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Twilight Quizzes

Friendship is magic by Bjsam

Which friendship is magic protagonist are you? applejack? rarity? twilight sparkle? rainbow dash? fluttershy? pinkiepie? spike? chances are you'll get a girl so chill if you are a guy and you take this quiz

What Vampire are you? by Aimee Laura

Well, what will you be? Haha Random ik :)

By deepest Twilight Part 5 WWYFF/WWFFY by If I just wish hard enough

Aieee, things are finally getting interesting! Recap; The day was going somewhat normally until some weird magic hit you. Remember?

Which Coven are you a member of? by 你好 Raven HyunA Kirishiki uwu

Nope this isn't a Twilight Coven thing its for my ocs that I RP as People I RP as lul~u w u ^^^right there So which Coven would you most likely join based on your personalty? Well take the quiz and find out~

The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess - How much do you know? by 27

Twilight Princess. A very popular game and my personal favorite. But how much do you really know? *Spoilers* I do not own any of the pictures

Twilight Quiz by Katie

· Movies
Who will you get: Jacob or Edward?

Demetri's Soul Mate by Raven

This story is the longest story I've written so far so I thought it would be fun to see how much readers of Demetri's Soul Mate remember. (and I would usually say no cheating by going back to the story but I have to admit that I'm always rereading it to refresh my memory since I've b...

Which Pony are you? by Leopald 6669

· TV
Because why not?

The Legend of Zelda-How Much Do You Know?*Incomplete* by stained4ever

Incudes spoilers, manga and game questions so be prepared to be quizzed! :) and there may be some bonus questions based on my own theories so beware. also don't forget to check out my other Zelda stuff FIRST for it may help you with some of the answers. update*: so this is taking forever and it ...

By deepest Twilight Part 4 WWYFF/WWFFY by If I just wish hard enough

Recap; The day was going well until ba-bayam! A huge ass monster attacks. Luckily, the boys are good at what they do. But what is it exactly that the boys do?

Which My Little Pony Princess are you? by FraZZled 卌

· TV
Who are you most like? Celestia, Luna, Cadance or Twilight Sparkle? Take the quiz to find out! (be honest with answering the questions ppl or don't take the quiz at all)

Your Twilight Life by Blossom of the Bookworm

You life in Twilight! Includes:name, birthday, personality, boyfriend, and other stuff.

Which One Of The Mane Six are you? by Cyrani Blue

Find out if you're Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack, Fluttershy or Rarity in this MLP-based personality quiz!

By deepest Twilight Part 3 WWYFF/WWFFY by If I just wish hard enough

Part three, everyone! Recap; You met the guys and the plot thickens...slightly. You think they're hunters, but decide to play it cool. Nice one. Will it work? You betcha! Enjoy!

Moonlight- your twilight life! by Minniemexx

· Books
Ever wondered what ability you would have, what clan you'd be in or who you would end up with? Well, take this quiz to find out! Longish results including how you met your mate! WARNING- Reneesme does NOT exist I do not own any of the Characters except my own!

New Story Character by ʝɛռ

· Books
I want to write a new story, but I have no idea which character to write about. So this is how I'm going to decide!

By deepest Twilight Part 2 WWYFF/WWFFY by If I just wish hard enough

Part 2! Recap - Just a basic introduction to your life and school. You found out that some new kids are coming to your school! I wonder what will happen, huh? Part 1 link here >> By deepest Twilight WWYFF/WWFFY

Seth Clearwater and Peter Pan part 1 by hellothere

Meet a character in Twilight and OUAT.

Twilight Stories

The Warrior - Bella Swan and Jasper Hale Love Story by selfish machines

18 pages · Twilight · Fantasy · Romance
Bella Swan has always had a secret that nobody knew about, not even her father, Charlie. She was visited by a magical creature when she was thirteen years old, and it gave her a Mark of Cain on the back of her neck. It told her when she turned eighteen, she would earn her powers, whether she liked i...

Hate -jacob black-

47 pages · Vampires · Twilight · Fantasy
Katie has had a tough life from the start. When her father kicks her out of the house, she goes off to live with her cousin, Emily and the pack. There she once again meets Jacob, the guy she has hated from the start. What will happen when he imprints on her?

I'm Not Who You Think I Am (Jason McCann) by Original Fanfictions

181 pages · One Direction · Twilight · Thriller
"Jason...I've never seen this side of you..." My breath hitched as Drew clinged onto my leg. "Its who I've always been, baby." Jason smiled sinisterly, "I'm Going to Show You Whose Boss. I'll make you scared of me."

Beginning Anew is Never Easy: A Transformers Prime Fanfiction by Soundout is Not my Real Name

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Twilight
I haven’t been here that long. A few days? A week at the most. There are no windows here so it was impossible to tell what time it was and food came at irregular hours of the day. At least they were feeding us. Us… As far as I can tell, in this never ending twilight, there are… seven of us. Th...

They thought I was extinct by Fallen Angel

10 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Vampires
I have been around for hundreds of years and is the last of my kind. The Volturi is after me and so are hunters. There is someone out there for me. I will find him.......... hopefully.

Darkness. by Hannah Jane

41 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Vampires
This is the story of Jacob Black's little sister.. At a very young age, her parents split, meaning she had to choose where she wanted to live. She chose to be with her mom, given that she was so young at the time. But now, years later, a tragic car crash has left her motherless. She is forced to...

My Beautiful Darkness ~Edward Cullen~ by Trust Salvatore

6 pages · Vampires · Twilight · Fantasy
Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, had a past lover. One that he cared about deeply, one he would do anything for, but then The Spanish Influenza hit. Carlisle was forced to turn him, but she had run away. The Volturi found her. They forced Jane to bite her, she had the most self control and she was put i...

Valiant~(Link x Reader) by Kყɾα Lσʋҽʂ ყσυ

28 pages · Vampires · Twilight · Fantasy
A quiet darkness slowly scattered through the lands of Hyrule. It slowly devoured every last centimeter of the lands, wiping away any sign of happiness through the people. And as the darkness devoured, the light slowly illuminated a dim twilight to leave the land bright enough for a naked eye to see...

Misfits. -Ateara- by ρяσfєѕѕισиαℓ dяєαмєя

35 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Vampires
'I was the misfit in life who didn't know where I belonged, I shut myself out from the world afraid that I'd lose anyone that I cared about like I lost Ben. I guess I just grew to accept that I would be nothing more than that one jigsaw piece who didn't belong anywhere. That was, unt...

Magic in Time and Space (Doctor Who/Harry Potter/Twilight) by SilverVines

23 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Fantasy
Irene "Ginger" Black-Cullen, the last of the Noble Black house, was adopted by the Cullens when she was 2 years old. How she got there, she didn't know. One day, when she turns 11 years old, she gets a mysterious letter adressed to "Ms. Irene Black" from Hogwarts. Survive her jou...

Baby Girl I love You by Ashton

48 pages · Vampires · Twilight · Fantasy
Paul Lahote, the infamous hothead has imprinted on Sam and Emily's daughter, Lana. Lana is still just a baby and Paul is forever a teenager. What is Paul waiting for?Will the imprinting thing get to him, or will he brush it off like it was nothing?

Unknowing. ||Jasper Hale|| by Satori

62 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Twilight
Alex has never felt like she belonged. After falling out of a tree at a young age she was left with the power to see anyones life story with just the slightest touch. Shying herself away from humanity and branded as a freak in school Alex has learned to live with it and her outcast friends. Then a n...