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Physic Quizzes

Split Ends (Part 1) (also, better title suggestions please) by Babbitty

In a world where physical attributes DEFINE you and make up your entire personality, one girl struggles to make sense of her hair color after being thrown into a futuristic adventure. Stolen from a tumblr post, because SOMEBODY HAD TO MAKE IT. Not sure what category to put this in, oh well. Please C...

Are you pretty? (Females only, unless your one of those type of guys) by IICatWomanII

Okay, so people. I usually ask myself if I'm pretty. And I've taken quizzes. and figured out how to tell you, even if I can't see you physically. Any who. . . To the quiz! But first, yes sorry but, please answer truthfully! Or else it will be false and you get the wrong answer.

Do You Have Depression? by TheGrimmisReaper

Depression is a common disorder, taking many forms and affecting victims in its grasp both physically and mentally. Depression takes over and sometimes- often even- destroys lives, making things you once found enjoying seem dulling, taking the happiness and amusement from your day completely, leadin...

What Kind of Pain are you Weakest To? by floppysack

Everybody suffers from pain - be it emotional or physical, it's something we have to endure as we progress in life. Pain is also amplified when it's backed up by fear, which easily exposes the kind of pain you're weak to (if you're scared of it). Which type of pain are you weakest to...

What job best suits your personality? by DEPRESSED NINJA

So, what category of jobs best suits you? Is it a Health Specialist, a Science Specialist, a Physical Job, a career in The Arts or a Part-Time Job?

You are the magic by TheStarsTwilight

Ya, it's an element quiz. But of different sorts. This quiz has 12 elements as the results. They are the elements of air, dark, earth, emotion, fire, ice, light, love, physical, plant, technology, and water magic. Oh, and this may be one of the only quizzes where the user made their pictures.

How physically attractive are you?

Results are based on actual studies and surveys. These are NOT the result of a single opinion.

Who is your 5sos bae? by Audrey

Do you need to find your 5sos bae? WHo am i kidding-of course you do. Take the quiz and be condemned to the fate of a hottie in a band! (it won't hurt you physically but it may scar you mentally when you realize you can never have him ;( ) I also hope that you watch or have extensive knowledg...

What do you look like in Anime by McKenna

· TV
Find out what you look like in Anime! It may not look exactly like you physically, but it is in personality! :P

Your Sixth Sense?

I made this quiz about 2 years ago, and it's still quite popular today. Apparently it's very accurate, though you'll have to take it and see for yourself c;

Are You Attractive?

No, this isn't one of those prejudiced, "preppy" quizzes where you only get the good results if you have fake hair, fake face, and fake nails. This is based on your physical and emotional well-being. There is no "ugly" result! I'm just hoping to help people.

Are you gorgeous, beautiful, hot, pretty, cute, or ugly?

The quiz results will be gorgeous, beautiful, hot, pretty, cute, or ugly. The questions are based on your mental and physical appearance. NOTE: Believe what the results are.

Your Sixth Sense? 2 by FᴇᴀʀMᴇIAᴍGɪɪᴀ ッ

My first Sixth Sense quiz got really popular, so a year later I made this second one. There's more advanced and interesting answers this time :P

What makes you beautiful? by ImaginationTrain

Your best physical feature!

What Is Your Love Language? by MadeForMcCann

I bet I can guess what makes you blush ♥ Words of Affirmation? Quality Time? Gifts? Acts of Service? Physical Touch? Find out!

What type of strong are you?

Figure out if you are emotionally, physically, spiritually or ... "mindedly" strong. Little message to you at the end.

Depression Quiz

This is just a quiz to see if you have the symptoms. I am not a doctor so I would not know if you really do have depression. If you are concerned and think that you may be diagnosed with this disease, contact a physician.

Physic Stories

Scars (Ciel x Reader)

You have scars. Mentally and Physically. You have friends. Mentally and Physically. You are beautiful. Mentally and Physically. The scars were once cuts. The cuts were once not there. You were once happy, and now you have paid your share of sorrow. Nonetheless you will get out of bed, and live t...

Lost In Pain.. -Naruto Fanfic by Destiny

165 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Naruto
Reina Hizo, is a young girl hated and despised by everyone in her clan for her strength.. Reina suffers day after day, bearing all the pain thrown at her. Beating, torture, not only physical pain, but emotional as well. With Reina being neglected and hated upon by her own blood, it puts her into a d...

Risk (Eric - Divergent) A Fan Fiction by Phoenix Renée

157 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I seek courage, coward-less acts and bravery. I seek to better the world by preparing its Physical, emotional and mental attributes. I am Dauntless

Daddy Styles by Miss. Eleanor Rose

62 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction
Have you missed someone so much, it feels like you're physically sick? Yes, I have felt that for two straight years of my life. We were supposed to grow old together, marry one and other, and have a family. Only one of those things were partly succeeded. My girlfriend, Summer, couldn'...

The Teachers Pet (ManxBoy/Werewolf) by Amanda

42 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Vampires
What happens when the person you have been looking for, for 100 years finally comes in site but he is forbidden fruit. The kind that can not only get you fired from your job but put in jail also. Carson Reid is a Physics teacher at Nixa High School. Has been for 4 years now. He is also the Beta of t...

Hospital!HetaliaXReader-The Support Group by The-Amazing-Kay

49 pages · Fan Fiction
What happens when your mom works at a hospital for mental and physically disabled teens, and you are forced to come with her every day? The situation only gets worse when she signs you up for a support group there, because she thinks you need more friends. Will the people in the support group be cra...

The Warmth in the Cold (Leo Valdez x Reader) by Comeback Kid

37 pages ~ Completed
Warning: This story has negative ideas, feelings, and negative physical actions. Please take caution that this is fiction and did not actually happen. You are an orphan that was bullied to the point you start to self harm. You learn of the world of demigods. You have oversensitive senses meaning...

Pain (Harry Styles love story) by Jordyn

355 pages ~ Completed · Romance · One Direction · Fan Fiction
She's a loser, a nobody who walks the hallways of the schools. For all he cares she could die. Even though he hasn't spoken those exact words to her, he sure as hell makes her feel like it. He's one of the most popular boys in school. He's her bully. Not her only one, but he'...

The Girl Who Showed the World by ToDeathMyDear

Ash Waters was never one to stand up for herself. Her boyfriend hurts her emotionally and cheats but she always forgives him. She get bullied online, at school, physically, mentally, emotionally. Everything is just going wrong. Until she decides that its time for a change. TRIGGER WARNING: EATING D...

She's back (Dallas Winston love story) by Jersey

99 pages ~ Completed · Romance
The Curtis gang know the unattractive side of brace-face Bells, but she moves away. No one seems to be sad about it but when she moves back and her physical appearance makes her sexier than ever, will one certain boy want her back? And now that she's back will she be able to survive her own life...

The Little Girl With Incident Within Her Eyes by Kitty

12 year old Katie has a secret, she has been physical, verbally, and emotionally abuse by her mother. She want to move with her father, but he court wont let him even she her. She cant deal with! she is scared and lost. When 6th grade ends, she has a plan. She runs away to L.A. While looking for hel...

Relations to the second power by The Consulting Doctor in the BlackImpala

7 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
With Penny getting her big break in Hollywood, a new neighbor moves in to her old place. Her name is River and she is a Theoretical Physicist who got a job working at CalTech. Who will she fall for, or who will fall for her?