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Quizza Quizzes

Does Your Crush Like You Back? by vnxdarkbabie

Ever wonder if he likes you back or not? Take this quiz and find out!

Level of insanity by David

I am a therapist I reward my patients with good behavior by offering cookies. I don't give cookies to just anyone, because my cookies are really good

Who's your guardian angel? by elena swift

· Music
**Click the quiz if you would like to know who you guardian angel is. I do not take hate.**

What color unicorn are you? by Artbikes

· Music
I dont care if your a non believer, you should still take my quiz ;)

Whats your perfect name and personality? by Megan

Girls only, Find out your true female name? Detailed answer included!

Are you an Assassin or a Templar? by Marthren

This quiz will give you an idea of if you are an Assassin, or if you are a Templar.

Your AWESOME pretty little liars life =D

Find out what your life would be if you were in pretty little liars

What type of girl are you? by Stephanie

Girly girl,tom boy,or normal?

Which Pretty Little Liar are you? by Genesis

This Is A Quizzazz For Which Pretty Little Liar You Act Most Like(=

Whoa, Baby! by ciara okay

Ever wonder when you'll have a baby? Take this quiz to find out! Disclaimer: I do not own any of these pictures.

What is your sense of humor? by Symbolic

This quiz tells you how other people see your sense of humor(:

Which hollywood undead member are you? (Deuce and danny) by skrillex0315

· Music
Which are you? (first quiz so don't expect much)

Who at Hogwarts are you most like?

· Books
Find out who your boyfriend, bestfriend would be and who YOU would be. see what the harry Potter characters think of you.

Which Hogwarts Student are you? [In-depth!] by Victoria

· Books
The most in-depth Harry Potter character quiz on Quizzaz!

Prom dress (edited) by sweetpea

You like please comment and what are you waiting for take it

Awesome lame or random?

This quiz will describe whether your awesome lame or random.

You true persinality by Cerys

Comment if you want me to make more quizzas

Who are you? by Cynthia BiersackComaPittsFergusonPurdy

This is a quiz that tests who you are, and in the eyes of someone else.

Quizza Stories

Run In Different Circles -Princeton Love Story- by T W I X

23 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Alise works with one of the most wealthy men in New York-Jacob Perez-as his assistant. Now, although Alise has been working with Jacob for two years, she has been hiding her secret love and affection for him all this time. She has been staying professional the whole time she has been working with hi...

Whatever It Takes- A Harry Potter Story by SayNoToStatusQuo

197 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Well, I love reading these, and decided to do one of my own that I imagined in my head a while back! It's my first time using Quizzaz, so I'm sorry if it's not that well done!

You're in my heart worldwide ~A short James Maslow Love story~ by ღSωєєttᴴєα8397ღ

2 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · Short Stories
For the James Maslow lovers in Quotev/

Emo Love Stories 2 by White Noise

19 pages · Emo Love · Romance
Alright, same as the other one. If you've been following me here on Quizzaz, you know all of these have been suggestions. Thanks a bunch you guys. ♥

Another year at hogwarts ~a harry potter story by the racist sister

3 pages · Fan Fiction
This is my first story on quizzaz and is basically the story of a girl who joins hogwarts in the same year as Harry Potter and his friends...enjou (:

Ghost Girl by Ann

2 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Short Stories
Wrote this a year ago on figment; transferring most of my stuff to quizzaz

10 Min In Heaven With Akatsuki by Miyumi

Hii, this is like one off the first quizzes I ever made on Quizilla x) so enjoy =3 It's from 2010.. so give me a break I guess I improved in a year >.<'' * points towards DeathNote Quiz * Oh god.. I can't post this as a quiz * Still noob @ Quizzaz. * So .. than as Story.. * facepalm * enjoy...

Our love is like magic by xNowOrNever

3 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
A Wizards of Waverly Place story. THE FIRST MAX RUSSO STORY ON QUIZZAZ ♥ pleaaaase read, xoxx

What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger by Just Shelby

58 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Twilight · Fan Fiction
Claire is still here and at the moment, she's broken up with Paul, Bella is gonna have a baby in just a few days, and everything is just not right! But soon everything will be better, they'll all get past this, and be stronger in the process . . . or will they?

The Outsiders (West Side Story Edition) *FINISHED* by Bwaybaby323

50 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic · Fan Fiction
Ok so this is the same exact story as the one by Daisy Rose because this is Daisy Rose. Quizzaz was being stupid and it will not let me into my account so I made a new one. This is basically the story The Outsiders and the musical West Side Story mashed into one. Enjoy!

I'm Just a Dancer.. by Rayna

2 pages · Romance · Realistic · Fan Fiction
Hwah! I have returned, fellow Quizzazians~! Here's another SuJu story~! This time we're falling in love with Donghae!

Im so sorry but i love you seungri love story by sydney

41 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Realistic
Its my first story on quizzaz hope you guys like it dont forget to rate and comment!