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Did you mean bachelorhood?

Bachelorette Quizzes

Which Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Animatronic Would Date You? by Bad Éclair

LADIES AND GENTS, come on down and witness the horror that is an author with insufferable writer's block! You are on a dating show, and each mascot from Fazbear's is a contestant. You, the lucky bachelor/bachelorette, will ask questions and then choose the answer you like the most! Simple, r...

What Harvest Moon TOTT character are you?

A quiz about what Harvest moon Tale of two towns character you are. (Bachelors and Bachelorettes.)

Which Harvest Moon Animal Parade Bachelorette are you? by The Dark Rose is ready for Christmas

· Animals
I've been playing too much Harvest Moon Animal Parade lately..... So here's a quiz! (I own nothing unless I say so)

Hyatt Travel Challenge

Discover your travel personality & you could win a Hyatt Retreats weekend getaway with Ryan and Trista Sutter, the stars of ABC's hit reality show, The Bachelorette. Enter now at

Where would you stand in the Bachelor/Bachelorette? by Tayler

If you were on the show...where would you stand in the end?

Bachelorette Stories

Summer of Celebrities -Finished- by Kimberly Horan

137 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · Justin Bieber
The Celebrity Mansion is only for celebrities to stay in for the summer. Well... except for one exception. Kimberly is given the chance of a lifetime when she becomes the exception to that rule. At first it’s a little bit hard for her being at a place where she’s the only one who’s not a ce...

The Bachlorette by ıllıllı cнι ıllıllı

3 pages
Various! SNK! Male X Reader: [Name] [Surname] world famous singer and songwriter will become of hostess of the new hit reality show: The Bachlorette. Living with nine hot, charming men in one house. Picking on the catches her eyes and steals her heart. The q...

The Bachelorette Auction by ţħέ ғίŕέ ίήşίȡέ чόùŕ şόùĻ Follows Back

38 pages · Humor · Romance
What happens when the schools pushover Allie Claire gets a day of her life bought by the schools bad boy Ash Brady who supposedly hates her? All Hell breaks lose, that's what happens. Allie Claire is trying to stand up for herself, but she just can't. And what if Allie Claire falls in love?

Akatsuki Bachelorette by Mello

12 pages · Naruto · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
Chapters 1 and 2 Plus Maia and Aiko and Rei and Sora and Yuki and Memiri And Kaya

Death Note Bachelorette by Mello

10 pages
This is getting Outta Hand! SOMEONE STOP ME!

The Bachelorette Games (Hunger Games Spoof)

75 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Katodo, a demigod, is thrown into an arena to fight to the death with her friends. She must choose between three boys, who she all likes. Will she survive or go insane? When given the choice between love, friendship, and death, what will she choose? Her friends or her love?

Long Lost Passion by ᴅɪsᴛᴀɴᴛʟʏ ʟᴏᴠɪɴɢ

4 pages · Romance · Realistic
Loralie Marie was just ten days before she was to be legally married to the man whom she'd fallen for; Jacob Yoreen. It happened to be the day of her bachelorette party. The day that every bride and groom looks forward to before they are led into a life spent with that special one. Loralie had left ...

Bachelorette Party Disaster by Deborah

29 pages · Romance
My sisters Bachelorette party and I got drunk what happens when it all goes horribly wrong

The Other Half (Harry Styles FANFIC) by KyLiE kAy

10 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Katherine Rose Field is going to college for a degree in Art, while she ends up meeting and befriending fellow pier, Pop-Star sensation Harry Styles, getting his bachelorette degree. Harry and Kate become best friends really quick, and become the only worries for the press and paparazzi. Katherine...

The Bachelorette *Niall Horan* by Nialler's Gurl XOXO

3 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Never did I ever think that I would be selected for The Bachelorette. Let alone find the love of my life on that show. I only sent in my application as a joke at first… but when I got that letter in the mail everything changed. I began wondering, would I find a man? Would it be a big joke? But, wh...

Temptation Island

13 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Our version of The Bachelorette One girl and a bunch of hormonal single guys… what could go wrong with that? Will they all take turns trying to win over her heart? Who will win the girl in the end? Let the temptation begin. ** My readers choose who stays and who goes home each week **