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Eyeless Jack Quizzes

Which Creepypasta Lurks in Your Soul? by The Winged Kestrel

· Scary
We all have things hidden within our soul, inner represenations of ourselves. We have soul animals and elements. Everything inside our soul speaks about who we are as a person and what lurks in your soul makes you special. Just as we have these good things lurking in our soul, there are things that ...

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios! by DoɴDoɴleBwoɴBwoɴ

If you ever became part of the CP club, Which CP can be your BF? *Not Best Friend BTW* Includes Jeff, BEN, EJ, Masky, Hoodie, Ticci Toby, and Laughing Jack!

Creepypasta Life (Girls Only!) by Kokoroni the Toeto

Who are you? How do you kill? Who is your boyfriend? Includes Slender, Jeff, Liu, BEN, Masky, Hoody, Ticci Toby, Laughing Jack, and Eyeless Jack.

A night with some of the Creepy Pastas :D by Lisa

This quiz is for girls :) But I don't mind if boys takes it :D The quiz includes Jeff the Killer, EJ, Masky & Hoodie and Ben + you and me ;D I'm sorry that I didn't include others, but I just start with this :p And this is my second quiz I warn you that this can't be ...

The Proxy Trials #8 by MirrorWave

· Scary
The day has come for the second Trial to begin, this one apparently to test your resilience. You might not know precisely how, but hopefully you'll make it through the day anyway...

Seven Minutes in Heaven with the Creepypastas (V. 1) by Rosa The Fangirl

· Scary
"Come on, (Y/N)!" I said, before pushing you into the closet. You only frowned deeply. Well, it looks like you have to do this.

What is your Creepypasta Life? by The Winged Kestrel

· Scary
I know, I know. There are a million of these out there, but I wanted to work with something brutal and I felt that I needed to post something else, anything else. So I decided to make one of these. I'm not the most creative person, so I understand if your result is saddening. Still, I tried my b...

Seven minutes in heaven creepypasta style by The Masked Cheesecake

LOOK UP! I DON'T SEE WHY WE NEED A DESCRIPTION! XD any way, the results include~BEN, Jeff,Ticci Toby and Eyeless Jack! ;) enjoy my pretties!

Creepypasta Seven Long Minutes In Heaven- Or Hell. by xX Asher Xx

Anonymous for now. These results are rated 16+ for slightly moderate lemons. Read with warning. Results include: slenderman, jeff, ben, masky, hoodie, masky AND hoodie, eyeless jack, ben drowned and lost silver.

Creepypasta: Seven Minutes in Heaven by The Winged Kestrel

· Scary
Yeah, this one sucks. I kind of rushed it. Oh well. I don't really mind. I hope you guys enjoy it. Possible results are Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned, Slenderman, Masky, Hoody, Ticci Toby, Eyeless Jack, and Laughing Jack. Have fun.

Truth Or Dare! (CreepyPasta) by Xx.Forever.An.Outcast.xX

· Scary
I brought you to a party that my best friend, BEN was hosting at Slender Mansion. But what happens when Jeff suggests playing "Truth or Dare"?

The Proxy Trials #6 by MirrorWave

· Scary
It's time for the first've been drugged and wake up in an unfamiliar place with the other selected, and the fight for survival has officially begun. Good luck.

Will you survive... (Creepypasta version) by Shadewhisper

· Scary
My second quiz! Don't take if you get scared easily. The pictures (Which do not belong to me...) are somewhat disturbing and you may not sleep :D **ALSO** PÁRT TWÒ ĪŠ ĆÓMÎŃG ŠÒÓÑ

The Proxy Trials #7 by MirrorWave

· Scary
You’ve survived the first Trial, and you get a day of rest before the next one. You’re told not to overexert yourself, so this is a great opportunity to ask a few more questions...

Your Creepypasta Life by FrostedShadow

· Scary
Includes how you kill, your weapon, who's your BFF, your potential boyfriend, your story and stuff. Results include Jeff, Slender, Hoodie, Laughing Jack, Eyeless Jack and Ben. Long results.(I warned you)

Wich CreepyPasta Protects You (Girls) by Water The Dream Killer

· Scary
Hey! This is my first quiz so if it isn't that good I'm sorry :( In this quiz you can get BEN Drowned; Jeff The Killer; Eyeless Jack and Laughing Jack. I hope you like it and please comment saying what you think :)

What Creepypasta Chooeses You? -Part 1- by yeet lyfeˣ

Includes BEN, Jeff, Ticci Toby, Masky & Hoodie, Laughing Jack and Eyeless Jack yo. Girls only! ^-^ Unless your into guys, then thats cool too yo. :3

Eyeless Jack Stories

Chains (Eyeless Jack x Reader) by ValentinesDayGreen

195 pages · Romance · Horror
You're a nice, normal girl who's lived in the mountains with your legal guardian Buddy for most of your life. You don't leave home much and don't really know anyone, but you're pretty content with your life. Then Buddy comes home fatally wounded and tries to kill you. Sitti...

Mαу тнє bєѕт mαη wιη (reader x creepypasta various) by α cєятαιη pєяѕση

61 pages · Horror · Romance
"She's mine all of you back off she may not know that I love her but she will be all mine someday." -Jeff "I want more than her kidneys. I want her heart." -E.J "None of you better touch her. She is mine if any of you idiots touch her it will be game over for you all." ...

CreepyPasta Boyfriend Scenarios by мαкαуℓα

35 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Random creepypasta boyfriend scenarios. O_o So yea. Deal with it. (I don't do sad/depressing scenarios because I like to do funny scenarios, so just throwing that out there) ~Slenderman~Jeff The Killer~BEN DROWNED~Eyeless Jack~Laughing Jack~Masky~Hoody~Dark Link~ ***REQUESTS TEMPORARILY CLO...

Creepy Pasta Boyfriend Scenarios

90 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Just what the title says~ ~Contains: Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned, Eyeless Jack, Hoodie, Masky, Laughing Jack, Ticci Toby, Dark Link, Lost Silver, Bloody Painter, and The Puppeteer.

The Girl Who Snapped ( CreepyPasta Various x Reader) by GirlyGrimReaper

60 pages · Fan Fiction · Horror
(Y/N) was a girl living a normal life being bullied and attacked daily by her step-father up until the point she met Slenderman, she didn't really meet him but saw him in the woods behind her house. Ever since then she sees symbols and has strange thoughts, up until the point she started to spil...

Creepy boyfriends (and girlfriends)

90 pages · Fan Fiction
Will do females now. Will take requests for scenarios and maybe characters if I can write about them. So far contains: Slender, Jeff, Shadowlurker, Zalgo, BEN, Laughing Jack, Eyeless Jack, Masky, Hoodie, Smile Dog, Homicidal Liu, Ticci Toby, Lost Silver and Trenderman. (More coming soon)

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios by PinkDiamond

54 pages · Fan Fiction
I wrote all these scenarios and drew all the pictures by myself. I'm sorry if they suck. I'm not the best writer or artist.

Creepy pasta boyfriend shorts

71 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
Who are you fan girling about? Perhaps BEN DROWNED? Or Jeff the killer? Eyeless Jack? Hoodie? Masky? Ticci Toby? Well, its all up to you!

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios ~ by samismnstr

63 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
I've read so many and I fell in love :3 so I decided to write my own :3 I hope you enjoy (: includes Jeff The Killer, Ben Drowned, Hoodie, Masky, Ticci Toby, Slenderman, and Laughing Jack and Eyeless Jack. *I will take requests, all I ask is that you leave a brief description of them c: *

The House - Creepypasta X Reader by Yumi

104 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Romance
You and your best friend Eval go to investigate a haunted house in your home town, but what will happen when you find out that ghosts aren't the only thing living in the old house.

Ever Heard of Me?~Ticci-Toby x reader! by Blue

19 pages · Fan Fiction
Who really was Slender's first proxy? Masky? No. Hoodie? No. Ticci-Toby? Nope. It was a girl. It was (Name).

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios by Midnight Bliss

81 pages · Fan Fiction · Horror
Loved reading these, and decided to do my own :3 Includes, Jeff, BEN, EJ, Masky, Hoodie, Slenderman, and moreee Enjoy~~