

How Big of a Larry Shipper are you?

I am pretty big Larry shipper myself, but are you? Find out now!

Who's Your O2L Boyfriend?

♣Take This Quiz And Find Out!♣

Fly away with your chicken lover!

There is no description needed.

What fantasy creature are you?

Are you a vampire, werewolf, angel, demon, fairy, or a witch/wizard?

Which of my Sonic oc's are you? *S...

Just like the title their are 8 of them so enjoy!
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