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Can you relate? I bet you can by Blazer

Title says it all bruh.

Which of these AJ YouTubers are you? by AJrs

There are many more famous ones, but I just chose these. This is just for fun! :)

Type of Poo

This defines which poo are you according to your personality.

My next quiz : 3 by xXChristyKissXx

What kind of quiz would you like I made..? ♥

What Warrior Cat would Fit you 2? by Angel Face

· Animals
WARNING- BOYS ONLY (Sorry girls)

Which Outfit are you? by Kayla Marie

Which outfit are you take this to find out (; GIRLS ONLY

Jaką Eeveelucja jesteś? by DrunkPonyNamedLuna

To mój pierwszy quiz mam nadzieje że się spodoba... Możesz być Panem/Panią Ognia - Flareon, Szybkim, zwinnym piorunująco - Jolteon ,Wodnym stworzeniem z gracją - Vaporeon, Pełnego spokoju i intelektu - Espeon , Mrocznym Panem/Panią z dobrym sercem - Umbreon , Miłym i przyjaznym - Leafeo...

Dreamworks or Disney? Pt. 2 by ThatOneGirlWithADream

· Movies
Ha-ha! Bet you didn't think that I would do this again so soon, eh? Well, here it is.

Who are you At My School? by AkwardWatermelon33

What group do you fit in to at my school.

How much do you know about Black Veil Brides? by Andrea

· Music
Uh.... well, title lol this isn't going to be very hard (I hope) I'll only ask questions that I know the answer to if that helps lol so, yeah...

What kind of friend are you? by caitlyn

Hope you have lots of fun finding out what kind of friends you have love you

Five Nights At Freddy's Quiz by Freddy Fazbear

This is a hard quiz it has a lot of question's that are serious

Who is your best friend ? by felicity.moon

Who of the phantomhive servants is your best friends ?

What mystical creature is hidden inside you? by Sakura

I don't think this is an accurate quiz but whatever! :3 Have you ever wonder what creature is inside of you? If not, take this quiz >:3 Muahahahaha *Music is added in the results for fun, not to put people down* Enjoy~


What's Forever Like? (Kakashi and Iruka Love Triangle) by ṃεɾɾÿ сhɾïṡτṃαṡ εṿε ƒɾøṃ вεllα αṉḋ ṃïα

37 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Naruto
{Note I don't own Naruto or any of the people} Mia Uzumaki Naruto's older sister has had a hard life having only Kakashi and Iruka to be their when she needed them. She was with Muzuki, but they broke up because he wanted to go to Orochimaru for power, and because he wanted a girl that would...

I Will Follow. by Caitie

5 pages · Romance
Never, a nerdy geek with only a single friend named Reggie, tells her story of falling in love with Erikk, a player with an irresistible set of looks and charm.

Here I Stand(Heart of the Wolves Book Two) by Makosa

6 pages · Vampires · Action · Fantasy
I'm Rowan. I'm a now 17-year-old Junior at the Institution, a high school for werewolves. It's my second semester and my life is officially as confusing as it can get. Last semester I was brought back to the Institution after running away. Last semester I fell in love. I fell in love wit...

Mas Que Amigos, Mas Que Hermanos | Rubius X Reader by Viviana Rodríguez

30 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
___ es una chica de 20 años que vive en Madrid con su padre David, su madre Christa y su hermano Ruben.____ y Ruben siempre habían sido buenos amigos y hermanos, pero cuando ella cumplió los 21, se dio cuenta que sentía una extraña atracción por Ruben. Al principio creyó que no era así, ___...

UɴTαMeD LoVe [Beɴ Drowɴed х Reαder]

92 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Romance
Iт wαѕ jυѕт αɴoтнer dαy ιɴ тнe woodѕ wιтн yoυr вeѕт ғrιeɴd, Mαdelιɴe. Dαyѕ ιɴ тнe woodѕ нαve вeeɴ preттy ɴorмαl...ɴoтнιɴɢ oυт oғ тнe ordιɴαry ever нαppeɴed. Tнαт wαѕ, υɴтιl yoυ were eɴcoυɴтered вy Jeғғ Tнe Kιller αɴd ...

MMPR//The Chosen One by kaitlyn maree

30 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Lea Martinez is living a normal life, until her family decides to move to the beautiful Angel Grove, California. The town is home to monsters and dangers and the Power Rangers, and also, Lea's mom's new job. Everything seems normal, until she befriends Kimberly Hart and her group of friends....

Seredipty's Twilight by FatPanda

18 pages · Romance · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
"Serendipity is the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way." Bella and Edward where destined to sit next to one another in Mr. Banner's class, thus spurring their fated romance but by sheer mistake Nell and Bella get eachother's schedules, maki...

Isolated Heart. (Soul Eater Love Story) by Black Dragon

44 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Some people are just meant to never be with anyone. I was meant to spend my life alone. Forever. _ Sorry if this description sucks. This is my first Quotev story. Sorry if it really sucks. I'm new to all this. D:

The Building by Sonicluver

15 pages ~ Completed · Science Fiction · Short Stories
Short story I decided to make :D Hope you enjoy~

Link x Hinata (OC Love Story)

7 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
This is Link and Joy's OC and we been Roleplaying about them together and I had a idea about making a story about them. I was Link and She was Hinata (Of Course). So I Hope You All Like it!

Weak - Naruto Love Story - by Forever Alone

49 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. - Winston Churchill

The Big Book Of Creepypasta by BlackDevilWhiteDemon

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Horror
I had this idea in my head for awhile and I just saw two other's doing this so I though 'Why not do it now?' (I'll post any pasta but mostly pastas that are what creepypasta is suppose to be about.)