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Stuck In Adventure Time! Part 1 (RP) by QueenOfHalloween

· TV
Females only, but male version out soon! ^^

Welccome to Slender's Mansion 5 by Maple.A Creeps

What's Maple weapon does she have proxies yes

Your Harry Potter life 2!*Long Results* by Lover of to Many Men to Name

· Books
My 1st one was terribly made even if I tried really hard on it. This one will be better I hope. Good luck guys! About: boyfriends, patronus, blood, house, friends, best friends, enemies, personality, appearance, boggart, which side you're on, past, future, and stuff I can't think of right...

Which Gothic themed baby name suits your child? by ArcticWolf

Which name best suits your little bundle of joy? Take the quiz and find out

Can you survive my Realm of Confusion? by The Creator

Let us see if you have the most ridiculous trained mind to survive my Realm of Confusion. This quiz is for both male and female, and or whatever.

Which Endangered Animal Species are you Most Like? by Sarah

· Animals
This is a quiz to see which endangered animal you are most like! ^.^ Thanks in advance and don't for get to comment and ♥ :D

What type of girl are you? by FireBreathingUnicorns

Tomboy, Girly Girl, Normal? ;D no boys sowwwiiee Short Ending ;3

What elemental animal walks by your side? by DaEpickitten

· Animals
There is a ghost or spirit animal watching over you, and secretly comforting you, that's there when you need it most, even if you can't see it. What is it?

Who will fall for you? by Erin

Lets see which guy will fall for you,Includes Jeff,E.J,Tim (Masky),Brian (Hoodie)?

What are you hiding from yourself? by lynnpacific

Is it true you could be hiding something from yourself?

Ariana Grande Lyric quiz by kaidence

· Music
Do you think you know all of Ariana's lyrics? Take this quiz to find out!

Which CGI princess are you? *DISNEY* by Giselle

The big 4 are the CGI princesses.

The Deathly Hallows Knowledge Quiz by cнσcσмυffıηs

· Books
Do you know everything about the Deathly Hallows? Well, let's find out! :D This is a REALLY easy version, so don't stress out about it. (Just to specify, I am talking about the actual Deathly Hallows, not the book "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.) WARNING: This quiz contains Harry...

Which ONCE UPON A TIME character are you most like?

A personality quiz to show which OUAT hero you are most like. Hope you enjoy :)


Father save me by Nikki Nitemare

17 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Link is a young boy who has a rough life. And things begin to look up when a myseruous man saves him. When Link grows up, will he be able to return the favor?

Fairy Tail Lovers by ForsakenBreak

2 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Natsu Dragneel is a Fire Dragon wizard. He was raised by a dragon named Igneel. One day the dragon flew away. Natsu never saw him again. He decided to join the wizard guild Fairy Tail were he met Erza Scarlet and Gray Fullbuster. His best friend was hatched from a dragon egg but it turned out to be ...

Don't Get Too Close (2p! Hetalia x Country!2p!Reader x 1p! Hetalia)

58 pages ~ Completed · Anime/Manga · Horror · Fan Fiction
Well. This started out as a one shot for 'Sayonara' but I made more so... IT'S A STORY NOW. DEAL WITH IT. ... eheh. (Name) (Last Name) has never fit in anywhere. She has always led a lonely life, fearing to make friends with regular humans. But, all of that will change when she shows ...

The List *Severus Snape Love Story* by Geekasaurus

59 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Kaira Marth hates her potions professor so the Weasley twins make a list called '100 ways to annoy Severus Snape'. Will she succeed in running Professor Snape out of Hogwarts? or will the list surface feelings that may change her mind.

Bloody Noodles by deep thinker

75 pages · Thriller · Horror
The erdg to kill was making it so i could feel every slow heart beat and jaggid breath. 'This is it. Who ever my parner is for this stupid book projcet will be my next vicom!' I craved to see their red blood splattered all over the walls making a master peice. "Miss Gean, you'll be p...

Don't blink! by Indie Rock And Roll

A grieving mother finds her baby's grave has been housing a Weeping Angel. Will her Doctor show up in time? (10th Doctor)

False Experiment by Smarticles the Nerd

Yearning to know is such myths are real, Scientist Dr. Harry Styles sets out to an unknown island to discover a new species. As they pass as humans who were stranded there, their long clawlike fingernails and deadly teeth give them away. When they become near death, what happens? And what will ha...

Jealousy is the best kind of love

16 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Nova worked at a simple café with a friend Niall. One day a tall man with chestnut curls and deep green eyes walked into their shop not expecting to see a beautiful girl and his best mate working together.

I Think I kinda Fancy You|Harry Styles Love Story by ˣSycho Lexi is Psycho and Proudˣ ッ

96 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · One Direction
What happens when a small town girl, Alex Vennan, ends up in London England for a job? One she barley got, by the skin of her teeth. When she meets the son, Harry, of the Man she shall be working for, will Love Ignite between them two? There's just one thing standing in the way.... His Fiance, M...


4 pages · Realistic · Romance
I watch as he blew the puff of smoke out, as it drifted away i looked at him. "Dylan, what's one of your biggest fears?" I asked curiously. He stared blanking at me. "One of my biggest fears is that you'll leave me."