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Which 2NE1 member are you?

· Music
Find out who of 2NE1 resembles you the most! =)

Which One Direction boy is for you lad...

· Music
Title && Comes with story :)

What's Your Pierce The Veil Song?

· Music
What's the perfect Pierce The Veil song to listen to!
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Fantasy & Mythology

Vampire Or Werewolf?

I prefer Werewolves, but I'd like to see who you get at the end and who is your true lover/soul mate........

Your Supernatural Creature Life

Have you ever wondered what its like to be a mermaid, werewolf or vampire? Includes strengths, weaknesses, life and the love of your life. It is pretty dang long. (anyon...

What Creature are you?

Werewolf? Dragon? Could you possibly be an angel? Come and see your inner personage.
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Food & Drinks

Your Ice-Cream Quiz-Quiz Request

Soooo i already made a quiz about frozen treats, but someone requested an ice-cream quiz! soo i guess i made it XD thanks for taking! Credits: quiz idea and result i...

Does sally like you as more than a toy?

Can you take sally's heart and live to tell the tale?

Can you make bread?

Let's see how your bead tastes on today's quotev masterchef chef selenia will judge your bread
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Love & Friendship

What State Is Your Heart In?

Is it broken? Or as cold as stone? Take this quiz and find out

Seven minutes in heaven creepypasta st...

LOOK UP! I DON'T SEE WHY WE NEED A DESCRIPTION! XD any way, the results include~BEN, Jeff,Ticci Toby and Eyeless Jack! ;) enjoy my pretties!

Secret crush (1D's pov)

Most of us directioners have a "secret" crush on one of the guys, or at least secret for them, and they'll probably never know. *Sigh* Well how would it be, if it was the...
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Are you a Phan?

· Humor
Do you know your stuff about these two British YouTubers? Take the quiz to find out :) By the way, this is my first quiz so please don't tell me how stupid it is, I alre...

Your Perfect Boyfriend - Part 2!

· Humor
Hey guys! I'm back with my second quiz! I decided to make another one to continue the results which you got! Includes break up/make up. If you didn't take the fir...

Aren't I Normal? Creepypasta: Part 1

· Humor
Hello, guys. This is my first quiz and I'm already starting on a role play series with the Creepypastas. I'm creating this on an ipod, so sorry if I mess up. Basi...
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What soccer shoe are you?

· Sports
Find out what type of cleat you are for the sport of soccer/football.

Whats your type of sport?

· Sports
This is my 1st quiz I hope you like it!

Which NFL Team are you:BIGGEST EVER!

· Sports
This tells you which of the 32 teams of the National Football League best suits you as a fan base or based on personality.
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Celebrities & Fame

1D: A Perfectly Chaotic Sleepover Pt.1

This is a unique version of a 1Derful sleepover! The results are intimate interviews with the each of the boys exposing how they feel about you.Take it! It's super fun! :...

Who in 5sos is the one for you

Well we all know 5sos aren't really the sharpest knifes in the box when it comes to being normal xD (But who am i to judge sitting on qoutev like... yah) So in this ...

1D Fight And Make-Up(: *Long Results*

Your One Direction Fight and Make-Up! Who will you get? Note- This Most likely will not apply in real life(: Just Wanted to make a quiz. This is my first one so I hope y...
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What Should You Do To Avoid Selfharm?

My account was deactivated a while back along with this quiz, please take it. I don't want you gone, I want you right here.

Are you a citizen of Nightvale, or Des...

Where do you belong, listeners?
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Which Ouran High School Host Club Guy ...

· TV
Title says all! Long results, I'm sorry D:

Your TVD lover! ~long results~

· TV
Who is your TVD lover? There's only one way to find out. Take the quiz ;) ! For girls only... PLEASE DO NOT COPY. I worked on this one for a very long time.

Who is your 2P!hetalia boyfriend!

· TV
Since this is 2P then it may have swearing in the results. Enjoy the quiz!
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Beauty & Vanity

Are you Beautiful (Honest Results)

This is just a quiz for me to tell you the honest about if i think your beautiful or not. I'm sorry if this offends anyone.

What's Your Perfect Halloween Cost...

There are so many Different Things You Can Dress As! ^-^ I'm going to help you decide your Perfect Costume! ♥
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Video Games

What Video Game Character are you?

Are you an Assassin, a soldier, a prince, a jedi, or something other? Take this quick quiz to find out which Video Game Character you are

Your Zelda boyfriend:)

Please take my quiz! Some long results.

How well do you know Minecraft?

Now, most of those quizzes out there about Minecraft are WAYYYY too easy. I'm going to TRY to make this one a little more tricky. The quiz applies to 1.7, and if I d...
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Cars & Vehicles

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Should you GET a Cat or a Dog?

· Animals
If you would want to know if you should get a cat or a dog, take this! Warning: Don't rely on this too much. I'm not a scientist... it might be dumb... :(

What is your spirit animal?

· Animals
Have you ever wondered what your spirit animal is? Do you wonder how your personality reflects on soul? If so, then find out here ;-)

What species of Tiger are you?

· Animals
Find out what species of Tiger you would be...
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School & Academics

Which anime school will i put you in

^read the title please heart rate or comment^

Could you survive a psychotic school k...

We all like having some excitement In our lives,right?Well the quiet kid In class has decided to get that excitement by taking out his classmates,you included! Will you b...

Why are you Depressed?

Okay, lets just say I am bored. (Well we already know that because I am making this quiz.) This may or may not be right, and never said that it would be. But there is al...
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Career & Goals

What will your baby look like n how ma...

What will your precious baby look like?


Heyo I know you guys like MASH so here ya go!

Your Future.

This quiz will tell you everything from husband to job to kids!
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Which song are you?

Everyone is unique. which song shows your personality?

Who are you?

My enemy, bestie, me, calm him my bf, a guy friend.. who?

Your life in the anime world (long res...

What would you do if you were suddenly transported into your favorite anime? who would you meet and what would they think of you? what would you do? would you ever get ba...
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Which Attack on Titan Character are you?

· Books
Do you want to know which character in Attack On Titans are you similar with? Or who you will be in the world of "Attack on Titan" (10 available characters) Enjoy! Commen...

Life as a Demigod

· Books
Wanna find out what your name would be, what weapons and powers you would have, who you would be dating, what people think of you? Also want to find out who your immortal...

Your Hogwarts Life! LOOONNGG RESULTS!

· Books
Includes Boyfriend, House, Wand, Personality, Friends, Enemies, Favorite teachers and subjects, Past, Life though Hogwarts, Future, Family, Opinions of you, E.T.C, E.T.C....
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What X-Men Character are you?

· Movies
Which of the herioc X-men (or one of their enemies) are you? This is their general character, not specific to a movie or series.


· Movies
In the title hun ;) ^^^

Would you survive The Hunger Games?

· Movies
This quiz's results tell you if you would win or lose, and how you would die (or live). Remember, every choice counts. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your fav...
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7 minutes in heaven creepypasta style ...

· Scary
You can get ben,Jeff,slender man,hoodie,& maskey

Would you rather...?

· Scary
It's all in the title! It's gonna be BRUTAL! >:}

What -dere are you? *girls only, sorry...

· Scary
Dere means lovey-dovey. There actually few type of -dere. Which one is you? The mean tsundere? The cool kuudere? The shy dandere? The scary yandere? And please don't tak...
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Just For Fun

Create A Boyfriend

~ Create A Boyfriend ~


The results are: Austin Mahone, Justin Bieber, Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier and Jack Gilinsky. The results will be long that's why I didn't include that many guys....

Which Creepypasta Would Stalk You ?

Includes Jeff The Killer, Ticci Toby, Dark Link, Ben Drowned, Hoodie, Eyeless Jack, Slenderman, Bloody Painter, Masky, Laughing Jack, And The Puppeteer !
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How Do You Deal Your Problems?

Results can be related or not, its my first anyway :) note: i didnt mean to insult anyone ! and im not an advice guru or whatever you call it :3

Who's Your O2L Best Friend, Brothe...

Title says it all. Includes Jc Caylen, Kian Lawley, Trevor Moran, Sam Pottorff, Connor Franta and Ricky Dillon.

Personality Quiz :)

Which Color Suits You Best According To Your Personality?

Which Blood Of Eden Character Is Most ...

· Books
The Blood Of Eden is a book trilogy by Julie Kagawa and this quiz will (hopefully) show which character is most like you!

Your CreepyPasta Lifee

You basically answer questions to determine your true CreepyPasta life!

Which Rogue Is For You?

This is for my upcoming story The Rogues, which is a superhero/villain series! COME, MY NERD BROTHERS AND SISTERS! UNITE!

Paramore lyric quiz!

· Music
How well do you know your Paramore lyrics? Well, in this quiz, you can find out! This is my first Knowledge quiz and the only quiz I've ever posted and finished on...

Your Summer With Creepypasta -7-

· Scary
You're still in the mansion ^.^

What Disney princess are you most alike?

· Movies
Hope you like your results! ♥

What ghost protects you?

Read above^ I promise I'll make it better in the future. ^^;

What does the cast of gravity falls th...

I really like Gravity Falls, but i haven't seen a lot of these quizes around, so I though I'd make one! in the end, we'll have all the character's opinion...

The forgotten truth part 1

· Scary
The world as you know it has been shattered. The life you thought was yours, you suddenly discover is all a lie. How will you be able to fit back into your true "fami...


How did you get kidnapped?

Which The Simpsons character are you m...

· TV
Find out which The Simsons character you are most simular too. ANSWER TRULY! GOOD LUCK!

What Horror Movie Character are you

If you were hired in a horror movie, which villain would you be? The funny type? The silent type? Which one? (Just doing this out of curiosity?)

Which One of My Imaginary Friends are ...

Hey guys! I'm like super bored and Just wanted to introduce you to my imaginary friends!

Soul eater lover! 3 *-*

Title says it all :3

Which Creepypasta would show you around?

· Scary
So you are new to the Creepypasta mansion and someone or something has to show you around, who will is be? ATTENTION: In this quiz you will become friends with the perso...

Anime boyfriend quiz

· TV
Find out who your anime boyfriend is from soul eater, inuyasha, and free!

Do you Know CreepyPasta Land?

So if you haven't read the volumes of CreepyPasta Land then I suggest you read that before taking this knowledge quiz!

Which 1D Boy is for you?

This is a quiz that doesn't give you carrot questions with carrot answers. I promise it'll be fun. Results will get longer if need be but its a pretty average siz...

What Adventure time character are you?

Hmm? Well if ya really wanna know take this quiz!

Which Original Disney Princess are you...

Discover which of the original Disney princesses- Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle and Jasmine- is the inner you. And no, the world does NOT need to know you...

Which Of Our Cp OC's are you?

L.G: All are welcome~ ;) Shattered Lies: Just Don't Lie, I'm not very fond of those~ Kitty Kat: ;) Me-ow~ haha Screaming Cries: Enjoy! Rainbow Die: hehehehe d...

Echo of the emblem Part 2: Awoken.

Oh dear... It looks like in this part midara shows.. O.o

What "The devil is a part timer...

Are you a valiant hero? A determined devil? Or a normal school girl?

What is your spirit animal?

Look up... YES THIS CAN BE FOR HARRY POTTER! also its really long so you have been warned!

What mythical creature are you? Animal...

My human like creatures quiz turned out to be popular so here's the animals edition!

Your Hetalia Boyfriend

This is a quiz on your hetalia boyfriend from the axis. This for females but guys can take it too. I really can't stop you. Hope you like the quiz! Includes Prussia a...

What is your Guardian Story?

Do you ever wonder what your guardian life would be? Take this quiz to find out.

Amusement Park

The Phantomhives and Trancys are going with you to an amusement park.

What type of dog would you be NUMBER T...

· Animals
WITH DIFFERENT DOGS! YAY!im not sure whether you wanted another one so why not?

What Halloween "character" are...

HEYO! Come join me and together we'll find which fairytale/Halloween character you are! And please check out my new profile! ~♥

Which marvel character are you most li...

Between Iron Man, Captain America, Loki and Wolverine

Your Anime Son~!

Have you ever been so close to a kawaii anime boy that you thought of as a son? Well figure out which one it is and why! This can be for you too boys!

Your Star Wars Life

Note: There are no such things as Disney in my book. HOW DARE THEY BUY STAR WARS! other words that I should not say. First quiz ever soooooooo..........

Which 5sos boy do you belong with?

Luke, Calum, Michael, or Ashton? :)

Which anime should you watch?

More anime that you need to watch. :3

What Triforce do you Wield?

Power, Wisdom, or Courage? Or perhaps you're a different one...

Hogwarts Love Life: Marauder Edition

It's like my Hogwarts Love Life quiz, except with the Marauders (Peter Pettigrew, James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black) instead.

Which of my OCS are you?

This creepypasta BTW. Look if the title doesn't explain it then its a bad title. I just had to put BEN on the front sorry hes just so cool.

Would We Get Along?

Just curious, have fun!

A New Name For You (Girls)

All in the title. Umm... did not really know what to post and this is my 1st quiz... So can you please comment some of your favorite kind of quizzes so I can try to you k...

What Halloween character are you?

In this quiz you will find out what Halloween character you are or it could help if you are stuck for costume ideas

What anime character are you in my sto...

I hope u like! and this is my second one! EEK!

Your Youtuber Best Friend

Every wondered who you would get along with well and would be besties with? Well now you can find out!

Who are you most like In Black Butler?

Have you ever wondered who your like in Black Butler? (If you clicked this quiz I really hope the answer is yes....Otherwise that would just be awkward.) take this if you...

Which teen titans character are you?

· TV
Figure out which teen titan you are most like...

Which Greek God is your Parent?

A quiz that will tell you who your Greek parent is. Includes the 12 Olympians, Hades, Hestia, and Iris.

What kind of girl are you?

A quiz to find out what kind of personality you have

You're anime life in Hetalia

· TV
K so i think the title says it all so yeah (this is my first quiz so it might suck)

Can I make you laugh? #Part 3#

I'm on a roll with these!

Trapped in minecraft: Herobrines curse...

Why do I keep making these?

1 hour in heaven (creepy pasta)

Has jeff,ben,masky,lj this is my first quiz so don't hate!

Would my OC like you. One.

Barry Drake Fergeson. Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler) OC. Picture is Barry; found on google images.

Which One of My OC's are you?

Which one of my OC's are you most like? Clara, Brass, Emma, Marie, Nira, Alyssa, or Marina? Notice: Only one of the results is a boy.

What style of VIXX suits you? (KPOP)

· Music
One thing that I absolutely love about the KPOP group VIXX is their creativity and the different concepts they've pulled off perfectly in every promotion so far. So l...

Can you survive a day with Zim and Dib...

I don't know...CAN you? (yush johnny is from JTHM if you don't know him, do research for it unless you are a little child thing e.e)

Zombie Outbreak

· Scary
In this case, only one word really matters: survive.

How would you look if you were mlp fim...

· Movies
Always wanna be a mlp character? Here u go ^^

Which QUOTE is for you?

Quotes are of different types. Love, Life, Friendship, Fun, Inspirational, etc. Let's see which quote will relate to you. I hope you'll like it.

How interesting is your OC?

This quiz covers up fan fiction OC-s. I'll tell you what I know from my own experiences and what I've read.

How Well do you know your herbs? (Warr...

· Animals
Do you really know all there is to being a medicine cat? Are you a true medicine cat? Take this quiz to find out! *HARD*

How awesome are you?

How awesome are you? Wait...don't tell me, just take the quiz and find out.
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