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Oto Quizzes

Your Diabolik Lovers Life and What do They Think of You?(Sakamaki Edition) by エジェント腐女子

Eh...just made it for fun. (Warning: The quiz may contain stuffs only from the anime, and spelling/grammar errors. Characters may be OOC and tried the best of my ability for them to be the same characters from the show. There will be ONLY girl results w/ (crappy) backstory.)

Who is your uta no prince sama boyfriend! by Yukina Sato

Otoya Ittoki , Masato Hijirikawa , Natsuki Shinomiya , Tokiya Ichinose ,Ren Jingūji, Syo Kurusu, Cecil Aijima .Are the hot guys you know in your band called STARISH~ in which you are their composer . you are nanami you are seeking for a boy friend ,who will be partner? [ i told you a bit of...

Hetalia at the Pool [long results!] by aмpнιne

Ok FYI the only characters included in this quiz are America, England, Germany, Italy, and Canada. Sorry if you wanted any of the Asian countries but I don't really know them that well so i don't have an ending for them. Enjoy! tags: hetalia, hetalia love quiz pool, hetalia love quiz, hetalia bo...

Which My Forged Wedding Guy is For You? by AlyEbihara

Take this quiz to see which otome guy from Game My Forged Wedding is best for you

Hetalia New Year's Party! [long results] by aмpнιne

· TV
EPICALLY long RP-style quiz. Are you ready for the new year? Results include Spain, Italy, England, Germany :) Enjoy! tags: hetalia, hetalia new years, hetalia party, hetalia new years eve, hetalia new years party, hetalia rp quiz, hetalia otome game, hetalia love quiz, hetalia boyfriend, hetali...

Who is your UtaPri guy? by Daniel Marie

· TV
Is it the feminine Masato? Or maybe the childish Otoya? Perhaps the sweet Natsuki is more to your liking? Or would you prefer the bad boy Satsuki? Maybe your place is next to the handsome Tokiya? Or has the sexy Ren captured your heart? it's probably the adorable Syo whose caught your eye am I right...

Which Anime Guy is For You. (Otome game based) by AlyEbihara

Take this quiz to see which Otome anime guy is the right one for you... If you want to see more of these guys buy it for iPhone and android the game the guy is from are in the results...

Maybe We Could Take This Chance? - Ouran WWFFY (Part 2)

· TV
Brief Recap: It's your first day at Ouran, you moved to Japan from abroad. Whilst wandering through the high school, you stumbled across The Host Club who were giving out roses for Valentines Day. Then, the host you bumped into, who gave you a rose, invited you inside.

Which anime guy is your type. by Donna

· TV
From bright smiles to cold stares, see who is your type.

How well do YOU know DIABOLIK Lovers? by lumiinya

A quiz on the otome series, DIABOLIK Lovers! Moderately difficult questions from the games and tokuten cds owo

Uta No Prince-Sama Quiz~! Part 1 by Rei-chan18

Test your skills and see if you really know Uta Pri! Questions range from character names to how old they are! Try it out and make your heart go Doki Doki~! :D

Your Alice in the country of hearts life! (Edited) by Crazygurl

Who would you be if you lived in the country of hearts?

Uta No Prince-Sama: STARISH STYLE!~ by Delinquent.Alert

This is to test which character you are!~ Choosing from Otoya, Syo, Masato, Ren, Natsuki/Satsuki, and Tokiya.~ Also, boys are allowed to take this quiz if they want! Just to make it fair! ^^" But no hating please! This is my second quiz. And I suck at them too!~ Anyways, enjoy!~♥

Your Uta No Prince Sama Date~

Hey~ Since I can post much due to other reasons this quiz will have to do. I will include people like Syo and Nanami in here just so you know. So, this is for everyone including guys. EDIT: I DID EDIT IT AND I MAY GO BACK AND DO A LITTLE STORY WITH IT TOMORROW~

Voltage Boys! by Gaara of the Desert

I'm gona introduce you to a couple of the Voltage guys and get them to ask you a question! And then we'll find out if they like you or not!

Which anime character should be your best friend by ђςг booк ฬгเtєгร เภς

Includes ouran high school host club(haruhi, twins, honey, tomaki), hetalia(italy, America, canada,) and angel beats(yuri, otonashi, angel)

Amnesia Otome Game Quiz: The 5 Suits by Euwonlol

You woke up one morning, realizing that you have lost your memory. You see a certain boy beside your bed, claiming to be your boyfriend, but which among these 5 men is his identity? Good luck, and have fun! ;)

Oto Stories

UtaPri One Shots

36 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
I had nothing to do and all this somehow happened. UtaPri//Uta No Prince-Sama does not belong to me, the anime and game belong to their rightful owners.

Back When We Were Kids by Liz

36 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
"We used to be really good friends, but as we grew older...Boy, he got really attractive, and well you.." Reader X UtaPri boy [requests are open]

Unlimited BLOOD [DIABOLIK Lovers Oneshots] by lumiinya

7 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Fantasy
Dialovers x Reader oneshots. Includes Sakamakis, Mukamis, and Tsukinamis! REQUESTS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED!

Flesh and Blood [Subaru Sakamaki x Reader] by urano metria

3 pages ~ Completed · Vampires · Romance · Fantasy
He loved the way she whimpered for him. {Diabolik Lovers; originally posted on my deviantART account.}

The Rising Stars by nanako

32 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
[Singer!Eren x Dancer!Reader] Y/N has always had a thing for dancing since she was little, and overtime, her popularity grew. One morning, as Y/N was taking a stroll in the park, she ran into the famous singer, Eren Jaeger. And so the story of their forbidden love begins.

A KnB Reverse Harem/Otome~! by tsunnya

36 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
*This a GoM and their partners right now x reader fanfic as said in the title I don't own Kuroko no Basket and the pictures, I only own the fanfic. You can also comment requests to make this fanfic better >w<* (that cover image has nothing to do with the story genre >v< i think..)

OHSHC: Love Is In Bloom? by Night And Storm

56 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Humor
Akira Aburame is placed in the elite Ouran Academy. A place for the rich and beautiful, a place where Akira wished was the last place she wanted end up in. But when her bad sense of direction leads her to the Host Club, will her opinion on her stay at the Academy change from bad, to good? (Hikar...

Our Unforgettable Love by néo

20 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Uta Pri One shots ❋ c h a r a c t e r X r e a d e r ❋ On days when the skies are endlessly clear. Memories of you that were once forgotten fall down on me.

Too Uta For Me by Liz

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Haruka invited her to a small Halloween party. Oooohhh, how she wish she knew that Haruka and the rest of Starish were giving ____ and her crush a chance to just be with each other. Shining never needed to know. It was Halloween, let things happen as they may. [utapri oneshots]

The Shadow King and His Queen by anniew666

68 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Josei Otokonoko, a new student at Ouran Academy, is often mistaken for a boy because of her short hair and choice in fashion. Also because, coincidently, her last name means boy. Her family is forced her to move to Japan due to the family business reaching new heights. But she is mistaken for a boy ...

Singing with your Heart - A Syo Kurusu Love Story - by Summer Rain

58 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Emi Ryuya is one of the top students at Saotome Academy, and not because she works the hardest. It’s because she sings with all her heart. She can make songs of beauty and love, ones that touch the heart. She’s best friends with Syo and Natsuki, though closer with Syo. Her father is one of the s...

Harmonies of the Heart by Crazy-san

12 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Humor
Meet Itsuki Fujito, she an old childhood friend of Masato, Ren, Natsuki, and Ai! She ends up going to Saotome to become a composer. She meets up with these old friends and maybe something more than friendship will blossom. And somehow Tokiya gets thrown in there too! What will happen to the heroine?