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Koga Quizzes

What would the InuYasha characters think of you? (Female Results) by Hotoka K

· TV
This is a lengthy quiz that describes what the InuYasha characters would think of you. It includes your name, age, species, alliance, skills, best friend, boyfriend, personality, life story, love story, and character opinions. Results are long with opinions of many characters. Please enjoy and provi...

Your Inuyasha Life! VERY long results by Haruno Yuri

· TV
Ever wondered what your life would be like if you ended up in feudal Japan, 500 years in the past? Find out! Do not take if you haven't watched the entire series. THERE ARE SPOILERS!

Inuyasha Boyfriend Quiz by McKenzie Schick

Just like the title says. Click here to find out your Inuyasha Lover XD

Which Psycho-Pass Character Will Fall For You? by 3tears

If you're a fan of the anime Psycho-Pass then you should take this quiz. find out which boy character (Kogami, Ginoza, Kagari, or Makishima) would fall for you!

What Do The Inuyasha Characters Think of you?

· TV
I know as an otaku myself we've all wondered before if you watch inuyasha what they all would think of us.especailly if we had a crush on one of them ^-~. so now here is your chance to find out!

Inuyasha RP Quiz by Donna Marie A.K.A The Executioner

Kagome does not exist in this quiz you take her place. You fell in the well just like she did but what happens afterwards is up to you. You can continue your journey with Inuyasha, leave him and look for the jewel with Koga, or you can say to hell with both of them and look for Sesshomaru. Your answ...

Which inuyasha guy loves you? (girls only... or gays) by Jerica

· TV
Koga, inuyasha, miroku, sesshomaru, and others

Who would be your inuyasha boyfriend? by offenderman is my daddy

Look at title. Results will include inuyasha, Sessamorhu, koga,miroku,naraku.

What Harajuku Style Are You? by 【愛】CRISSY~♡

Visual Kei/Cosplay, Decora/Kawaii, Kogal/Gyaru, Sweet Lolita, or Gothic/Punk.

Inuyasha R.P. by Mio-Otome

Roleplay! You are now in Inuyasha! Would you survive? Who are your friends? Who are your enemies?

Will Inuyasha Love You? by Gezel Forsaken

First one, for me so ill try not to dissapoint... and i wont ask favorite coulor

Which Inuyasha character are you most like? by YumiYamaneko

It's all in the title... I suck at descriptions...

Inuyasha: And You Are? by Georgina

· TV
Are you funny and sarcastic like Shippo or Serious and calm like Sesshomaru? In love with everyone like Miroku or in love with one person like Koga? Lets find out, shall we?

Which 'Ten Desires' character are you? by Norie

Which Touhou Shinreibyou character are you? (Touhou 13, Ten Desires)

What Inuyasha character are you? by Holly

· TV
Based on your personality, I'll determine what Inuyasha character you are!

What Shipper Of B.T.R. Gay Couples You Really Are by Sofaki

· Music
Are you a new rusher and you feel like shipping but you don't know whom with whom..?this quiz helps ya figure it out!

Who are you in Inuyasha? (Guy Version) by Hitomi-chan

· TV
I have Inuyasha, Miroku, Shippo, Koga, Sesshomaru, and Naraku.

Which Iga Ninja From Basilisk Are You? by 音楽Iuma楽音

· TV
Do you hate the Koga? Do you love the Koga? Do you just want to be a ninja? Find out which Iga ninja you are and how deep your hatred goes

Koga Stories

Fighting Fate :; Kougami Shinya [Psycho Pass story] by Mizz

64 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
She possessed every quality he admired. It was a shame their society oppressed that beautiful side to her. Reader x Kougami Shinya | Genre: Psychological, Comedy, Romance

Love Is Fate (Inuyasha Fanfic Sesshomaru Love story) by KanyaLang

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Natsumi Higurashi is the adopted younger sister of Kagome Higurashi who was left on her parents doorsteps when she was a mere newborn. When Natsumi was five she fell down the bones eater's well and meets InuNoTaisho. He takes her in and claims her a pup of his pack and teaches her the ways of th...

New Life -Koga x Reader x Inuyasha~

27 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
The arrogant leader of the eastern Yoro-clan, has sworn to marry only a woman who can find the jewel shards (Kagome). However, when a girl from the same world as Kagome comes out the well, claiming to be Kagome's cousin, he cannot stop falling for her. Inuyasha also takes a liking to her...what will...

I Don't Have Time For Love [Finished] by Deanna

110 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Fantasy
Keitaro was only a six year old orphan when she fell into a well in Tokyo while running from her adoptive parents. When she climbed out, what does she find herself in but mid evil Japan, a place of demons like no other. After ten years, she cannot grab onto her past, but only finds herself more than...

Puppy Love *COMPLETED* by CinnaBunny

117 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
~*Sesshomaru/Koga Fanfic*~ May contain content that is not acceptable for some viewers! So if you're an immature little brat - respectfully back off my story :) ♥(~NOT BxB~) ♥

You're Such A Mutt by Euphina

196 pages ~ Completed · Adventure · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
When a girl who believed she was just a human finds out that her entire family and village were demons, she becomes enraged and frightened. She runs away and ventures out on her own into the scary world. What will happen? Read to find out.

Strong Enough

10 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Sukai's entire wolf tribe was merciless murdered by an evil Hanyo named Naraku. She believes that no one had survived. Consumed with grief and anger, she is planning to revenge her tribe, but her plans are put on hold when she meets a beautiful Daiyokai named Sesshomaru.

Down the Rabbit Hole by LullabyGuardian

65 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Clarice, an aspiring actress, is just about as boring and normal as you can get. What happens when a freak storm starts bringing the male InuYasha characters to her world? Complete and utter chaos, of course! Will she lose her marbles, or find something instead? I don't even know! Read to find o...

Ƴσυ Aяє Ɛνєяутнιηg Ƭσ Mє by ˣₓ ℭℛℴʂʂ ˢʰʰˣₓ

17 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Killua Zoldyck X Reader Fanfiction You were reckless and childish. You were sometimes a spoiled brat. You were sometimes annoying. And sometimes you could even get on his nerves. But you were everything to him.

Sakura~Inuyasha's Twin Sister by lexistoranlinson

15 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Fantasy
Inuyasha has a twin sister a lot of people don't know about because they think she was killed by demons when they threw her out of their village, but they were wrong. She survived because of a wolf demon by the name of Koga and because her older brother Sesshomaru found her. She is special, in m...

Little Things (Koga LS) by Britney

55 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Kairi is a very insecure teenager. She is Rin's older half sister, and is pushed around more in her village than Rin was. When she finds her sister dead in the woods, she runs away to a nearby water fall. What happens when she runs into the very wolf demon alpha that killed her little sister? Wi...

Precious Love (A Tale Of Forbidden Attractions) by CinnaBunny

17 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Half-Demon!SubaruxReader (Diabolik Lovers) *♥ Puppy Love 2 ♥* "We were formed together in the womb, destined to live out our days together - forever - just us two." ~ Two hundred years have passed since Subaru and (y/n) have been born. With their mother long gone, and their father still ...