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Words Quizzes

What Camp Half-Blood cabin do you belong in?

· Books
Which one of the 12 major gods' and goddess' cabins would you fit in? In other words, who is your godly parent? A Princess Umbrella quiz.

Who secretly has a crush on you? by Igotacanofpringles

Who has a crush on you? What you can do?

How Unique is Your Personality? by Jay

You just may be a very unique being. Find out? For all you know you could actually be pretty normal. BUT that isn't necessarily mean you're a bad person. In other words- no offense if that's your result.

Create a relationship (+breakup,makeup) by Amanda's Lost Ok

Includes First meet, first kiss, breakup, makeup. Didn't mean to use stereotypes, but they may be included, Sorry! One of the results has some touchy subjects in it so don't take anything personally please! You guys seemed to love my last quiz, so I made another one. *BEWARE SOME CURSE WORDS INCLUDE...

Zombie Outbreak by Maéva

· Scary
In this case, only one word really matters: survive.

Fight with 1D - -Long results-

Take this quiz and see with who of the boys you fight... (Long results) - warning: Some stories can contain impolite words (not that much)-

Which The Walking Dead guy would be your boyfriend?

· TV
Hey guys! A word of advise: answer truthfully, not what you think your favorite guy would answer, and see who you would really get! :D. Let me know who you got, what I did wrong etc. I appreciate messages. Possible answers: Rick, Daryl, Carl, Merle, Shane, Glenn, T-Dog and The Governor

Create A Boyfriend *LONG RESULTS* by ємιℓу cαяℓιℓє

It's all in the title loves ! ♥ there are currently 5 results & 2 of them might be sort of touchy so don't get mad , & don't say i didn't warn you . take a risk brotha' c; buuuut yeah . girls only , ♥ unless you're not heterosexual , then you just might have to switch a few words or ...

A day with the big four (part 1) by Alysonwonderland

Ready to hang with the big four. There will be games, snacks, and... Jack: kissing! Me: shutup! Jack: shut up is two words! Me: shutup!

Do you know a little Korean? by RaeSon

· Music
Let's see if you know some Korean words. All kpoppers should know this stuff... Unless you're new ;)

What 10 words best describe you!

How people see you in ten words

Your Star Wars Life

Note: There are no such things as Disney in my book. HOW DARE THEY BUY STAR WARS! other words that I should not say. First quiz ever soooooooo..........

Creepypasta Institute part 14~ by FrostedShadow

· Scary
True to his word, Toby has managed to ask a few people for some help to train you. Although, a person who you were pretty sure wouldn't even be interested, strangely accepted the offer.

Would you rather? Attack on Titan version by LeaStArkE

Do you need a description?...Thought so :P Ps.I love using japanese words XD

What mythical creature are you? by S.NicoleJ

Mythical creature: a monster renowned in folklore and myth. Another words, something that existed a long time ago, and doesn't now. Or at least that's what people think.... I wonder which one you are? Sorry! For girls only!

Who is your 5sos bae ? by just call me ash

Will it be ashton iriwn , Michael clifford , calum hood or luke hemmings ? Find out . Short storys included 100+ words

Who's your 5sos boyfriend with a long story 3000 words by Michael's princess is praying for Ash

Who will you get from 5sos with a really really long story it could be like 3000 words including how you meet/asks you to be his GF/first date and kiss/fight/make up/proposal or maybe you don't get marry maybe you break up and don't come back together just take the quiz and you'll know

Seven Minutes in Heaven With The Creppypastas by αмαzιηg кαтιє

Sorry I don't have much of a choice for the Creepypastas. I haven't read the(for a lack of a better word)mainstream stories so yeah. :T

Words Stories

Disconnected |Luke Hemmings|

225 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
You see we were best friends, since age four. But one night he thought he ended a call and well, he didn't. Heard every word. Everything became, well, Disconnected. EDITING IN PROGRESS

I Don't Care ~Luke Hemmings~EDITING by LukesFlower

167 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist. ''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine. I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others ...

The Psychology Project. by נαℓєнℓу

221 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
"Jason McCann has a girlfriend. He’s captain of the soccer team. He’s popular. He thinks his girlfriend is his whole world." "And what do you think?" I asked, tucking a strand of wavy, dark brown hair behind my ear. "That he’s a joke. But he’s got something to hide. He...

Hetalia One-Shots by Dazy Dreamer

206 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
It's one shots of Hetalia. Just read it. I take requests but, I get to them when I get to them!. I promise, they get much better as they go on! (I use google translate for most of the languages.) (Reader Inserts) Absolutely no OC's or other characters. 2p! Hetalia countries will have not-so-...

The Notebook

100 pages · Romance · Mystery
When Calum picks up a notebook that was thrown on stage at a concert, he, Ashton, Michael, and Luke all read through it. Falling in love with the words the boys want to fall in love with the writers. Meanwhile, in a small town in Louisiana, two girls and their best friends go about their lives....

Twists and Turns by ɑʂჩłєץ ıʂ 2ʂƿօօƙץғօƦץօʊ

76 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
No one knew why she did it. She wasn't supposed to, she wasn't a variable. She wasn't a part of their experiment. So why did Elizabeth jump into the box? Now, Elizabeth is stuck in the Glade with a bunch of boys, and no recollection of what happened. One day, a new Greenie comes, and it...

Fader |Ashton Irwin| by вand on тнe rυn

154 pages ~ Completed · Adventure · Fan Fiction
'Lost' and 'Fading' are the only words to describe Bridgette. She lost all hope in herself. Why? First, her father unexpectedly dies, and now her boyfriend of two years dies in an accident. Now, she's torn and shattered. She isn't the same after the deaths of her two loved on...

Preachers Boy (BxB) *RE-WRITE of Tears Will Fall* by I'm Not Okay

112 pages · Fantasy · Short Stories
WARNING: BxB Tyler is the preacher's son. Everyone thinks he's the perfect boy, everything someone should be. If they knew who he really was, would they be so quick to say those words? When Tyler meets Chris, none of that matters anymore. They love each other, but with Tyler hiding so many...

Clumsy [Fred Weasley Love Story] by Wendy Darling

71 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
My name is Astrid. Astrid Wolf. I won't pretend to you that I'm cool, because to be honest I'm more of the type of person to accidentally walk into a lamppost and make it seem completely normal. I'm clumsy, awkward, and a Metamorphmagus that doesn't know how to control her powers...

Trouble Maker (Gally Love Story) by ˣ.Ƈαƨƨу-Ɗσησ.ˢʰʰʰ ˣ

29 pages · Romance · Fantasy
"Don't treat me like I'm an Idiot, Alby! That shank shouldn't even be here," Gally spat in the distance. I stood up and left to go eavesdrop. "She's going to do us all bad!" he yelled. Fury was building up in me as each word flew from his mouth. "Gally, she c...

Kidnapped By Harry Styles by NiaBear

65 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Untie me, right now!" I screamed. "Okay, okay!" He seemed annoyed. Probably since I had jumped around in the car for most of the ride. His British accent was cute though. I felt the ropes on my wrists, and legs loosen. I reached to take off the blindfold. Who is this crazy person t...


189 pages · Adventure · Action
Scared and shakily, I make my way up the final steps of the stairs and look around. Nothing. I look around once more then out of nowhere someone from behind me grabs my waist. I screamed in fear and threw the vase in their direction as soon as I got out of their grip. I saw a boy about 19 years old ...