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What do the anime characters think of ...

· TV
Exactly what the title says! This contains characters from: Black Butler, Soul Eater, Hetalia, Death Note, Ouran HSHC and High School Of The Dead.

Seven Minutes in Heaven (BLACK BUTLER)

· TV
Characters: Ciel, Sebastian, Claude, Alois, and me(Destrey) PG-15
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Whose little sister are you in hetalia?

· Movies
Ve~ I'm venice, Italy and Romano's sorellina and now I'm curious as to who your big brother is!

Create Your Guardian (ROTG)

· Movies
Yeah this is boring but i have no life so whatever. As the title says i shall determine what guardian you are. And your love interest and what the other guardians think o...

Your life in Harry Potter

· Movies
Third quiz so happy with all the other people liking my other ones so here we go again
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How Insane are you?

· Scary
Just how insane are you? Enjoy :) Sorry if your result isn't what you wanted Credit to my two friends, Kurohime Chi Akuma and Midnight Elecity for some of the ide...

Creepy pasta quiz. READ THE DESCRIPTION.

· Scary
***WARNING, There is suicide, murder, and gore in this story. I do not condone it, nor do I condone murder. I do not wish anyone pain, nor do I wish for you to harm yours...

Which Ghost Protects You?

· Scary
(WARNING: SAD) Ever feel like nobody is there for you? That nobody ever cares about you? Maybe someone does... they're just not living...
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Just For Fun

How Insane are you?

Well? Take the quiz to find out!

Fight with Mindless Behavior

Don't worry y'all make up

Your Future Daughter!

INCLUDES: BABY PICS, TODDLER PICS, KID PICS, AND TEENAGE PICS WITH A SHORT STORY. Sorry if she doesn't look like you, just imagine she got her looks from your hot hubby/...
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Beauty & Vanity

ღAre You Truly Beautiful? ღ

Take this quiz to test your beauty! I'm sure you'll pass! (; *Absolutely no bad results. Bonus: There are tips! And... LONG results!* ~Enjoy~ ღ

How Fake are you?

Well, let's see!

Your Skin Type

Have you got oily,dry,spotty, sensitive or combination skin? (:
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Are you creative?

· Animals
Are you a copy cat or do you get your inspiration raw from your heart?

Build-a boy

· Animals
No!not build a bear silly gooses:)...take me!=)

Your Warrior Name

· Animals
Find out your warrior cat name
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Food & Drinks

Which Drink is Most Like You?

The drink that best describes your personality is found here. Maybe. o.o

Are you having fun in your life

Hey this quiz will help you with your problems and if you have a hard one talk to me it some like too much drink and other stuff

What yummy junk food are you?

Take this quiz to find out what junk food you are. It's actually really thought out even though it is just for fun. Have fun c:
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Video Games

Skyrim: Your story.

Original characters created by Alëksei.

What skylander element are you?

No tards, this IS NOT my first quiz... I created a new account, that's why. Unlike all the OTHER skylander quizzes, this will not be childish nor bore you to death....
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What sport matches your personality?

· Sports
Ever wonder? ♥ *Note- I am not guessing what sport you play, just which sport matches your personality. So don't freak or complain if your result was a sport you don't...

How do you tell people how your feeling?

· Sports
Just a quiz i made out of boredom and dont yell at me for results ok this is a dumb quiz its not accurate and doesnt describe everyone!

Your Life in WWE

· Sports
Title Says All! And sorry if some((Most)) of the links don't work, this is my first quiz, so sorry! Also, enjoy at free will!
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Celebrities & Fame

Camping with 5sos: Part Nine

Sarah has amnesia (get it!) and she can't remember Luke, what will happen? Luke is blaming Cameron and Calum... what's going on?

Meeting Celebrities 1

It's not exactly role play. You meet different celebrities and you get to know what they think of you, isn't that exciting? This is only the first part, I am hopi...
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What's Your True Element

What element do you belong to? Take my quiz to learn what yours is! :)

What Celebrity are you?

Which personality of a celebrity is most like you? Take this quiz to find out :)

What Type of Girl are you?

Read the title :)
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What is Your Love Song?

· Music
Find out, based on your personality, what your perfect love song would be.

Which Member Of Black Veil Brides woul...

· Music
I'm aware that there are 1000's of these, but I wanted to try it

Your 1D Boy & Their Thoughts On You

· Music
Includes pictures + stories (:
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Fantasy & Mythology


Who's your fantasy boyfriend? Vampire Warlock Warewolf Fallen Angel Angel or other? ;)

Who's Your Guardian Angel?

Everybody's got a Guardian Angel right? Well it's time to find out who yours' is!

Rise of The Guardians Story Life (Long...

Like the title ~ And For girls only, Sorry boys :/ UPDATE!I edited the stories a teeny bit, and i added some more answers to questions.
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School & Academics

Would you survive in my middle school?

Can you survive? Take this quiz and you would know! 99.9% accurate results. Girls only, BTW. Including special outfits that I think you should try on.

High School Boyfriend Quiz

Five Unique Characters! ~Under Construction~
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Love & Friendship

7 Minutes in Hell Black Butler

You are invited to the Trancy manor for a Get Together with Ciel, Sebastian, Alois, Claude, and Grell. You were all drunck even the butlers! And Grell called for a game o...

How do you feel about love?

I don't know what to say most of these are female oriented but hey lets do something different for a change.

Kiss me? ( Mystical Boyfriend quiz)

Make a vampire, werewolf, ghost, or fallen angel boyfriend. This quiz has bunch of cute boys, and smoking red hot story. To make you blush. The results are super dooper l...
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Funny Autocorrect Mistakes 2!

· Humor
I found some more funny ones to add to Funny Autocorrect Mistakes!

Your 1D man! *Long results*

· Humor
Pick me I have gifs
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Vampire Knight Love Match

· Books
In this Quiz lets see who you will end up in the end and how your future ends. Will It be Kaname Kuran, Zero Kiryu, Ichijo Takuma, Shiki Senri, Hanabusa Aido, or Akatsuki...

Heroes Of Olympus Boyfriend

· Books
Which one of the boys from HoO is right for you?

You in Camp Half Blood

· Books
I'm a big fan of Heroes of Olympus, so I'm making a quiz. My main goal is to keep the answers from being too obvious. If I fall short of that goal, tell me and I&...
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Cars & Vehicles

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Career & Goals

Your Life (Long)

Friends as kids, gafes, best subjects, first boyfriend,university, husband, kids, job and more!

What job best suits your personality?

So, what category of jobs best suits you? Is it a Health Specialist, a Science Specialist, a Physical Job, a career in The Arts or a Part-Time Job?
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Your viner boy!

Includes the following boys: Brent Rivera, Shawn Mendes, Cameron Dallas, Hayes Grier, Nash Grier, Matt Espinosa, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, and Carter Reynolds.

Which Youtuber are you most like?

Which youtuber are you most similar to? Pewdiepie? Danisnotonfire? Johnnie Guilbert? Amazing Phil? Jordan Sweeto? MattG? Veeoneeye? Smosh(Ian&Anthony)?

Divergent- Faction Quiz

What faction you'd be in Divergent by Veronica Roth
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What Type Of Cookie are you?

Find out which cookie you'd be in this personality quiz~!

Do we act alike deep inside?

I just wanna know if there are people out there that relate to me deep within ourselves or if I just need help .__.

Do you have a mind of a Male or a Fema...

Well, if you want to know, Take this quiz! FYI: I don't own any of the photos, unfortunately. They belong to their respective owner. One was from Devineart or some...

Creepypasta Party ~Truth or dare #2

Now you know the creepy pastas I wonder how you will be when paying truth or dare with them, and a new face pops up who Jeff knows very well. Yeah still a crap descripti...

WHAT! The turtles might be crushing. P...

When Mikey and Donnie come to visit you at night what will happen? Should you forgive them? Or are you going to be mad at them forever?

What type for vampire are you?

Hai everyone, My quiz is about vampires. I ❤ vampires. In this quiz you'll find out what type of vampire you are.Pleazzz comment and give me some tips. This is m...

Can I Guess Your Bloodtype?

Can I? I'm sorry if I'm wrong :'D

Can We Get Along?

Read da title bruh ^^^^^

What type of girl are you?

All in the title

Test Your Talent, (Drawing)

Hey, this is my very first quiz here on Quotev. Just wanna test something ya'll. :)

Which Cahill Branch are you in?

· Books
Are you Tomas, Janus, Lucian, Ekaterina.....or Madrigal? (Remember, for this quiz to work, you have to stay true to yourself)

Which one of my CreepyPasta OC's a...

· Scary
Well? Which one of my OC's are you? Includes weapon and rival. Sorry girls only. My OC's are girls.... Sorry.

Dan or Phil

Title, breh, anywho, Do you end up with Dan or Phil?

Would we get ALONG

Im new here and i have nothing else to do so.... My first quiz so plz dont judge!

What Anime Character are you?

· TV
Find out what anime character you are, by trying out this quiz! [All the results are male characters, sorry!]

How well do you know My Chemical Roman...

· Music
(Posted 12/20/2014) How well do you know MCR? Find out in this quiz! Might make a part 2, if you want me to, comment, and if you have any suggestions, comment with those,...

What is your Aura Color?

What color are your thoughts, soul and personality?

What the walking dead person are you

· Scary
This computer needs arrow keys that point up!

Your TVD Life

· TV
If you were in The Vampire Diaries, who would you be? Who would be related to you and who're your best friends?

Creepypasta sleepover part 12

Romance and fun stuff! Nothing better than those 2 combinations!

Which Creepypasta is your BFF?

· Scary
Wow my first quiz! i hope you bro's like this! sorry if it sucks :) thanks. like, comment and follow if you want :)

Who is your 2p boyfriend

This quiz will show you if you who is your 2ptalia boyfriend. hehehehe this is my first quiz so don't hate me if it's terrible.

Fascinating Dreams (wwyff)

I've seen a lot of this types of quizzes so I thought why not give it a chance

What type of my oc's are you?

What oc are you? Caroline, Mariam, Courtney, or Ally?

Everyones Nightmare, Your Dream 8 (Wwy...

· Scary
After a chance encounter, Rosalie, called Rose by her friends, makes a deal with a character she had read about but never believed in. So, to stay alive, she must serve...

What fictional character are you

· Books
All i know is that if your a reader like me, this is what you wonder throughout your day

What love song of mine suits you?

· Music
These are all original songs by me, Lily so please do not copy this work or look for it anywhere because it won't be anywhere.

Would we work out?


What animal Furrie are you

· Animals
Anime Furries (Animal-humanoids.) Let's see what animal you get to be. Take if you dare.

Hetalia Waters

So these are some OCs I made for hetalia their the more well know seas... 5 answers. They also have a card suit to go with them (clubs, spades, heart, diamond). There is...

What elemental loves you?

What element wielder will love you? That is all an elemental is, a element wielder. Take this quiz to see! Everyone is welcomed to take this, not just girls!

What christmas song are you most like?

· Music
Just the classics here. I have always loved Christmas, and since its only a few days away, here is a quiz. Hope you enjoy! :3

Which Attack on Titan Character are you?

Click it click it click it click it CLIIIIIIIIKKKKK XD

Which tim burton movie are you from

· Movies
One of the creepiest and coolest directors of all time has made many classic movies with many classic characters and deep inside we all belong in one of those movies. The...

What spirit animal walks with you?

· Animals
A series of questions to see what your spirit animal is. Sorry guys, but it won't let me put a picture for lion.

Wooden Horses to Steel Robots. Near...

Hi there. I'm just a little boy in white hair right? Hmm. Go figure. Near's the name-don't end up like the last guy who didn't remember it. I'm in the...

What Death Note character are you?

L, Matsuda, Light, Near, Misa, Matt, and Mello... Which one is most like you?

What Youtubers would you be friends wi...

This is a quiz about which youtuber/s you would be friends with! This quiz includes Dan and Phil, Jennxpenn, Cutiepie and Pewdiepie, Zoella and Pointlessblog, and Tyler O...

What type of Vocaloid are you? (Girl V...

What type of Vocaloid are you? To find out, take this quiz then! This is my first quiz, so please enjoy! It will include the most popular female Vocaloids, so please don...

Awesomenauts - which character are you...

Just a fun quiz i made for awesomenauts, there are not any other ones, so i thought id make this one!

Do you have a sense of humor?

· Humor
EDIT: Spin offs MIGHT be made. NO PROMISES. (All in the title XD)

What type anime girl are you

Title says it all

Which of my favorite fandom characters...

Includes Merlin, Arthur Pendragon, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sebastian Morgenstern, Jace Herondale, Harry Potter, the Doctor, Sherlock Holmes, and Spock. Story at...

What type of girl are you at school?

Ever wondered what type of girl you are in school. Take this quiz to find out. Please comment and follow me. Sorry if this is bad it is my first quiz (: ♥ i love you ...

Are you My Best friend Or Crush?

Here I will test you & well, you know :p By the way, this is all a test nothing "real".

What Do Others See In You?

Have you ever gone on a date, or been to a party or even stayed the night with someone and wondered what that person or people thought of you? Wonder no more. With this q...

Who are you in 5sos? GIRL VERSION!

Take this quiz to find out who you are in 5sos (: girls only woop woop! (:

My creepypastas would you survive? 3

· Scary
Third part in my sequal.

What type of gamer are you?

Maybe you're the type of RPG gamer, or perhaps the Action Gamer? Don't know yet? Find out, my friend adventure awaits you! hehe.

Guess the Fall out boy song!

· Music
Guess the fall out boy song. Includes songs off the albums, Infinity on high, save rock and roll, from under the cork tree, and folie adeux.

Maze Runner Roleplay Newt

This is the story that I have written for you. That's right, you. You will answer a series of questions, don't worry there aren't many. Then I will tell you y...

Which anime girl are you

It will tell you who you are in anime :)

The Last Queen #32

A cold November night, after one year of living in the streets, you come across five strange guys. They are so perfect, it is almost unreal. This fatal encounter will mar...

7 mins in haven

7 mins in haven with my guy friends. see who you get ;) Mic, Adam, Danny or Julian

Which Greek Goddess are you?

Are you Iris,Eos,Hera,Athena, Artemis or Aphrodite?

Which Gravity Falls Character are you ...

· TV
Are you smart like Dipper, or funny like Mabel? Find out now!

Youtube Knowledges

TITLE, gawd, weirdo....wait youre a weirdo too? FABULOUS!

What is your daughters personality

Will you have a popular,nerdy,quiet,Gothic,healthy sick... find out now...

Can I Trick You?

Read the title
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