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Fantasy & Mythology

What monster are you?

Vampire, ghost, werewolf?

What Marvel super hero/villain are you?

If you got super powers, who would you be most like? find out by taking this quiz! Answer honestly and don't just pick a certain answer related to your favourite hero...
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Video Games

What would Tails the Fox Think of you?

Well I'm once again going through a stage where I'm obsessing with Tails, Sonic and you know those sorta characters so I made a quiz X3

Test Your Knowledge: The Legend Of Zel...

How much do YOU know about the Zelda series dear traveler?

Trapped in Minecraft? (Part 1)

With Deadlox, SkyDoesMinecraft, MinecraftUniverse, and Tobuscus.
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Food & Drinks

5sos are Demigods? (Part 7)

You and the boys are in an abandoned warehouse, hiding from Tom and Carter. Serene comes to you in a vision, telling you to choose a weapon: a staff, a bow and arrow, a k...

What Breakfast Food are you? Quiz Requ...

Requested by Clean Bandit thanks for taking! lets see which breakfast food is for you :)

Which dessert are you most like?

Which dessert can you relate most to? Cake, Biscuits, Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Ice-cream, pie or pudding?
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Career & Goals

Future life #2

Hi love making these quizzes Long results with pictures includes house,children Husband , grand children and more

What Would You Be If YOU Were Famous?

Read the title, what famous career will you have, and how will you get famous?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A fun quiz on what you want to be when you grow up. This is my first quiz so sorry if it sucks and if you don't get the result you want. Heart and follow ♥
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Your Fandom Life

· Movies
Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Avengers, X-Men!

Does Jack Frost like you, love you, or...

· Movies
Find out if you are meant for Jack, just friends, disliked, or thought of as a sister.

What would The Company of Thorin Oaken...

· Movies
*warning! Contains fairly descriptive battle scene. Not for those with a weak stomach!* What would Fili, Kili, Oin, Gloin, Dwalin, Balin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Ori, Dori,...
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Beauty & Vanity

уσυя ρσℓуνσяє συтƒιт 3

Yep all mine. Pretty recent. No hates please. Girls only sorry guys. Thanks for taking xx

What Would Your Tumblr Room Look Like?

Have fun and do the quiz to find out what your room would look like if you had a tumblr room ♥

Are you pretty?

I'm going to tell you if you're pretty or not :D
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Which legendary football player of the...

· Sports
A fun quiz to find out which legendary soccer player of all time you are
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Love & Friendship

Create your boy; NOT FINISHED YET

Wanna know what your next boyfriend will be like? look like? then take this quiz to find out if he's a bad boy, class clown, the quiet sweetheart, your bestfriend, th...

Create Your Own Boyfriend - PICTURE RE...

Take my quiz to find out your future: Husband Wedding Dress Proposal Ring Wedding Place Your Kids + Names! Pets Your House AND MORE! If you have taken my oth...

Who's your 5SOS boyfriend

Heyyy girls! This is my second quiz and I'm really proud of this (yeah I know I'm so silly :/)So,please leave a comment below telling me if you liked the quiz and...
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What does erza scarlet think of you ?

FOR BOYS. I know i still have couple requests, but i never got to make any quizzes for boys. in fact i don't know if there are many boys on quotev. sorry for the trouble....

Which O2L boy will you end up with?

The title says it all ^
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Your life at hogwarts

· Books
Includes boyfriend, how you met, how he asked you out, siblings, best subject, friends, enemies and what everyone thinks about you.

Your Middle Earth Life (Long Results)

· Books
What is your race? Where is your home? Who do you fight for? What do you fight for? Here is your story in the iconic world of Middle Earth. Answer honestly and I will giv...

Your Twilight Life

· Books
If your life was in the Twilight books
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Your Teen Wolf Life

· TV
What would your life be like if you were a teen wolf character? Find out who is your boyfriend and what your story is at Beacon Hills.

WWE Boyfriend

· TV
Which WWE Superstar would date you; Randy Orton, John Cena, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, or Dolph Ziggler?

Your Doctor Who Life

· TV
*Girls Only* Your Doctor Who Life! All results are my own creation, I hope you like it. Leave a comment or like or whatever! If you want you can check out my other quizze...
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What Guardian Guides You?

· Animals
You Have a Very Special Guardian, One Which Takes The Form Of An Animals. Just Who Guides You?

The animal you have the best connectio...

· Animals
This quiz tells you which of the following animals you have the closest relation to. This includes Dragons, wolves, deer, and fish

What's Your Warrior Cat Name?

· Animals
Hi! It's Heatherheart! I love the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter, so I decided to take the quiz! In this quiz, you will discover your name, clan, mate and destiny...
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School & Academics

Are You Popular?

{Girls Quiz Only} Are you popular? Life's a challenge to the top! Find out if you're all-that in one quiz on Facebook. 100% Accuracy! Stay true to the quiz and it'll stay...

What Field of Science Would Interest Y...

This quiz is 10 questions, 12 answers. Please leave a comment if you notice any mistakes in spelling or grammar so I can fix it. If this quiz does well, I'll make ano...

What kinda student are you?

Heys lol so im getting into making quizzes comment,message me some ideas or requests! Thanks for trying my quizzes out!
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Celebrities & Fame

Luke Gets Jealous

How would you like to see Luke get jealous? All bc of you ;) This does include the 1D boys as well but even if you don't like 1D you should still take this quiz becau...

20 questions with magcon

Find out what nash hayes carter matt cam and shawn ask u in 20 questions
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Whats your Element High name?

· Humor
Hi, its Wintery. Today I'm gonna find out what you'd be called if you ever came to Element High! Girls only!

Which Creepypasta is your Hommie?

· Humor
Well if you do not understand the title, you can find out which Creepypasta is your bestie!

How random are you?

· Humor
This quiz is about your randomness rating. Hope you like
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Celebrity Boyfriend + Very Long Story ...

· Music
One Direction, Austin Mahone, Justin Bieber, ECT. Which will you get?

What kined of music are you

· Music
This will tell what kind of music you are.

7 minutes in heavan ~band edition~

· Music
Play 7 mintues in heaven with sleeping sirens, pierce the veil, black veil brides, bring me the horizon, and all time low.
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What ghost is in love with you?

· Scary
Wanna know what ghost loves you?

What Ghost/Killer is watching you righ...

· Scary
Find out what is in your walls staring at you thro the vent or perhaps outside your window or under your bed or...right next to you (a lot of ppl asked me were i got all ...

Are you OBSESSED with creepypasta?

· Scary
Sorry females only >.<
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Just For Fun

Prince Maker I: England

"Who... am I?" A mysterious girl gives you a little boy who you name Arthur. You have to now raise him and chose his path. Did you chose the right one? "I... ...

Are you Crazy?

Find out if you are completely insane or perfectly normal!
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Cars & Vehicles

What is your future life ?

Who will you marry? How many kids will you have? What will be there names? What will your car be? Your job? Your house? FIND OUT!

Your whole future

This quiz called your whole future describes in full detail what job you and your guy will have kids,pets,house,car,husband,where you met,.so yah plz take


The old school game is now a quiz! Answer the questions and find out about your future. Know what car you will drive, how many kids, the house you will live in, the first...
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Which Guardian are you?

Answers are Guardian of nature, Guardian of weather, Guardian of the sea, Guardain of beauty, and Guardian of personality :) kinda long answers? depends on watcha get :)

What Does Claude think of you?

Does he hate you, love you, or are his feelings somewhere in between?

What Mental Disorder Do You Have Part 2

This is mostly the same as my previous What Mental Disorder Do You Have Part 1. If you haven't taken it then I advise you do What Mental Disorder Do You Have? Thank Y...
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Lost in the woods

· Scary
We got lost in the woods, somehow... were not alone...

Are you truly good at Guild Wars 2?

(gw2 players only obviously) ^.^

Test your Five Nights at Freddy's ...

Here is a Five Nights at Freddy's 2 quiz. How much do you know about the new game? Probably more than I do. I hope you enjoy this little quiz.

Who Do I Ship You With?

Which one of the 5sauce guys are perfect for you?

Your fairy life

This quiz shows what type of fairy you are, and all of your favourite things such as wings, flower crown, wedding dress etc

Are you an Einstein?

This is for smarty pants and not so smarty pants...

What do your eyes say about you?

What eye color should you have to match your personality?

Test your skills at surviving the zomb...

· Scary
GOD I LOVE CAPS (btw sorry about my bad english)

Which cape would you have in Mailbox C...

· Books
From the story of Mailbox Collection: The Little Red Cape

Whats your Lord Of The Rings charctor?

· Movies
The title says it all. I made all the charctors are my own,most of them. :)

Your Life in Final Fantasy VII~

If you were a part of the Final Fantasy VII world, what would your life be like? What do the others think about you? Who would you love? What would your fighting style be...

Criminal Hunters [Introduction] Pt1

Welcome to the marvelous world where criminals roam the streets, being the most dangerous. But have you heard of the fascinating Criminal Hunters? Rumors say they are a t...

What does Ben Drowned Think of you?

Hai! See what my video game buddy thinks of you! Will he like you or hate you? Take to find out! ^W^ Females only!

Ransom and Wanted Posters - One Piece ...

I strive to keep this a story that you can read even if you've never read or heard of One Piece before, so don't be intimidated by the title! :)

Wich STEINS;GATE Character are you?

I include stuff that is from different Mangas too, so I can get this a bit more diverse. This will however bring in some stuff about the characters, that wasn't in t...

WHAT! the turtles might be crushing. P...

Part 8 is out! Want to find out what happened to your friends? Click here! (Must tell you now. The results are really short.)

What type of edm are you? EDM=Electron...

· Music
If you dont like edm music which is dubstep, house, techno,etc. then you might now be to into this quiz :P Ps. Im a dude :D

What Greek Goddess Would You Be?

If you were a Greek goddess.. which one would you be? I'm only doing the MAIN MAIN goddesses, sorry! This is my second quiz, thank you for all the support on my fir...

What Style Suits You?

The outfits used are for girls, but anyone can take it.

Which Branch should you join? (AoT)

Survey Corps, Garrison, or Brigade? Take this quiz to find out what brach you should join.

Meet the Big 4 part 2

Yes i havent been active much but here's part 2! Hint about out 3 guest: their brooms are not used for sweeping

The Neko brothers ~part 1~

The shadow that follows you from afar is suddenly getting closer!

Why are you sad?

Title. I'm going to try to be accurate.

What TV show should you watch?

· TV
Just some recommendations for people who want something new to watch.

What does Ciel Think of You?

//Now I know there are many of these quizzes through out Quotev, but being that I roleplay as Ciel on my Google+ page, I thought it would only being fitting to make a qui...

What Do My WWYFF Mythical Creatures OC...

Yeah, yeah, i know there's a ton of these, but THESE ARE MY OCS SO THATS WHAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT. LOL. This one is from my WWYFF Mythical Creatures quizzes! There wil...

The Trackers #2

· Scary
Saved by a friend, you make it out of your predicament and are faced with a choice.

The Sorting Hat

If you don't know what the sorting hat is, kindly get off.

Who is your anime boyfriend?

Who would you be with? Maybe Naruto? or maybe Haruka? Find out here! (only a few results available)

Which of my Oc's are you?

I hardly have any in the normal clans. A lot are from the fan clans. Warriors belongs to Erin Hunter but most of teh characters belong to me.

My Akatsuki Crush (1)

Fall in love with an Akatsuki member, but suffer the consequences....

What's your type of guy?

Wanna know what and who your interests are all about? try this quiz!

What kind of blade are you

Personality quiz with good results and fun questions... hope you like it and if you do paleeze follow!


Ahoj! Hodně štěstí

Echo and Nostalgia

The title sounds so mush cooler than what actually happens.

What Should You Be Thankful For This T...

This will help you decide what you should be thankful for the most this Thanksgiving.

Which Vampire the Masquerade Bloodline...

Only includes the ones you can actually play. Also the questions come directly from the game itself, I tried my best to make the results the same whether you took it on ...

Wolf rank

See what type of wolf you would be a beta a pup sitter or even alpha and also hunter

Could you be an ally of Death?

Ever think that you were the most evil person alive? This will tell you if you are, and if you could ever be Death's ally...

Desendents of the past (wwyff) part 6

Aurhors note: sorry for the wait i had to overcome a small case of writers block.

Desendents of the past (wwyff) part 5

Recap: you finally meet the guys and decide to stay with them seeing as any mortal in Erith will be killed.

Black Butler Boyfriend

Has season 3, 2, and 1 for girls only. (Not for little kids) Follow and comment who you got!

Who is Your Exo K Boyfriend?

You can get Suho, Chanyeol, DO, Baekhyun, Kai, or Sehun.

Desendents of the past (wwyff) part 7

Recap:you have finished your first day of training.

Would Jack Frost Like You?

Well, since y'all liked my first rotg quiz, I decided to make this one. Also I don't update stuff and post stuff a lot here so I kind of feel like I owe it to you...

What is wrong with you? What do you fe...

This is a quiz saying how you feel inside and why you feel this way.

Frist Date with one of my teachers

Ok so.... I desided to build off of Which teacher would you have a crush on? and make a new one where you get together! Ok so... I pray none of my teachers find this!

Which of my warrior cats are you? (2)

· Animals
Be 1 out of a possible 6 of my warriors. Sorry to those who get the opposite gender then what they really have. :D Please enjoy!

How Emo are you?

Are you cutting every day or just a bit sad.

Which Pokemon Region are you From?

This is my very first quiz! (yay I actually did something) It's "Which Pokemon Region are you from?" (Obviously) Honestly this quiz sucks but whatever.

Which Class are you?

A role playing class. I've been playing AQW a lot lately and was in the mood to make this quiz. =3

Living In Adventure Time

This quiz is about how your day was with the Adventure Time characters after spending time with them ~ which is what you will be doing in this quiz & finding out what...

Famous Family :) (first quiz)

Find out what your famous future holds!

Test your youtuber knowledge

The youtubers in this quiz is; Jordan Sweeto, Johnnie Guilbert, and Bryan Stars. You must answer questions about them, if you get them right, congratulations. If you don&...

What Video Game Should You Play?

Video game lover? Are you bored? Well, if you weren't you wouldn't be here! I shall tell you which video you should play. Be warned, most games are not recent and...

Which tattoo matches your personality?

Yea, just read the title....let's see what tattoo would fit you!

Which Of My Characters are you?

Four characters - which one are you?

Elemental Quiz

All in the title. Includes fire,earth,water,air,light,ice,shadow,poison,spiri tual,steel,space and time for results.

What Kamigami no Asobi character are y...

I really, really liked this series so I made a quiz. Guys can take it, although its mostly for girls. Enjoy! P.S. This is my first quiz so please write a comment if you l...

The Last Queen #23

A cold November night, after one year of living in the streets, you come across five strange guys. They are so perfect, it is almost unreal. This fatal encounter will mar...

Take a Chance part 2

A robot comes to destroy them, but of course it's no problem for the guys! When you all settle down, you get Shadow to like cucumbers, Silver is a maid, (waaaaat?) an...

Your Wedding!

Pics of your: -dress, hair -rings, cake -bouquet, venue

What Does Sasuke Think Of You?

This is pretty much for girls but boys can do it too if you're bi or something...

What animal are you?

Enjoy my second quiz! I hope you like it. Sorry that I haven't been making quiz's lately, I had a butt-load of stuff coming up. Please like and comment, I love ya...

Would Freddy Like You?

Everyones doing these so yeah...would Freddy Fazbear like you?

What animal represents you? (Multiple)

· Animals
If you want to know your inner animal, take this quiz.
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