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Perfect Guy Quizzes

Create a dream boyfriend you may meet in the future! by SnowButNotINsideYou

Here you will create a guy with the personality you want him to have but it bases on reality..these characteristics are real so he wants the perfect girl like you...the future is a mystery you want to explore so make your dream come true! i hope you like it ♥

Secret crush (1D's pov) by Plaid Stranger

Most of us directioners have a "secret" crush on one of the guys, or at least secret for them, and they'll probably never know. *Sigh* Well how would it be, if it was the other way around? Take the quiz and find out!:D

Your Guy. by A Blood Covered Rose

I got bored and wanted to make a quiz, so this happened. I don't care that there are probobly over 6 billion of these, this one is mine, not any of the others.

Perfect Boyfriend by Searly

Find out what kind of guy is right for you.

Your One Direction Lover *Long Results*

· Music
Who's your perfect 1D guy? Oh, and I promise not to beg you to like this/follow me (;

Your Hetalia Boyfriend by Avalon

If you were a character in Hetalia... who would be your perfect match? Do this quiz if you want to find out! ;) Hope you guys like it!

Create The Perfect Boyfriend : MASH : WITH PICTURE STORY #2 by stay cute

If you took my last quiz, this is practically the same thing but with different outcomes :-) Theres no story really, there is just picture outcomes. So really its almost like mash, TAKE THIS QUIZ TO FIND OUT: Your future husband Your Kids + Names PETS Your wedding place Your house + location ...

Your prom date Ooh La La by Evaax

Which guy would be your prom date? will it be Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, Austin Mahone, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, Matthew Espinosa and last but certainly not least the perfection known as Ian Somerhalder

Your Immortal Boyfriend ! [INCLUDES LONG STORY + PICTURES] by ɢʟᴏᴏᴍʏʙᴇᴀʀˣ

♡Create your perfect, ideal immortal boyfriend here on this quiz! :3 For both girls and guys. Enjoy! :D | Includes story of how you met, your wedding + honeymoon, kids, etc. The results include vampires, werewolves, fallen angels, ghosts, etc.

The Last Queen #22 by Raphaelia

A cold November night, after one year of living in the streets, you come across five strange guys. They are so perfect, it is almost unreal. This fatal encounter will mark the beginning of your living nightmare, where all your deepest fears come to life.

Your Perfect Boyfriend by Acacia

Find out which guy is best for you! Long story results with pictures:)

What's first letter of your next boyfriend?

The first letter of the guy that will be you next perfect boyfriend!

Who is your perfect soul mate?

· Sports
Guy: Do you attract the cheerleader? Barbie dall? Geek? Tom Boy? Much more.. Girl: Do you attract the jock? nerd? skater? football player and much more...

You're Perfect Boyfriend :D by Sydney

Find out who you're special boy will be ♥

The perfect boyfriend quiz by WeAreAllAmazing

Kinda all in the title?:)&&Story+Pics Included. This is my first quiz, and I decided 2 try a bf quiz, cos I personally love them:) (More the Girl type quiz, but I don't judge probably best if your 13-16 years old tho) BTW '_______' is you:) ENJOY♥ [I DO NOT OWN THESE PICTURES OR KNOW ANY O...

So...who's your perfect guy? :3 by Manny

I DON'T OWN THESE PICS! (obviously) description and story included. :3 MAINLY for girls, gays, and or bi's, if you're a guy and just wanna see...go for it .-.

Which male alternative band is perfect for you? by Xeone

· Music
Includes only a few all guy alternative bands, the purpose of this quiz is to expose you to new music, or rediscover bands you already love! Fangirls plz, control yourselves.

Who's Your Teen Wolf Guy? by WriteAboutUs

· TV
The most accurate Teen Wolf quiz is right here. Find out which boy from Teen Wolf is perfect for you! Many different results!

Perfect Guy Stories

She's Mine! (Various AOT Boys x reader)

100 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
(F/N) (L/N) is the most beautiful, intelligent and perfect girl in all of Survey Corps High. Every guy wants to win her heart. So let the games begin. ((Set in Modern Day))

Forever Yours by xXxJEnxXx

237 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Elaina Mendes moves to a new town with her adoptive parents and sister, unbeknownst to the fact that werewolves run that town. Or that she's a werewolf herself. She starts her eleventh year in Clairemont High School where she strikes the attention of the most hottest guy amongst the group of the...

To Me, You're Perfect. by Http.deathbedss

11 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
Harley Connors is an average girl. Carter Reynolds is her best friend. Carter and Harley basically grew up together. While Carter is off on MAGCON Tour, Harley finds herself alone. When Carter comes home, he brings along the guys. Little does Carter know, Harley has been thinking about their relatio...

True Tomboy

82 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
Mackenzie is a tomboy, considering she grew up in a neighborhood full of boys. Even Olivia, her bests friend, is cool with it. Everything in Mackenzie’s life is perfect- until she starts to have feelings for Ian, her other best friend, and next door neighbor, since childhood. She’s never liked a...

Rejected By My Soulmate

102 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Humor
Denise Beverly Thomas... She hated her life, even with her brother and his best friend (that she may like). Her life never was perfect. Of course it turned worse when she found her mate. Who was he? Austin Lane. The Alpha of the pack, her brother's best friend...the guy who always made her life a l...

The Perfect Moment (Harry Styles AU) by Τοτhεsταrs

224 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Fan Fiction
Claire Davis is the New Girl. All she wants to do is fade away and be invisible and just finish her senior year in high school. Which is impossible when the most popular guy in her new school, Harry Styles, takes an interest in her.

The Long War [Reader x various attack on titan guys] by Jem

130 pages · Anime/Manga · Action · Fan Fiction
After 19 years of wandering in the wilderness you finally find safety, and everything is perfect, training with the 104th trainee squad, but then the colossal titan attacks and dark truths are revealed. I own nothing.

Teen Wolf~Love triangle~ by tessbear10

23 pages · Romance · Adventure
Anabella Deon meaning: Combination of Ana meaning Grace of God and Bella meaning beautiful, Deon meaning divine queen. Anabella Deon is popular for her beauty and her kindness and her smartness and her funniness, she's basically popular for being perfect. Stiles Stilinksi, not the very popu...

The Girl from Instagram *Nash Grier LS* by Nana.Is.Weird

5 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
All the boys want her, girls glare at her. She was perfect; laugh, voice, eyes and her emotions, but mostly she's known for her looks and body to the guys. Hiana Layton is a 16-year-old homeschooled girl with the perfect life with parents and siblings...with no friends. What happens when a guy n...

Made of Steel... by Becca

107 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Fan Fiction
I'm the only one in the family who tries. Elena; She's perfect. Stereotypical sappy little cheerleader who all the guys fall for. Did i forget to mention she has just about every single guy in school after her and all the popular friends. Jer, not so much. But he's more alike me than Ele...

Say Something by ughitsmolly

85 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Just a story about an a capella girl and an a capella guy who fall in love and have aca-chirldren. It's inevitable. Greg Gorenc love story .

Oh, Perfect... I am in Naruto World! by J-BigKid

462 pages · Naruto · Fan Fiction · Romance
Sasaki Akemi is a normal women that had lived her entire life alone, without knowing who were her parents or family. But she has a surprise when she sees herself sent to... Naruto World! There, she will meet Uzumaki Naruto and his friends, including Hatake Kakashi, a misterious man that arritates h...