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What Power and Version Of Let it Go Wo...

· Music
Basicly part two of my "If You Were Elsa What Powers Would You Have " quiz. Yolo! I love Frozen so lets see what version of "Let it Go' you would sing! Re...

Your One Direction Life! (Long Results)

· Music
Includes boyfriend,what the boys think of you,how you meet,pictures and future! (This is a Quiz I created on my old account ,and I'm re-posting it.So don't accuse me of ...

Do you know the lyrics?

· Music
Music from different genres from Miley to Black Veil Brides, test your all round knowledge! :)
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What Frozen Character are you?

· TV
Special film edition, if you like it, please suggest other quizzes I could do. Have fun!

Which Vampire Diaries guy are you perf...

· TV
Is it Damon, Stefan, Tyler, Matt, or Klaus? Comment your results!

What Will You Look Like Anime?

· TV
Scene, Emo, Preppy(<.<), Tomboy, Nerd, Computer Geek,Skater, Or Rocker?
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Just For Fun

7 Minutes In Heaven (Creepypasta Editi...

Hello,Jayla here! I'm new here, and so is this quiz! What sexy boy from the Creepypasta gang would love you? Oh, I almost forgot, don't kill me because it sucked...Oh, an...

What kind of killer are you?

Includes Name, Killer title and your CP crush
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Video Games

In-Game Reality (Slender) - Part 3

With Tobuscus, PewDiePie, &...CRY? {Thanks for all my fellow bros who supported the idea of adding Cry! Especially to you, Alone At Midnight~ *Brofist*}

In-Game Reality (Amnesia) - Part 10

With Tobuscus and PewDiePie >:)
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What colebridge table tennis player ar...

· Sports
See who you compare to out of a few very distinct players in coleridge

Which Burnley Player Are You

· Sports
Which Burnley player from our 2008-09 promotion season are you?

What Florida Gator Football Player Are...

· Sports
If your a collage football fan, please take
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Who's Proxy are you? (CP Quiz)

Find out which of five Pasta's (Eyeless Jack, Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Laughing Jack, and The Rake) proxy you are.

Your life in Mortal Instruments (Girls...

Would you be a Shadowhunter, a mundane, a warlock ? Long answer

What's bothering you?

Do you feel different? Is something upsetting you? What's wrong?
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School & Academics

High School Boyfriend Quiz

Five Unique Characters! ~Under Construction~

What will happen to you this school ye...

*ATTENTION; FOLLOWERS* So, I've been so busy with everything right now. I'm going to High School so it's a lot of homework, project, assignments and so on. This quiz is ...

Which Ouran Host Loves You?

Title... ^Right there... Plus, 'What They Think Of You'.
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Career & Goals


Your future job, house, where you'll live, how many kids you'll have. *WARNING* Results aren't accurate. (:

Will you LIVE your DREAM?

Your dream, whatever that is. In whatever form :)
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Celebrities & Fame

What Emoji would you use to talk to 5 ...

I could only include 4 emojis because there are only 4 5sos boys! Hope you enjoy my new quiz! Short conversations are included with your result! The boy you are texting ...

MB Fantasy

Which one of these hubbies will take you down? Well take the quiz to find out How and Where

What member of 5sos are you compatible...

Test to see who you would be most compatible with within 5sos. Results based off of actual compatibility.
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Your Harry Potter Life ~long results!~

· Movies
So i know no one ever reads these but what you're harry potter life would be with long results and pictures! includes your house, blood status, friends, enemies, boyfrien...

Which Aladdin Character are you?

· Movies
Are you Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, or Jafar?

Which Disney Princess are you?

· Movies
I'm in that Disney mood today. c: Title says all♥
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Beauty & Vanity

Your Perfect Wedding

If you had a wedding, this would be the one for you. Includes links to your dress, your cake, shoes, hairstyle, groom outfit, and bridesmaids dresses :).

Your Perfect Hair!

♥ ♥ ♥ Take this to See what Hair Style would be Perfect For You! ♥ ♥ ♥

What Attracts Boys To You?

Is it your eyes? Your body? Your personality? Maybe its everything... Find out what and why boys are attracted to you;)
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Cars & Vehicles

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Do you know horses?

· Animals
Find out how much you really know about horses. Please take! Good luck

Which guy from Fruits Basket belongs w...

· Animals
Have you ever wondered which Sohma would or should belong with you? Well then, find out here! Although she does not have a Quotev (Y-E-T), I would like to give partial cr...

Your Underwater Creature

· Animals
Hey! This is my first quiz so please no hate ^^;! Have you ever wanted to know your underwater creature? well look no further! This quiz will show you what your underwate...
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Love & Friendship

Speed Dating - Carter Reynolds

Will Carter like you? Love you? Hate you? Find out in this quiz! ♥

5SOS Camping Trip (Part 2)

I'm sick so I don't have school today yay I have enough time to make another one

Talk To Luke Hemmings From 5SOS

Luke Hemmings from 5 seconds of summer really wants to talk to you! Will he love you, dislike you, have a crush on you or just purely hate you? The result is what he thin...
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What Disney Channel Star Are You? (don...

· Humor
If you like Disney Channel then take this quiz!

Can Sherlock Make You LOL 3

· Humor
A third one for you lovelies! :3 it also has funny pics of Ben :D

What's your Disney lifestyle?

· Humor
What lifestyle would you end up in if you were in the Disney World? Fun results! Enjoy!
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Your Percy Jackson life! reallyyyy lon...

· Books
Your Percy Jackson life--- your bf, bff, cabin... and well, basically your life in the world of demigods! ♥

O Chapéu seletor de Harry Potter

· Books
Logo que um aluno chega em Hogwarts ele deve colocar o chapéu seletor e definir qual será sua casa de acordo com suas habilidades e características. Descubra a qual ca...

What's your life in the Hunger Gam...

· Books
All in the title. Includes your boyfriend, hunger games, quarter quell, and rebellion role. Long results, lots of questions.
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Creepypasta Boys Bachelor Dating Games...

· Scary
What would you do with one detailed, creative date with 6 creepypasta boys? Your answers determine which boy will love you most and is perfect for you... Jeff The Killer,...

Creepypasta Institute part 5~

· Scary
Maybe you'll stay hidden, maybe you won't. I'm starting to wonder how long you can last...

Your CreepyPasta Life

· Scary
HUGE UPDATES! What Was Added~ More Pastas More Results More Questions Enjoy!
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Fantasy & Mythology

What Mystical creature are you?

Vampire, mermaid, witch or fairy

Strangely Kidnaped Part 5

You finally found out how your dad died. Your mom told you what you needed to know. It’s time to start your learning how to use your magic before you go to Inchoamentum...

How will you die in the future?

Just take the quiz :) R.I.P Robbin Williams ♥
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Food & Drinks

Your Candy Quiz did i not think of doing this quiz in the beginning? thanks to my friend Music Peace I was able to think XD thanks girl! So here is your candy quiz with 5 diff...

What dessert should you bake?

Find out what dessert you should try. (Comes with recipe)
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Your hunger games life

This quiz includes a story so check it out bruh:)

What do the Fairy Tail Characters thin...

Just as the title says but you will also have a little bio story as well. ME NO OWN FAIRY TAIL! (but i wish i do... :< )

Your body and health (girl only )

This is my new quiz i hope it would be great like the others that i did take the quiz and see what type of body is yours: athletic,fit,average,fat. also there is some a...
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New »

Emo WWYFF - Part 9

Take this if you like emo/alternative/scene/punk guys c:

Surviving in the Creepypasta RP! Part 21

· Scary
Yay passed the 20! ;) :) Have fun hun :)

Who is your akatsuki boyfriend (girls ...

We got hidan,deidara,sasori,and itachi long results!

Do you know how to care for a dog?

· Animals
I am a dog groomer and professionally trained to understand dogs. I am the mom of a rambuctious 2 year old Swedish Vallhund named Salvatore. I know my stuff.

Seven Minutes in Heaven with the Creep...

· Scary
"Come on, (Y/N)!" I said, before pushing you into the closet. You only frowned deeply. Well, it looks like you have to do this.

MASH (O2l)

It is the classic game of MASH but with O2l guys with the results :)

Which Element are you? (1)

It's in the title. Hope the RP is fun:)

Which Warrior From The First Series ar...

· Humor

Who is your Bitten Lover?

· TV
For those who are fans of the SyFy show, Bitten, or the book Women of the Underworld. Also, guys can take the quiz if they don't mind a male lover.

What free character would be your boyf...

Which character is best suited to be your boyfriend

Naruto Life [RP] - Part 6

· TV
Its finally here folks!

Which creepypasta boy would like you -.-

I know everyone does these but WTF not

Which of the Four Main Elements Do You...

Water, earth, fire, or air? I plan on making more specific quizzes soon.

Living in Minecraft? -part 1

Okay! So I had another version of this but I decided to make it better and such! So I have recreated this to be better, longer, and a better ending! Please tell me what y...

Which type of 'Dere are you?

Are you the classic Tsundere, the serious Kuudere, the possessive Yandere, or perhaps something else entirely? Take this quiz to find out!

Would You and I get along?

Just a fun quiz :) I'm sure whoever you are, you are a great person.

Truth Or Dare with Magcon Boys

With Nash, Cameron, Matthew, Taylor and Hayes.

Where should you live in the future?

This quiz will tell you where you should live in the world based on your personality

Vampire or werewolf

Do you like both of these supernaturals? couldn't decide which one to be if you had to? Well take this quiz and find out which best suits you!

What Mythical creature are you?

Demon, Angel, Mermaid, Creepypasta, Unicorn and many more!

A Chat with my OCs

...yeah. I'm high. On sugar and caffeine at the same time. ^^

In Game Reality~Mad Father~Part One

In Game Reality~ Mad Father~ Part One. Tobuscus, Pewdiepie, Cry and you~! Hope you enjoy!

Jeff The Chat

· Scary
Well, Jeff The Chat, So Hes Going To Talk To You. Maybe Kill You Alittle :3 (\^o^/) Dont act like KILL KILL KILL Or he will think your weird

X-Men Boyfriend 2

Brotherhood characters this time.

Which Cp Boy Would Fall For You 2

Hey so this is my second quiz and in this one there is Lost Silver (my twin who has arms and legs in this), Slendy and Laughing Jack. Plus long results this time.

Which Aspect Of Me are you?

I have many aspects. The most common ones are evil, insane, and hilarious. But I guess it depends on how you look at it.

Which Creepypasta is your Sibling?

Includes jeff,LJ,bloody painter,BEN,sonic.exe! enjoy

What do the Black Butler//Kuroshitsuji...

Find out what the Black Butler characters think of you! Females are suggested. This quiz goes towards girls so... x3 - Get Ciel, Sebastian, Alois, Grell and Claudes tho...

Will you survive... (Creepypasta versi...

· Scary
My second quiz! Don't take if you get scared easily. The pictures (Which do not belong to me...) are somewhat disturbing and you may not sleep :D

How will you die?

· Scary
Do you ever wonder how you will die, well this could be the answer to your question. This quiz, will tell you how you will die, and who killed you.

What Furniture are you?

So, you have seen what bathroom item you are. (if not, go check out the other quiz in my profile :3) Now, it's time to determine how you handle the plot twists of fri...

What animal represents you? Part 4

· Animals
What animal represents you? Part 4. Version: Domestic dogs. For everyone.

Living with us, Creepypasta!

Welcome to the season 2 of Sleepover at slendy's! We left off at Madame Slender leading us to her home!

Your Life in Naruto (part 11)

· TV
Recap:You find out that you have an older sister named Akira. You plan on finding her and surprisedly Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto, and Kakashi want to help you. HOPE YOU ENJOY...

Who is your guy

From the story called "To Be Me". Will you get Chase, Conner, or Caden?

What style fits your personality?

Well, take the quiz to find out!GIRLS ONLY! Sorry boys...

Which of the big 4 girls are you?

Hi! this is my first quiz, but I hop you like it!( Btw, the 'big 4 girls' are Merida, Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna.) Sorry if it's not accurate.

What element of harmony are you?

An mlp quiz! Find out which element of harmony best suits you?

Which Dragon Character are you?

· Animals
Take this quiz to find out which dragon in my series you are!

Which one of my favorite series/books ...

· Books
So my first one of these went really well, so I decided to make another with some of my other favorite books :D

Seven minutes in Hevan

Boys get girls What kind? Get the answer

Are you And Matthew Espinosa Meant To ...

Who knows? Maybe you are, maybe you aren't!

Welcome To Slender Mansion 4


What flower are you

Flowers flowers flowers what flower are you XD and once again ( :|o moustache~ )

Which "Floor 68" boy is your m...

Duke, Chace, Jeffrey, Thunder, Jasiah or Archard.. Which boy will sweep you off your feet?

Seven Minutes In Heaven with 5 Seconds...

I don't want to give too much away so just look up to the title :D

Are you pretty? (Females only, unless ...

Okay, so people. I usually ask myself if I'm pretty. And I've taken quizzes. and figured out how to tell you, even if I can't see you physically. Any who. . ....

Your Life with Celebrities Part 20

The last one before the sequel! Im so excited to post it right after this one! >.<

Which Royal Family are you From?

First quiz! Please Review vv

What type of pen are you?

First quiz, so might suck a little. Mainly for girls, but boys feel free!

Kidnapped and then... What? Part 3

You suffered through a loong car ride with your kidnappers. You were drugged and but woke up, twice. You tried to escape after you arrived at a big house but one of the g...

Who are you truly inside?

The title says it all! :)

Maybe We Could Take This Chance? - Our...

· TV
An Ouran High School Host Club WWFFY! I'm new to this site so I hope the format is ok. The results include all of the main hosts (Including Haruhi for now). Please c...

Do You Like Nightcore?

· Music
It's all basically yes and no questions about the Nightcore songs I'll show you. I was curious to know if you may like Nightcore or not. Maybe you'll have a n...

Who Is Your Allies Boyfriend?

· TV
-Some swearing- Since it's allies, it includes Russia, England, America, China, and France. OHONHONHON~

Abandon Ship

One day, you receive a peculiar note from an anonymous person named R, begging for your help. A ferry ticket is enclosed, and curious, you decide to investigate. However,...

Which Disney Villian are you?

· Movies
You`ve seen them in the movies, you`ve admired them from a far, you`ve longed to be just like them, but which Disney villain are you most like? Take this quiz and find ou...

Who Is Your Host Club Boyfriend?

HI! first quiz cause why the heck not

What would my made ponys would you be ...

I have another quiz about my own ponies! I have nothing else to say but comment and follow! ♥
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