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Who are you out of gravity falls by BillCipherLover

For girls. sorry boys you'll get yours soon. :-)

Attack on Titan Boyfriend by Vampiregodesnyx

My sister wanted me to make this... and since she's scary, I made it. Longish results..

What kind of hello kitty are you? by Camryn

Just a random quiz idea.. anyone may take it. x3

Do you have my music taste? by WingedOracle

· Music
What are the chances?

Guess the Demi Lovato song. by Sʟᴀʏ Iᴛ Iᴢᴢʏ

· Music
Um, it's in the title, I guess. If you didn't know that.. then look at the title. xox Izzy♥

Hogwarts Quiz by kat

· Books
Girls only!

What fantasy creature are you? by Jen

It says it all in the title. Enjoy :P

Austin Mahone part 7 by platypus perrie.ˣ

Austin found Alex and you in the bed, What hapoens now?

Is your oc a Mary Sue/Gary Stu? by Werewolf

Is your caracter another of those annoying mary sues or not?

How well do you know Black Butler? by ғᴀɴᴅᴏᴍʜɪνᴇ

· TV
Title. :3 Includes cycle 1 and 2.

Which Morning Musume.'14 member are you? by Chiyo

Based of the members' profiles & role in the group!

Which Mythical Creature are you? by queenoffire1

Contrary to popular belief, mythical beasts are real. Don't listen to grown-ups and mean ol' siblings. They are 100% real. The real question is: Which one are YOU?

How well do you know IISuperwomanII? by Anime-lover

See how well you know IISuperwomanII!

WHAT! the turtles might be crushing. Part 3 by Mitchie G

Who came in your room? Was it a friend or foe? Find out in part 3!


Blame it On Me (Paul Lahote x OC).:. by ShiroChan

10 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Fan Fiction
This is a story about Kya Thompson. She used to live in Forks, but had to leave for Hogwarts. Now she's back and she's in for a few surprises. But she's not the only one.

A Corpse mind-Durarara (Izaya love story) by CaramelizedCharmanders

40 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Izaya Orihirwa has to take care of a girl. Who has amnesia. And he soon has odd feelings. Could it be? Izaya is in love?

The Beatles Preferences by Emma Valdez

11 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Just some preferences for one of the greatest bands ever to exist.

Not the Same

11 pages · Romance · Realistic
Samantha Davidson was bullied by Nicholas Edwards since she was in the fifth grade. He bullied her because she was herself (being ugly, fat, useless, etc.) ; Sammy felt unwanted and useless, but she, Nick, and Nick's group were the only ones who knew about the bullying. Finally, after what fel...

Dark and Twisted [Eric - Divergent] by DαяєтoBelιeve

69 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
He looked familiar. Everything about him; his swept back, dark blonde hair, his steel grey eyes, his hard features. Somehow she recognized him... When the somewhat 'sweet' little girl from Amity, Adrianna, mysteriously transfers to Dauntless on choosing day, everyone things she is on the ...

This is the truth by Lina

3 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
(SEQUEL TO NO PAIN NO GAME) Please read No Pain No Game first

Broken Butterfly by sᴀνıσυʀ

18 pages · Historical · Horror
There was no hope for our old lives to return, everything that we held dear was destroyed. We were nothing but vermin; we deserved to die because we were different.

Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios: Axis by HetaliaFan2001

12 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Romance
Scenarios with Italy, Germany, Japan, Romano and Prussia! (I suck at accents so..... yeah.) (Some of the translations may not be right, so feel free to corect me!)

Lets Take A Walk (Chandler Riggs) by MarrieIsAwkward

75 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
You're outside late at night in the summer, burning love letters your stupid ex-boyfriend gave you, and get an unplanned visit from a charming boy with blue eyes and a smile that could outshine the sun. That would be the night that changes everything.

Mine by Little Things

5 pages
His breathing fanned my neck as I turned to face him. I saw and took in the features of the beautiful face that i only dreamed of. Falling asleep and dreaming of HIM and waking up, only to want to fall asleep again. Only to see his face. Others had tried to make me love them, none worked. HE had won...

Starting Over by Kali

4 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
It's 10 years after Kaylie's Return, and life seems to be going great.. at least for a couple of pages that is. What new problems will arise for Kaylie, her family, and her friends new and old? Be careful of having an overly active imagination....

Bottom of the Pointe by The Nugget Chronicles

69 pages · Mystery · Action
Living in a world where your best is not enough, Lyric Parker has to become a great dancer. In the eyes of her cynical and over zealous father it's the only option she has. To become just like her older sister and not like the rejected people of the Bayou Wasteland, a guarded city where all of t...