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Qué pequeña mentirosa eres tu?

· Books
Queremos a todas nuestras mentirosas de la misma forma, pero ¿cuál es la más parecida a ti? ¡Haz este cuestionario para averiguar cuál de las chicas es tu alter-ego!

Your Extremely Super Detailed Life At ...

· Books
Want to know what your life at Hogwarts is like? Well you have come to the right place! It's basically a whole story of your life from how you and your boy met, to how yo...

Which Wings of Fire dragonet are you?

· Books
All in the title! :) Your results can be Clay, Starflight, Sunny, Glory, or Tsunami!
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Video Games

Who is your Pokémon Boyfriend?

How could I not do one of these! Yay! So ya! Who's your Pokémon boyfriend? This'll basically tell how you two met, first date, and first fight, so enjoy! (And...

Which Assassin Will Fall For You?

The results include Altair, Ezio, Connor, Edward, and Desmond. It will include short history and your fate!

Waht do sonic and his friends think of...

Just something fun to see what they would think about you and im only using sonic shadow blaze silver knuckles tails rouge and cream, because there are so many, sorry
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Love & Friendship


Make a boyfriend. If you don't like your result suck it up and move on. Just Enjoy :) Comes with story at the end btw

Create a relationship (+breakup,makeup)

Includes First meet, first kiss, breakup, makeup. Didn't mean to use stereotypes, but they may be included, Sorry! One of the results has some touchy subjects in it so do...

Who is your Hetalia boyfriend?

READ! It's with real guys sexy pictures! It has also a really cool story; starts bad, ends well... It's for everyone, sweeties! I don't judge people by their ...
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Which of the four temperaments are you?

Find out which of the four temperaments (choleric, sanguine, melancholic, and phlegmatic) best corresponds with your personality.

Which Shingeki no Kyojin Character are...

Do you want to know which character in Shingeki no Kyojin are you similar with? Or who you will be in the world of "Attack on Titan"... (15 available characters) Note:...

What Do the Hetalia Characters Think o...

Take the quiz to find out! Woop woop! This quiz does not contain characters like Sealand and Wy. Or Estonia. Or latvia. Or ANY CHARACTER LIKE THAT. SORRY. IF YOU WANT...
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What do the Guardians think of you? (R...

· Movies
^^^Title should explain. This is my first quiz so... tell me what you think. Mainly for girls but if you're a boy just change the she's to he's DFTBA (don&...

Who is you Twilight Lover?

· Movies
Find out who is you mate in the Voturi or Olympic Covens and how you came to meet them in the first place... Dont be harsh, this is my first quiz! Story included!

What Does The Teen Titans Think Of You...

· Movies
Who are you? What powers do you have? What does the teen titans think of you? Are you good or bad? Find out after taking this quiz!
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Beauty & Vanity

What prom dress suits you best?

Take this quiz to find out!

Date Night Outfit

Fall is upon us and so are those romantic dates. Which outfit fits your personality? Are you girly or edgy? A wall flower of the standout? Find out beauties ♥

уσυя ρσℓуνσяє συтƒιт 3

Yep all mine. Pretty recent. No hates please. Girls only sorry guys. Thanks for taking xx
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Fantasy & Mythology

What Is Your Mythical Boyfriend?

Is your mythical boyfriend a vampire? A werewolf? Take this quiz to find out! *(Results are a short story)*

Supernatural Boyfriend (Long results)

I just felt like it, so, yeah. BTW, I'm so happy with how my page is going! You're all so nice, and I have made many friends on this site! Please, check out kohan...

If you were a dragon what kind would y...

Which mythical dragon type would you be? Many answers such as Polar Dragons to Undead Dragons! (There are no dragons from HTTYD)
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What animal are you?

· Animals
Using personality to see what animal you would be if you were not human (thats just me assuming you are human . . .)

Which wolf is your spirit guide?

· Animals
Well? Which one? ENJOY! I own these characters! Each wolf represents an amazing trait too!
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School & Academics

Can you survive my class?

I'm at advanced class. but my class totally different from the others think. So, let's check it out!

Do you like school?

We all know that we dont like school, but you might on the inside. tke this quiz to find out.

What Ranma 1/2 Character are you?

Know what Ranma Character are you.
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Career & Goals

Is your future bright?

Find out what type of person you will marry, how many kids you will have, what your house will be like, and if you future really is bright!

One direction date

Find out which one direction boy you would suit with the most


Who will you marry? How many kids? What about your job? Take this quiz to find out your future!
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Your glee life

· TV
Title says all *Girls only*

What Do The Ouran High School Host Clu...

· TV
As the title says :3 This is intended for those who like males and I do use the pronoun "her" in my results!

Your TVD lover! ~long results~

· TV
Who is your TVD lover? There's only one way to find out. Take the quiz ;) ! For girls only... PLEASE DO NOT COPY. I worked on this one for a very long time.
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My Protector: Part 3

· Scary
Slenderman is looking for a new proxy, you caught his attention with one simple act of kindness, one Creepypasta, however, doesn't want you to turn into a cold-bloode...

Are you one of Slender Man's Proxies?

· Scary
The Slender Man, a being known for abducting and killing children, has enforcers called Proxies. Could you be one of them?
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Just For Fun

7 Minutes In Creepypasta Heaven! (OH Y...

YOOOOOOO ME LOVELIES. It's time. >:3 I have finally decided to create my very own 7 minutes in heaven, CREEPYPASTA STYLEEE! You could be stuck in a closet with ...

What time of day are you?

This is to see what time you are, not what your favorite time is. ♥

Practicing With The Guys (Part Five)

Hey guys! This is part five you are in the lair. The guys go on patrol what do you do, and you also get to do other things as well. I hope you guys like it!
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Cars & Vehicles

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Which One Direction Boy Loves You? (Lo...

· Music
What the title says! ^.^

What is Your Anthem?

· Music
We all need a song that will cheer us up on gloomy days ♥
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Your perfect sport.

· Sports
What would your perfect sport be? Volleyball, Dance or Swimming?

Which wwe diva are you ? 2013

· Sports
Between 2013 current wwe divas which one are you and how is your lifestyle ? :-)

You WWE Diva life

· Sports
What will your life be as a Diva take the quiz and find out?
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Food & Drinks

What's Wrecking Your Life?

Alcohol? Mental illness? No life? WELL, FIND OUT!

Your Pizza Quiz

Request from my friend i take requests! thanks for taking ♥ WARNING: you might have a sudden crave for pizza after taking

What type of soda are you?

Yes...this quiz is ABSOLUTELY necessary.
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Celebrities & Fame

Your 5SOS Boy

Comes with a short story of how you two meet and how he asked you out!

What Celebrity are you A lot Like! :)

This is The Ultimate Quiz! It is For Everyone! :) There is 13 Different Girl Celebrities & 5 Different Guy Celebrities in The Quiz! :) If You Don't Like The Resul...

Which Tumblr Girl are you?

Includes Popular And Pretty Tumblr Girls!
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What type of boy would you be? part 1

· Humor
Hey girls, ever wondered how you would be as a boy? I know i have, so i decided to make this quiz, if the answer isnt what you wanted just retake it! I hope you enjoy, by...

Your 1D man! *Long results*

· Humor
Nobody reads this, but if you do take this quiz it has moving pictures XD
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Creepypasta roleplay test

(CREEPYPASTA) Lets see how well you would survive against the creepypastas! If you die, i'm very sorry. ENJOY!

True Destiny - Part 6

In this quiz you will find out what the loud crash was. If you are not careful someone will end up getting hurt

Your Assassin story

As an assassin you need a personal mentor, but you can't just have any mentor, he or she has to appeal to your own personality. So, find out who your mentor is, an we...

Can you relate?

· Humor
Can you relate to these funny pics?

What Would My OC's Think of You?

Basically what the title says... What my OC's think of you. Seems nice, right? Also, the results aren't going to be like: They love you, they hate you, etc. It&#...

Who is your Gravity Falls BFF? girls o...

Who is your Gravity Falls BFF? Mabel, Dipper, Bill, or Wendy? Find out here!

5sos And I *Part 1*

You are best friends with 5sos and decide to spend the holidays with them, but what happens when you find out they all have crushes on you and you begin to have feelings ...

What character side are you?

What's character on yourself?

Elsword - Which Elsword Male Character...

Special for female Elsword players xD

What Kind of Notebook-er are you?

Love filling in journals, sketchbooks, notebooks, diaries and scrapbooks? Well, here's the quiz for you!

Helping You Find You

I wish this quiz will help you find out a little about yourself, that you may have not noticed before.

What should you listen to?

· Music
A few artists that I listen to.

Your prom dress, date, makeup, and shoes

Idk why, I just really wanted to this so ya :b Also, sorry the number of questions are kind of messed up, there are 5 questions. Have fun(:

Guess the Disney Movie

· Movies
Use the really bad synopsis to answer the questions. Quiz by Oh My Disney. ~ 15 questions ~ Copyright ©2014 by Taking Adventures

Matchmaker: Fire Emblem: Awakening Gir...

Which girl from Fire Emblem: Awakening are you most compatible with? (Note: Not all characters have been included for sake of simplicity. Contains minor spoilers.)

What Kind Of Person are you In Feralhe...

Feralheart does not belong to me. x3 Its a game

Song Lyrics! How Many Do You Know?

· Music
Most of these will be rock/alt rock songs, no pop allowed in this quiz bro! BLAHBLAHBLAH NO CHEATING BLAH And lastly, unplug those headphones for now! That counts as ch...

The Science of Deduction

" From a drop of water a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other. So all life is a great cha...

Are you MY twin

Kureaa- Arishia made one of these. So I made one. Although its more of a "would you get along with me" quiz.

Which anime character is best suited f...

You would finally be able to find your perfect anime match that was meant to be destined to find eachother. Characters from the animes Uta no prince sama, Ouran Highschoo...

What is your weapon?

Hai everyone! I was so inspired to do this quiz after I saw all the wonderful comments on my last quizzes! (Smiles proudly) So I present one my most awesomest (Is that ev...

A creepy Christmas! [Part 3]

So,you found out about other people,or better said,Creepypasta,they told you you're spending Christmas with them because a reason you don't quite know.Eight days ...

Can I Make You Laugh? Version 2

· Humor
This is a continuation of the first part. So enjoy!

Who's your 5sos boyfriend ?

Look at the title ! (:

What type of guys do you attract?

All in the title babe. for all who are attracted to guys.

What would you be like in my school?

Would you be a emo/geek,popular,average,or troublemaker? This is based off of our middle school...

Which Final Fantasy Character are you?

Choices Are Tidus, Yuna, Auron, Rikku, Wakka, Seymour, LuLu, Kimahri. Have fun going through various adventures to find out who you are!

Do you need help?

Read the title c:

Creeptpasta prt 2

Lets go on an adventure!

Elf-Queen of Gildeon: A WWYFF Part 13

What do you get when you cross a council meeting scene with a social science major? POLITICS TIME! I’ve trimmed down my original solid three pages of arguing and politi...

What's your colour

So have you ever wondered 'if i were a colour what colour would i be?' oh, you haven't? well you probably are now so this will help you find out.

Which adventure time boy likes you?

Be honest, if you dont then youre just cheating yourself *shrugs*

Who are you? *Female

Come See Where You Belong. And Who You Are the Master Of.

You as a Super hero

For people who wanna know, or are bored

Are you a good friend?

Do you think you are a good friend, is your friendship damaged, or are you parting ways well come and find out right HERE if your a good friend

What 5 Nights at Freddys 2 character a...

Well this contains FNAF 2 only but i hope you enjoy this totally fun quiz! remember its my 1st ever quiz please no haters :)

Wich one of my Characters are you

This is my first Quiz and sorry for spelling wrong and grammar, favorite fun, it's all in the title.

Which Of My Fandoms Should You Check O...

These are MY fandoms. I have about 7 or 8 main ones. They round to popular (Adventure Time) to ones you may not know (Mogeko) Ps, I consider a fandom basically anything I...

A Whole New World (Part 3)

· Books
Your very first day of training! Are you a hunter, a fighter, a healer or are you best when giving the commands?

What Does Krory think of you?

Are you enemies, friends, or something more?

You're anime bf?

Do you want to know who your perfect anime bf is? Well come find out.

Short like Strawberry ShortCakes [TF R...

Note: This one I had to rewrite a few times to get some sense out of it and I can't describe areas/things/people to save my life so maybe I'll work on description...

What Type Of Fangirl are you?

Thank you I'mjustthatgirlfromthatfandom for giving me inspiration xD to create this Quiz

What Does Chica The Chicken Think Of Y...

· Scary
The title says it all! Find out now!

Which one of the Axis is for you?

I can't have an Allies quiz without an Axis quiz.

What OHSHC Boy Loves you?

Test To Find Out Just How Much The Adorable Ouran High School Host Club Boys Love you:D *My First Quiz So Don't Hate* Long-ish results♥

What Anime Girl Stereotype are you?

These will be the ones I know so there will be only a few results. I put my anime knowledge into this so be sure to favourite!

Which Youtuber Is Your Bestfriend? (St...

The title says it all. Find out now!

Which Region do you call home?

All the Regions in Pokemon have a different feel, have you ever wondered which one you may be from? This is the quiz to find out~!

ZoMbIeS PT2 (Infection ALERT)

· Scary
The second of he first series of ZoMbIeS hope you have fun and survive ;)

A day with Josh and Ed!

Edward: Oh aren't you lucky... well, see how you handle a day with me and "Mr. Fabulous Hair" over here =-= Joshua: "Fabulous Hair"... I like it... t...

What song do i put you with?

· Music
There are a lots of good songs here! What song do i think best suits you? Click here to find out!

Survive In Portalia

How will you survive in the Anime world when you are suddenly pulled into it ? Take this quiz to know how you will do minna ! And there will be a LOT of surprise characte...

What the proxie thinks of your style

I just got bored and it came to mind when my friend asked me "What do you think the proxies think of your style?" and it has been driving me CRAZY!

Your 1D guy part 1

Long results includes how you met and first date it's my first time so please no mean comments follow me thanx

What Your Tears Mean

When you try your best, but you don't succeed When you get what you want, but not what you need When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep Stuck in reverse ...

Which one of my Best Friends are you? ...

All in the title ^^ Sorry if the results offend or are inaccurate. x;)x (Don't own images.) Enjoy! x;)x

What Would you be Like in Hetalia?

Who would you be friends with? Who would be your enemy? Your love? Take this quiz, aru! :3

Who are you in Five Nights At Freddy&#...

Yeah... My first quiz. I hope you enjoy it... Just to remember,I'm not a goddess,and I'm really sorry if you don't get a good result. So,have fun with my quiz...

Will you survive my christmas?

Different but similar to my 'would you survive my mind' quizzes but also similar, based around xmas because it's that time of the year and I know I wont be ab...

FNAF 2 quiz!

@Domsneekavilla gave me an idea. Go follow her! Plz leave a comment. Lemme kno how im doin! im 2 lazy to do my own art, so none of the art is mine!

Would you survive?

Would you survive my crazy place?

What Type Of Coffee are you?

It's all in the name lovelies. Includes flavored and non-flavored coffees. (This is my first quiz so, in comments, don't be too hard on me if you hate it.(:)

Do you know the Creepypastas?

Ummm welllll, this was requested and I'm still not sure if the requester wanted a knowledge quiz or personality since I don't have a knowledge quiz on t...
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