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Death Quizzes

Fallout 3 survival by Felix Fawk

How long will you survive in the wastes? All photos and fallout belong to respectable owners.

Which sin is yours? by A Wrathful Soul

Which of the 7 deadly sins are you *warning may contain triggering content if you are at sensitive to the subject of drugs and/or death please choose a different quiz*

Wooden Horses to Steel Robots. Near's thoughts of you. (RP2) by Mello40

Hi there. I'm just a little boy in white hair right? Hmm. Go figure. Near's the name-don't end up like the last guy who didn't remember it. I'm in the mood to know you better so suit yourself.

What Death Note character are you? by M E L L O

L, Matsuda, Light, Near, Misa, Matt, and Mello... Which one is most like you?

Zombie apocalyspe wwyff part 6 by Silver Lupus

Part 6. Dont own photos. So last time you discovered what happened to a family during all this. Sorry its taken so long guys. Also results are pretty long

Would Mello like you? by M E L L O

Most likely not. Don't try to bribe him with guns and chocolate, either.

The Laughing Quiz by Sam the Otaku

· Humor
Lets see if I can make you laugh... FOR THE PANCAKES! (wARNING: mAY cONTAIN lOTS oF aNIME)

Can You survive on night wis Insanity Smiles? by InsanitySmiles

Your trapped, will you survive my onslaught of questions? find out! In this quiz!

Which God are you? by KendraRocks42

In Death Keeper, the Periodics are all named after elements. Which Periodic from this amazing clan are you?

Your Assassin story by Assassin

As an assassin you need a personal mentor, but you can't just have any mentor, he or she has to appeal to your own personality. So, find out who your mentor is, an were you live, and all in all, who you would be in Assassin's Creed. But remember, no matter what, always, follow the creed. ...

Will You Survive A Lockdown/Shooting? by WhovianGamerGirl

· Scary
Nearly everyone knows these life or death horrific things, so this quiz will get you prepared for one and tell you what might happen if you'll die or live.

Wicked Forest (Survival Story/Role Play) by Oldia

Your little brother has been kidnapped by a creature and taken to a different world; you entered the realm as well to find him. (P.S: I found pictures online that matched the descriptions in my story/role-play, some photos inspired a few scenes)

Can You Survive Romania's Haunted house? by Vampiregodesnyx

· Scary
This is a very long Hetalia RP Quiz which took me about 9 hours to make... (this is a quiz based on a oneshot I wrote a while back. Hope you like it.)

The Followers' Trial #1 by ProxyNinja

A mysterious girl breaks into your house with a spiral of events that cause the death of a person who meant the world to you.Which leaves you attempting to find the mysterious girl and take her down.(A what if scenario to the Proxy Trials #20 by Mirror Wave.....(Take a look at the trials before read...

Your Soul Eater boyfriend by CreepyMutant Is Sandy Claws

Which Soul Eater boy would be interested in you? Black*Star, Soul, Death the Kid, Stein, Death (added him because... He's awesome)

Death's Call- WWYFF Act 2 by Purple Mochi

A post apocalyptic world where you have to fight to survive each day... Can you make it out of the Demon's cursed realm and into the gray! And of course you meet some cute friends along the way~ Warning: Extremely Violent

Death Stories

I Refuse

63 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Vampires
An orphan girl, left out in the cold. She feels sadness and hatred but she doesn't understand why. She's all knowing meaning that what ever she reads she remembers. Since she was little she has had nightmares of a man and a bright green light but she cant tell what exactly it is. One day on ...

Thorn of Death *Harry Potter Love Story*

19 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Ebony!" Harry called out, his voice cracking as he ran through the broken down building. I screamed, my voice echoing around the whole place. I needed him. I needed somebody to help me. " Incendio!" I yell, aiming my wand at a Death Eater as my ankles tried not to cave in from the...

Queens Cat *Sebastian love story* by Samantha

16 pages · Adventure · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
Caitlyn is contently hunted by the night of her parents death. She is seeking for revenge on the people who killed her mom and dad. Being the sister of Ciel she has made the same deal with the same demon. What if this demon falls in love with her and she does the same back what would happen to the c...

Demon Days: A Pewdiecry Fanfic by Demontic

40 pages · Horror · Romance
Legend says that one day, demons will take over the earth. Killing innocent people. Arrvok (Felix Kjellburg) and his siblings kill people to downside the human race and gives souls to Death. Arrvok has to kill a special person for a special reason, but why?

Mission For The Flame by FabNerd

11 pages · Action · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
One Pokemon, told to destroy all legendary trio's, who hope for good. One Pokemon, brought to bring death, can hold life as it is... She holds death in the flame, and life in her paw, will she use her powers for good? Or evil?

Strangely Misunderstood| Book 2| Harry Potter Fanfiction by вєαυтιfυℓ fℓαωѕ

13 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
After her first year of Hogwarts Victoria Lestrange moves in with the Weasleys, where she is taken in like another child. Now that Victoria is twelve years old she'll be going into her second year of Hogwarts with her friends Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley. What will happen when...

Intoxicated by Frosties

459 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I am Lillia Potter, I am sister of Harry Potter. We're in our fourth year when we are mysteriously have been chosen for the Goblet of Fire. I have no clue who did it. Besides that, my mind is on my worst enemy yet. Draco Malfoy. Our years are growing and strange things keep on coming. I don'...

Obsidian; A Minecraft Fan Fic by CheezyKitten

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
A Minecraft fan fic about two Enderman who made a friend with this special girl and go on an adventure to find a mythical legend :333 And realize that the world out there is cruel and deathful

It had to be me by Nori Minami

78 pages · Mystery · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
You are a member of the Kurta clan and one day find all your family and friends brutally murdered. When the decision is either life or death, will you accept a life of dishonor against your deceased clan?(hunterxhunter fanfiction) I also suggest for you to have seen the Phantom Rogue movie or read t...

What Used To Be by Aly

97 pages · Romance · Realistic
But the beauty in life was the last thing on Julian’s mind at the moment. For what beauty could anyone possibly see inside the dark soul of a depressed seventeen year old boy with a gun in his hand and the weight of the world on his shoulders? *TRIGGER-WARNING* Julian is a sad kid, so what he ...

The lost song (Freddy x reader) by Black Mage

66 pages · Horror
After near death at the pizza place are you really ready to go back to that place and work there?

Life is Just α Game of Chess [Izaya, Ciel, L Lawliet, Shikamaru] by Saber Augustus

5 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Romance
[Reader Insert] You may be surrounded by genius strategists, but there's no way in heaven or hell that you're going to be caught as another one of their pawns.