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Penthouse Quizzes

What kind of house should you live in? by Otaku Angel

Find out if you should live in a townhouse, luxury penthouse apartment, mansion, or something else.

Penthouse Stories

The freackled angel by The Loving Pony

16 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
When the new girl Sarah (me) moves into the floor under Cameron Boyce's penthouse suite, she finds her soul mate... she just doesn't know it! Also, Cameron's dead ex-girlfriend tries to break them up and kill Sarah! multiple times! (Plus, it has a twist of Supernatural in it for you Supe...

Always Been You [Book One of EXO Series]

76 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Vanessa's friends were EXO_M fans. The 4 of them share an apartment as big as a penthouse for their senior year at BatuLintang High. A small incident that happened in McD's turned her into a fangirl of EXO_M and made her fall for one of the members. She began to worry about her status and her appear...

Isn't she Lovely? by Jenna..

Bethany Winters was a 17 year old and a senior. She wasn't very liked, she loved to write though. Everyone would bully her.. But no one knew that her dad was a Owner of the Winter Inn. Which was a place normally for famous people to crash at.. She had her own room so did her dad.. But that's a whole...

Irresistible- A Zayn Malik Love Story by Amzii

A rich girl moves into a pent house and discovers that next to her penthouse is one directions pent house...

Love At First Sight? I Don't Think So by Cherry Kelly

12 pages · Romance · Humor
Charlotte: A 20 year old writer who can't publish her novels. She gets kicked out of a townhouse after she hasn't paid in three months. So what's a girl gotta do? She finds a job. At a coffee shop. Which wasn't a good idea in the first place. There, troubles rise, and more upcoming p...

When Boybands Meet The Upper East Side. by cяуιηg ρσтαтσ

2 pages · Fan Fiction
Spotted; One Direction leaving the Waldorf Penthouse. We all know what that's home to, besides the Waldorf women. And what could possibly be worse than One Upper East Sider? Four of them, of course. Buckle up, kids. Looks like this unholy alliance is hitting the road. Nothing says January like a bra...

Pain With The Paynes by Jessica

23 pages
Liams three cousins move in with him and the boys in their penthouse while Jessica, Amanda, and Katherine's parents have gone missing along with their oldest sister Amy. The three girls fall for the boys.


16 pages · Romance · Action
"I'm in this penthouse half naked I cook this meal for you naked so where the hell you at"

Hetalia- Truth or Dare

Let's play Truth or Dare with the Hetalia crew, all of your favorite characters are going to be in the Hetalia penthouse, so please send in some Truth or dares PLEASE!

Suite by кιωι нαяяιѕσи

1 page ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
A one shot I thought of while sitting by a giant window in a penthouse suite. (Near x reader)

Don't talk to strangers~avengers

7 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Erin Strands just moved in to her new, well earned penthouse in a beautiful new city, but on her way a drunk stranger needs her help after a nasty fight at a bar has left him a bloody mess on the floor. What happens when she takes him in for a night to mend? Who is this guy? and what good will come ...

The Love, Life, Lies, and Secrets of Angela Cortex by Gill

Angela is your typical 19-year-old living in The Big Apple. Reporter by day, Hit singer at a night/karaoke club by night, but Angela has a secret: She is the deadly assassin known simply as the "Shifting Shadow". Life goes on as is until she takes a job to sneak into Tony Stark's penthouse and write...