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Mbav Quizzes

7 minutes in heaven mbav by Jamie

Which boy from My Babysitter's A Vampire do you get?

Your MBAV Life by Gina

· TV
How's your life in WhiteChapell? Who are your friends,who are your enemies,and who's your boyfriend? All based off the awesome show My Babysitter's A Vampire *Disclaimer I don't own My Babysitter's a Vampire or any of the charcters except for Lexi,Tori,Becca,and Daniella*

Who's your perfect MBAV boy?

Ethan, Benny, Rory, or Jesse?

The Impossible My Babysitter's A Vampire Quiz by GhastlyGirl

· TV
I've chosen a few insane trivia from the MBAV movie, think you know them?

Your MBAV life

· TV
Yuor "my babysitter's a vampire " life

Who is your my babysitters a vampire boyfriend by TheUNwanted(Tara&Vanny)

· TV
Who is you mbav boyfriend? you will never know who it is till you take this quiz. Will it be Benny(my favorite), Ethan, Rory, or Jesse?

What member of the White Chapel Supernatural crew are you? by White Chapel Supernatural

Benny, Rory, Ethan, Erica, Sarah, Kass, Kenny? 4 teens 3 vampires who are you?

Your Power in MBAV by rrego79

The title says it all!

How well do u know my babysitters a vampire? by BVB ARMY GURL 17

· TV
This will tell you how much you know about season 2.

Witch MBAV boy do you crush on? by I'm Not Okay I Promise

· TV
Find out witch boy from MBAV is fit for you

Wich MBAV Charector Are You? by Grace

MBAV=my babysitters a vampire

Which Mbav guy would you date by Maize

Title says it all

Mbav Stories

Lollipops and Fangs (A Rory Love Story) *On Hiatus* by InsertWittyNameHere

20 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Romance
MBAV - Lollipop Parker has been best friends with Rory ever since she was a baby. She loves to go on adventures, always dragging her friends and brother along with her, but now that things are starting to stir up in Whitechapel, she won't be bringing them to the adventure because the adventure w...

Beauty and the Geek [On Hold] by cнιllˣ

38 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Suppose someone had these friends. And the friends had a secret. So let's say this secret caused these friends to ignore the someone for sometime. And let us pretend that this someone found out this secret and is now fighting against the supernatural alongside their friends and crush. And suppos...

One-Shots by Kass

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A decided to make one-shots of the lovely Matthew Knight in favor of my absence thank you and enjoy. :)

New Girl by Ella

8 pages · Fantasy · Romance · Vampires
Ella, the new girl at school. Well...she's actually a vampire. She's just looking for a new start, a new life, a new chance. And what happens when she comes across Benny Weir...a hopeless romantic. Then Jesse comes will find out where he is in the story ;) ♥ ♥♥♥

мαgιc~ by ıllıllı EXO ıllıllı

5 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Liana's family had moved into Whitechapel due to the fact of her dad getting job transferred. So naturally, she also had to go to school at Whitechapel High. There she meets the band of 5-Benny, Ethan, Erican, Rory, and Sarah. Benny starts to fall for her, but will he accept that fact that Liana is ...

What Is Love? by Chicago

7 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Ryden has vowed never to fall in love again after getting her heart broken for the second time. Until she moves to whitechapel and meets Benny... Will she fall for a 3rd time? Or will she catch herself before she gets hurt?

Bitten - My Babysitter's A Vampire: The Movie by PewDiePie and Batman's Future Wife

18 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Vampires
Seventeen year old Taylor Morgan is back from her stay at her cousins house. But now, everything seems to be popping out of her favorite book and movie series, Dusk, and into her life in White Chapel. Will Taylor and her friends be able to stop Jesse from destroying White Chapel? Or will everything ...

New Girl by It'sMeLove

33 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Romance
Benny Weir love story

MBAV (A Ethan Morgan love story) My nerd. by Brenda

5 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Romance
A story about Bree (you)and Ethan from my babysitters a vampire with ups and downs.

The Past Comes Back " *Mbav*(sequel) *FINISHED* by ℐєssıє ƊooԀƖє

19 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · Vampires
Sequel to "Every Time We Kiss" a my babysitter's a vampire love story. A girl from your past comes back, and may end your life forever...

The lab rats meet white chapel part 1 by BVB ARMY GURL 17

13 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
What happens when mr. davenport gets a new house in white chapel canada? will feud break out between vampires and bionics? or will ethan find his one true love? read and find out...

Insidentally In Love by AppleJaxx

16 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Romance
Jesse comes all the way to Kentucky looking for more vampires and when he finds Arabella, and changes her, she dosen't wanna be evil. Arabella runs away from home and randomly ends up in White Chapel where she meets Ethan, Benny, Rory, Sarah, and Erica. She goes there trying to hide, not knowing she...