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Did you mean mi nato?

Minato Quizzes

Hey, want a conversation with Kakashi Hatake? :D by ItachiFreak xD

· TV
I guess you could say that i decided to take a little break from my stories. So i'mm allowing you the privilage of talking to my dad, Kakashi Hatake :) Enjoy x

Anime Academy part 1 by Chivalry Studios

· TV
Adapted from the quiz by Maka Minako and Minato The Idea of this goes to her, go follow her shes amazing! Link to her page:

The Naruto life thing... by Satoko

· TV
This is my first Naruto life thing,Lol. I know, there are a lot of these, but i don't care. I wanted to make one. :P Oh yea, LONG RESULTS...This is for the ladies. ;D IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY QUIZ, PLEASE DON'T TELL ME...IT MAKES ME SAD...

Anime Academy Part 2 by Chivalry Studios

· TV
Based on story by Maka Minako and Minato Link to her page: Why did you run into a wall?

Anime Academy Part 3 by Chivalry Studios

· TV
Based on quiz by Maka Minako and Minato link to her Whoes your dorm mates?

Anime Academy part 4 by Chivalry Studios

· TV
Based on the quiz by Maka Minako and Minato link to her page: Bad day? By the way... There is some language.

Anime Academy part 6 by Chivalry Studios

· TV
A quiz based off of the quiz by Maka Minako and Minato Limk to her page: Sorry this took a long time to make but its out finally! i need to learn to get my lazy ass off the bed and set it at my desk. anyway...your bleeding Why?

Anime Academy Part 7 by Chivalry Studios

· TV
A quiz based off of the quiz by Maka Minako and Minato Limk to her page: Gray gave you a new Jacket...what a sweetheart...but what about your other friends? Where could they have vanished? And dang the nakedness!

Anime Acadamy Part 5 by Chivalry Studios

· TV
A quiz based off of the quiz by Maka Minako and Minato Limk to her page: Two relizations occur.

Which Hokage are you Most Like? by DustMoon

I have no idea if this has been made or not, also this quiz doesn't give any spoilers or anything so... enjoy. :3 --It's rather short, because all of the Hokages are the same in attitude. D:

Ultimate Mega Super Champion Alpha Delta kage quiz by Mihawk

· TV
Which kage are you closest to?

What do the naruto sensei's think of you? by Casey

· TV
Only some of the sensei's,but i got the important ones in here.

Young Kakashi... will you change him? by Cry

He only like himself, have fangirls like sasuke... can you change him for a best person?

Greek/Roman Gods and Mythical Creatures by TwoFatPigeons

Think you know all there is to know? Think again...

Would you Rather...? Part 2 by Becca-san

· Humor
Part two of the anime Would you Rather...? This quiz nor the author are responsible for nose bleeding, wxtreme nose bleeding, or extreme fangirlism.

How well do you know Sasuke? by Gemma, short for Gemma

· TV
You know... that emo kid in the anime Naruto.

How much do you know about Naruto? (Anime)

· TV
Find out how much you know about it!

How well do you know Naruto? by Gemma, short for Gemma

· TV
Ya know, that kid with the orange jumpsoot in the anime Naruto...

Minato Stories

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden One Shots!

78 pages ~ Completed · Anime/Manga · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
One shots with the guys in Naruto,Akatsuki included! This takes place in the modern times~ Read,enjoy,favorite,comment :) Please note that the stories have no relation with the others !

All I've Got by xXChocoMelkGirlXx

91 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction · Naruto
[Kakashi & Big Sister!Reader] You were born frail and ill. Whenever you want to go out, Kakashi always has to be there with you. You think he's a little protective, but what can you do? After his father's death, you're all he's got. He swears to protect you with his life. But ...

Ringo The Lost Namikaze-Uzumaki by IamMidnightCity

106 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Naruto
What happens when a girl from our world is the Yondaime's daughter? How'd she get here? What happened during the Kyuubi attack? Will her knowledge help? Everything she knows is written down in a journal she keeps on her person at all times. Good!Akatuski. Evil!Danzo. Slight romance, possibly...

Naruto 7 minutes in Heaven~ by Frany-Kun

4 pages · Fan Fiction · Naruto · Romance
Naruto characters, included Akatsuki and team Hebi/taka. I do will not do shipments (No NaruHina, or SasuSaku, or ShikaTem or any of those). If you would like a request you must give me a name, your name. And I will not allow any Naruto characters that already have a partner, mate, lover (ex: Minato...

Blazing Phoenix, Golden Dragon|Minato Namikaze Love Story|

78 pages · Fan Fiction · Naruto · Romance
Minato Namikaze Jonin of the Village Hidden in the Leaves and one of the most loyal and nicest person anyone can ever meet. One day though a close friend of Kushina arrives and almost immediately he is stuck with her thanks to the Hokage. Houou wanting to become a Jonin becomes one of Minato's stude...

Lustfull Blood by Nαmikα

50 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Naruto · Romance
No one ever comes to her. They despise her because of the clan she was brought into. Her family is terrified by her and her power. She grew up abused and with out any love, that was until the Akatsuki sought her out...

Destiny (Neji & Gaara love triangle) by Brittanye20

83 pages · Anime/Manga · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Kaori has had a ruff life & now forced to move to Konaha after the murder of her mother. There she meets her cousin Naruto & friends. She's like Sasuke & vows to kill her older brother for letting Orochimaru kill their mother while he watched. Will she end up like Sasuke or will she ...

The Namikaze Legend by τακαиα яγυиοsυκε 田中龍之介

153 pages · Fan Fiction · Naruto · Romance
What if Sarutobi Hiruzen was the one who sealed the Kyuubi, not Minato? Namikaze Naruto makes his name a legend by the age of 12, who could possibly rival this prodigy? eventual Narusaku, Naruto Smart/Strong Minato and Kushina are alive, T for potty mouth and violence. AU.

The Forgotten Daughter (Kakashi Love Story) by Anael Whitlock

147 pages · Naruto · Romance · Anime/Manga
Anael Namikaze is the daughter of the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. She has been in a coma for the last ten years, ever since she was 12 and the Kyuubi attacked the leaf. The third found her and hid her fearing for her life now that the Fourth had died, this secret known to only him and the nurse ...

Teasing Starts It All [A Namikaze Minato Love Story] by The S Muffin

Okay So This Is A One-Shot. It Isnt Your Ordinary Love Story But Hope You Enjoy!

The Masked Man

67 pages · Fan Fiction · Naruto · Anime/Manga
Pain was all she felt, though she was the infamous Naruto Uzumaki's sister, older twin to be exact. She got stuck with the Kyuubi, but she by far didn't want to be Hokage and such. She by far didn't want a redhead's and Uchiha's attention either.

The Red Scarf: A Fresh Snowfall by xXChocoMelkGirlXx

4 pages · Fan Fiction · Naruto · Romance
[Kakashi x Reader x Various] Carrying the curses of the Three Cursed Clans is no game, especially when something dangerous has been sealed inside of you by your mother, in hopes of raising you as a weapon to avenge your clan's massacre in the past. However, the plan failed when the whole of Kiri...