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Just For Fun

Jeff The Killer Scenarios

WARNING : PG 13 Content Will you be brutally killed... Or by accident? Or will you be forced to spend a night with him that could turn into the rest of your life....

Would you survive BEN Drowned?

This is RP. so if you dont like it you can just leave. cuz that is what is in this quiz. ONWARDS!

Meeting The Akatsuki

What happens when you. a average girl meets the infamous Akatsuki? Will they hate you or love you? Will one of them gain a love interest for you? Take the quiz to find ou...
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Beauty & Vanity

What Inspirational Quote Fits You?

The title pretty much speaks for itself, however if you still don't understand let me spell it out, take this quiz to find out a cool inspirational quote that you should ...

Your 'Dark' Outfit?

All in the title ^^


There's a girl in your class who's always wearing a mask. She's never said why, and you're more than curious to find out... Roleplay. I would make it a WW...
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Food & Drinks

The Frappuccino Quiz~

We love Starbucks...well at least most of us... anyway, i have always been on my starbucks mision (check out my journal) and have been tasting as many different Starbuc...

What Flavor Of Icecream Are You?

Find out what delicious type of icecream you are! ;)

What's Wrecking Your Life?

Alcohol? Mental illness? No life? WELL, FIND OUT!
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Love & Friendship

My boyfriend = ?

Well... Everything is on title :D So~~ Let's go~! ^3^

Create a relationship (+breakup,makeup)

Includes First meet, first kiss, breakup, makeup. Didn't mean to use stereotypes, but they may be included, Sorry! One of the results has some touchy subjects in it so do...

Your MagCon Date

Take the quiz to find which of the boys matches you best! ♥ (semi-long answers.)
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Your Life in Hogwarts!(LONG)

· Books
Hope you life my quiz :3 please comment favorite and follow me, I have another quiz 'your marauders era life' make sure to check it out ^^

Your baby with a Demigod

· Books
Read the titles babes ;) ^ Who are you going to have a baby with out of the 5 boys I have chosen ^-^ Enjoy :D :3 xxx

What Warrior Cats clan do you belong in?

· Books
In the Warrior's world there are 5 main clans. The Fierce and Brave Thunderclan, The Clever and Strong Riverclan, The Swift and Loyal Windclan, The Wily and Proud Shado...
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Chatting with Supernatural

· TV
What will the cast think of you?

Who is your 2P! Hetalia boyfriend?

· TV
For those who don't know, 2P!Hetalia is basically the evil versions of the characters with different clothing/hair. This is only the Allies and Axis, plus Canada.

Which anime should YOU watch?

· TV
So you're an anime watcher, or maybe you're not. Either way, anime is so awesome! If you don't like reading Japanese subtitles, there are plenty of shows dubbed well in E...
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Video Games

Which eeveelution would be your best t...

Um...there are a lot of these...but everyone loves at least one eeveelution so I wanted to try to make one. I'll add Sylveon later. Most of this info is from various Dex ...

Who's you're youtube gamer big brother?

So who will you get? Will it be the fabulous pewdiepie. The sexy Cry? Or maybe the butterlish Sky. I might add more but for now this is all. ;3 For girls only sorry boys....

Which Sonic Boy Is Right For You

I will make a quiz like this for boy and girls. I've been given so many ideas from other users. THANKS GUYS! And i'm sorry if you have other opinions about the co...
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Cars & Vehicles

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Celebrities & Fame

Who's Your Celeb Twin 2014?

^^ the title. (I do not own the pictures.)

Future Life With One Direction *LONG R...

Which boy will you get to spend the restof your life with? There are storys for; How you met; First date; Proposal; You tell him your pregnant; and Birth of your first bo...

What member of IM5 is perfect for you?

Will it be Dana, Gabe, Cole, Dalton, or Will? I tried to make the questions hard to guess who they were for. Please enjoy! (This was requested for me to do by my frien...
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Your Disney Princess and More

· Movies
Includes your disney princess, villain, gif, outfit and more :)

7 Minutes in Heaven w/ Hogwarts Lovelies

· Movies
Go into the closet, Do ANYTHING *Short Results but you can IMAGINE from the end*

Which is your Teen Wolf boyfriend? - P...

· Movies
You like Teen Wolf? Find out which character would be your boyfriend! +STORY
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Who's your perfect boyfriend?

· Scary
Short story with results :) (for the record, this is the one and only completely romance thing i will EVER do. I'm a horror show, not the love boat XD haha)

What Creepypasta Chooses You? -Part 2-

· Scary
Ya'll boogers wanted me to do more work so here ya go. Here is part one if you havent taken it yet: What Creepypasta Chooeses You? -Part 1-

What Does Jeff the Killer Think of You?

· Scary
I bet there are thousands of these quizzes on Quotev but mine is different. Jeff: What makes it so different? Me: That's confidential. BEN: NOT ANYMORE!
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Fantasy & Mythology

Are you a Wizard, Demigod, or Tribute?

We all love the fandoms of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and the Hunger Games. But which one would you really belong in? Take this quiz to find out!

Which of the Four Main Elements Do You...

Water, earth, fire, or air? I plan on making more specific quizzes soon.

What are you? What is your true self?

You know questions like, what mystical being would you be, or what magical powers would you have? Well this quiz takes it one step further. Descriptive and amusing answ...
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What popular Pittsburgh Penguins playe...

· Sports
See what pens player you're most like! this was done very quickly, so sorry if its boring! LETS GO PENS! bringin the cup home 08-09

Whats your signature sport

· Sports
Only for people who luv sports!

Which legendary football player of the...

· Sports
A fun quiz to find out which legendary soccer player of all time you are
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School & Academics

What kind of fashion should you sport ...

Heyyy everyone ^.^ First quiz, but I promise it'll be moderately good. So basically this quiz just says what style I think you should sport this upcoming school year....

High school with the Creepypastas? Par...

I know there are plenty of these, but I thought it would be fun to make one myself!

Could you survive a psychotic school k...

We all like having some excitement In our lives,right?Well the quiet kid In class has decided to get that excitement by taking out his classmates,you included! Will you b...
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Who's your big brother

Description shmikshins

Whats your stereotype?

Sorry If I some are wrong I tryed my hardest.Darcie is a.k.a me Jackie.Hope you like the Quiz.And No Rude Comments They Will Be Removed.Remeber,it's just a quiz.I'm not...

How well do you know the BRITISH YouTu...

Including Dan, Zoella, Marcus Butler, Caspar, Finn and Jack, Sam Pepper, Alfie, Mazzi Maz, and Phil :D
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Which band member would fall in love w...

· Music
Check out which band member would probably fall for you! The options are: Vic Fuentes, Mitch Lucker, Kellin Quinn, Andy Biersack and Oli Sykes. Long results, that contain...

Which Exo K member is for you?

· Music
Let fate decided who your Exo K boy is

Who is your One Direction love? (part ...

· Music
Who will you get out of all the celebrities I like?
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What Kind of Bird are you?

· Animals
Its all in the title darlin's! :)

What is your warrior cat name?

· Animals
This is based off of the books by Erin Hunter, read the title!

Your life with tmnt becoming a wolf gi...

· Animals
Okay this is my first quiz guys I Hope you like it and I will make the part 2 then. So this is your life how will you meet the turtles and in the future you will become a...
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Career & Goals

What is the job for you?

Will you be a janitor or a celebrity

What will you be when you grow up?

Find out what your job will be like when your older.!.!. Haha i was boredyy>!>!>!

What RIASEC Career are you?

The RIASEC Scale (also known as the Holland Scale) divides jobs into six different categories--realistic (the "doers", investigative (the "thinkers"), art...
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Which of my evil twin sisters are you?

· Humor
Hahahaha this quiz is gonna be a hit, i can tell. Which of my eveil sisters are you? They are identical twins, but almost nothing alike... Figure out which one you are!

What dose Creepypasta think of you

· Humor
Id like to thank Juliet for giving me some ideas and shtuff check her quizzes out Juliet|quite fallow and take her quizzes!X3

Which Wife are you Most Like?

· Humor
Is it Cheerful Yandere Yuuko or Shy Cell Phone loving Moeka. Test which one of my 4 favorite wives you fall into of are most like
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What kind of person are you?

Title says it all. Most answers apply to girls, but guys can take this too. Please don't be offended by these answers. They may or may not be accurate!

Black Butler Boyfriend 2

This is the same as the last one was, but with all different characters. Longish results, hope you enjoy it!
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Which Alicorn Princess are you?

It's time for another MLP quiz! I will only be making results on alicorns from the show, not any oc's or fanmade characters. However, Chrysalis will be a part bec...

The Big Four ~Part 4~

This is part 4! I'm glad you've been enjoying them!

Would you survive my mind/dreams?

· Scary
12+ only please! This does contain things not for little kids.

What's your song?

· Music
Find out what your soul song is. UNCANNY ANSWERS!

Who Would You Be In My Disney-School P.3

· Movies
This one is mixed. Which boys\girls like you, how your house\apartment\dorm looks and what you are gonna wear on your first day and you roomates [if you have]. Enjoy!

Create a Boyfriend*

Read the title! Longish results!

Your Warrior Cat Life in WinterClan

· Books
I saw a few of these, and i LOVE warrior cats, so i was like- 'Why not make one?' Sorry if it sucks~ She-cats only! Sorry Guys! Oh also this is your warrior cat l...

Build your avatar

5 faceq avatars to choose from ♥ answer in blue for boys and pink for girls :) may not get exactly what you wanted but hope you like it :P

Creepypasta Bros prt8

· Scary

One More Time (Supernatural 1D) V

To recap: you find out about your powers and you started training. After finding out your new ability, you get into a little trouble with your... "parents."

Meet 5sos #4

Yaii part 4, thank you guys ♥

Which my OC are you?

Sorry for my bad English and I don't have a pictures of my OC, sorry, hope you like it, don't forget to comment :)

What would the Hetalia cast think of y...

Meant for girls, but if youra guy then your more than welcomed to take this! my first quiz so, don't kill me :D

Who Would You Be In My Disney-School P.2

· Movies
This is the second one! This one is for the guys, and the next one will be a mixed. Enjoy! *the pics aren't so great*

What Genre of Movie is Your Life?

Do you live in the dramatic, the intense, the laughable, the weird, or the animated?

What Is Your Back To School Style + Su...

Going back to school soon? Yeah me too :( But I'm going to try to make the best of it So here is a special quiz for you Hope you enjoy my love...

Mythical story 5

Like the last ones

Liar, Liar

You’re a spy. You have been for as long as you remember. You were born into this lifestyle and would die in this lifestyle. Although you had been on plenty of minor mis...

Anime Academy Life pt.2

Hope you survive the Black Dorm(mansion)

What Fantroll are you ?

ALL OF THE FANTROLLS HERE ARE NOT MINE ~ but most are and this is created to be fun and just random~~

Which TMNT Would Fall Hard for You 2

Because some of you amazing people I have decided to make a second quiz (a part two). To tell you all the truth I have no idea where I am going with this but where ever ...

By deepest Twilight Part 3 WWYFF/WWFFY

Part three, everyone! Recap; You met the guys and the plot thickens...slightly. You think they're hunters, but decide to play it cool. Nice one. Will it work? You bet...

TMNT- Who would choose you? Part 5

Here it is guys! I hope it's as amazing as I made it seem in part 4!

Which Attack on Titan Character are you!

· TV
Go through the following questions that will decide which AoT/SnK character you are!

Split Ends Part 2

SO THINGS HAPPENED! Namely, getting kidnapped. At least you got to eat first? READ THE FOOTER. Please comment, like, favorite, heart, message, whatnot, It really makes my...

Who is your mate

Find out whos mate you are

What Avril Lavigne Song are you?

The title speaks for itself!

How Do Your Death?

· Scary
You are ogly. sorry.

Which Simpsons (Adult) Character are y...

· TV
I already did a quiz about the kids from the Simpsons, so this is for the adult characters. (Includes both main and recurring characters)

Surviving the creepypastas part 2

· Scary
Part 2! if you haven't taken part 1 please do

Which of the Mane 6 are you?

· Animals
A My Little Pony personality quiz. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic ©Hasbro

Do you know your Hetalia characters?

· TV
This is my first quiz so go easy on me. Good luck! ^_^

Which Attack On Titan Character Is You...

· TV
Just like the title says :D

Which Anime Character are you? :)

Out of these many Animes Which Character are you Most Like? :) ♥ ♥

Your Life at the school for good and e...

· Books
So the title explains most but if your evil it explains why and if your good the same.... Take the quiz already

Who are you from the Nightmare Before ...

Are you Sally, Jack Skellington, Oogie Boggie, Lock, Shock, or Barrel?

What's Your Pierce The Veil Song?

· Music
What's the perfect Pierce The Veil song to listen to!

Your life in Supernatural.. (part 4)

· TV
You are a direct descendant of Lucifer! What will happen next?

Which one of my creepypasta oc ore you!

Ok so i made three creepypastas an this is a quiz to see if you mach one of my creepypasta!

What is You're Conduit Power?

From 'Second Son: Infamous' find out what your gift is.

Are you a potato?

· Humor
Are you like me? are you a fellow potato? imma potato!

Which one of my Hetalia OCs would date...

· TV
Out of New York, Vienna, Berlin, and London, who would date you? (All of these OCs are female. If you don't like, don't take. Anyone can take this! There are no...

Supernatural One Direction - 1D are De...

You and the boys have just had a long overdue near-fallout after your open kiss with Liam. Niall nearly drove Harry to a complete and permanent state of madness, you save...

Which Hogwarts House will the Sorting ...

· Books
What Hogwarts House do you belong in? Take this Quiz to find out.

Who is your Black Butler man?

· TV
Meh first quizz sorry if this is really really bad XD includes: Ciel, Sebastian, Alois, and Claude also long results

What Lead Singer Do You Belong With?

· Music
What lead singer do you belong with? A band lead singer of course! :P find out who's your guy! ;)

Your werewolf life

This is one of my first quizzes so I hope you like it

A night with The Big Four

The Big Four are asking you to join them for a little fun and games. What will you talk about? What games will you play? Find out.

What Does Jeff the Killer Think of You?

So...this is just something I wanted to make for anyone who is a fan of Creepypasta...enjoy :)

Are you crazy?

· Scary
Are you crazy,do you have the same illness that i have...take ths quiz to find out more.

Make your girlfriend

^_^ First quiz please dont hurt me

Book of Circus: Who's your love?

Who is perfect for you from black butler?

How Well Do You Know Avril Lavigne'...

· Music
Come here to see how well you know the lyrics to Avril Lavigne's songs.

What does punk Harry think of you? (Pt...

HELLO EVERYONE! I´m here with a new QUIZ! i know it´s been like forever! but the good thing is that i´m back with a new: What does punk Harry think of you? since a lo...

What Storm Spirit are you?

It's raining over here, and I got this idea from that, and I was watching some boss battle videos on Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2. Enjoy!

What type of girl are you?

Take this quiz to find out what type of style you are.

What kind of mermaid/merman power do y...

Find out which mer power you have! Check them all out at

Which Marvel villain are you most like?

Are you a marvel fan? Do you love the villains? have you ever wondered which one you'd most likely be like? Well this is the quiz for you! Find out which villain you ...

Which Harry Potter Class or Subject is...

· Books
Spells? Potions? Transfiguration? Would one of these or another area of magic be your skill if you went to Hogwarts?

A date with Aomine [PART 1]

Moimoi-san set you and her childhood friend up for a date. Along the way, you will stumble in choices that will capture the heart of his or just ending as friends only or...

Which Pretty Little Liars Character ar...

· TV
Are you Hanna, Emily, Spencer, Aria, Alison, or Mona? Sorry girls only :)

Are you my twin?

I just wanted to know what things you have in common with me... This is my very VERY first quiz. Thanks! (It's mostly for girls, but guys too if you like :))

Your Anime Life? Find Out Yours.

How Will your Anime Life Be You Have Between Peach Girl, Naruto, Bleach, And Clannad...Find out your background history anime boyfriend and what they think of you

Would Judge Judy yell at you?

Hello guys!I made this quiz just for fun and for everyone!Please no rude comments or hate! Thank you and good luck! ♥

What are you Hiding?

Not always the right answer but yeah :)
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