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What Animal are you?

· Animals
All in the title Sweeties ♥

Why do guys like you?

· Animals
Gurlzz only
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Food & Drinks

What Type Of Pie are you?

I am hungry, and I want pie. Wait no.. DIE PIE! DIE AND STOP KILLING MY STOMACHE! Oh uhh.. all in the title sweetheart!

What Fruit are you?

Fruits are SO DELISH! Find out what type you are!

What Flavor of Peace Tea Should You Dr...

Peace Tea, a gift from the heavens! If you don't know what it is, then shame on you! It's flavored ice tea. Which flavor should you be drinking, though? I'm o...
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Your Chakra Release style (Naruto)

This contains only the five basic chakra natures. I can make a more in depth one at a later date if you all want.

The 3 Types Of Girlfriends.

There Are Usually 3 Types Of GirlFriends... The Kind And Understanding... The Jealous And Angry... And The In-Betweener... Which One Are You?....Time To Find Out!

Attack on Titan Boyfriend

My sister wanted me to make this... and since she's scary, I made it. Longish results..
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What Evil Anime character wants you on...

· TV
You run into some evil supernatural being and they want you to join your side. who wants you to join there side? Grell and Sebastian from black butler Diva from blood Zer...

Your OUAT boy + Life

· TV
Your once upon a time boy and life, self explanatory *Long results*

Which Sword art online character are y...

· TV
Take this quiz and find out which SAO character you're most like! :b
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Beauty & Vanity

Which outfit are you?

Outfits fall in the categories: girly, hipster, edgy, bohemian, emo, pastel goth, preppy,.... 7 possible outcomes! this is my third quiz.. I hope its good XD... descripti...

Do you have a beautiful, clean, dark, ...

I can tell if your soul is full of hate, love, peace, or darkness. Is your soul clean and fresh, or dirty and dark? If you are not sure, take this quiz.

What's Your Party Dress ? ♥

♥ Want to Find out Which of These Lovely 7 Dresses You Should Wear? :) ♥
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Cars & Vehicles

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Love & Friendship

Does your crush like you back

Just a quick quiz to see if you're wondering. Please heart follow and comment. PS this is my first quiz so please go easy on me. For females only so sorry

Your Immortal Boyfriend ! [INCLUDES LO...

♡Create your perfect, ideal immortal boyfriend here on this quiz! :3 For both girls and guys. Enjoy! :D | Includes story of how you met, your wedding + honeymoon, kids,...

Your EXO boyfriend

Title says it all! :D
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Winx club life

^ title^

Whats Your Hidden Secret?

What the name says. It does not go for everyone, do not hate, Its just for fun, and sometimes true for others.

Are you hiding something inside?

... the tittle xD please llike and sorry if it sucks!
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Sleepover with Austin Mahone

· Music
I know you want to. C:

What's your music genre?

· Music
Mainstream:One direction, Justin Beiber, Cher Lloyd... Punk:Paramore, Flyleaf, Panic! At The Disco... Punk Rock:Blink-182, The Ramones, Green Day... Indie:Bon Iver, Ka...

Can You Name That Band...?

· Music
►Can you name all of the bands? ♪ ♫ ♪◄
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Video Games

What bug pokemon are you?

Yay! bug pokemon! I really hate real bugs though...Except Butterfly's, and moths.

Which Sonic the Hedgehog character are...

Find out which male Sonic the Hedgehog character you are more compatible with!

What would Tails the Fox Think of you?

Well I'm once again going through a stage where I'm obsessing with Tails, Sonic and you know those sorta characters so I made a quiz X3
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What Kind Of Girl Would Fall For You?

· Humor
Sorry, but only for guys, bi people, and lesbians.

Funny Autocorret Mistakes #4!

· Humor
Well after a lot of time I finally made a fourth! YAY! *note I got all of these from

Who are you to the Striders?

· Humor
This quiz will tell you if Dirk and Dave will... Like you as a friend, More than a friend, a creep, ect if you like the quiz give it a heart and comment what you l...
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Your Demigod Life

· Books
Your life if you were in the PJO/HoO. enjoy ♥

What's Your Werewolf Name? (FEMALE)

· Books
Ever wonder what you would be like as a werewolf? Take this quiz to find out!

Your Twi-Life!

· Books
Find out what your twilight life would be like. :D
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Big Four In High School Part Three ... A

· Movies
Welcome to the third part of this series! Sorry that it took so long to post! I get easily distracted... Anyways, it's the first day of actual classes at Guardian Hig...

Your Disney Animal

· Movies
An amazing Disney animal to match your original personality.

Big Four In High School Part Two

· Movies
Welcome to the second part of this series... To take the first click this link... Big Four In High School Part One Enjoy!
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Would you survive Heavenly Host Elemen...

· Scary
***WARNING! MAY BE DISTURBING TO SOME!*** Based on the series: Corpse Party. Heavenly Host is an elementry school that was torn down after many students and teachers di...

Your New Life (part five)

· Scary
Last time you got knocked out and the last thing you saw was........your guy smiling?
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Just For Fun

Just a Dream, kidnapped by One Directi...

So you are kidnapped by five boys and one of them is now in a room with you, who is it?

Knb boyfriends

Wanna see who's your perfect Kuroko no Bakset boyfriend? Click here to see! Long results

Your Naruto Life Rp! Part 2

Part 2 is hear! see what happens next!
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Fantasy & Mythology

Your Supernatural life!

Very long results, including your lover and your enemy!

Your werewolf life

This is one of my first quizzes so I hope you like it please comment

Survival of the Fandoms

What is YOUR fandom that you are destined for?
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School & Academics

Stuck in a School with the Janoskians ...

All in title, for 50 followers and all the nice comments! Thank you so much!

What language is best for you?

Having trouble finding a foreign language easy enough to take? Take this quiz to find what language may be best and easy for you.
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Career & Goals


Who will you marry? How many kids? What about your job? Take this quiz to find out your future!

Create a baby!

Find out what your future baby will be like!

How Long Would You Survive BLI?

Would you be one of the first victims, or would you be one of their greatest enemies?
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Celebrities & Fame

Who is your 5sos twin

Wanna find out thak the quiz

Bumping in to Harry styles at a coffee...

Well let's see how you handle this pick what you would've done 100% honesty

Who's your celebrity Brother?

You have a celebrity brother, now take this quiz to find out who!
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New »

What type are you at prom?

Find out which type of girl are you at prom...

Mystery quiz

Good or evil?

Which One Of My oc's are you?

My First Quiz! Find Out Which One Of My Oc's You Are! Sorry For More Male Related Options.

Your dream wedding

This has your dream wedding dress, venue, husband, children, ring, pets, house, basically your dream life!

Creepypasta Institute part 13~

· Scary
Your previous meeting with the Headmaster worried you greatly, but you just had to keep advancing and hope that your progress is increasing.

Your Future Daughter..

Im back! so this is my not so good quiz ... ~.~ (FOR GIRLS ONLY :3)

Who is your girlfriend (Soul Eater)

First quiz,see if you can get your dream girl in Soul Eater. ;)

Who is the 1D boy for you?Find out now!

· Music
Curious on who you are competable with?Click here~ Comment your results and have fun:D

Does He/She Like You?

Sick and tired of asking the constant question that is, actually, more important than any other question in this world? Luckily, you don't have to question it anymore...

Are you In-love?

It's a short quiz like 5 questions long, and accurate, trust me. While Have fun! You can like and that if you want! No ones askig you to or telling you to!

What holiday describes you?

What holiday is truly you

Which supernatural creature loves you

As title says. i do no own any pics

Supernatural 'True Hunter' QUIZ

· TV
This is my first quiz, so let me know if you like it!:)

What 5sos fan are you?

I have no clue what im doing......

Black Butler Who is your Circus Arc Bo...

Says all in the title guys 😋

Warm-hearted, Girly, Sporty etc? for g...

Find out what kind of girl you are.

Black Butler Rp Life (part 6)

Please don't be angry with your results! Pictures are not mine. Its been awhile since I watched Black Butler. It may not be legit.

What color should your eyes really be?

Lets see what color of eyes best suits you beauty's :)

Creepypasta 7 minutes in heaven (for g...

· Scary
I feel like there arent enough quizzez for guys so im making one!

What does Shorty think of you?

This is a quiz of what mr. Cleaning fairy thinks of you! I hope he likes you and you like this quiz!


See your life with the beautiful Creepypastas

Survive my mind!

Should you even try i mean its pretty jacked up in there


Ok, here goes...I'm making a tmnt rp..It's my first one so if it sucks...Meh, I don't really care. This is for girls, so unless you want to be confused, don&#...

What both of your late night talks wil...

Hi! So take this quiz to find out what both of you lovebird's late night talks will be about! ^^

Does he hate you?

Everyone has the some point in their life...

What Yandere is stalking you?

What kind of yandere follows you around the corner? Which one is begging to touch you? Which one wants to lock you away? Which one will kill you if you run away from him?

Hetalia~Your love story~!

This is the first one maybe I will make another one with the other characters that I didn't include in this one. Hope you enjoy it~!

Would you be a good trainer?

· Animals
Would you make a good pokemon trainer? would you have the drive, skill, and kind heart? be honest for your answers

Who Is Your Fairy Tail Boyfriend

My FIRST quiz on here. Heck, this is my first time trying to post something on here! Sorry if it sucks... :/

Which style suites you best?

Find out which style is best for you

How Well Do You Know The Magcon Boys. ...

If you've taken my first quiz, you're going to love this one. If you think you did well on that quiz, put your knowledge to the test when the questions get harder...

What zombie are you?

Let's face it: You are GONNA get bitten, but what would happen AFTER you are turned into a flesh eating monster? What would your role be in your zombie team? Lets f...

What Kind Of Person are you?

Unique, Random, Otaku, Geeky(Good Kind) Or.. DUN DUN DUN! Normal... 0-0

Create a Boyfriend

I love these qizzes so I decided to make my own :D

Your Life as a Mythical (Part 1)

You're 16 years old. You're doing horribly in school and fight with your parents a lot. One day after a fight, you run away into the woods and meet seven teenager...

Does your crush like you?

Take this quiz to find out if the person your crushing on likes you back!

What Darkest Minds character are you?

· Books
Find out what Darkest Minds character are you.

What Type of Magic would you have?

What type of magic would you use?

Can we be BFF?

Just a quiz to see if you have what it takes to be my BFF ♥

Are you STUPID?

Do you think you're smart? Try this quiz and find out!

Create a Boyfriend!

I forgot to add details to thw Frozen quiz! IM SO SORRY! I failed on my first quiz....NO! ITS THE END OF THE WORLD! My Sister: NO ONE CARES! MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE. Me...

Is your Oc a Mary Sue?

Well is she? Note: I'n not responsible for your character being or not being a sue YOU MADE IT ;)

Which of the Four Elements are you?

The Four Elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth exhibit profound influence on basic character traits, behaviour, emotions and needs. Some consider these traits too genera...

Your Percy Jackson/ Heros of Olympus L...

· Books
HELLO! this is my first quiz so i was just wondering if u guys could give feedback. THX SO MUCH! P.S. these pictures are not mine

Capitalia Quiz (Hetalia)

Are you Berlin, Rome, Tokyo, Beijing, London, New York, Moscow, Paris, or Ottawa?

How You Got Your Creepy Pasta Boyfriend

Its time to see how you got your boyfriend girls! I Promise its not crappy cuz I worked so hard on it! Maybe a little though. =3='

Which Girl are you?

There will be six girls describing you, find out which one is most like you ;) [GIRLS ONLY]

Who are you in Supernatural?

· TV
Pretty self explanatory.

What evil monster are you

Are you a demon witch or evil spirit well you can find out with this quiz see how evil you really are

Where do you belong after you die?

Elysium, Fields of Asphodel, or Tartarus? (if you continue living like this)

Which of My OCs Will Get Along with You?

Just what it says in the title. Though, in my bio, I only have Sunspear, Starlight, Skyhawk, and me, but there's more from where that came from! I have me and my ga...

Would you survive against me?

When i go mad i wonder if you would survive me. Well if you wanna know take this quiz.

Truth or Dare! (Twilight Princess edit...

· Books
Truth or Dare with Midna,Link,Zelda,Ganondorf and Zant!Oh and by the way there might be LinkXMidna (cuz it's my favourite pairing).

Which girl are you from Gossip Girl?

· TV
Serena, Blair, Jenny, or Vanessa?


Ever wondered what your amortentia would smell like? Well, here you go! Includes short story at the end and involves male characters from the Next Generation Era. Go chec...

What does Jeff the Killer think of you?

· Scary
^^^^All in the title beauties^^^^^

What animal are you?

· Animals
Take this quiz to find out witch animal you are

Guess the Band

· Music
Find out if you can identify some bands and band members by photo or logo. Mostly rock bands.
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