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Your Band Member Boyfriend

· Music
Which band member boy, are you most compatible with? Find out here! Take this quiz!

Which Member of 5 Seconds of Summer ar...

· Music
This is a scenario based quiz designed to judge which member of 5 Seconds of Summer you're best suited for according to your personality. The questions are tricky and...
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Fantasy & Mythology

Which mythological creature represents...

I firstly posted this quiz on Quizilla,but since I'm not using it that much,I thought it'd be a good idea to post it here,with a few changes ;) I hope you'll...

True Destiny - Part 3

It's time to see who kidnapped the girl (you)

Create A Boyfriend

For girls and guys. I don't own any of these pictures (if they even still work).
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What Animal are you?

· Animals
Well. Quiz showing which animal you are or are like in spirit. So sorry if it's not acccurate.

What elemental animal walks by your si...

· Animals
There is a spirit animal watching over you, and secretly comforting you, that's there when you need it most, even if you can't see it. What is it?

What's your animal soul?

· Animals
If your soul were to be an animal which one would it be? Lots of results (Over 20) and accurate answers.
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Food & Drinks

What Kind Of Cookie are you?

Chocolate Chip? Oatmeal Raisin? Sugar? Double Chocolate? White Chocolate Chip? M&Ms? Oreo? (this is my first ever quiz, sorry if it sorta sucks)

What Your Starbucks Order Says About Y...

With so many yummy options on the Starbucks menu, choosing the perfect drink has practically become a sport—and you can tell a lot about people from their order. Take t...

Will I win or will you lose?

This is a food contest!Who can I make hungry? Will it be YOU?
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Love & Friendship

Which SnK guy would fall for you?

Which male character from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) would fall for you?

Create your dream boyfriend

Create your perfect boyfriend c: ♥ warning- long results!

Youtube best friend :)

Which youtuber is best for you? (Girls only)
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Can I make you laugh? Part 4 (Avengers...

· Humor
If most products in the U.S says made in China. Do products in China say, made down the block? (Avengers/Superheros Edition)

Can You Relate? :) ~Part 5~

· Humor
How many of these Awkward and funny moments have happened to you? take the quiz to find Out! :D

Which South Park Boy Will You Get?~

· Humor
**Pictures Belong To Their Rightful Owners, and The Characters Belong To South Park** ~ Accept for Alison in the beginning, that's my South Park character. ~
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FairyTail - Who will you be with? [For...

Who will you be with? - Sorry only 5 answers.

Ross Lynch quiz (100% True)

Test your quiz on Ross Lynch & the results are a 100% true. Give it a try! ♥
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What do Kuroshitsuji characters think ...

· TV
Find out what the characters from the Black Butler think about you. (( Does contain role play)) 😊 ~Hope you like it!~ ((I do not own all of these pictures))

Your Percy Jackson Life!

· TV
This quiz tells you what your life eould be as a demigod!It includes PJO and HOO!

What Will You Look Like Anime?

· TV
Scene, Emo, Preppy(<.<), Tomboy, Nerd, Computer Geek,Skater, Or Rocker?
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What superhero and you are most alike?

· Movies
My second quiz, it idiotic, but it has superheroes!

Your Star Trek Life

· Movies
This is mostly based around the 2009 and 2013 films! NOT FINISHED! PUBLISHED IT BY ACCIDENT. WILL BE FINISHED IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS!

Your boyfriend from the anime: Amnesia

· Movies
Hey there guys! This is my first Quiz, here you will see who is your "boyfriend" from the anime: Amnesia!( The results include: Shin, Toma, Ikki,Kent and Ukyo) I...
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Just For Fun

Your Future Daughter!

INCLUDES: BABY PICS, TODDLER PICS, KID PICS, AND TEENAGE PICS WITH A SHORT STORY. Sorry if she doesn't look like you, just imagine she got her looks from your hot hubby/...

Who's Your Band Boyfriend (Long An...

Andy, Vic, Kellin or Austin has a major crush on you and will soon be your boyfriend!

What time of day are you?

This is to see what time you are, not what your favorite time is. ♥
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Beauty & Vanity

Your Dream Prom Dress

Well, what will it be? x

Create your boyfriend

Well i think we all know what its about... fixed the links
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Cars & Vehicles

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School & Academics

What will your life be like in Disney ...

You are elected to come to Disney Academy and start school there

You dont deserve this

If you're one of them people who the bullys seem to attack or you dont feel like you have anyone there for you take this quiz, ill try to make things better beautiful...

Can you survive my class?

I'm at advanced class. but my class totally different from the others think. So, let's check it out!
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Your Hunger Games life

· Books
Ever wondered what you life in Panem would be? Would you survive the Hunger Games?

Your Series of Unfortunate Events Life

· Books
Ever wondered what your unfortunate event will be? Your talent? Your story? Take this quiz and find out. :)

Your Demigod Life

· Books
See who your name is, Demigod boyfriend, parent, powers, and more! Girls only ♥ Also there is another quiz like this you can take by me!
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Video Games

What Legend of Zelda character are you?

Exactly what the title says! SPOILER ALERT FOR WIND WAKER, MAJORA'S MASK AND TWILIGHT PRINCESS. Results include Link, Zelda, Sheik, Midna, Zant, Ghirahim, Ganondorf/G...

Which Elsword Job are you?

A quiz on Elsword! This one is just based on which job are you. This one will be up to Ara's jobs. Elesis' 2nd job path isn't out in Korea yet. Hope ya'll enjoy this one!...

Which Assassin are you Most Like? 2

The sequel to my first Assassins quiz. Decided I should include Arno, Shay and Malik, so here we go!
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What Football Player are you?

· Sports
Try this quiz to see who you are. From QB to Kicker/Punter.:)

What is your MLB batting stance?

· Sports
What MLB player do you resemble the most through your batting stance? (Past and present) - Created by Tony Olson
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Career & Goals

What is your dream job

This a quiz to find out what your dream job is

Future life #4

Fun , cool , amazing just for fun tells you where you live who you will marry your children and more
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What Form of Lightsaber Combat are you...

An excellent way to tell what kind of Jedi/Sith you would be, and what style of Lightsaber combat you would most likely use.

Where does your spirit thrive?

Just a fun thing i decided to do instead of homework X3 first quiz ^-^ If i get the answer wrong, I'm sorry dude. No hard feelings o:) XD G'Bye :P

What feeling are you trying to hide?

The title pretty much sums it up
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Which Ib Character are you?

· Scary
Ib is one of my favorite RPG horror games so I decided to make this quiz! I hope you enjoy~

Can you survive ticci toby-creepypasta

· Scary
Ok so I dont own ticci toby or any other creepypasta, I just thought I would make a quiz about toby cause there are hardly any so enjoy running through the woods with tob...

Would you be able to survive my dark s...

· Scary
I really didn't want to do this quiz, but...Well, Let's just say the voice in my head who isn't me talked me into it.
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Celebrities & Fame

O2l life pRT 1

What the title says and there will be 3-6 parts

Which 5sos Song are you?

I know you're curious ;) These are some of the songs off the album btw. I can't fit all the songs into one quiz so I'll be making a part 2

Camping with 5sos: Part Two

You and Luke nearly kissed! Will he ask you out? Or will something happen between you and another boy?
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The night mares that came to life.

· Books
So my friend @crazywaffle is making a story for me and the rest of my friends. Im the girl version of the MadHatter, CRAZYPANNDA is is Belle, Dreamhope is Alice in Wonder...

What's your One Direction life?

You met One Direction! But what's your life? LET'S FIND OUT!

The Maze Runner Quotes Quiz

· Books
Put your knowledge to the test and see if you still remember who stated the quotes in this quiz.

What Colour Is Your Soul

Including mythical creatures and legends

Which Octonaut are you?

· TV
Take this quiz to discover which of the Octonauts you are most like.

How Much Do You Know About The Maze Ru...

· Books
Dare yourself to take this quiz if you're a true fan of The Maze Runner series!

Who is your creepypasta boy friend?

· Humor
What creepy pasta loves you.

Your life with the creepypastas (part 6)

· Scary
Continuation from part 5. I'm pretty sure you get the idea.

Do we actually fit as friends?

Well, when curiosity strikes, I guess? :3

Which Greek God do you belong?

I'm Proud of my Parent. Demigods we belong to this family, the family of the GODS!

Your Avenger boyfriend

This does include Loki, but it isn't going to be anything romantic. This includes Thor, Tony, Clint and Steve. I hope you enjoy.

Are you Percy, Annabeth or Grover?

· Books
>.< All in da title >.<

What Supernatural Creature are you?

Find out your hidden creature withen...

Which of my Siblings are you most like?

I made this quiz when I was bored. But take it anyway! Pleeaassssse?

What is the element spirit you have in...

Is it Water,Fire,Earth, or Air?

Will You Survive A Lockdown/Shooting?

· Scary
Nearly everyone knows these life or death horrific things, so this quiz will get you prepared for one and tell you what might happen if you'll die or live.

Your 5SOS Boy

Comes with a short story of how you two meet and how he asked you out!

Freddy's Pizzeria

There is a new job at a Pizzeria as a Security Guard but, you have to join me a guy most call Insane will you take the job or not

What subject or class should you teach?

Find out now what subject or class you should be a teacher in! Will you be a teacher in math, english, science, history, or self defense.

Which magcon guy is right for you?

Plz check out all my other quizzes and be sure to look at my imagines! THX SO MUCH! FOLLOW ME! BE SURE TO LIKE THIS QUIZ!😃😉😄😏😝

Which FNaF 1 character are you?

For my last FNaF quiz i didnt put much work into it, so im making each one (FNaF 1 and FNaF 2) seperate!

Will You Survive... ME?

· Scary
I'm not crazy or insane, maybe a little insane but i'm very good at fighting and parkour, i've been reading too much CreepyPasta.. Please be honest!

Mythical Boyfriend

Choices are Vampire, Demon, Werewolf or Fallen Angel. Gotta take the quiz to find out! :p

What are you in the eyes of a vampire?

Mostly a quiz for fun really. And by vampire, I'm talking about the darker, more evil (And awesome) vampires, that feed off of and sometimes even kill humans.

What He likes About You! *5sos Quiz*

Who's is your 5sos boyfriend? Well stop reading this stupid description and find out! Click the button bruh!

Will you and Peter be more than just f...

Will Peter have feelings for you?

Does my OC like you?

I decided to make an OC quiz because of boredom ^_^

A creepy Christmas! [Part 2]

You found three strangers in your kitchen last night,then you blacked out,what will happen now?

Will you survive a night

· Scary
Take this quiz to find out if you will survive in the slender woods. This is my first quiz so please dont hate thank you

Create your perfect guy!

Create your perfect man!Have fun love ya!Heart follow and comment ♥

Your Animal Side (+TWIST!)

· Animals
Find out what you are on the animal side! (adding a twist! ;D)

Which walking dead character are you?

· TV
Find which walking dead character you would be in the show walking dead and know how you would survive

Which Creepypasta OC are you?

Out of five creepypastas... which one are you? ~all creepypastas belong to their rightful owners. Please refrain from using on of the five without our permission~

7 Minutes In Creepypasta Heaven~

Well, the title pretty much explains, but we can go into a little more detail. I invite you to my house for a party, where my dear murderous friends are getting a little ...

How much do you know about Jeff the Ki...

Hi, random person, this is a quiz about Jeff (title explains all). It'll be pretty easy since many know him and there are SO MANY FANS. I prefer LJ or Ticci-Toby. Goo...

Are you in the Dollars?

The true test (DUN DUN DUNNNN)

Which minor god/goddess is your godly ...

Find out if your godly parent is a minor god/goddess

What is Your Spirit Animal?

· Animals
Wonder what adorable, fierce, or cuddly animal you are? Here you can find out.

What do the Hetalia Characters think o...

· TV
Yeah, I know a few of these are out there......but whatever. Targeted at girls, but guys can take it too, if they're up for it.

Create your Dream Boyfriend Long resul...

For Girls Only! sorry! My first quiz so go easy on meh..... -_- Long results sorry :)

Which Hetalian are you Most Like?

· TV
So I recently started watching this show and I've been doing my research on it. I' must say, a very interesting show. Anyways, I've brought all my research to...

What is your mind like?

All in the tittle.

Httyd chatting with the characters;)

Come on! Lets chat! I love chat so much...but really we are going to be chatting with these young vikings HTTYD 4 LIFE

The Last Queen #30

A cold November night, after one year of living in the streets, you come across five strange guys. They are so perfect, it is almost unreal. This fatal encounter will mar...

Forgotten at camp part 2 (Miranda got ...

This is part two for those who SURVIVED

Which Marvel Hero are you?

Isn't the title explanatory enough?

Wicked Forest (Survival Story/Role Play)

Your little brother has been kidnapped by a creature and taken to a different world; you entered the realm as well to find him. (P.S: I found pictures online that mat...

Your Life in Naruto (Season 2) (Part 2)

· TV
Recap:You've been gone from everyone for a couple years. You soon return older and taller and notice that everyone also did. You spent a whole day with the guy of you...

Practicing With The Guys (Part Five)

Hey guys! This is part five you are in the lair. The guys go on patrol what do you do, and you also get to do other things as well. I hope you guys like it!

Guess the Lyrics for One Direction!

· Music
Are you directioner? Then, this quiz is right for you! Guess the quiz and see if you are truly a directioner!

Your Goofy Face!

I couldn't stop laughing while making this one! XD

How Depressed are you?

You read the title. Take it.

What would you look like in mlp?

Weve all herd of the main 6, but what about the other ponies? This quiz shows what you would look like and you personality in MLP

Schizophrenia, will you survive?- Part 7

· Scary
Well now we explore the house. I'm so excited. Wonder who'll we'll meet.

Are you a true A.R.M.Y ?

· Music
This question is to test whether you're a real ARMY or not ^o^

What causes most of your stress?

Take this quiz to not only find the source of your stressing but ways to relieve it. Keep your head up!

Create a Boyfriend ~Long Results

Create your own boyfriend ~ includes how you met etc.

Five Nights At Freddy's

Just another 5N@F quiz. It's my first 1, so I'm sorry if it's not very good. The end paragraphs a kinda short. Good Luck! Note: I am nowhere near talented ...

CreepyPasta [Misfortunate Events] - Pa...

Results include: Hoodie, Masky, Slenderman, Eyeless Jack, 'Ace,' Ticci Toby, Jeff The Killer, and possible others.

Which member from 5SOS is perfect for ...

Ever wondered whether you'd be suited for Luke, Ashton, Michael or Calum? Take the quiz and find out!

Your anime boyfriend w/ a story

My first one sorryyyy omf ok if you have any suggestions comment and I will do better I swear

Minecraft knowledge test

If you are ready to decide how well you know Minecraft then check this out! Now warning this is my first quiz.... so it will be short but i will try to do longer ones. ...

Witch of the marvel characters childre...

Spider man avengers ect children who would date you

What Creepypasta OC would you be?

· Scary
My creppypasta OCs love them

Gemini Project (Creepypasta) #1

In which you are abducted and forced through a series of tests as a sacrifice to protect your universe from an ultimate massacre.
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