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Your Prom Dress by ʟɪɢʜτ ʙσʟτs

What should you get for a prom dress? (I don't own the pics.)

Random things by KillerBeats873

Only take if you are random and fun

Your new life part 2 by PhycoticandCrazy

You just pessed out and that is where i will end

Big Four In High School Part Three ... A by Jack Frost

· Movies
Welcome to the third part of this series! Sorry that it took so long to post! I get easily distracted... Anyways, it's the first day of actual classes at Guardian High! Are you excited to see who are going to be in your classes? I hope you enjoy it!

What Animal are you? by LydiaSousuke

· Animals
Have you ever wondered what animal are you? if not then take this quiz!

What character from The Host are you? by musicsavvy27

· Books
The Host is a book by Stephanie Meyer. If you don't know what it is then turn back now.

Can you survive! by Sinner Uzumaki

You must have the right balance of adorable loving and awesome kick-ass coolness to survive my mind.

Who's your Celebrity Crush? by Nina

Zayn Malik, Ian Somerhalder, Dylan O'brein, Justin Bieber,

Kidnapped Part 3 by Clara Holmes

What happens when Y/N has a scary night, that leads to answers she never knew she needed, and questions, she never thought to ask.

What does the FACE family think of you (hetalia) by Lynn Mattie and Tino

Title. Its all there. A little chat with France America Canada England or FACE

VWW (part 9) by Lane and baby Shane

Vampire Witch. Oh, and a Werewolf (part 9)

Who lurks in the shadows.part 2 by luna

Last time you where kidnapet,will you finaly meat your kidnaper?

Which song by skillet are you? by crazy sane

· Music
Bad with descriptions. your gonna have to take it to find out. Btw, that pic is my baby bro! ^_^

Which one are you? by crazy sane

I made up some people and..... Other things. Now the only question is.... Which one are you? Third quiz, so no hate. This is five characters from my book im writing.

LoZ ocarina of time, find out your personality.

Have you ever wondered what character you really are? Take a turn and find out. Maybe the result would be the real you. Nice to meet you, I'm Sheik. (as always in quizes) Also, take a look at my story, named "Once awaiting, now in the fight". It's not over yet, but wait, and see! See...


The Lines and Words by Stevie

2 pages · Realistic · Adventure
Sierra has had a pretty difficult life. Problems around everycorner. Soon things start changing and create all sorts of new issues and challenges. Of whitch all have to do with and extrodinary ability of hers. Whitch may just cost her her life.

Stay by 신앙

Larry Stylinson

tmnt scenario's ;) by Thorn is a Neko

2 pages
Just little Scenario's with your turtle. ;) I do take requests!

Miss All American by kick the jazzi

Tessa Montgomery is moved from America to London, England after a tragic event takes the life of her youngest brother and leaves her family devastated. Leaving behind he friends and (now ex) boyfriend, she is determined to rebuild herself and change into a new person - a better person.

Howl at the Moon||Isaac Lahey by Wolfwritingrandom

173 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Wolves mate for life, that's a very well known fact by everyone. Being a werewolf makes you no different. Antoinette, little human sister of Derek Hale, is now back in town…despite his reluctant over protectiveness. Antoinette is back just in time for the alpha pack to show up though…people ...

Cockiness ( WWF Story ) by JojoNicole

12 pages · Romance · WWE · Fan Fiction
" Its not cockiness, its confidence " Shawn said while rubbling her inner thigh. She knew this was wrong but she couldnt help but fall for those blue eyes.

Man in the Mist [HerobrineXReader] by Mia-Chan

2 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
[HerobrineXReader] There may be some fluff. Enjoy .-.

Lost in a different dimension by Mia-Chan

2 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Sienna, an odd girl, was minding her own business, when BOOM: stuck in the Pokemon world. [Only read if you like/love Pokemon, or played any of the games (including Pokemon Explorers Of Sky.).] [This Pokemon story was based off of a game file I have on PMD: Explorers of Sky.]

Join The Dark Side, We Have Cookies (Gaara love) by Angel Of Death

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Naruto · Anime/Manga
In this era people needed an explanation for all the bad things that happen. Sadly Misaki was the village demon. She stays emotionless but she has madness lurking inside of her, popping out occasionally. But how long can she keep is caged up? Will she be able to hold onto the thread that keeps her ...

Don't Forget Me

111 pages · Mystery · Romance
His gleaming eyes stared into mine, which were filled with shock and confusion. “I…I d—”Without letting me finish my sentence, he pressed his lips against mine. At that moment, I didn’t know how to react. There was a huge knot in my stomach. Oxygen didn’t seem to exist in my lungs. My he...

Average.. (Natsu X Reader) by Chloe-Uzumaki

2 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
Lucy was best friends with Erza Scarlet as they attended the popular High School known as Tail High. Lucy secretly was crushing on Natsu but what happens when You come along? Will Natsu fall for you or Lucy? (Natsu Modern X Reader)

Amnesia~Luke Hemmings by Luke's Penguin

28 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Rachael Irwin was a 16 year old girl with one brother called Ashton Irwin, she lives with her aunt and uncle and there two daughters Molly and Shauna who all live in West Sydney, Since she turned 16 and gets into a complete unfortunate disagreement with her hosts as she ends up going half way around...