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Did you mean Miles?

Mephiles Quizzes

Crushed Part 14(Sonic,Shadow,Silver, & Scourge wwyff) by SonyERider

YAY! Finally here! What does Mephiles want with you?

The Dwindle of Humanity ( A SONIC WWYFF ) 11 by ZoeyElf

Suffering from amnesia, what happens when you wake up in a strange new world? More importantly, who are these people that look like humans, but aren't?

Wich Sonic boy would fall for you? by xXDarkHeartXx

:3 Title says it all... xD Girls only...

A date with Silver the Hedgehog (Betrayal 8) by M1ssVladescu

Since it's Number 8! I'll make it Special ^.^ If some of you don't know, I'm just reposting this from my quizilla account so that's why it's really quick for me to upload one after the other.

What sonic the hedgehog hedgehog are you? by Laura Shadow

Are you either sonic, silver, shadow, amy and you may even get mephiles

Will You survive Mephiles the Dark capturing you? GIRLS ONLY by Sophia Glaceon and Swirly the Chao

Ok the summary you are Sonic's girlfriend after Sonic defeated Eggman and everyone in Mobius is free until it turns out that Mephiles is scheming..

Betrayal (Sonic, Silver, Shadow, Mephiles wwffy) 11 by M1ssVladescu


Betrayal (Sonic, Silver, Shadow, Mephiles wwffy) 13 [Finale] by M1ssVladescu

I actually planned that it would end on my other favorite number 13. Anyway I just can't wait to actually publish this one so here it goes!

Betrayal (Sonic, Silver, Shadow wwffy) 6 by M1ssVladescu

Number 7 will be called 'A Date with Shadow the Hedgie (Betrayal 7)' Photo from zerochan, I do not take ownership of photos.

Which sonic guy is perfect for you? by Angel

It has Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Scourge and Mephiles

Betrayal (Sonic, Silver, Shadow, Mephiles wwffy) 10 by M1ssVladescu

It's ending...DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNN! Next series coming soon

Betrayal (Sonic, Silver, Shadow, Mephiles wwffy) 12 by M1ssVladescu

Second last one! Oh my goodness, this is so hard! Anyway Enjoy! [Hitachiin Twins: Hmm? What's this?] Go away guys! you're not needed [Hitachiin Twins: :P]

Mobius Hunger Games Part 7, the finale by Laura Shadow

We have reached the end, you, Sonic, Shadow, M.S. and Mephiles are now facing Eggman and his army and he also has the last chaos emerald, will you win or will you fall?

Mobius Hunger Games Part 5, the chaos emeralds? by Laura Shadow

You have already encountered Silver, Sonic, Blaze, Tails, M.S. and Mephiles... SPOILER ALERT quiz includes that DAMN fourth chaos emerald!

Who is YOUR Sonic Hedgie? by Silverx721

So, who is YOUR Hedgie? Sonic, Shadow, Silver, or Mephiles? It is a little easy... But please be honest!

What Sonic Next Gen Character Are You? by Jarod

Can U Find Out Who Is The Sonic Character?

Mephiles Stories

Party Till We Drop by Laya the Cat

12 pages · Romance · Short Stories
I was just bored, so i created this fun story! So this is a short story where Rouge is hosting a party and you're invited! When you come over, you see Shadow, Silver, Sonic, Scourge, Mephiles, and the rest of the gang! There are games, drinks, and total fun and dancing! And things get very drama...

The gathering dark (Silvaze story) by Callum

39 pages · Adventure · Romance
(Sequel to A friend in need) Pulled out of the sol dimension by a mysterious vortex, Silver and Blaze find themselves back on Mobius where G.U.N has recreated Mephiles hoping to use him as a weapon. Now unleashed and with the the ability to steal the powers of his enemies, Mephiles wants to create h...

Silver Universe (Pilot)

5 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Science Fiction
NOT THE FINAL PRODUCT Silver The Hedgehog's present, our future, was destroyed by something in our timeline, and now he's here to fix it! He'll take on all sorts of god-like enemies, even the dreaded Enerjak! Can Silver really stop the demigod who conquered Super Sonic? And then, enter ...

Sonic Boys x Reader by Golden Riolu

13 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Sonic boys and reader! For the females out there. ♀ (Credit to all artists for all pictures.)

Ask Us! by Laura Shadow

23 pages
Let me give you the list: Me-Remie-Sonic-Shadow-Silver-Mephiles and Scourge will be ready to answer whatever questions you have for us

Gimme Your Best Question! (See our contestants in the description) by Onyx the cat

86 pages · Humor
Come take a seat in this new show for YOUR questions to be answered. You get to ask, dare, or even interact with Sonic, Silver, Shadow, Scourge, Mephiles, and your one and only host, me.

Mephiles X Reader by Bяїaя їs a Fallёп Диgёl

7 pages
(Y/N) was your typical girl living with none other than Sonic the hedgehog and Tails the fox. However, that all changes one day when she flees into the forest, and meets a Shadow look-alike... (Mephiles X Reader and maybe a bit of Sonic X Reader)

20 ways to piss off sonic characters featuring Chase by Violet Quik

17 pages ~ Completed · Humor · Fan Fiction
Here is how Chase tries *cough cough* succeeds *cough cough* to piss off Knuckles, Mephiles, Silver, Sonic and Scourge

SONIC ONE-SHOTS (Requests) by ιllιlı Shadester200 ιllιlı

2 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Sonic, shadow, silver, scourge, Mephiles, Dark Sonic, Super sonic, Zonic, Zhadow, Espio, victor, Charmy, Zspio, Zictor, Zilver, fleet way, manic, Sonic.Exe, ect...

Ask Us! (Sonic, Shadow, Scourge, Silver, Mephiles, etc.) REQUESTS CLOSED SRY by SonyERider

15 pages · Poetry · Short Stories
Will accept Truth or Dare questions and Would you rather XD ask and will respond! Have fun asking ;) you can ask other characters like Amy, Knuckles, Manic, Blaze, etc.